Public Rainfall Reports:
  - 5.65  Steve Spauldin  7 W of Perry, IA
  - 6.00  Donald Brown    1.25 N of Colo, IA
  - 7.50  Eldon Whitaker  Colo, IA
  - 5.00  Deb Campbell    1.5 E 1.5 S Hamlin, IA
  - 4.78  KDLS Radio      Perry, IA
  - 5.69  Willard Sharp   Madrid, IA

21_23may2004_rainfall.png  040523_rainfall.png 040522_rainfall.png
  - Simple maps of rainfall estimates

  - Shapefile of rainfall estimates for the weekend.

  - Erin Haemer
  - Subject: Belmond, IA Flood

  - Here are a few pictures of the flooding in Belmond, IA
  - taken this morning after 11:00am.  The water is still
  - rising but we think this will give a decent view of
  - the start of it.  If you need more pictures, let me
  - know, we have quite a few more.

  - Lynn Eddy
  - Subject: Fw: Storm Damage in Adair County

  - Here are some storm damage pictures from the storms of May 22, 2004.
  - (The second go round).

field*.jpg lightning*.jpg willow*.jpg
  - Ian Souter Adam Waterbury
  - Subject: Carroll and Shelby County Flooding

  - My friend and I drove around tonight with a video camera recording the
  - flooding of our two counties. Willow Creek in Manning, IA is at the
  - crest. The Longbranch river in Shelby county by my farm is out of the
  - banks and into the fields. Roads around here have gravel on them in
  - places from shoulders being washed onto the road. I'll email you a link
  - to the video when I get it uploaded to my website. Here are some screen
  - captures from the video of lightning lighting up the rivers.

Bridge.jpg Field.jpg
  - From: Laurie Leaike
  - Subject: Aftermath of Flash flooding

  - Here are just a couple of the many pictures I took this morning of the
  - aftermath of the flash flooding that occurred last night and early this
  - morning in Audubon County.
  - A picture of a severely damaged bridge in the town of Audubon.
  - A picture of a field still with stand water northern Audubon County
  - taken at 10:30 this morning.

  - From: Patrick Meade [Maxwell, IA]
  - Subject: Lake Maxwell

  - Here are a few pictures of Lake Maxwell (the city park) and a few of the
  - storm damage.

  - From: Mary Wilkening [Monroe, IA]
  - Subject: storm damage in Monroe Iowa

  - The above and below pictures are from our yard.  The one picture is of a
  - tree limb completely stripped of bark.  The other two are of our trucks
  - that had trees use them for target practice.

  - From: Sandra Carroll [Maxwell, IA]
  - Subject: storm pictures

  - This is our park, in the picture you see the top of a dugout for a
  - softball diamond, a camper and you can barely see the top of what looks
  - like a car.

  - From: Arron Sutherland
  - Subject: Storm damage

  - Hello, here are some photos of trees down 1 mile south of Collins. The
  - homeowners name is Ken Caulkins. These photos were taken at 8:00 this
  - morning. My name is Arron Sutherland, I live a half mile south of Ken.

IM000628.JPG  IM000629.JPG IM000631.JPG
  - From: "Rod and Michelle" 
  - Subject: pictures of storm tonight north of newton

  - From: shermz05
  - Subject: Stuart Tornado

  - This was a picture taken by Jeff Sherman approx 2 miles south of Stuart
  - this evening.  There was damage to a metal farm building but I have 
  - not heard of other damage in the area. Hope you can use this picture.

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  - From: Eric O'Connor
  - Subject: Tornado Pictures
  - I just took these around 7:15. I was 45 miles west of Des Moines on I-80.

  - From: "Ryan A." 
  - Subject: Storm Pictures
  - These pictures were taken at approximately 7:30 in Kelley, Iowa.
  - My name is Ryan T Alley and I'm a high school student at Ballard 
  - High School in Huxley. There was golfball-sized hail all the way up to
  - baseball.  It dented all of our cars when we were at the graduation
  - party at the community center in Kelley and it cracked one mans
  - windshield

fire058.jpg fire059.jpg
  - From: "Menlo fire and Rescue" 
  - Storm Southwest of Stuart tonight taken by Kayla Gilman of Menlo 

  - From: Anna Leichliter
  - Subject: stuart tornado
  - taken 1 1/2 mi n.w. of sturat looing back at stuart. 

wall.JPG wall1.JPG
  - From: "TJ" 
  - Subject: South of Ames, looking SW, Wall cloud/funnel
  - South of Ames, looking SW, Wall cloud/funnel

23587017349.jpg 23588737797.jpg 23588611717.jpg 23586638213.jpg
  -  KGGO's Lou Sipolt, 4 north of Madrid earlier this evening...
  - From: "matt lepley"
  - Subject: weather pictures from may 21
  - We are sending you pictures from the round of storms that hit the Hardin
  - and Grundy county areas. These pictures were taken between 1:00 and 4:30
  - P.M. The picture of the storm front was taken about one mile east of
  - Eldora. Two of the pictures where taken south east of Eldora and are of
  - the first storm that produced a tornado in Grundy county. There is a
  - definate wall cloud and lowering. The other two pictures are of a tornado
  - south of Eldora. These pictures look like a downburst but there was
  - rotation that cannot be seen in the picture. Hope you enjoy looking at
  - them as much as we did taking them. Maybe they will be usefull and maybe
  - not.

  - From: Larry Walker
  - Here is a photo of the mothership almost landing in Fremont Nebraska on
  - Saturday at 7:00.
  - Images showing composites of thunderstorm / tornado / flash flood warnings
  - issued by the NWS.  Not official...     
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