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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Huntsville AL
427 PM CDT Mon Jun 25 2018

...NWS Damage Survey for June 22 2018 Tornado Event...

.Higdon, AL Tornado...

Rating:                   EF-1
Estimated Peak Wind:      90 MPH
Path length /Statute/:    1.7 Miles
Path width /Maximum/:     250 Yards
Fatalities:               0
Injuries:                 0

Start date:               June 22 2018
Start time:               6:25 PM CDT
Start location:           1 Mile NE of Higdon, AL
Start Lat/Lon:            34.8513, -85.6197

End date:                 June 22, 2018
End time:                 6:30 PM
End location:             2 Miles E of Higdon, AL
End_lat/lon:              34.8479, -85.5898

Survey Summary:
The tornado touched down just west of AL Highway 71, about 1 mile
northeast of Higdon, AL where a tree was snapped off at the top
along with other very large branches broken off on the property.
It then tracked east and on County Road 292 it uprooted a large
tree that fell on a truck and a house. Another small uprooted tree
was noted in the area as well. The tornado continued east and as
it crossed County Road 269 a small clearing in the trees was noted
along with a large tree split at the base. A house on County Road
169 had the most damage with three very healthy trees cleaning
snapped off at the exact same height. Other trees on the property
were snapped near the base as well as multiple very large limbs
down. The snapped trees is what warranted the 90 MPH designation.
This is where the tornado was at the widest with other snapped 
trees noted along County Road 169. The last of the damage was 
found on County Road 817 with a metal roof from a house peeled off
and thrown behind the house. A snapped tree was seen behind the 
house as well. 

...EF-2 Tornado Confirmed in Northwestern Cullman County...

.Jones Chapel Tornado...

Rating:                   EF-2
Estimated Peak Wind:      130 MPH
Path length /Statute/:    5.56 Miles
Path width /Maximum/:     180 Yards
Fatalities:               0
Injuries:                 3

Start date:               06/22/2018 
Start time:               0650 PM CDT
Start location:           9 W West Point / Cullman County / AL
Start Lat/Lon:            34.2482 / -87.1101

End date:                 06/22/2018
End time:                 0712 PM CDT
End location:             4 WNW West Point / Cullman County / AL
End_lat/lon:              34.25 / -87.0136

Survey Summary:
NWS survey team was able to confirm the tornado that originated in
Winston County continued into Cullman County. Damage was consistent
with an EF-2 tornado with peak winds of 130 mph near Jones  

As the tornado crossed into Cullman County, the vortex likely 
lifted shortly after crossing CR 1069 after producing minor limb 
damage. The tornado likely touched down again west of the CR 1055 
and CR 1082 intersection. Extensive tree damage was observed. 
Numerous trees were either uprooted or snapped as the tornado 
tracked through a depression on the north side of CR 1055. 
Intensity was documented as 90 mph (EF-1) as it approached CR 
1082. At this point, the tornado likely lifted again as it moved 
east of CR 1082 with only minor limb damage observed through 
Sullivan Creek. 

Peak intensity of the tornado was observed along CR 1091, west of
CR 1114. A one year old manufactured home was completely 
destroyed as it broke away from its anchors, causing 3 injuries. 
The home was perpendicular to the winds, facing due west. It was
displaced about 20 yards from its original location. Three of four corner 
anchor units were ripped from the ground. The forth remained 
lodged in ground but the metal strap was ripped from the I-Beam. 
It is worth noting that the anchors were approximentlly 2-3 feet 
into the ground, and were strapped to the I-Beam (from what could 
be observed). However, given the highly saturated, muddy soil, the
anchors were pulled out as the home tipped backwards. Given this 
potential failure, winds were estimated at 130mph, or slightly 
above the expected value for a completely destroyed manufactured 
home. Additionally, near this location, several trees were 
uprooted. Peak width of approximately 180 yards were also 
documented in this area. 

As the tornado tracked east, another area of downed branches and 
uprooted trees were noted east of CR 1107. This was the final 
location of observed damage as the tornado likely lifted and 
eventually dissipated along CR 1114. 

.Madison County Straight Line Wind Event...

Peak wind:                80 MPH
Fatalities:               0
Injuries:                 0

Start date:               06/22/2018
Start time:               12:37 PM CDT
Start Lat/Lon:            34.8749, -86.8244

End date:                 06/22/2018
End_lat/lon:              34.9561, -86.5342

Survey Summary:
NWS Huntsville survey team surveyed an area from Harvest to Hazel 
Green. An uprooted tree and additional snapped smaller trees, 
including multiple Bradford Pears, were seen NW of Harvest in 
Limestone County, all facing an easterly direction with an 
estimated peak straight line wind speed of 80 MPH. Sporadic twig, 
limb and Bradford Pear branch debris was seen as the survey team 
tracked east-northeast. This was from winds estimated around 40 
MPH. On Walt Campbell Road in Hazel Green there was a house with 
several large trees in a line, all snapped facing the same 
direction with an estimated peak straight line wind speed of 80 
MPH. A power pole also had to be replaced at this location. This 
was the worst damage seen on the storm survey but extremely 
isolated. Overall, no tornadic signatures were seen and all damage
was determined to be associated with straight line winds. 

EF Scale:  The Enhanced Fujita Scale Classifies Tornadoes into
the following categories.

EF0...Weak......65 to 85 MPH
EF1...Weak......86 to 110 MPH
EF2...Strong....111 to 135 MPH
EF3...Strong....136 to 165 MPH
EF4...Violent...166 To 200 MPH
EF5...Violent...>200 MPH

The information in this statement is preliminary and subject to
change pending final review of the event and publication in NWS
Storm Data.