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822 Views New Webcam: Marengo


A new webcam has been put online by KCRG-TV in Marengo. This city is just west of Iowa City in eastern Iowa. The IEM partners with KCRG-TV to collect and archive imagery from their webcam network. This dataset is invaluable environmental information and the archive provides a visual history of weather conditions every five minutes.

Welcome Marengo!

1362 Views IEM Webcam Viewer Update


The IEM Webcam Viewer application has gotten a significant update to hopefully make it more useful to folks. The following changes have been implemented:

  • The application has two modes it can run in. A "realtime" mode, which dynamically refreshes all content without user intervention. An "archive" mode, which allows the user to set a time and view all data valid at that time.
  • Stable website links are generated for viewing archived content.
  • The individual NEXRAD sites in Iowa for plotting were removed for the time being as their archive display logic is a bit tricky. This will get added back someday.
  • The application is more efficient now with not making duplicate requests for the same content.
  • The display should look better now on large screen sizes.
  • The listing of "Webcams" applications on the website's header bar has been rearranged and hopefully better labelled.
  • Explicit timestamps and labels are shown below the webcam and RADAR displays. Previously you would have to make assumptions about this or attempt to read the small timestamp in the lower left corner of the webcam image.

Here's an example view of the display in "archive" mode:

In the image, you can see the archived webcam image, archived US NEXRAD Composite imagery, the pointing of each webcam at the time, and any NWS warnings active at that time.

As always, let me know of bugs or suggestions you may have.

1053 Views New Webcam: Cascade


A new webcamera has been added to the KCRG-TV CityCam network. This webcam is located near Cascade (southwest of Dubuque) and features a very high resolution webcam (Canon VB-M42).

3078 Views New Webcam: Hiawatha


A new web camera has been added to the KCRG-TV CityCam network. This camera is located in Hiawatha and makes for their 25th webcam in their network.

3476 Views New Webcam: North Liberty


A new webcam has been added to the KCRG-TV CityCam network. This webcam is located in North Liberty, which is just north of Iowa City.