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08 March 2018 Summary for IA_ASOS

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This table lists out IEM computed daily summary values for this network. These values are derived from available observations and specialized summary products that some of the observation sites produce. The time zone reported for the peak winds are hopefully the local valid time (America/Chicago) at the site. There is a download interface for most of this summary information.

ID: Location: High: Low: Min Feels Like[F]: Max Feels Like [F]: Min Dew Point [F]: Max Dew Point [F]: Rainfall Peak Gust: Time of Gust Snowfall: Snow Depth:
ALO Waterloo28121.4429719.6574917.100
AMW Ames30164.9866626.112190NE @ 208:35 AM
BRL BURLINGTON37199.8360630.076914180NNE @ 2111:10 AM
CID CEDAR RAPIDS32150.49251922.96811017.10NNE @ 201:30 AM
DBQ DUBUQUE2791.9403215.16.11400
DSM DES MOINES34196.6016330.974912.9180E @ 172:30 AM01
DVN QUAD CITIES33174.9866622.466412180WNW @ 2612:52 PM0
EST ESTHERVILLE2411-3.4529521.98.1160
IOW IOWA CITY37196.6659829.654812160WNW @ 2312:52 PM
LWD LAMONI40187.7141533.96091219.90E @ 1710:53 AM
MCW MASON CITY2410-3.4529514.3817715.100
MIW MARSHALLTOWN30152.9039622.713712190NE @ 1712:40 PM
OTM OTTUMWA37197.175332.09121217.10NE @ 2412:53 PM
SPW SPENCER28131.1320226.110180
SUX SIOUX CITY30153.6188825.1447122300