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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Omaha/Valley NE
424 PM CDT Mon Apr 29 2024

...NWS Damage Survey for the Arbor Day Tornado Outbreak of 
April 26, 2024 - Initial Assessment...

Please note that tornado damage surveys are ongoing, and these 
data are preliminary. Additional tornado tracks are likely to be 
added, and existing tornado track information may be updated in 
the weeks ahead.

A tornado outbreak occurred across Nebraska and Iowa during the 
afternoon and evening hours of Friday, April 26, 2024. Several 
significant, long-tracked tornadoes damaged or destroyed hundreds,
if not thousands, of homes and businesses across the region. 
People across the region were deeply impacted, several were 
injured, and there was one fatality. At the National Weather 
Service, our hearts are with all of those impacted, including our 
friends, our neighbors, and everyone who has been affected by 
these devastating tornadoes.

Historically speaking, these are the strongest tornadoes in 
eastern Nebraska or western Iowa (the NWS Omaha/Valley coverage 
area) in nearly 10 years, when an EF-3 tornado occurred at 
Coleridge Nebraska on June 17, 2014. This was one day after four 
EF-4 tornadoes impacted northeast Nebraska (including Pilger) on 
June 16, 2014.

NWS Omaha/Valley would like to send our sincere appreciation and
thanks to our media partners for sharing the warnings and urging
people to safety in advance of these tornadoes. We would also like
to send our deepest appreciation to emergency management, law
enforcement, and first responders of all kinds who responded to
this disaster. We are also so thankful to our storm spotters who
reported play-by-play tornado information directly to the NWS, 
helping us to provide key information in warning products.

NWS Omaha/Valley would like to thank our co-workers from Kansas
City, St Louis, Hastings, and Sioux Falls for coming to assist
with these damage surveys. Your help, years of experience with
high-end damage evaluation, and expertise in these challenging 
evaluations is very much appreciated!

Additional storm damage surveys are already planned for parts of
Butler, Monona, Shelby, Platte, and Harrison counties.

~ NWS Omaha/Valley

Statistics (For Tornadoes in the NWS Omaha Coverage Area)

Please note that for all of these statistics, the damage surveys 
continue, and these will be adjusted. Total Number of Tornadoes:

* Total Track Length of All Combined Tornadoes: 162.5 miles
* Combined time tornadoes were on the ground: 4 hours and 51 min
* Maximum Tornado Wind Speed Based on Ground Level Damage 
  Assessments: 165 mph 
* Maximum Single Tornado Track Length: 40.9 miles 
* Maximum Tornado Width: 1 mile (Two of the tornadoes were one 
  mile wide)

Tornado Counts So Far
(For Tornadoes in the NWS Omaha Coverage Area) 
* EF-3: 5 
* EF-2: 2 
* EF-1: 2

.Greeley to Boone County Tornado (Wolbach/Primrose)...

Rating:                 EF2
Estimated Peak Wind:    130 mph
Path Length /statute/:  27.30 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   500 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start Date:             04/26/2024
Start Time:             02:04 PM CDT
Start Location:         4 NNE Wolbach / Greeley County / NE
Start Lat/Lon:          41.4553 / -98.3695

End Date:               04/26/2024
End Time:               03:10 PM CDT
End Location:           4 SW Petersburg / Boone County / NE
End Lat/Lon:            41.7999 / -98.1351

Survey Summary:
This Wolbach/Primrose tornado crossed into Boone county along 
Highway 56 to the southwest of Primrose. The tornado caused minor 
damage to a home on a farmstead at the county line along with 
quite a bit of tree damage in the general area. 

The tornado moved north and appeared to strengthen some as it 
flipped and tossed several center irrigation pivot systems north 
of Highway 56. Power poles were snapped and debris was lifted into
power lines. 

As the tornado moved north-northeast, the most significant damage
was found about 2 miles southwest of Primrose. A single-family 
home was extensively damaged, including the three-car garage being
totally ripped away along with much of the roof structure. 
Several outbuildings were damaged or destroyed. Extensive tree 
damage and numerous power poles were snapped in the area. Tree 
damage was widespread west of Primrose and one large outbuilding 
was destroyed. 

