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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Jackson MS
908 PM CDT Mon Mar 27 2023


.Update...Preliminary survey details have been added for both 
tornadoes. Initial ground assessments along the tornado paths have 
been completed. Additional information is now being assessed, 
including aerial imagery from satellite and UAS. Locations with the 
most severe damage along the paths are now being reviewed. Follow up 
surveys are possible, and updates to survey results are also 
possible in the coming days. 

We would like to express special thanks to the PERiLS Project and 
NSSL for their ongoing assistance and expertise with this survey 

.Rolling Fork-Silver City Tornado...

Rating:                 EF4
Estimated Peak Wind:    170 mph 
Path Length /statute/:  59.4 miles 
Path Width /maximum/:   3/4 mile 
Fatalities:             16 
Injuries:               Unknown

Start Date:             3/24/2023
Start Time:             7:57 PM CDT
Start Location:         4 SE Mayersville / Issaquena County / MS
Start Lat/Lon:          32.8414 / -90.9993

End Date:               3/24/2023
End Time:               9:08 PM CDT
End Location:           8 ESE Cruger / Holmes County / MS
End Lat/Lon:            33.2636 / -90.1126

Survey Summary: This long track, violent tornado began over 
northern Issaquena County near Grant Rd, downing multiple trees 
and damaging two older outbuildings. The tornado continued 
northeastward, producing tree damage as it crossed the Steele 
Bayou Canal then into Sharkey County. At this point, the tornado 
began to increase in size and intensity, and there was evidence of
multiple vortices at multiple points along the path in Sharkey 
County. A very high percentage of trees were snapped along the 
path through a wooded area south of Bear Lake Rd. On the western 
outskirts of the city of Rolling Fork, homes began to be impacted 
with significant roof damage along Bear Lake Rd. Several tall 
wooden utility poles were snapped along Bear Lake Rd and MS 
Highway 826. The first indications of EF3 to EF4 damage occurred 
along Pinkins Rd, where each structure along the dead end road, 
including several manufactured homes and a site built home, was 
demolished. Structures on the west end of the road were scattered 
radially southeastward, and structures on the east end of the road
were scattered northward. Additionally, debarking was observed on
several hardwood trees, with only stubs of the main branches of 
some trees remaining. Across MS 826 and along Fleetwood Rd, an 
older metal building was swept away, a small home was destroyed 
and numerous manufactured homes were destroyed. 

As the tornado moved into the western side of Rolling Fork, the 
tornadic wind field was broad, encompassing the area from Race St, 
where exterior damage occurred to the Sharkey Issaquena Hospital, 
to Bear Lake Rd on the south end. The corridor of greatest damage 
on the west side of the city, up to EF3, extended from 7th St 
between Martin Ave and Joor Ave to 3rd St between Southern Ave and
Lewis Ave to S 1st St near Wright Ave. In this area, multiple 
homes lost most exterior walls, several more lost roofs and some 
walls, and even more received at least minor damage. Additional 
debarking of trees was noted near the center of the path.

After the tornado crossed Deer Creek into the eastern side of 
Rolling Fork, some intensification occurred, with additional EF4 
damage noted. Two homes, one along Sharkey St and one along 
Collette Ave, had all walls collapsed. A lodge on Parkway Ave was 
demolished, but there was evidence the structure was compromised 
by flying debris. Large metal buildings at an agriculture business
at the intersection of East St and West Ave were destroyed. 
Further south along the periphery of the tornado, roof damage 
occurred at the fire station and at Rolling Fork Elementary School
and South Delta High School. The tornado then crossed Rolling 
Fork Creek, damaging and destroying several structures along 
McLaurin St and China St. A water tower east of Hicks Ave was 
downed, though it appeared to be compromised near the base by 
impacts from flying debris. The roof was removed from the Rolling 
Fork US Post Office, portions of Rolling Fork City Hall, and 
portions of the Rolling Fork Police Department. The Sharkey County
Courthouse received damage to the roof and some windows, with the
cupola removed. Homes and businesses were destroyed along Walnut 
St, with all or most walls downed. With two of the businesses, the
structure was compromised by tossed vehicles or a metal door on 
the side of the building. Another area of EF4 damage was along 
Mulberry St and Hunt St, where additional homes and businesses had
all walls collapsed, Several other structures had roofs removed 
and some walls collapsed as far north as Lindsay St and Magnolia 

As the tornado approached US 61, several businesses were impacted,
especially in the area between Walnut St and Rosenwald Ave. 
Several of these businesses were metal building systems that were 
nearly or completely destroyed. A few were brick structures with 
most or all walls collapsed, leaving piles of debris on or near 
the slab. Around 30 mobile or manufactured homes at the Chuck's 
Dairy Bar property were destroyed. A considerable amount of debris
was visible in aerial imagery along the path scattered downwind 
in fields east northeast of the city. 

