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Public Information Statement...Update 
National Weather Service New Orleans LA 
500 PM CST Thu Feb 9 2017

...Multiple Tornadoes Confirmed on 02/07/2017...

.Overview...On Tuesday February 7, several supercell thunderstorms 
affected Southeast Louisiana and a total of 6 tornadoes have now 
been confirmed. This information is considered preliminary and may 
be subject to additional updates and corrections.

Update #1 - Added survey summary for the New Orleans East tornado 
and corrected street names in the summary for the Killian to 
Madisonville tornado. Also corrected times to read CST instead of 


...Tornado #1 - From Near Killian to Southwest of Madisonville 
through Livingston...Tangipahoa...and St Tammany Parishes...

Rating:                 EF-2
Estimated Peak Wind:    125 MPH
Path Length /Statute/:  23.2 miles
Path Width /Maximum/:  500 yards
*Fatalities:            0
*Injuries:              3

Start Date:             Feb 7 2017
Start Time:             1020 AM CST
Start Lat/Lon:          30.313N / -90.587W
End Lat/Lon:            30.397N / -90.211W

...Survey Summary...
The tornado touched down just off Carthage Bluff Rd where some 
siding was removed from a single family home and small branches 
were taken off of trees. The width of the tornado in the area 
was approximately 75 yards wide, and wind speeds  were estimated 
to be around 80 mph.  The tornado then proceeded just north of 
Carthage Bluff Rd. in a ENE direction, and widened to approximately
150 yards wide. Numerous hardwood trees were snapped and uprooted
falling on a home, shed, and several vehicles. Wind speeds were 
estimated to be around 100 mph in this area. The tornado then 
widened considerably as it approached a bend in Carthage Bluff Rd
around the intersection with Carthage Lane. A single wide mobile 
home lost a significant portion of the roof on Carthage Bluff
Lane, numerous soft and hardwood trees were snapped or uprooted, 
and a single family home had the chimney collapse and some roofing
material removed. The tornado had widened to approximately 350 
yards wide at this point. Damage was consistent with a 100 mph 
EF-1 tornado in this area. The tornado then crossed a large field 
where several trees were snapped and uprooted. The tornado 
maintained the same width and intensity as it crossed the field. 

As the tornado approached a farmstead on Davidson Road, it 
maintained width, but increased in intensity to an EF-2 tornado
with winds of around 115 mph as it destroyed three barns. A 
single family home stick built single family home was lifted off 
of an unsecured cinder block foundation and completely destroyed 
on Davidson Rd. Two people were seriously injured at this spot. 
Due to the house not being secured to the foundation, the winds 
were estimated to be around 120 mph in this location. A snapped 
telephone pole also supports this wind speed in this area. The 
tornado then crossed Davidson Rd. producing minor to moderate 
damage to a manufactured home and a single family home on a 
private lane. Numerous trees were also snapped and uprooted. The 
tornado remained at 350 yards wide in this area, and maintained 
EF-2 intensity with winds of around 120 mph. At this point, the 
tornado moved into a marshy wildlife refuge area with no road 
access. However, video of the large wedge tornado was taken as it 
moved across this marshland and then across Interstate 55 around 
mile marker 19. Due to the lack of access, an intensity rating 
cannot be given to the tornado as it moved through the marsh land,
but an intensity of EF-1 with winds of 105 mph was given to the 
tornado as it moved across Interstate 55 and numerous trees were 
snapped and uprooted in this area. The tornado width had also 
increased to 500 yards at this point. 

The tornado then continued in a ENE direction across more open
marsh land until it reached the Guste Island area of St. Tammany 
Parish and the Madisonville on the Lake Subdivision. The tornado 
had contracted back to a width of 350 yards in this area and 
maintained this width as it moved across both Chenier Rd. and 
Grand Port Louis Rd. The tornado produced EF-2 damage on Chenier 
Rd. where a house that was secured to concrete and rebar piers was
moved off the foundation. Extensive roof damage was also noted to
the house. Winds were estimated to be around 125 mph in this 
location. The tornado produced extensive tree damage on Grand Port
Louis Rd. before dissipating just west of the city of 
Madisonville over open marsh.


...Tornado #2 - Near Metairie in Jefferson Parish Louisiana...

