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Neighboring Stations

The following is a list of IEM tracked stations within roughly a 0.25 degree radius circle from the station location. Click on the site name for more information.

Distance [km]NetworkStation Name
1.856IA_DCPWalnut Creek 5 W Urbandale 142nd St
2.471IA_DCPWalnut Creek 4 W IFC--Clive NW 128th St
3.519IA_DCPWalnut Creek 3 WNW Clive I-80/35
3.584IACOCORAHSClive 1.6 W
3.880IA_DCPNorth Walnut Creek at Urbandale Meredith
4.040IA_DCPLittle Walnut Creek 6 WNW IFC--Clive 156th St
4.171IACOCORAHSWaukee 2.3 E
4.323IACOCORAHSClive 0.1 WSW
4.423IACOCORAHSUrbandale 1.1 WNW
4.643IACOCORAHSUrbandale 4.5 WNW
4.708IACOCORAHSWaukee 2.2 E
4.925IACOCORAHSUrbandale 0.7 W
5.226IA_DCPWalnut Creek 4 NE Waukee 156th St
5.298IACOCORAHSWaukee 1.2 ENE
5.488IA_DCPClive - Walnut Creek near NW 100th
5.649IACOCORAHSClive 0.6 ESE
5.684IA_DCPNorth Walnut Creek 2 WNW Urbandale 92nd Dr
6.265IACOCORAHSGrimes 1.0 ENE
6.408IACOCORAHSWaukee 1.4 NNE
6.651IACOCORAHSClive 1.2 E
6.743IACOCORAHSGrimes 0.9 N
7.386IACOCORAHSWest Des Moines 2.6 WNW
7.633IACOCORAHSUrbandale 0.6 E
7.758IACOCORAHSJohnston 2.7 WSW
7.804IACOCORAHSWaukee 0.3 NNW
8.039IACOCORAHSGrimes 1.5 N
8.077IACOCORAHSWest Des Moines 1.5 WNW
8.184IA_DCPNorth Walnut Creek 1 SW IFC--Urbandale Hickman Rd
8.206IACOCORAHSWest Des Moines 3.1 W
8.232IA_DCPWest Des Moines
8.252IACOCORAHSWest Des Moines 1.5 NNE
8.276IACOCORAHSUrbandale 0.9 ENE
8.346KCCIGrimes Elementary
8.365IACOCORAHSWest Des Moines 0.8 NNW
8.397IACOCORAHSWaukee 0.3 WNW
8.425IACOCORAHSClive 2.1 E
8.524IACOCORAHSWest Des Moines 0.8 NW
8.589IACOCORAHSJohnston 2.6 WSW
9.005IACOCORAHSWaukee 0.6 W
9.012IA_DCPNorth Walnut Creek 1 NW IFC--Windsor Heights College Dr
9.288IACOCORAHSJohnston 2.6 W
9.445IACOCORAHSWest Des Moines 1.4 W
9.464IACOCORAHSWaukee 1.3 S
9.496IACOCORAHSWaukee 0.7 WSW
9.681IACOCORAHSWindsor Heights 0.6 N
9.687IACOCORAHSWest Des Moines 3.4 W
9.711IACOCORAHSWest Des Moines 1.0 WSW
9.751KCCIIowa Christian
9.861IACOCORAHSWindsor Heights 0.2 W
9.913IACOCORAHSWaukee 0.9 WSW
9.977IA_COOPDSM Windsor Heights
10.120IACOCORAHSUrbandale 1.9 ESE
10.154IACOCORAHSWindsor Heights 0.3 NNE
10.173IACOCORAHSUrbandale 1.9 NE
10.366IACOCORAHSDes Moines 5.4 WNW
10.645IACOCORAHSUrbandale 2.2 ESE
10.746IACOCORAHSWindsor Heights 0.8 NE
10.773IACOCORAHSJohnston 1.7 W
10.795IA_DCPBeaver Creek 3 E Grimes
11.023IA_DCPWaukee 2 NNW
11.228KCCIJordan Creek
11.250IACOCORAHSDes Moines 5.3 NW
11.300IA_DCPGrimes 4 WSW
11.824IACOCORAHSDes Moines 4.5 ENE
11.840IACOCORAHSWindsor Heights 0.8 SE
11.853IACOCORAHSWest Des Moines 1.0 ESE
11.975IACOCORAHSJohnston 1.5 S
12.213IA_DCPWalnut Creek 5 W Des Moines 63rd St
12.248IACOCORAHSDes Moines 5.4 NW
13.009IACOCORAHSGrimes 3.8 N
13.180IACOCORAHSDes Moines 4.1 NW
13.203IACOCORAHSDes Moines 3.9 WNW
13.349IACOCORAHSDes Moines 4.8 NW
13.426IA_COOPDSM Valley West
13.469IACOCORAHSDes Moines 3.7 WNW
13.486IACOCORAHSDes Moines 4.6 NW
13.515IACOCORAHSWaukee 3.0 SSW
13.640IACOCORAHSDes Moines 3.9 NW
13.956IACOCORAHSWindsor Heights 2.8 NE
14.088IACOCORAHSDes Moines 3.5 WNW
14.215IACOCORAHSDes Moines 3.5 NW
14.237IACOCORAHSDes Moines 3.9 NW
14.284IA_DCPRaccoon River 6 WSW Des Moines IA 28
14.429IACOCORAHSDes Moines 3.7 NW