The tornado remained strong to violent as it continued northeast
of Rolling Fork across mainly open fields. It crossed Matthews Rd
near a catfish farm, where several utility poles were snapped
near the ground and covered in 1 to 2 inches of mud. Ground
survey teams were unable to determine the location of the tops of
some of the snapped poles. Prolific tree damage occurred along
Sandy Bayou, with a few buildings along the outer edges of the
path damaged and a tractor trailer flipped. Another area of
EF4 damage was observed from Widow Bayou and E River Rd
northeastward through Dogwood Rd and Linsey Rd. Through this
corridor, extreme hardwood tree damage occurred with most trees
completely mangled and debarking noted. There was some evidence
of trees being tossed or dragged at least a short distance.
Several utility poles were snapped, with some tossed a short
distance. A manufactured home off Dogwood Rd was blown away, with
a school bus from the property tossed into nearby trees. Aerial
imagery of this area revealed ground scouring and cycloidal marks
in the field between Dogwood Rd and Linsey Rd. Tree damage
continued across Keith Rd and Charlie Pitt Rd as the tornado
approached MS Highway 14.

East of Anguilla along Highway 14, a frame home was completely 
destroyed. Near the home, several power poles were snapped or 
broken. Tree damage was extensive with large areas mowed down. A 
tenth of a mile east, a mobile home was rolled into nearby trees. 
Along Prudent Rd, most of the roof was taken off of a home, where 
the garage collapsed along with a portion of the front porch. One 
vehicle was flipped and another was moved. A metal workshop was 
destroyed and structural beams were bent. Along the road, several 
power poles were snapped and thrown a couple hundred feet into a 
nearby field. As the tornado approached and crossed Seven Mile Rd,
intensity increased. Here, several metal buildings were heavily 
damaged or destroyed with structural beams bent. Grain bins had 
sides collapsed and the tops blown off. A small brick home was 
completely destroyed with all of the exterior walls collapsed. The
home next door had a large portion of the roof removed and part 
of a wall had collapsed. Debris from the home was thrown several 
hundred feet into a nearby field. Vehicles were moved out of the 
garage and a large grain storage cart was thrown into the field as

For several miles, the tornado traveled along Highway 149 moving 
toward Silver City where large areas of hardwood trees were 
snapped and uprooted. Multiple center pivot irrigation systems 
were flipped. A mobile home was completely destroyed when it was 
rolled into a nearby field. A portion of the roof was blown off a 
school. A community along the same road had several homes with 
significant roof damage, at least one home had decking material 
partially removed. Several homes and a large metal building were 
severely damaged when portions of the roof were blown off. A 
second metal building was completely destroyed with large 
structural posts bent. 

As the tornado came into Silver City from the west along Highway 
149, an apartment complex was heavily damaged where each building 
had extensive shingle damage. Several buildings had sections of 
the roof removed and one building had portions of the western 
walls partially collapsed. In the nearby neighborhood, numerous 
homes had large portions of shingles removed. At least two frame 
homes were destroyed where one or more exterior walls collapsed. A
large number of old hardwood trees were snapped or uprooted. As 
the storm moved east toward Highway 49W, more trees were snapped 
and uprooted. Several homes and a church near the intersection of 
Highway 14 and Highway 49W had areas of the roof damaged or 
removed. Four mobile homes were completely destroyed. Nearly every
home sustained roof damage, where sections of the roof were 
removed. Numerous trees were snapped and uprooted, a few of which 
fell on homes. The rating in the Silver City area ranged from 

The tornado continued to track east where mostly tree damage 
occurred. In rural portions of Holmes County northeast of Tchula, 
there was substantial tree damage with swaths of snapped and 
uprooted trees. Several center pivot irrigation systems were 
overturned and grain bins were flipped or destroyed. The tornado 
continued to move northeast before dissipating in a wooded area 
north of Randall Road.

.Black Hawk-Winona Tornado...