The tornado appeared to slow down and possibly weaken some north 
of Primrose, but did manage to get moving northeast again after a 
short time. In its final few miles, the tornado damaged trees and 
center pivot irrigation systems in several places. Extensive 
damage to a livestock facility and several snapped power poles was
noted about halfway between Petersburg and Primrose. The tornado 
likely dissipated in open country as it approached the Beaver 
Creek southwest of Petersburg. 

The widest point of the tornado appeared to occur just to the 
west and southwest Primrose when the tornado may have been up to 
500 yards wide. The EF2 rating and estimated maximum wind speed of
130 mph was based upon the damage that occurred at the home 
southwest of Primrose. 

This tornado started in Greeley county and was on the ground for 
over one hour along its 27.5 mile path. 

..Lincoln/Waverly Area Tornado...

Rating:                 EF3
Estimated Peak Wind:    158 mph
Path Length /statute/:  8.55 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   700 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               3

Start Date:             04/26/2024
Start Time:             02:52 PM CDT
Start Location:         5 NE Lincoln / Lancaster County / NE
Start Lat/Lon:          40.8575 / -96.6121

End Date:               04/26/2024
End Time:               03:04 PM CDT
End Location:           3 NNE Waverly / Lancaster County / NE
End Lat/Lon:            40.957 / -96.5151

Survey Summary:
This tornado touched down on the northeast side of Lincoln near
the intersection of Havelock Ave and 84th street causing damage
to a business and a large transmission line south of Havelock
Ave. The tornado moved northeast through agricultural fields,
snapping power poles and large trees while increasing in
strength.  The tornado hit a manufacturing plant at 98th Street
and Highway 6 where 70 employees were sheltered. The plant
received EF-3 damage. There was a complete failure of the roof
and 3 walls of the plant. Employee cars sustained varying damage,
with the worst being thrown at least 75-100 yards. Tree trunks
were snapped northeast of this location at a nearby business
which sustained roof and siding damage. The tornado quickly
crossed 98th Street and Highway 6 where a BNSF train locomotive
took a direct hit, derailing numerous cars. The tornado continued
northeast across open fields, crossing I-80 and eventually Salt
Creek. There was substantial tree damage along the path and along
Salt Creek as well as deposited roof debris from the
manufacturing plant. As the tornado continued northeast, it
crossed Waverly Road just west of 134th St. A farm near this
location sustained damage where the house sustained window damage
and two large wood-framed outbuildings were completely destroyed.
The tornado continued northeast and weakened and eventually
crossed Salt Creek near 141st St before lifting just northeast of
that location. Preliminary reports indicate 3 injuries and no
fatalities associated with this tornado.

..Elkhorn/Bennington/Blair Area Tornado...

Rating:                 EF3
Estimated Peak Wind:    165 mph
Path Length /statute/:  31.16 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   1600 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start Date:             04/26/2024
Start Time:             03:30 PM CDT
Start Location:         4 SE Yutan / Douglas County / NE
Start Lat/Lon:          41.1999 / -96.3267

End Date:               04/26/2024
End Time:               04:29 PM CDT
End Location:           2 SW Modale / Harrison County / IA
End Lat/Lon:            41.5929 / -96.0448

Survey Summary:
The tornado developed about one quarter mile west of the West Q 
Road and 255th St intersection in Western Douglas county where 
trees were knocked down and a farmstead sustained outbuilding 
damage. The tornado continued northeast crossing agricultural 
fields and flipping numerous center pivots, eventually crossing 
252nd Street. The tornado caused EF-2 damage as it approached 
Highway 92, damaging numerous homes and striking an acreage 
northwest of the Highway 92(West Center street) and Highway 275 
Intersection where EF-2 damage was indicated. Several center 
pivots along Highway 275 were overturned as the tornado continued 
northeast crossing east of Highway 275 damaging several acreages, 
homes, and outbuildings along Highway 275/240th Street where EF-2 
damage was sustained. 

