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Warnings Valid at: 16 Sep 2021 07:14 AM CDT
Severe Thunderstorm Warning (View Text) expires 07:30 AM by BOX (Loconto)
Dukes, Barnstable, in MA
VTEC# 115 (NEW)
Issued: 06:36 AM
Updated: 06:36 AM
Severe Thunderstorm Warning (View Text) expires 07:15 AM by BOX (Loconto)
Barnstable, Plymouth, Dukes, Bristol, in MA
VTEC# 114 (EXP)
Issued: 06:13 AM
Updated: 07:06 AM
Download GIS shapefile of current warnings and/or GeoTiff of NEXRAD base reflectivity.


  • This application is educational grade and should not be used operationally.
  • Flash Flood Warnings (FFW) do not have VTEC IDs, so those columns are blank for FFWs.
  • The status column is simply the status of the warning. The warning is in 'NEW' state until a SVS is issued, then it goes to 'CON' for continued.
  • Warnings identified by WFO are available after 29 Aug 2004.
  • NEXRAD composite is available since 1 Aug 2003.
  • Prior to the NWS adoption of VTEC, warnings were not expired nor canceled.
  • SVS updates were added in 2005.
  • LSR archive begins 1 Jan 2004.
  • Archive of watches begins 1 Jan 1997.