Rating:                 EF3
Estimated Peak Wind:    155 mph
Path Length /statute/:  29.2 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   0.7 mile
Fatalities:             3
Injuries:               5

Start Date:             3/24/2023
Start Time:             9:12 PM CDT
Start Location:         11 E Cruger / Carroll County / MS
Start Lat/Lon:          33.3128 / -90.0385

End Date:               3/24/2023
End Time:               9:37 PM CDT
End Location:           5 NNW Kilmichael / Montgomery County / MS
End Lat/Lon:            33.5098 / -89.5928

Survey Summary: This long track tornado began just southwest of 
Black Hawk in a wooded area with widespread tree damage, including
snapped and uprooted trees. Satellite imagery indicates major 
tree damage of EF2 intensity. It continued northeast before 
crossing Highway 430, CR 235, and Highway 17. In this area, 
numerous residential structures were damaged, including 2 homes 
that were destroyed, with both losing outer walls and another with
collapsed brick on the exterior with the interior slab exposed. 
Large farming equipment was also blown over on the side. No 
injuries were reported in this area. The tornado was strongest 
just northeast of here at EF3 intensity, around 155mph, where 
Black Hawk Independent Church, Historic Blackhawk School and 
parsonage were completely destroyed. Both the school and church 
had stood for nearly 100 years. The church steeple was gone with 
the bell thrown out and not seen by the survey team. The slab to 
the church remained intact with a few exterior walls standing. A 
nearby well building made of cinder block masonry stood mostly 
untouched outside of minor damage to the roof and doorway. 

The tornado then continued to the northeast before crossing 
Highway 17 where widespread tree damage and some structural damage
continued. It then continued northeast, just north of Highway 
243, before crossing Highway 218 and Nebo Rd, where widespread 
tree damage occurred. Some areas beyond this were inaccessible due
to fallen trees. Satellite imagery indicates potential EF2 to EF3
tree damage in the nearby wooded area. The tornado crossed CR 
144, CR 163, CR 211, Good Hope Rd and Spring Lake Rd between 
Burkhead Lake, Spring Lake and Water Lake. In this area, the 
tornado was an estimated one half to three quarters of a mile wide
and caused EF2 to EF3 tree damage to the forested areas. Some 
damage was noted to structures along these inaccessible areas. 

It then crossed Enon Rd, where damage was noted to a home, and 
Highway 35, where widespread tree damage, major roof, and minor 
siding damage occurred to a mobile home. One mobile home just 
north of Highway 35 was thrown off the blocks and into a nearby 
wooded area some 50 yards away. In this location, 3 fatalities 
occurred. An 18 wheeler tractor trailer was also blown over on the
side. Just to the northeast, satellite imagery indicates a 
structure had major damage, with the majority of it destroyed. The
tornado then crossed CR 278 and CR 61, with minor tree damage, 
but the majority of the more intense tree damage as viewed within 
satellite imagery occurred in inaccessible areas just to the 

It then crossed Gum Branch Rd before crossing Interstate 55, 
where ground surveys and satellite imagery indicated the tornado 
was nearly a half mile wide. The tornado then crossed Highway 51, 
Stafford Wells Rd and Highway 407, where major roof damage 
occurred to residential homes consistent with EF2 intensity. The 
tornado then crossed Highway 82, where numerous power lines were 
downed, causing high end EF1 to low end EF2 damage. The tornado 
then crossed the intersection of Bethlehem Community Rd and 
Bethlehem Church Rd, where EF2 damage occurred. Three outbuildings
were destroyed. A home had major roof damage, and another 
structure moved off the foundation. The tornado then crossed 
Hammond Rd, causing major tree damage in the wooded areas. The 
tornado then caused low end EF2 damage just south of Robinson- 
Thompson Rd, where an outbuilding was destroyed and a nearby 100 
year old home had minor to moderate roof and siding damage but was
left standing. The tornado lifted as it crossed Robinson-Thompson


EF Scale: The Enhanced Fujita Scale classifies tornadoes into the
following categories:

EF0...Weak......65 to 85 mph
EF1...Weak......86 to 110 mph
EF2...Strong....111 to 135 mph
EF3...Strong....136 to 165 mph
EF4...Violent...166 to 200 mph
EF5...Violent...>200 mph

The information in this statement is preliminary and subject to
change pending final review of the events and publication in NWS
Storm Data.