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277 Views Peak Wind Gust added to ASOS download


Three additional data fields have been added to the ASOS/METAR Download page. These fields cover the information provided by the PK WND METAR encoding. The fields are labelled as such:

  • peak_wind_gust:
    The reported wind gust in knots.
  • peak_wind_drct:
    The reported wind direction that the gust was from.
  • peak_wind_time:
    The time of the reported wind gust. This timestamp will match the time zone requested for the data download.

Here's an example METAR that has this encoding.

METAR KEWR 111851Z VRB03G19KT 2SM R04R/3000VP6000FT TSRA BR FEW015
 BKN040CB BKN065 OVC200 22/22 A2987 RMK AO2 PK WND 29028/1817

In this example, the standard wind report portion of the METAR denotes the present gust of 19 knots. The PK WND 29028/1817 section within the comments denotes that the peak gust was 28 knots from 290 degrees at 1817 UTC, so 34 minutes prior to this METAR report time.

As always, please let me know of questions.