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SiteID: Station Name: Valid: Stage [ft] Temp [F] Water Temp [F] 1h Rain [in] Today Rain [in] Battery [V]
MDBI4 Big Creek 4 ENE IFC--Madrid 310th St13 Oct 05:00 AM0.73
BSBI4 S Branch of S Fork Onion Creek 5 ESE IFC--Boone U Ave20 Oct 02:00 PM0.12
LTHI4 Big Creek 3 ESE IFC--Luther 280th St13 Oct 05:00 AM0.9
SSQI4 Squaw Creek 2 E IFC--Stratford IA 17520 Oct 12:00 PM0.58
BBGI4 Big Creek 5 SE IFC--Boone 240th St13 Oct 05:00 AM0.68
LTTI4 Big Creek Tributary 7 3 NE IFC--Luther 250th St13 Oct 05:00 AM0.83
BPRI4 Prairie Creek 5 NNE IFC--Boone 160th St20 Oct 01:00 PM1.3
BGCI4 Glacial Creek 9 W IFC--Story City U Ave20 Oct 10:00 AM2.43
MDTI4 Big Creek Tributary 3 4 ENE IFC--Madrid 310th St13 Oct 05:00 AM1.21
BMCI4 Montgomery Creek 6 NE IFC--Boone IA 1720 Oct 12:00 PM6.58
BNOI4 North Branch Onion Creek 6 E IFC--Boone V Ave20 Oct 01:00 PM0.43
WBBI4 West Branch - Wapsinonoc Creek above Baker Ave20 Apr 09:00 AM3.6112.81
NVRI4 Bellevue 9NNW - Pool 1215 Oct 03:00 PM16.330-9999
BSOI4 North Branch Onion Creek 5 ENE IFC--Boone IA 1720 Oct 01:00 PM0.48
MDDI4 Big Creek 4 E IFC--Madrid IA 21013 Oct 05:00 AM0.78
LBCI4 Big Creek 2 NE IFC--Luther Hwy E4113 Oct 05:00 AM1.75
BTCI4 Talynns Creek 8 W IFC--Story City V Ave20 Oct 10:00 AM2.88
LWCI4 Worrell Creek 5 WSW IFC--Ames X Ave20 Oct 07:00 AM0.28
AMCI4 Clear Creek 4 W IFC--Ames Hwy R3819 Oct 03:00 PM1.76
BSCI4 Squaw Creek 8 W IFC--Story City 120th St15 Oct 04:00 PM971.94
MRBI4 Shell Rock River 2 SSE IFC--Marble Rock 290th St15 Oct 04:00 PM951.54
EDBI4 Beaver Creek 2 W IFC--Eldora IA 17515 Oct 04:00 PM969.21
KBCI4 Big Creek Tributary 2 4 WSW IFC--Kelley 300th St13 Oct 05:00 AM0.94
FORI4 Winnebago River 2 SSE IFC--Forest City Hwy B1415 Oct 04:00 PM1196.97
LPRI4 West Fork Little Sioux River 3 SE Lake Park15 Oct 04:00 PM1393.62
CJTI4 Iowa River AT Columbus Jct15 Oct 04:00 PM22.420-999912.49
NERI4 North English - English River15 Oct 04:00 PM693.37
OXCI4 Oxford - Clear Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM713.1
EOLI4 Spirit Lake - East Okoboji Lake15 Oct 04:00 PM13.43
RDAI4 Rapid Deploy A05 Oct 12:00 PM8.912.81
STCI4 Story City - Keigley Branch15 Oct 04:30 PM84.0212.81
MCII4 Winnebago River 2 E IFC--Mason City S Illinois Ave15 Oct 04:00 PM1065.19
FRSI4 Maurice - Struble15 Oct 04:00 PM1246.35
AONI4 Onion Creek 4 WNW IFC--Ames Hwy R3815 Oct 04:00 PM955.86
TENI4 Turkey River 8 NW 10 Mile Bridge 8NW Elkader15 Oct 04:00 PM762.23
KLAI4 English River 1 SSW Kalona-IFC-English River - Hwy101 Nov 09:00 AM4.5
MIRI4 Iowa River 1 N IFC--Marshalltown IA 1418 Nov 03:00 PM-4.23
MSWI4 Willow Creek 0 WSW IFC--Mason City 1st St SW15 Oct 04:00 PM1102.7
LGLI4 Milford - Lower Gar Lake15 Oct 04:00 PM2.7712.81
MSPI4 Willow Creek 1 W IFC--Mason City N Pierce Ave15 Oct 04:00 PM1111.73
LRHI4 Troublesome Creek 4 E IFC--Lorah Troublesome Creek Rd15 Oct 04:00 PM1186.67
IWNI4 West Nishnabotna River 0 ENE Irwin Cora St15 Oct 04:00 PM1237.28
CNOI4 East Nodaway River 3 ESE Clarinda Hwy 215 Oct 04:00 PM967.36
DSOI4 Soap Creek 5 NW IFC--Drakesville Falcon Blvd15 Oct 04:00 PM707.96
ELRI4 Eldorado - Little Turkey River15 Oct 04:00 PM938.14
DHCI4 Dyersville 1NE - Hewitt Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM933.17
