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Neighboring Stations

The following is a list of IEM tracked stations within roughly a 0.25 degree radius circle from the station location. Click on the site name for more information.

Distance [km]NetworkStation Name
0.896IACOCORAHSGrimes 1.5 N
1.855IACOCORAHSGrimes 0.9 N
3.933IACOCORAHSGrimes 1.0 ENE
4.686IACOCORAHSGrimes 3.8 N
4.863IACOCORAHSJohnston 2.6 W
5.230IACOCORAHSJohnston 2.6 WSW
5.910IACOCORAHSUrbandale 4.5 WNW
6.250IACOCORAHSJohnston 2.7 WSW
6.481IA_DCPWalnut Creek 4 NE Waukee 156th St
6.776IACOCORAHSJohnston 1.7 W
6.801IA_DCPNorth Walnut Creek at Urbandale Meredith
6.968IA_DCPBeaver Creek 3 E Grimes
7.559IACOCORAHSUrbandale 1.1 WNW
8.346KCCIDSM Christian
8.491IA_DCPGrimes 4 WSW
8.607IACOCORAHSUrbandale 0.7 W
8.759IA_DCPLittle Walnut Creek 6 WNW IFC--Clive 156th St
9.202IA_DCPWalnut Creek 5 W Urbandale 142nd St
9.613IA_DCPNorth Walnut Creek 2 WNW Urbandale 92nd Dr
10.116IACOCORAHSUrbandale 0.9 ENE
10.134IACOCORAHSGranger 2.6 ESE
10.139IACOCORAHSUrbandale 1.9 NE
10.260IACOCORAHSUrbandale 0.6 E
10.621NEXRADDes Moines
10.762IA_DCPWalnut Creek 4 W IFC--Clive NW 128th St
10.785WFODes Moines
10.927IACOCORAHSWaukee 1.4 NNE
11.016IACOCORAHSJohnston 1.5 S
11.104IA_DCPDes Moines NWS - Johnston
11.104IA_COOPDes Moines WFO
11.131IACOCORAHSJohnston 3.7 NNW
11.176IA_DCPWalnut Creek 3 WNW Clive I-80/35
11.687IA_DCPWaukee 2 NNW
11.803IACOCORAHSWaukee 1.2 ENE
11.884IACOCORAHSClive 0.1 WSW
11.926IACOCORAHSClive 1.6 W
12.076IACOCORAHSWaukee 2.3 E
12.083IA_DCPClive - Walnut Creek near NW 100th
12.192IA_DCPDes Moines River 4 WNW Saylorville Reservoir
12.612IACOCORAHSWaukee 2.2 E
12.616OTSaylorville Lake Bridge
12.776IACOCORAHSClive 0.6 ESE
12.809IACOCORAHSDallas Center 4.1 ENE
12.924IACOCORAHSDes Moines 5.4 NW
12.988IACOCORAHSClive 1.2 E
13.011IA_DCPNorth Walnut Creek 1 SW IFC--Urbandale Hickman Rd
13.102IACOCORAHSDallas Center 4.6 ENE
13.171IACOCORAHSGranger 2.9 ENE
13.211IACOCORAHSUrbandale 1.9 ESE
13.283IACOCORAHSWaukee 0.3 NNW
13.829IACOCORAHSWaukee 0.3 WNW
14.033IA_DCPNorth Walnut Creek 1 NW IFC--Windsor Heights College Dr
14.061IACOCORAHSUrbandale 2.2 ESE
14.076IACOCORAHSWindsor Heights 0.6 N
14.135IACOCORAHSClive 2.1 E
14.235IACOCORAHSDes Moines 5.4 WNW
14.236IA_DCPDes Moines River 2 W Saylorville
14.244IACOCORAHSDes Moines 5.3 NW
14.313IACOCORAHSWaukee 0.6 W
14.666IACOCORAHSMadrid 6.4 S
14.714IACOCORAHSWindsor Heights 0.8 NE
14.779IACOCORAHSWindsor Heights 0.3 NNE
14.963IACOCORAHSWindsor Heights 0.2 W
14.966IACOCORAHSPolk City 0.8 W
15.001IACOCORAHSWaukee 0.7 WSW
15.182IACOCORAHSWest Des Moines 1.5 NNE
15.417IACOCORAHSWaukee 0.9 WSW
15.426IA_COOPDSM Windsor Heights
15.439IACOCORAHSPolk City 0.4 W
15.465IACOCORAHSDes Moines 4.8 NW
15.728IACOCORAHSWest Des Moines 2.6 WNW
15.864IACOCORAHSDes Moines 4.6 NW
15.916IACOCORAHSWindsor Heights 2.8 NE
15.958KCCINorth Polk / West Elem
15.991IACOCORAHSWest Des Moines 0.8 NNW
16.134IACOCORAHSWaukee 1.3 S
16.151IACOCORAHSDes Moines 4.5 ENE
16.304IACOCORAHSWest Des Moines 1.5 WNW
16.421IACOCORAHSWest Des Moines 0.8 NW
16.487IACOCORAHSWest Des Moines 3.1 W
16.539IA_DCPWest Des Moines
16.711IACOCORAHSDes Moines 4.1 NW
16.811IACOCORAHSWindsor Heights 0.8 SE
16.838IACOCORAHSAnkeny 2.7 SW
16.853KCCIIowa Christian
17.006IACOCORAHSWindsor Heights 3.3 NE
