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549 Views Improved SPC Search


The IEM maintains a number of archives of Storm Prediction Center products. There is an IEM website app that allows for search for some of these products by latitude and longitude point. The products include:

  • Convective Outlooks
  • Mesoscale Convective Discussions (MCD)
  • Convective Watches (Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado)

The Search Tool has been improved to allow for searching of the MCDs and watches. There are a number of caveats at play here with this search, so please be sure to review the page. I am also trying out a new method for allowing the resulting table contents to be exported to your spreadsheet application of choice (read Microsoft Excel).

This application is meant to allow folks to answer the question of when their location was last in a "Day 1 Moderate Risk" or list all watches and discussions issued for my location.

Please try the app out and let me know how it can be improved.