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Cold Early November Day

10 Nov 2017 05:32 AM
Yesterday's feature denoted the impact of having snow cover on high and low temperatures. Even without snow cover in Iowa, temperatures were very cold for this time of the year. The featured table presents the hourly temperatures for Des Moines yesterday and how far back into the archives one must go to find as cold an hourly temperature for the period of 1-9 November. The afternoon temperatures were the coldest in about 10 years and evening temperatures the coldest in over 20 years! It will be interesting to put into context the very cold lows observed this Friday morning for a future feature!

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Nearing Two Weeks Below

07 Nov 2017 05:35 AM
Our seasonally chilly weather continued on Monday with highs well below average again. The featured map displays the number of consecutive days that the high temperature has been above (red) or below (blue) average for NWS "CLI" reporting sites. The totals for Iowa are approaching two weeks now with more chilly weather in the forecast. There is some hope for a return to near normal highs next week.

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