Rating:                 EF-0
Estimated Peak Wind:    80 MPH
Path Length /Statute/:  0.95 miles
Path Width /Maximum/:  25 yards
*Fatalities:            0
*Injuries:              0

Start Date:             Feb 7 2017
Start Time:             1047 AM CST
Start Lat/Lon:          29.961N / -90.178W
End Lat/Lon:            29.965N / -90.163W

...Survey Summary...
Tornado began near Elmwood and led to intermittent large tree 
limb and minor roof damage along a one mile path into the Old 
Jefferson area of Metairie. 


...Tornado #3 - East New Orleans in Orleans Parish Louisiana...

Rating:                 EF-3
Estimated Peak Wind:    150 MPH
Path Length /Statute/:  10.1 miles
Path Width /Maximum/:  600 yards
*Fatalities:            0
*Injuries:              33, 5 to 6 serious

Start Date:             Feb 7 2017
Start Time:             1112 AM CST
Start Lat/Lon:          30.011N / -90.000N
End Time:               1132 AM CST
End Lat/Lon:            30.030W / -89.835N

...Survey Summary... The tornado touched down along Old Gentilly Rd 
about 1.5 miles east of the Industrial Canal. It moved northeast, 
quickly strengthening into an EF-2 tornado by the time it reached 
Chef Hwy. Here it snapped several wooden power poles and caused 
significant roof damage to an apartment complex and another building 
similar to an automobile service building. As it moved farther 
northeast, the damage clearly indicates it became multi-vortex with 
a second strong vortex taking over as the primary circulation to the 
north of the first. 

This second vortex began moving northeast near the intersection of 
Flake Street and Grant Avenue. On Arthur Drive and Charlene Drive, 
two homes were severely damaged with most exterior walls and one or 
two interior walls collapsed. Winds are estimated to have been 
around 140 mph in this area. At this point the tornado turned more 
to the east producing a fairly wide swath of solid EF-2 damage with 
numerous homes losing significant portions or all of their roofing 

The worst damage was in the area along and just north of Grant Ave 
from Charlmark Drive to Read Blvd. In this area, nearly every home 
suffered complete loss of the roof structure and several homes 
suffered collapsed exterior walls. There were 3 two-story homes on 
which the entire second floor was destroyed with only a few interior 
walls remaining. These homes are the basis for the 150 mph maximum 
wind rating. This area was by far the largest swath of EF-3 damage 
with an approximate width of 125 yards and length of 550 yards. 

The tornado continued to cause mostly EF-2 damage with a few small 
patches of lower end EF-3 damage as it move eastward toward Bullard 
Ave. The small pockets of EF-3 damage were noted near the 
intersection of Good Drive and Chef Menteur Boulevard where a church 
lost all but one exterior wall and most interior walls, and 
immediately along Chef Menteur Boulevard from Wright Road to Major 
Dr where three steel electrical transmission poles were bent. As the 
tornado approached Bullard Avenue, a third vortex took over as the 
primary circulation resulting in an apparent turn to the southeast. 

This third vortex appears to have remained the primary circulation 
for the remainder of the tornado's existence over land. It began to 
move nearly due eastward as it approached the intersection of 
Almonaster Avenue and Paris Road, producing primarily EF-0 and EF-1 
damage. One small pocket of EF-2 damage was noted in the vicinity of 
the NASA Michoud Assembly Center where a metal building suffered 
buckling of the roof supports and one of the NASA buildings 
suffered significant roof damage and collapse of both the brick 
facade and cinder block walls in a few places. The tornado continued 
eastward until it reached Lake Borgne, at which point the track is 
terminated. However, the tornado likely continued to be in contact 
with the water for some time based on radar signatures of very tight 
rotation, a well defined hook echo, and even a continued debris 
signature as it carried debris from over land into marine areas. 

In total, the tornado caused moderate to severe damage to 638 homes, 
of which around half will likely be considered total losses. At 
least 40 businesses also suffered moderate to severe damage.


...Tornado #4 - From Near Donaldsonville to the Sunshine Bridge in 
Ascension and St James Parishes Louisiana...

Rating:                 EF-1
Estimated Peak Wind:    105 MPH
Path Length /Statute/:  6.11 miles
Path Width /Maximum/:  75 yards
*Fatalities:            0
*Injuries:              0

Start Date:             Feb 7 2017
Start Time:             1104 AM CST
Start Lat/Lon:          30.098N / -91.005W
End Lat/Lon:            30.105N / -90.903W

...Survey Summary...
The tornado track began in Donaldsonville in Ascension Parish
damaging roofs to several houses...knocking down power lines
and trees and shifting a small house off its pier foundation. 
The tornado continue to track east near River Rd damaging a few 
structures...downing several trees and power lines. The tornado 
continued into St James Parish and impacting small communities 
on the west and east bank of the Mississippi near the LA highway 
70 bridge over the Mississippi River. Damage was primarily to 
house roofs being blown out...downed trees and
power lines mph. In St James parish 4 homes were classified as 
heavily damaged or destroyed and 14 with minor to moderate 


...Tornado #5 - Near Watson in Livingston Parish Louisiana...

