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Displaying AFOS PIL: ADMNCF Received: 2018-06-13 11:58 UTC

NOUS72 KNCF 131158
Please pass to the MIC/HIC, SOO, ESA, ITO AND AFP: 
On Wednesday, June 13, 2018, the NCF will be 
switching its Server Operations from the Primary 
AWIPS NCF (ANCF) in Silver Spring, MD to the 
Backup AWIPS NCF (BNCF) in Fairmont, WV. The
switch transition will take place as follows:
0500 UTC - ITO switch to BNCF
1215 UTC - SBN switch to BNCF
1315 UTC - MHS switch to BNCF
1415 UTC - DSUPS switch to BNCF
1415 UTC - Data Delivery switch to BNCF
The switch will not be done on a critical weather 
day, or if there are other significant operational 
issues warranting postponement.
All ANCF message distribution (MHS) will be 
repointed to the BNCF. The switch will take about 
20 minutes. Data will queue while the switch is in 
progress and will be sent once the switch is 
complete. This will affect data originating at NWS 
field offices and National Centers on the AWIPS 
network including radar data.
Any questions or issues should be addressed to the
AWIPS/NCF helpdesk at 301-713-9344.