14.586IA_DCPRaccoon River 5 SW West Des Moines
15.286IACOCORAHSWindsor Heights 3.3 NE
15.363IA_RWISDes Moines (I-35)
16.328IA_DCPDes Moines River 2 W Saylorville
16.399IA_DCPDes Moines River 4 WNW Saylorville Reservoir
16.448IA_DCPDes Moines River 1 NW Des Moines 2nd Ave
16.565IACOCORAHSDallas Center 4.1 ENE
16.713IA_COOPWDSM Maffitt Reservoir
16.835IACOCORAHSCumming 4.3 WNW
17.098IACOCORAHSDes Moines 2.0 WNW
17.318NEXRADDes Moines
17.351WFODes Moines
17.426IACOCORAHSSaylorville 2.6 SSW
17.658IACOCORAHSCumming 3.5 WNW
17.697IACOCORAHSDes Moines 2.9 WSW
17.772IACOCORAHSDes Moines 2.0 NW
17.778IACOCORAHSDallas Center 4.6 ENE
17.974IA_COOPDes Moines WFO
17.974IA_DCPDes Moines NWS - Johnston
18.025IACOCORAHSJohnston 3.7 NNW
18.194IACOCORAHSDes Moines 1.6 NW
18.199IACOCORAHSDes Moines 3.6 NNW
18.385IACOCORAHSGranger 2.6 ESE
18.580IACOCORAHSDes Moines 4.1 N
18.605IA_DCPRaccoon River 2 SW Des Moines Fleur Dr
18.645IACOCORAHSDes Moines 2.2 NNW
19.235IACOCORAHSDallas Center 1.5 E
19.419KCCIDes Moines / KCCI Studios
19.851IACOCORAHSAnkeny 2.7 SW
20.185IACOCORAHSAnkeny 2.8 SW
20.408OTSaylorville Lake Bridge
20.469IACOCORAHSDes Moines 7.5 N
20.482IA_COOPDes Moines NWS Snow
20.745IACOCORAHSDes Moines 4.2 N
20.890IACOCORAHSDallas Center 0.9 ENE
21.199IACOCORAHSAnkeny 2.2 SW
21.309IACOCORAHSDes Moines 4.1 N
21.314IA_RWISDes Moines (I-235)
21.411IACLIMATEDes Moines Area
21.418IACOCORAHSGranger 2.9 ENE
21.703IACOCORAHSAnkeny 2.0 SW
21.727IACOCORAHSCumming 0.1 N
21.790IACOCORAHSDes Moines 2.4 NNE
22.060IACLIMATEDes Moines Airport
22.076IA_DCPRaccoon River 0 ENE Van Meter
22.081IA_DCPRaccoon River 0 NE IFC--Van Meter Hwy R16
22.230IACOCORAHSDes Moines 2.0 SSW
22.393IACOCORAHSDes Moines 3.1 SSW
22.537IACOCORAHSDes Moines 2.0 SSW
22.557IACOCORAHSAnkeny 2.3 WNW
22.671IACOCORAHSDes Moines 2.2 NNE
22.705IA_DCPDes Moines River 2 S Des Moines SE 6th St
22.722IACOCORAHSPolk City 0.8 W
22.754IACOCORAHSCumming 1.6 E
23.004IACOCORAHSMadrid 6.4 S
23.067IACOCORAHSPolk City 0.4 W
23.632IACOCORAHSDes Moines 3.3 SSW
23.637KCCINorth Polk / West Elem
24.094IA_DCPAdel Fire Wx
24.238IACOCORAHSNorwalk 0.5 S
24.702IACOCORAHSDes Moines 2.1 SSE
24.727IACOCORAHSDallas Center 3.9 NNE
24.812KCCIAnkeny / Christian Academy
24.930KCCIBlank Park Zoo DSM
25.014IACOCORAHSDes Moines 4.6 NNE
25.014IACOCORAHSDes Moines 4.6 NNE
25.108KCCIAdel / ADM MS
25.497IACOCORAHSDes Moines 3.1 S
25.519IACOCORAHSAnkeny 1.2 NW
25.662IACOCORAHSDes Moines 2.3 SSE
25.810IA_DCPBig Creek Lake 2 NNW Polk City
26.086IA_DCPAnkeny 2 SE
26.685KCCIDes Moines / River Woods
26.772IACOCORAHSDes Moines 4.5 S
27.071IACOCORAHSNorwalk 1.7 SSE
27.120IA_RWISDe Soto (I-80/US 169)
27.293IACOCORAHSAnkeny 1.7 NNW
27.436KCCIIowa State Fair 2003
27.612IA_DCPFourmile Creek 3 ENE Des Moines Easton Blvd
27.716IACOCORAHSAnkeny 1.4 N
27.789IACOCORAHSDes Moines 3.9 SSE
27.847IACOCORAHSDes Moines 5.2 S
28.563IA_DCPFourmile Creek 2 ESE Ankeny NE 86th Ave
28.638IACOCORAHSMinburn 3.2 ENE
28.665IACOCORAHSAnkeny 1.5 NNE
28.701IACOCORAHSDe Soto 0.7 W
30.088IA_DCPBeaver Creek 4 SSW Woodward
30.243IA_DCPNorth River 2 SE Norwalk
30.541IACOCORAHSNorwalk 3.9 S
30.555IACOCORAHSNorwalk 4.0 S
31.319IA_DCPFourmile Creek 3 N Ankeny US 69
35.222IA_DCPMadrid - Big Creek 166th
36.202IACOCORAHSMadrid 0.7 WSW
36.300IACOCORAHSMadrid 0.4 SE