Rating:                 EF-3
Estimated Peak Wind:    140 MPH
Path Length /Statute/:  6.43 miles
Path Width /Maximum/:  350 yards
*Fatalities:            0
*Injuries:              3

Start Date:             Feb 7 2017
Start Time:             1150 AM CST
Start Lat/Lon:          30.621N / -90.904W
End Lat/Lon:            30.625N / -90.798W

...Survey Summary...
The tornado first touched down on Little Woods Dr. and proceeded 
due east just north of Percy Easterly Road. The tornado was 
initially a narrow 25 yards wide, but quickly widened to over 100 
yards wide as it moved east through a stand of trees. Intensity in
this area was EF-1 level with estimated winds of around 100 mph. 
The tornado then continued to the east and rapidly intensified as 
it approached some high tension electrical lines running in a 
north-south direction between Little Woods Dr. and Nan Westerly 
Rd. The tornado was estimated to be approximately 200 yards wide 
at this point, and winds were estimated at 140 mph or EF-3 
strength due to the metal truss system supporting the electrical 
lines being twisted and collapsed. As the tornado approached Nan 
Westerly Rd. it widened considerably to around 350 yards, and also
decreased slightly in intensity to a high end EF-2 tornado. Three
manufactured homes were completely destroyed with only the metal 
undergirding remaining. All walls and floors were removed. Two 
single family homes in this area had significant roof damage with 
support beams removed. Numerous hardwood trees were also snapped 
in this area. Winds were estimated to be around 125 mph at this 
point. The tornado continued eastward across a fairly open field 
until it impacted several homes and an industrial building on 
Highway 1023 or Renninger Road. The tornado maintained the same 
width as it crossed the road at around 350 yards, and produced 
more EF-2 damage with winds remaining around 125 mph. A 
manufactured home was completely destroyed, and the industrial 
building had most of the exterior wall on one side of the building
removed. Numerous hardwood trees including a large live oak also 
had trunks snapped in this area. 

The tornado continued to the east, and decreased in intensity to
EF-1 with winds of approximately 100 mph as it crossed Highway 
447, Joe Lee Road, Highway 63, and Highway 449. Several 
manufactured homes experienced minor damage on Highway 447 and Joe
Lee Road with the worst damage noted on Joe Lee Road where a home
had partial uplift of tin roofing material. Numerous softwood 
trees were also snapped along the path of the tornado. Damage was 
noted after it crossed into the woods east of Highway 449, but the
lack of access prohibited further assessment. Tornadic activity 
was not observed further to the east on Highway 1036 or Highway 


...Tornado # 6 - North of Holden in Livingston Parish Louisiana...

Rating:                 EF-1
Estimated Peak Wind:    100 MPH
Path Length /Statute/:  0.25 miles
Path Width /Maximum/:  50 yards
*Fatalities:            0
*Injuries:              0

Start Date:             Feb 7 2017
Start Time:             1220 PM CST
Start Lat/Lon:          30.633N / -90.616W
End Lat/Lon:            30.633N / -90.616W

...Storm Summary...
A brief tornado touch down was noted near the intersection of 
Highway 442 and Greer Lane in far northern Livingston Parish. A 
telephone pole was leaning, and several  softwood trees were 
snapped along Greer Lane.  The path width was approximately 50 
yards wide, and the intensity was rated EF-1 with winds of
100 mph. The tornado passed over Highway 442, and then proceeded 
east just south of a manufactured home. More trees were snapped in
this area and the tornado maintained EF-1 intensity. However, as 
the tornado moved further to the east, the intensity weakened to 
an EF-0 with winds of around 75 mph before dissipating just before
entering a wooded area. Large branches were removed from trees in
this area, and a carport lost some tin roof covering. 


* For reference...the Enhanced Fujita Scale classifies tornadoes
  into the following categories:

EF0...wind speeds 65 to 85 mph.
EF1...wind speeds 86 to 110 mph.
EF2...wind speeds 111 to 135 mph.
EF3...wind speeds 136 to 165 mph.
EF4...wind speeds 166 to 200 mph.
EF5...wind speeds greater than 200 mph.