Continuing its northeast path, the tornado crossed 234th Street 
near Harney Street where it damaged a horse farm and an acreage as
well as a home along Dodge Street/Highway 6 before crossing Dodge
Street causing roof and outbuilding damage at the Junkstock Farm.
The tornado crossed the Elkhorn River, damaging trees and 
flipping center pivots in acreage along Blondo Street just south 
of the railroad tracks.

The tornado continued into the western part of Elkhorn 
approximately one-half mile south southwest of the intersection of
West Maple Road and 216th Street. Several homes sustained high- 
end EF-2 damage with homes losing large sections of their roofs 
and one home being shifted off its foundation. The tornado moved 
across Prospect Hills Cemetery damaging headstones, moving across 
West Maple Avenue severely damaging a landscape business before 
moving into the Ramblewood subdivision. Numerous homes in the 
subdivision were left with only small interior rooms standing 
sustaining EF-3 damage. The tornado continued northward across 
damaging homes between 212th Street and Kestrel Parkway, again 
leaving only interior rooms standing, with EF-3 damage sustained. 
The tornado crossed Fort Street about one-third of a mile east of 
216th Street, causing the collapse of new development homes, with 
EF-3 damage being sustained. 

It veered to the northeast across mainly rural areas of Douglas 
County, between Fort Street and Military Road, becoming about one-
mile wide as it crossed Highway 31, snapping power poles and 
large trees, producing EF-1 damage. The tornado narrowed to about 
one-half mile wide and moved into residential development just 
northwest of the intersection of 180th Street and Military Road, 
where EF-1 damage due to loss of roofs, was sustained. 

The tornado moved into Bennington’s Newport Landing neighborhood,
removing large sections of several homes roofs and collapsing 
outside walls, sustaining EF-2 damage. The tornado moved across 
Newport Landing Lake, crossing near the intersection of Highway 36
and 168th Street, snapping the tops off of numerous trees. It 
then moved across agricultural land, damaging farm outbuildings 
southeast of the intersection of 168th Street and Dutch Hall Road,
before crossing into Washington County.

The tornado damaged homes and farm outbuildings east of County 
Road 29 and west of County Road 31 from Dutch Hall Road to County 
Road 36, ranging in width from one-third to one-half mile wide. 
The most significant damage was sustained to a home, machine shop 
and horse barn, one-third of a mile southeast of the intersection 
of County Road 40 and County Road 29, with high-end EF-3 damage 
occurring. Trees were snapped and debarked, the house was moved 
from its foundation, flat-bed and horse-trailers rolled or lofted,
and the machine shop and horse barns destroyed. At least one 
horse was killed, and several others were injured.

The tornado crossed the intersection of County Road 36 and County
Road 31, producing EF-0 to EF-1 damage in the form of partial 
roof and siding loss to farm buildings and manufactured homes, 
plus snapping large tree limbs. As it approached State Highway 
133, several homes and farm outbuildings sustained EF-2 damage due
to the loss of roofs or exterior walls.

Crossing Highway 133, the tornado was just less than one-half 
mile wide, and moved into residential areas generally between 
County Road 32 and US Highway 75. The most significant damage 
occurred near the intersections of County Road P30 and County Road
33 with nearly the complete destruction of several homes, with 
high-end EF-3 damage being sustained.

The tornado crossed US75 about 2 miles southeast of Blair moving 
across the very southern portion of the Cargill plant. The tornado
weakened and narrowed, but snapped power poles and derailed 
several empty rail container cars from the tracks, producing EF-1 

The tornado then moved across the Missouri River crossing into 
Iowa, crossing Highway 30 and Union Pacific Rail line about one- 
mile east of the Iowa-Nebraska state line. Several trees were 
snapped and broken, producing EF-0 damage. The tornado then moved 
across bottom-land/agricultural areas, snapping or uprooting 
several trees and tipping center pivots, producing EF-0 to EF-1 
damage. The tornado dissipated approximately 2 miles southwest of 
Modale, Iowa at 4:29 pm CT.

..Pacific Junction to Pony Creek Park (Mills County)...

