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776 Views Database Service Upgrade [done]


Hopefully this evening, 25 Oct 2017, the primary IEM database service will be upgraded to PostgreSQL version 10. The timing is not exact at this moment as various copy processes are ongoing, but the hope is to limit any website data outages and prevent any data loss while the transition takes place. This news item will be updated to denote progress.

If you see any issues, please do let us know! Thanks for your patience with this upgrade.

Update 9:30 PM 25 Oct: I do not anticipate the data copy being done by a reasonable hour this evening, so we will likely wait until tomorrow to make this upgrade happen.

Update 12:00 PM 26 Oct: Upgrade is now in progress, the nws text "afos" database will be returning not much data as I sadly need to do some tricks to make this work. Hopefully will be back online in a few hours. Will update here once done.

Update 8:15 PM 26 Oct The new database service is up and taking the production load, things are a bit slow yet, will update this news item once it clears. Thanks for your patience\n

Final Update: 11 PM 26 Oct: The database update should be all complete. The outage of the NWS text database to the website this afternoon was regretable, but no backend data was lost. Please do let us know if you find anything amiss and I will continue to double check things to ensure a good copy was made.