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205 PM CST Wed Jan 25 2017

...NWS Damage Survey For January 21, 2017 Tornadoes...

.UPDATE...Added additional damage information for Lamar/Forrest

.Lamar/Forrest Tornado...

Rating:                 EF-3 
Estimated Peak Wind:    145 mph 
Path Length /statute/:  24.2 miles 
Path Width /maximum/:   900 yards
Fatalities:             4 
Injuries:               56

Start Date:             01/21/2017
Start Time:             03:35 AM CST
Start Location:         5 WNW Purvis, Lamar County, MS
Start Lat/Lon:          31.1855/-89.4799

End Date:               01/21/2017
End Time:               04:05 AM CST
End Location:           1 WSW Tallahala, Forrest County, MS
End Lat/Lon:            31.3839/-89.1465

Survey Summary:
This tornado began along Purvis-Oloh Road, about 5 miles west
northwest of Purvis. It tracked northeast across portions of Lamar
County causing mainly tree damage, uprooting and snapping softwood
and hardwood trees. It caused some minor to moderate structural
damage as well. The tornado crossed Old Highway 11, continuing to
cause mainly tree damage, although at least a few structures were
also damaged. The tornado began to gain strength as it reached Slade
Road, where some homes received roof damage. As the tornado crossed
Sullivan Kilrain Road, additional homes received significant roof
and structural damage, especially on Carter Circle and Tatum Camp
Road. Comprehensive assessments from Lamar County emergency
management officials count 26 homes in the county being destroyed or
with major damage and 52 homes receiving minor damage.

The tornado continued to gain strength as it crossed into Forrest
County. There it struck a subdivision along Nellwood Drive, Lakeland
Drive and Crestwood Drive and caused significant damage to many
homes. Several homes received significant roof and structural
damage. One home sustained significant damage and also was the site
of one of the fatalities. As the tornado continued to track
northeast, it caused extensive tree damage and powerline damage. It
struck a church along Helveston Road, which suffered damage to the
top floor. As the tornado approached William Cary College, it
intensified to EF3 strength, causing damage to numerous buildings on
campus. The tornado then affected a mobile home park, downing trees
and causing damage to mobile homes. Here, two more fatalities
occurred. It then caused structural damage to several homes,
churches and businesses on James Street and Alcorn Road. Another
fatality occurred on Alcorn Road, when a tree fell on a home. The
tornado continued to track northeast, crossing the Leaf River and
headed into Petal. Here the tornado got very wide and continued to
cause EF2 type damage to businesses along Main Street and into the
neighborhoods on the southern side of the city. Extensive tree
damage occurred and countless homes had minor to major roof damage
in the neighborhood south of Hillcrest Loop. As the tornado reached
Sun Circle, it intensified to EF3 strength again and caused
significant damage to a few homes as well as moderate damage to many
homes in the neighborhood. Beyond the subdivision along Sun Circle,
the tornado caused tree damage again before reaching Evelyn Gandy
Parkway. It caused structural damage to an AT&T store by lifting the
roof of the strip mall. It caused additional roof damage to several
homes and a church along the Parkway as well as along Springridge
Road and Corinth Road. As the tornado tore across Shawnee Trail, it
caused impressive tree damage, which included snapping and uprooting
hardwood and softwood trees. As the tornado tracked just south of
HDR Lane, it took down two metal electrical transmission lines. The
tornado then destroyed a house along Macedonia Road, as well as
causing additional roof to other homes and taking down numerous
trees. Additional impressive tree damage occurred along Old Richton
Road and Tyroby Lane. The tornado continued to down trees as it
tracked across Old Richton Road into Perry County. Comprehensive
assessments from Forrest County emergency management officials count
499 homes in the county being destroyed or with major damage and 632
homes receiving minor damage.

The tornado path length in just Lamar and Forrest counties was 24.2
miles, although the entire path of the tornado in total was 31.3
miles. Along the entire tornado path the total number of homes
destroyed or receiving major damage is estimated to be 531 with the
number of homes having minor damage estimated at 689. 

.Lauderdale Tornado...

Rating:                 EF-2
Estimated Peak Wind:    120 mph
Path Length /statute/:  7.3 miles 
Path Width /maximum/:   550 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               1

Start Date:             01/21/2017
Start Time:             10:44 PM CST
Start Location:         4 SSE Meridian Station, Lauderdale County, MS
Start Lat/Lon:          32.4914/-88.602

End Date:               01/21/2017
End Time:               10:54 PM CST
End Location:           7 E Meridian Station, Lauderdale County, MS
End Lat/Lon:            32.5471/-88.496

Survey Summary:
This tornado touched down in a wooded area near Russell Topton Road,
snapping trees and powerlines and causing minor roof damage as it
crossed the road. The tornado continued northeast onto Lockhart
Trailer Court Road and Chip Pickering Drive, where many trees were
downed and some structural damage occurred to mobile homes. Here on
Lockhart Trailer Court Road, a mobile home was rolled and destroyed,
with one minor injury as the resident was thrown out. The tornado
continued northeast before crossing Fred Clayton Road and Campground
Road. Here the tornado began to widen and more intense damage
occurred. Some minor roof damage occurred to a church and numerous
trees were snapped, with some causing damage to some structures. As
it traveled roughly along Campground Road and the railroad tracks,
the tornado became quite large, around a quarter of a mile wide or
so. Here significant tree damage, EF2 with winds near 115mph,
occurred as nearly every tree were snapped and uprooted. The tornado
continued northeast until crossing Green Loop Road. The tornado also
was at its strongest at Green Loop as many mobile homes were rolled,
with around 4 destroyed. One mobile home was thrown with the
undercarriage wrapped around a tree. Here the most intense damage
occurred, with winds near 120mph winds. Around 10-11 people were
thrown out of mobile homes but thankfully no injuries. The tornado
continued before crossing Beaver Pond Road, snapping and uprooting
trees. It then continued northeast across a wooded area near Ponta
Creek before beginning to weaken and become smaller. It crossed Old
Lauderdale Lizelia Road, Highway 45 and then Old Highway 45N,
snapping and uprooting trees before lifting northeast in a wooded

EF Scale: The Enhanced Fujita Scale classifies tornadoes into the
following categories.

EF0...Weak......65 TO 85 mph
EF1...Weak......86 TO 110 mph
EF2...Strong....111 TO 135 mph
EF3...Strong....136 TO 165 mph
EF4...Violent...166 TO 200mph

The information in this statement is preliminary and subject to
change pending final review of the events and publication in NWS
Storm Data.