Rating:                 EF1
Estimated Peak Wind:    100 mph
Path Length /statute/:  2.70 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   80 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start Date:             04/26/2024
Start Time:             04:52 PM CDT
Start Location:         1 NNW Pacific Junction / Mills County / IA
Start Lat/Lon:          41.0344 / -95.8051

End Date:               04/26/2024
End Time:               04:57 PM CDT
End Location:           3 WNW Glenwood / Mills County / IA
End Lat/Lon:            41.0709 / -95.7883

Survey Summary:
A tornado damage path began approximately 1 mile north of Pacific
Junction, where the tornado was also reported by a trained
spotter. The tornado crossed Highway 34 one mile east of
Interstate 29 where it snapped trees. It then moved up and into
the bluffs, where a home took a direct hit and lost large
portions of the roof, and a large camper was flipped on its side.
Trees were also snapped at this location. The tornado progressed
through a forested area where many tree trunks were snapped. The
end of the damage appeared to be near Pony Creek Park, just to
the east of the Pony Creek Lake dam.

.Eppley Airfield / Crescent Iowa Area Tornado...

Rating:                 EF3
Estimated Peak Wind:    152 mph
Path Length /statute/:  16.05 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   0 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start Date:             04/26/2024
Start Time:             04:58 PM CDT
Start Location:         2 ENE Carter Lake / Douglas County / IA
Start Lat/Lon:          41.2993 / -95.883

End Date:               04/26/2024
End Time:               05:27 PM CDT
End Location:           8 ESE Missouri Valley / Harrison County / IA
End Lat/Lon:            41.509 / -95.7557

Survey Summary:
The tornado developed just east of the Eppley Airfield runway 
system, about one-quarter mile west of the Amelia Earhart Plaza 
and Lindbergh Plaza intersection. The tornado destroyed several 
aircraft hangars and flipped several untethered executive 
aircraft, producing EF-2 damage. The tornado moved northeast 
across the Missouri River and crossed Interstate 29 near mile 
marker 58. It widened to about one-quarter miles, damaging 
numerous homes and businesses between the interstate and Little 
Kiln Road. EF-3 damage was sustained to a residence along Little 
Kiln Road due to the collapse of most of the exterior and interior
walls except for a few interior rooms.

The tornado continued northeast, moving across Old Lincoln 
Highway about 1.5 miles south of Crescent. EF-2 damage to several 
homes occurred due to the major loss of the roof and exterior 
walls. A vehicle detail shop was destroyed. The tornado moved 
across mainly woodland areas before impacting a home and farm 
outbuildings near the intersection of Badger and Jefferson 
Avenues, where EF-2 damage was sustained to the home due to major 
roof damage.

The tornado moved across agricultural and woodlands between 195th
Street and Cougar Avenue, producing EF-1 damage to several 
manufactured homes and farm outbuildings. It continued northeast 
across mainly agricultural and woodland, producing EF-0 damage to 
farm outbuildings by removing large portions of their roofs and 
snapping large tree limbs. 

The tornado weakened near the intersection of 210th Street and 
Teakwood Road, producing intermittent damage to tree limbs. It 
crossed Interstate 880 about 7 miles west of the I-29 and I-880 
interchange, or about 7 miles southeast of Missouri Valley. The 
tornado dissipated just north of Harrison-Pottawatomie County line
in an agricultural field.

..Southern Pottawatamie County Tornado (Treynor/McClelland Area)...

Rating:                 EF3
Estimated Peak Wind:    145 mph
Path Length /statute/:  13.31 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   800 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start Date:             04/26/2024
Start Time:             05:08 PM CDT
Start Location:         7 NW Silver City / Pottawattamie County / IA
Start Lat/Lon:          41.1833 / -95.7307

End Date:               04/26/2024
End Time:               05:28 PM CDT
End Location:           3 SE Underwood / Pottawattamie County / IA
End Lat/Lon:            41.3564 / -95.6229