17.210IACOCORAHSDes Moines 3.9 NW
17.251IACOCORAHSDes Moines 3.9 WNW
17.301IACOCORAHSDes Moines 3.9 NW
17.671IACOCORAHSWest Des Moines 1.4 W
17.695IACOCORAHSDes Moines 3.7 NW
17.736IACOCORAHSAnkeny 2.8 SW
17.766IACOCORAHSAnkeny 2.3 WNW
17.813IA_COOPDSM Valley West
17.828IACOCORAHSWest Des Moines 1.0 WSW
17.834IACOCORAHSSaylorville 2.6 SSW
17.855IA_DCPWalnut Creek 5 W Des Moines 63rd St
17.928IA_DCPBig Creek Lake 2 NNW Polk City
17.930IACOCORAHSWest Des Moines 3.4 W
17.965IACOCORAHSDes Moines 3.7 WNW
18.009IACOCORAHSDes Moines 3.5 NW
18.241IACOCORAHSAnkeny 2.2 SW
18.557IACOCORAHSDes Moines 7.5 N
18.762IACOCORAHSAnkeny 2.0 SW
19.037IACOCORAHSDes Moines 3.5 WNW
19.110IACOCORAHSDallas Center 0.9 ENE
19.151KCCIJordan Creek
19.175IACOCORAHSWest Des Moines 1.0 ESE
19.371IA_DCPDes Moines River 1 NW Des Moines 2nd Ave
19.809IACOCORAHSDes Moines 4.1 N
19.980IACOCORAHSDes Moines 3.6 NNW
20.069IACOCORAHSWaukee 3.0 SSW
20.342IACOCORAHSDallas Center 3.9 NNE
20.521KCCIAnkeny / Christian Academy
20.792IA_DCPRaccoon River 6 WSW Des Moines IA 28
21.012IACOCORAHSAnkeny 1.2 NW
21.417IACOCORAHSDes Moines 2.0 NW
21.460IACOCORAHSDes Moines 2.0 WNW
21.584IACOCORAHSDes Moines 2.2 NNW
21.718IACOCORAHSDes Moines 4.2 N
22.127IACOCORAHSDes Moines 1.6 NW
22.324IACOCORAHSDes Moines 4.1 N
22.534IACOCORAHSAnkeny 1.7 NNW
22.878IA_DCPRaccoon River 5 SW West Des Moines
22.956IA_DCPRaccoon River 2 SW Des Moines Fleur Dr
23.013KCCIDes Moines / KCCI Studios
23.238IACOCORAHSAnkeny 1.4 N
23.256IACOCORAHSMinburn 3.2 ENE
23.483IACOCORAHSDes Moines 2.9 WSW
23.547IA_DCPBeaver Creek 4 SSW Woodward
23.594IA_RWISDes Moines (I-35)
23.766IA_DCPAnkeny 2 SE
24.178IACOCORAHSDes Moines 2.4 NNE
24.442IACOCORAHSAnkeny 1.5 NNE
24.477IA_RWISDes Moines (I-235)
25.058IA_COOPWDSM Maffitt Reservoir
25.071IACOCORAHSCumming 4.3 WNW
25.194IACOCORAHSDes Moines 2.2 NNE
25.629IA_DCPFourmile Creek 2 ESE Ankeny NE 86th Ave
25.851IA_DCPFourmile Creek 3 N Ankeny US 69
25.916IACOCORAHSDes Moines 4.6 NNE
25.916IACOCORAHSDes Moines 4.6 NNE
25.963IACOCORAHSCumming 3.5 WNW
26.196IA_DCPFourmile Creek 3 NNE IFC--Ankeny NE 47th St
26.312IA_DCPAdel Fire Wx
26.480IA_COOPDes Moines NWS Snow
26.504IA_DCPDes Moines River 2 S Des Moines SE 6th St
26.928IA_DCPMadrid - Big Creek 166th
27.130KCCIAdel / ADM MS
27.352IA_DCPFourmile Creek near Alleman NW 142nd
27.488IACOCORAHSDes Moines 2.0 SSW
27.536IACLIMATEDes Moines Area
27.660IA_RWISAnkeny (I-35)
27.741IACOCORAHSAnkeny 3.7 NNE
27.776IACOCORAHSDes Moines 2.0 SSW
27.942IACOCORAHSMadrid 0.7 WSW
27.980IACOCORAHSMadrid 0.4 SE
28.216IACLIMATEDes Moines Airport
28.226IACOCORAHSDes Moines 3.1 SSW
28.256IA_DCPRaccoon River 0 NE IFC--Van Meter Hwy R16
28.274IA_DCPRaccoon River 0 ENE Van Meter
28.622IA_RWISElkhart I-35 No1
29.210IA_DCPBig Creek 4 E IFC--Madrid IA 210
29.408IACOCORAHSMadrid 0.4 NNE
29.436IACOCORAHSDes Moines 3.3 SSW
29.538IACOCORAHSDes Moines 2.1 SSE
29.944IACOCORAHSCumming 0.1 N
30.349IACOCORAHSDes Moines 2.3 SSE
30.675KCCIBlank Park Zoo DSM
30.710IACOCORAHSCumming 1.6 E
30.888IACOCORAHSDes Moines 3.1 S
31.529IACOCORAHSNorwalk 0.5 S
32.433IACOCORAHSSlater 0.3 NE
33.405IA_DCPBig Creek 4 ENE IFC--Madrid 310th St
33.532IA_DCPBig Creek Tributary 3 4 ENE IFC--Madrid 310th St
34.309IACOCORAHSNorwalk 1.7 SSE
35.664OTAmes - COBS Research Site
35.868IA_DCPBig Creek Tributary 2 4 WSW IFC--Kelley 300th St