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Storm-Based Warnings

16 Apr 2009 06:12 AM
Back in late 2007, the National Weather Service switched to issuing Storm-Based Warnings instead of warnings for an entire county. The IEM continues to maintain an unofficial archive of these warnings with available applications including:

The featured image is a portion of the daily summary image for 14 Apr 2009. Each warning is plotted with some crude summary stats provided.

Good: 18
Bad: 8

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What's Cool?

20 Jun 2003 07:56 AM
Websurfers are always looking for cool stuff on the Internet. So, what is cool on our site?
  • Plotting recent RWIS pavement & air temps
  • Viewing overhead ortho photos for any site in the IEM.
  • Realtime and sortable current conditions
  • The full-featured KCCI SchoolNet8 Website
  • NWS Text Product Finder
  • 1 minute data from the AWOS network since 1995.

  • All of this and much more brought to you free on this website.

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