Survey Summary:
A tornado damage path began near Aspen Road, just west of 240th
Street. The tornado tracked toward the north northeast, snapping
trees and electrical poles as it went. A home was impacted along
Chestnut Road with substantial roof damage. Two additional homes
were directly impacted where the tornado crossed Highway 92. One
of these sustained major roof damage while the other home had most
external walls collapse while interior walls remained standing.
Numerous trees were snapped and a large shed was completely
destroyed at this location, while a large steel horse trailer was
thrown more than a quarter mile. The tornado continued to
Cottonwood road where it damaged a home and an outbuilding. The
most significant damage along the track occurred at Dogwood road
where a home was completely destroyed, and only the basement
remained. Tree damage here was substantial as well with numerous
snapped trunks. Residents of this home survived by seeking shelter
in the basement bathroom, which was one of the few locations in
the home not directly impacted by major flying debris. The tornado
crossed Elmtree Road and Highway 6, and appears to have been at
its widest near Highway 6 where it was approximately 800 yards
wide. Another home was damaged near 270th and Hickory Road. The
tornado continued northeast, damaging electrical poles, trees, and
outbuildings all the way to where it ended near 295th and Juniper
Road. The ending location is based upon photo evidence of spotters
located southeast of the storm. A second tornado paralleled this
storms track near the end, eventually intensifying and moving off
to the northeast.

..Tornado Southeast of Norfolk...

Rating:                 EF1
Estimated Peak Wind:    107 mph
Path Length /statute/:  0.70 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   100 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start Date:             04/26/2024
Start Time:             05:16 PM CDT
Start Location:         4 SE Norfolk / Madison County / NE
Start Lat/Lon:          41.9887 / -97.3695

End Date:               04/26/2024
End Time:               05:19 PM CDT
End Location:           3 SE Norfolk / Stanton County / NE
End Lat/Lon:            41.9986 / -97.3667

Survey Summary:
This brief tornado touched down near Grandview Road and East
Sherwood Rood, causing tree damage at a farmstead. The tornado
moved northeast, damaging large trees along the way and causing
EF-1 damage to a gymnastics gym and a pallet plant. The tornado 
then lifted as it crossed the North Fork of the Elkhorn river. 

..Minden/Shelby/Tennant/Harlan/Defiance Tornado (Pottawatamie and
Shelby Counties)...

Rating:                 EF3
Estimated Peak Wind:    160 mph
Path Length /statute/:  40.91 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   1700 yards
Fatalities:             1
Injuries:               3

Start Date:             04/26/2024
Start Time:             05:25 PM CDT
Start Location:         3 E McClelland / Pottawattamie County / IA
Start Lat/Lon:          41.3221 / -95.6171

End Date:               04/26/2024
End Time:               06:29 PM CDT
End Location:           2 N Defiance / Shelby County / IA
End Lat/Lon:            41.8584 / -95.3307

Survey Summary:
A tornado developed approximately 3 miles east of McClelland, and
developed prior to the dissipation of the tornado that tracked
near Treynor, so both were occurring at the same time, side by
side. This was confirmed by photo and video evidence of storm
spotters. This tornado moved toward the north northeast, damaging
mainly trees and outbuildings or barns as it tracked up to Sumac
Road and 330th Street. At this point, according to radar and
storm damage indicators, the tornado rapidly intensified. An
outbuilding was totally destroyed near Sycamore road, and the
tornado caused extensive tree damage east of 330th Road, south of
Minden. The tornado intensified further, and widened to
approximately 800 yards as it impacted the town of Minden. Video
and spotter reports indicate that there were multiple vortices
within the tornado near Minden and points northeast, and there
was evidence of narrow zones of the most intense damage which
lines up very well with the multiple vortex tornado concept. In
fact, there were damage indicators of EF-1 damage and high-end EF-
3 damage within only 100 yards of each other. The most intense
damage was on the far east side of Minden. Numerous homes were
uninhabitable and several homes were completely destroyed. There
were also several sizeable metal buildings southeast of Main
Street that were completely destroyed. The construction of these
metal structures and the homes that were most impacted, in
conjunction with the tree damage and damage to cars with few if
any cars being lofted and thrown indicated that this was a very
strong EF-3 tornado, near the top of the damage range for an EF-
3. The damage to the town of Minden was extensive, with three
injuries and one fatality. The tornado continued northeast of
Minden where it produced EF-3 damage at two homes along 345th
Street. One of the homes was somewhat intact but was removed from
its foundation and slid approximately 10 yards to the northeast.
The other home had only small interior rooms remaining. It is
worth noting that these two homes were 700 yards apart along the
north-south street. EF-2 damage occurred along Whippoorwill Road.
The tornado crossed Interstate 80 near 355th Street, flipping a
semi, and produced damage nearly three quarters of a mile wide
along York Road just north of Interstate 80. Tree and powerline
damage continued to the northeast, with a home being very badly
damaged near County Road M16 and 450th Street. A home was badly
damaged, and a barn was destroyed less than one mile southeast of
Tennant. The tornado appears to have been widest near 750th
Street and Hackberry Road, at approximately 1 mile in width based
on tree and powerline damage. At Highway 44, a home was destroyed
along with substantial tree damage. Most walls of the home were
standing, but a large automobile was thrown or rolled nearly a
quarter mile. The tree and vehicle damage suggested that this
location was a stronger section of the tornado. The tornado
tracked approximately 1.5 miles northwest of Harlan, and began to
turn more toward the north, significantly damaging at least
3 homes near Highway 59 as it crossed. It turned almost due north
and traveled several miles along Linden Road, and just narrowly
missed the town of Defiance. A second tornado developed just to
the east of this one at this time, tracking along Oak Road and
causing separate damage. Near Defiance, the damage overlapped
damage from another, later, tornado. It also became rain-wrapped
according to chaser video, and appears likely to have ended near
the Crawford-Shelby county line. There is some potential based on
radar data that this tornado tracked farther north into Crawford
county, but early damage surveys did not identify a track
continuation at this time.

