Local Storm Report App Help

This application allows the quick viewing of National Weather Service (NWS) issued Local Storm Reports (LSR). These LSRs are issued by local NWS forecast offices for their area of responsibility.

To use this application, select the NWS forecast office(s) of choice and then a time duration you are interested in. Times presented on this application are in the timezone of your local computer.

After selecting a time period and office(s), this application will automatically generate a listing of any available LSR reports and also generate a listing of Storm Based Warnings (SBW)s valid for some portion of the period of interest. You can switch between these data listings by click on the tabs found just above this text.

The map interface on the left hand side visually presents these LSRs and SBWs. Clicking on the icon or polygon, highlights the corresponding data in the two tables.

You also have the ability to overlay NEXRAD base reflectivity information for any 5 minute interval during the time period of your choice.

Linking to this Application

This application uses stable URLs allowing you to bookmark and easily generate links to it. Currently, there are two calling modes:

/lsr/#WFO,WFO2/YYYYMMDDHHII/YYYYMMDDHHII : where you can list none or any number of Weather Forecast Office IDs. Then there are two timestamps in UTC time zone (beginning and end time).

/lsr/#WFO,WFO2/-SECONDS : again, you can list none or multiple WFO IDs. You can then specify a number of seconds from now into the past. For example, /lsr/#LWX/-86400 would produce LSRs from LWX for the past day (86400 seconds).

An additional URI parameter can be appended onto the end, which cryptically controls settings on the page. So in the form above /lsr/#WFO/YYYYMMDDHHII/YYYYMMDDHHII/?????? , where the ? are sequential boolean flags (1=ON,0=OFF). These values are as follows:

  • Show RADAR on Map
  • Show LSRs on Map/li>
  • Show Warnings on Map
  • Run in Realtime Mode
  • Show States on Map
  • Show Counties on Map


WFO Report Time County Location State Event Type Magnitude


WFO Phenomena Significance Event ID Issues Expires