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...NWS Damage Survey for 02/24/2018 Tornado Event…    	

. Logan county Kentucky  Tornado…        						

EF Scale Rating:           EF-2
Estimated Peak Wind:       135
Path Length/Statue/:       11.3 Miles
Path Width/Maximum/:        Average 225 yards, Max 350 yards 
Fatalities:                1	
Injuries:                  0

Start Date:                02/24/2018
Start Time:                4:54 PM EST
Start Location:            1 South Keysburg 
Start Lat/Lon:             36.644/-87.005		

End Date:                  02/24/2018
End Time:                  5:12 PM EST
End Location:              4 NE Adairville			
End Lat/Lon:               36.721/-86.818

Survey Summary:

The National Weather Service conducted a storm damage survey today 
in Logan county Kentucky. The damage began on the Robertson county 
Tennessee and Logan county Kentucky State line border. The damage 
began at the end of McGee Road where two homes received extensive 
damage. The first home, a well built stone home had significant roof 
damage and the screened in porch was destroyed. The family pick up 
truck with around 40 yards to the north. On the family cemetery plot 
several tombstones were knocked over and one headstone was 
destroyed.  The family pick up truck with around 40 yards to the 
north. On the family cemetery plot several tombstones were knocked 
over and one headstone was destroyed. There were several 
outbuildings and 2 pole Barnes were destroyed on the property as 

 The second home experienced significant foundation damage and the 
roof was completely thrown off. The family pick up truck was thrown 
250 yards and thrown down into a field. Insulation from the home was 
thrown down wind over 300 yards. The debris field from the two homes 
was thrown in a farmers field between 100 yards in a quarter mile 
down wind with several 2 x 4 and 2 x 10 and bricks being impaled 
into the ground.  Winds were estimated between 120 and 130 mph. 

Tornado went through several farmers fields doing extensive tree 
damage and fence damage. Power lines were down throughout this 
entire stretch with utility crews working diligently to get power 
 The tornado then hit 901 Dot Road destroying 2 Barns, moving heavy 
farm equipment, blowing out exterior walls and destroying the roof 
at the property. It also tragically killed a lady at this home from 
falling debris. The family pet dog Prince was found Alive by 
rescuers underneath extensive rubble.  Debris was thrown up to 500 
yards and debris with a width of between 250 and and 300 yards in a 
farmers field.  Winds were estimated to be 135 mph at this location. 

Tornado then hit a large family farm at 3604 Schley Road Destroying 
the second story. The family was out to eat, we’re normally the kids 
will be taking a nap at the time the tornado hit. Three farm silos 
that were empty or destroyed with the metal sheets being thrown over 
a quarter mile down wind. The tornado continued through farmers 
fields destroying several trees and uprooting them.

 The tornado became more elevated at the intersection of Mortimor 
Station Road and Mirriaheh Road.  In this area trees we snapped, and 
several homes experience shingle siding and roof damage. Winds were 
estimated to be 100 to 110 mph here. 

As the tornado was lifting, it snapped some trees in the Schochoh 

The National Weather Service would like to thank Emergency 
management coordinator Gary Fancher as well as meteorologist Landon 
Hampton and meteorologist Jacob Wilkins for their Assistance on the 
storm survey. 

EF Scale:  The Enhanced Fujita Scale classifies tornadoes into the 
following categories:

EF0...Weak.....65 to 85 MPH
EF1...Weak.....86 to 110 MPH
EF2...Strong...111 to 135 MPH
EF3...Strong...136 to 165 MPH
EF4...Violent..166 to 200 MPH
EF5...Violent..>200 MPH

Note:  The information in this statement is preliminary and subject 
to change pending final review of the event and publication in NWS 
storm data.

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