With this application, you can total a parameter of your choice over a duration of your choice. The resulting data is presented graphically as well as textually for use in a GIS. The end date is inclusive to the data presented. The raw daily data used for this application can be downloaded from here.

Available State: Select Parameter: Year Month Day
to inclusive date:

*Note: Only a sub-sample of stations are plotted on the map due to space restrictions. The small four digit label is the station identifier used in the data listing below (without the 2 character state identifier included).

Data Listing

# IEM Estimated COOP Accumulations (start: 2020-05-01 to inclusive date: 2020-04-20)
# Download From: https://mesonet.agron.iastate.edu/GIS/apps/coop/gsplot.phtml
# Download Date: 21 Apr 2024
# CLIM_ values are based on climatology 1951-today
# Data Contact: Daryl Herzmann akrherz@iastate.edu 515.294.5978
    ID,          StationName,  Latitude, Longitude,     GDD50,     GDD48,     SDD86,    PRECIP,CLIM_GDD50,CLIM_GDD48,CLIM_PRECIP,  MAX_TEMP,  MIN_TEMP,     CDD65,     HDD65,CLIM_CDD65,CLIM_HDD65

You should be able to 'copy & paste' this raw data listing into a simple text editor and save the data file on your machine. Most GIS systems can then import this dataset as a layer. You may have to omit the commented lines (#) if your GIS has trouble importing the data.