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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Des Moines IA
1146 AM CST Fri Feb 9 2018

...Changes to River Forecast Services in Central Iowa...

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From:     Jeffrey Zogg
          Senior Service Hydrologist, NWS Des Moines IA

Subject:  Changes to Action Stage, Flood Stage and Flood 
          Severity Categories for the Middle River near 
          Indianola IA, Effective Immediately

...Changes to Action Stage, Flood Stage and Flood Severity 
Categories for the Middle River near Indianola IA /Site ID of 
IDNI4/, Effective Immediately...

Relocation of the USGS streamgage associated with NWS river 
forecast services for this location has necessitated an immediate 
change to the Action Stage, Flood Stage, Moderate Flood Stage and 
Major Flood Stage. After being relocated in May 2017, this 
streamgage has been returned to its former location.

As has been the case for IDNI4, forecasts and warnings will 
continue to be valid along the reach of the Middle River extending 
from Clanton Creek near Spring Hill to the Des Moines River.

The NWS will provide river forecasts when the observed or forecast 
stages go above the Action Stage. In addition, the NWS will issue 
river Flood Warnings and follow-up river Flood Statements when the 
observed or forecast stages go above the Flood Stage. Below are 
the new stage thresholds for IDNI4, along with the changes from 
the present values

* Action Stage: 19.0 ft. Increase of 3.5 ft.
* Flood Stage and Minor Flooding: 23.0 ft. Increase of 3.5 ft.
* Moderate Flooding: 26.0 ft. Increase of 3.5 ft.
* Major Flooding: 28.0 ft. Increase of 3.5 ft.

The Middle River near Indianola is a real-time U.S. Geological 
Survey /USGS/ streamgage which provides stage and discharge data. 
This streamgage has a period of record back to 1940. It is 
maintained by the USGS Iowa Water Science Center and is funded 
cooperatively by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Rock Island 
District, the Iowa Department of Transportation and the USGS Water 
Science Center in Iowa City.

...Concluding Remarks...

As with other NWS river forecast points, river forecasts for the 
above location will be available on the NWS Advanced Hydrologic 
Prediction Service /AHPS/ Website. In addition, river forecasts 
for this location will be updated as needed while the stream 
remains at or above the Forecast Issuance Stage. At a minimum, the 
river forecasts will be updated once per day in the morning, when 
either the observed or forecast stage is at or above the Forecast 
Issuance Stage.

More information is available on our Website at: .

The NWS welcomes public feedback. If you have any questions or 
comments on this change, please contact: 

     Jeffrey Zogg
     National Weather Service Forecast Office
     9607 NW Beaver Drive
     Johnston Iowa 50131-1908

     Phone 515-270-4501 x493