..Shelby/Crawford County Tornado #1 (Manilla Area)...

Rating:                 EF2
Estimated Peak Wind:    112 mph
Path Length /statute/:  9.24 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   200 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start Date:             04/26/2024
Start Time:             06:28 PM CDT
Start Location:         2 SSW Manilla / Shelby County / IA
Start Lat/Lon:          41.8593 / -95.2603

End Date:               04/26/2024
End Time:               06:44 PM CDT
End Location:           5 SSW Vail / Crawford County / IA
End Lat/Lon:            41.9923 / -95.243

Survey Summary:
A tornado damage track begins near the V&W Petersen Wildlife
Management Area, and moved almost due north from that point,
tracking just to the west of Manilla, and generally near 320th
Street for much of its track. There was substantial tree damage
along this storm's track, particularly in a line of evergreen 
trees near Highway 141 and 320th Street where all trunks were 
snapped and branches removed. The heaviest damage, on the low-end 
of the EF-2 range, occurred just south of that location where a 
barn was totally destroyed. The tornado continued due north 
according to a highly detailed video shared by storm chasers, and 
ended near 320th and P Avenue.

..Shelby/Crawford County Tornado #2 (Defiance to North of Manilla)...

Rating:                 EF1
Estimated Peak Wind:    107 mph
Path Length /statute/:  12.32 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   200 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start Date:             04/26/2024
Start Time:             06:51 PM CDT
Start Location:         Defiance / Shelby County / IA
Start Lat/Lon:          41.83 / -95.3325

End Date:               04/26/2024
End Time:               07:08 PM CDT
End Location:           5 S Vail / Crawford County / IA
End Lat/Lon:            41.9809 / -95.2084

Survey Summary:
A second round of storms moved across Shelby and Crawford
counties. A tornado developed just a few blocks outside of
Defiance, near the track that the first tornado took only one
hour prior. This tornado moved quickly northeast, impacting
several farms, damaging outbuildings and trees along its
12.3 mile long track. The tornado reached a maximum width of
approximately 200 yards along highway 141, and crossed the other
tornado track that had come north from Manilla in a previous
storm. The tornado damage path ended near 340th Street and QQ


EF Scale: The Enhanced Fujita Scale classifies tornadoes into the
following categories:

EF0...Weak......65 to 85 mph
EF1...Weak......86 to 110 mph
EF2...Strong....111 to 135 mph
EF3...Strong....136 to 165 mph
EF4...Violent...166 to 200 mph
EF5...Violent...>200 mph

The information in this statement is preliminary and subject to
change pending final review of the events and publication in
NWS Storm Data.