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Neighboring Stations

The following is a list of IEM tracked stations within roughly a 0.25 degree radius circle from the station location. Click on the site name for more information.

Distance [km]NetworkStation Name
0.671IACOCORAHSCoon Rapids 0.5 N
1.293IA_DCPCoon Rapids
1.357IA_DCPMiddle Raccoon River 0 NE IFC--Coon Rapids Hwy E63
9.538IACOCORAHSCoon Rapids 4.5 NE
9.847IA_DCPBrushy Creek 3 SE IFC--Dedham IA 141
24.249IA_DCPBrushy Fork Creek 4 ENE Templeton
24.688IA_DCPMiddle Raccoon River 6 SE Bayard
25.872OTScranton - New Way Weather
27.914KCCIGlidden Ralston
30.431IA_DCPMiddle Raccoon River 2 ESE IFC--Carroll Olympic Ave
32.474OTCarroll - New Way Weather