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NOUS41 KPBZ 102100

National Weather Service PITTSBURGH PA
500 PM EDT Fri Apr 10 2020



Start Location...1 NE East Fairfield, OH
End Location...1 WNW Achor, OH
Estimated Time...1233 AM - 1238 AM
Maximum EF-Scale Rating...EF1
Estimated Maximum Wind Speed...90 mph
Maximum Path Width...250 yards
Path Length...5.6 miles
Beginning Lat/Lon...40.827N / 80.630W
Ending Lat/Lon...40.774N / 80.552W
* Fatalities...0
* Injuries...0

A continuous swath of tornadic damage was encountered beginning
just north of Route 558 near Hawkins Rd. and ending along Carmel
Achor Rd just west of Route 170. The tornado snapped or uprooted
numerous hardwood and softwood trees, causing several to fall on
structures and power lines. Although many of the mobile homes
encountered along the path were spared direct wind damage, it is 
suspected that the trees surrounding them absorbed much of the 
wind and spared the homes damage from the strongest wind.

A few outbuildings of varying degrees of structural integrity
suffered damage as well. In multiple cases, metal roof panels were
ripped off. In another, a particularly well-built small shed lost
several shingles and a piece of roofing. A less-sturdy but
medium-size outbuilding collapsed when its north-facing wall 
caved in.

In several focused spots along the path, concentrated, near-total
tree damage was encountered consistent with EF1 wind speed (90
mph). Much of the remaining damage was consistent with 70-80 mph 


Start Location...Union Ridge, OH 
End Location...3 NW Blackhawk, PA
Estimated Time...1237 AM - 1241 AM 
Maximum EF-Scale Rating...EF0 
Estimated Maximum Wind Speed...75 mph 
Maximum Path Width...100 yards 
Path Length...4.1 miles 
Beginning Lat/Lon...40.775N / 80.562W 
Ending Lat/Lon...40.738N / 80.508W
* Fatalities...0
* Injuries...0

A second damage swath coincident with a second radar-detected 
circulation and distinct from the Rogers/Negley tornado above was 
encountered west along Carmel Achor Road, beginning in the woods 
north of the road. This path proceeded south-southeastward with 
continuous limb damage and occasional stronger gusts leading to 
uprooted trees. Structural damage encountered along this segment 
of the path seems to have resulted from falling trees rather than 

The track curved eastward along Pancake Clarkson Road, crossing at
into Beaver County, PA at the Pennsylvania state line, where it 
appears to have intensified and widened slightly. In this 
location, numerous evergreen trees were snapped or uprooted in the
Sheepskin Hollow State Nature Preserve.

The circulation weakened quickly thereafter, with occasional tree
damage continuing to near Lihi Road and Lisbon Road in Beaver
County before evidence of a path disappeared altogether.

The National Weather Service in Pittsburgh appreciates the
gracious assistance provided by both the Columbiana County and
Beaver County EMAs in compiling and processing storm reports and
in conducting storm damage surveys. 


Start Location...3 Miles NW of Tarentum, PA
End Location...New Kensington, PA
Date...April 8 2020
Estimated Time...1:11 AM to 1:18 AM EDT
Maximum EF-Scale Rating...EF1
Estimated Maximum Wind Speed...100 mph
Maximum Path Width...250 yards
Path Length...4.0 miles
Beginning Lat/Lon...40.625N/-79.795W
Ending Lat/Lon...40.590N/-79.739W

A mesovortex intensified rapidly and produced a tornado as its 
parent storm descended the terrain northwest of Tarentum into the 
Allegheny River valley. The tornado began in the woods between 
Bakerstown Road and Days Run Road and rapidly intensified near 
Days Run Road and Holsing Lane, where a vast number of softwood 
and hardwood trees were snapped, blocking Days Run Road, and with 
some falling onto homes. Additionally in this location, windows in
a home were blown in by the tremendous wind. 

A swath of tree damage, likely to be the result of straight-line 
wind, extends northwest from the Holsing Road area where it 
intersects the tornado damage track. This wind likely was just as 
strong (if not stronger) than the tornado itself. 

The tornado slowly weakened as the storm continued southeastward, 
with a path of snapped limbs and occasional trunks continuing to 
along Bakerstown Road near the Broadview section before continuing
across Route 28. Modest building/carport damage was reported in 
Tarentum along Sixth Ave coincident with the passage of the 
weakening circulation. The modest damage continued sporadically 
across the river, where tree limbs and a power pole were snapped 
in a neighborhood behind Riverview Plaza. The last noted tree 
damage was along Leechburg Road north of Tarentum Road, at which 
point the circulation appears to have weakened below damaging 

Damage reported farther south in New Kensington appears to be the
result of strong straight-line wind associated with a surge in 
the cold outflow air emerging from the line of storms. While non-
tornadic, straight-line wind speed in such storms often can be 
stronger than an embedded tornado, causing similar intense damage.

The National Weather Service in Pittsburgh appreciates the
gracious help of the Allegheny County EMA in reporting and
documenting damage associated with this tornado.


Start Location...Braeburn in Westmoreland County PA
End Location...Lower Burrell in Westmoreland County PA
Date...April 8 2020
Estimated Time...1:17 AM to 1:18 AM EDT
Maximum EF-Scale Rating...EF0
Estimated Maximum Wind Speed...70 mph
Maximum Path Width...75 yards
Path Length...0.25 miles
Beginning Lat/Lon...40.607N/-79.715W
Ending Lat/Lon...40.605N/-79.714W

A second, brief tornado was documented along Riverview Street in 
Lower Burrell. A narrow path consisting mainly of snapped and 
uprooted trees and limbs was encountered. Additionally, modest 
damage to shingles and fences was noted. Supporting the presence 
of a strong circulation, splatter of mud, pine needles and debris 
was discovered on the east-facing side of affected homes, and 
downwind lawn furniture and trampolines were lofted and deposited 
upwind from their initial locations.

Wind was fairly focused, with damage consistent with 70 mph wind 
gusts. This brief tornado was associated with a second 
mesovortex/updraft distinct from the Tarentum/New Kensington 

The National Weather Service in Pittsburgh appreciates the
gracious assistance of the Westmoreland County Department of
Public Safety by compiling and reporting storm damage and
assisting in this storm damage survey.


These are the 19th and 20th tornadoes recorded in Columbiana
County since 1882. The last prior tornado recorded was November 
5, 2017, which was rated EF1 just outside of Calcutta, OH.

These are the 45th and 46th tornadoes recorded in Westmoreland
County since 1880. The last prior tornado recorded was October 2,
2018, which was rated EF2 just outside of Donegal, PA.

This is the 17th tornado recorded in Beaver County since 1880. The
last prior tornado recorded was July 10, 2017, which was rated 
EF0 in Franklin Township.

This is the 19th tornado recorded in Allegheny County since 1880.
The last prior tornado recorded was November 19, 2017, which was
rated EF1 near Plum.

EF Scale: The Enhanced Fujita Scale classifies 
tornadoes into the following categories:

EF0...Weak......65 to 85 mph
EF1...Weak......86 to 110 mph
EF2...Strong....111 to 135 mph
EF3...Strong....136 to 165 mph
EF4...Violent...166 to 200 mph
EF5...Violent...>200 mph

* The information in this statement is preliminary and subject to
change pending final review of the events and publication in NWS
Storm Data.