WUOI4 West Union - Otter Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM1082.89
ICWI4 Iowa City - Willow Creek 15 Oct 04:00 PM661.76
CEPI4 Cedar Rapids - Cedar River15 Oct 04:00 PM723.9
FLMI4 Le Mars15 Oct 04:00 PM1193.71
BHCI4 Davenport - Black Hawk Creek at S Concord St15 Oct 04:00 PM557.72
SPNI4 Spencer15 Oct 04:00 PM1306.58
MHYI4 Manchester 3NNE - Honey Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM946.94
KLGI4 North Skunk River 3 SE IFC--Kellogg S 12th Ave E15 Oct 04:00 PM810.93
ERCI4 Roberts Creek 2 NE Elkader 2NE15 Oct 04:00 PM750.46
DUDI4 Dundee - Maquoketa River15 Oct 04:00 PM968.24
LAPI4 Wolf Creek 0 WNW IFC--La Porte City W Main St15 Oct 04:00 PM808.48
MNEI4 Mosquito Creek 1 NNE Neola15 Oct 04:00 PM1080.25
FLDI4 Fruitland Pool 1715 Oct 05:00 PM
CRGI4 Cedar Rapids - Indian Creek near Cottage Grove15 Oct 04:00 PM731.39
WHDI4 Wheatland - Wapsipinicon River15 Oct 04:00 PM670.78
WBWI4 West Branch - Wapsinonoc Creek15 Oct 05:00 PM3.1113.12
SILI4 Silver Creek AT Silver City Dobney Ave15 Oct 04:00 PM1007.96
ATDI4 Atkins - Dry Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM777.82
ALFI4 Fourmile Creek 4 WNW IFC--Altoona NE 54th Ave15 Oct 04:00 PM824.56
PADI4 Palo - Dry Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM738.79
OXDI4 Clear Creek SSW Oxford-IFC-Clear Creek - Eagle Ave15 Oct 04:00 PM700.39
URBI4 North Walnut Creek 1 SW IFC--Urbandale Hickman Rd15 Oct 04:00 PM834.33
HRNI4 West Nishnabotna River 1 SSE Harlan Chatburn Ave15 Oct 04:00 PM1171.61
GENI4 Muscatine - Geneva Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM587.7
CMOI4 Middle Raccoon River 2 ESE IFC--Carroll Olympic Ave15 Oct 04:00 PM1196.94
DYVI4 Dyersville - NF Maquoketa River15 Oct 04:00 PM922.67
COFI4 Masonville 2NE - Coffins Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM967.48
CMAI4 Middle Raccoon River 0 NE IFC--Coon Rapids Hwy E6315 Oct 04:00 PM1124.81
WBPI4 West Branch - County Line24 Jan 02:00 PM0-999912.49
ETRI4 Stantion - East Tarkio Creek15 Oct 04:30 PM1.3
CLLI4 Middle Raccoon River Tributary 2 SSW Carroll15 Oct 04:15 PM15.7613.43
AMAI4 Amana - Price Creek USGS15 Oct 04:15 PM81.0413.12
GGCI4 Gilbert Creek 1 SSW IFC--Gilbert 520th Ave20 Oct 08:00 AM2.23
SSCI4 S Branch Crooked Creek 3 S IFC--Stanhope IA 1720 Oct 11:00 AM2.22
ESQI4 Ames - Squaw Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM3.31
LSCI4 Cherokee15 Oct 04:00 PM1166.71
SNCI4 N Branch Crooked Creek 2 SSW IFC--Stanhope Inkpaduta Ave20 Oct 11:00 AM0.6
WBAI4 Webster County15 Oct 03:00 AM
TAMI4 Iowa River 1 S Tama US 6315 Oct 04:00 PM18.550-999912.18
CLSI4 Shell Rock River 5 NW IFC--Clarksville Hwy T4715 Oct 03:00 PM932.72
OWSI4 South Beaver Creek 3 WSW IFC--Owasa US 6515 Oct 04:00 PM1088.53
TROI4 South Chequest Creek 2 N IFC--Troy Yak Blvd15 Oct 04:00 PM667.81
BNBI4 N Branch of S Fork Onion Creek 5 E IFC--Boone U Ave20 Oct 01:00 PM0.34
HFWI4 Hampton Fire Wx24 Sep 08:00 AM
EDYI4 Des Moines River 0 S Eddyville15 Oct 04:15 PM58.410.01-999913.12
BTDI4 West Main Drainage Ditch 1 & 2 1 ENE Britt15 Oct 04:15 PM76.3513.74
WVFI4 Waverly Fire Wx15 Oct 07:00 AM
STHI4 Stanhope14 Oct 07:00 AM0
JEWI4 Mud Lake Drainage Ditch 71 1 N Jewell15 Oct 04:15 PM82.1314.06
DYSI4 Wolf Creek 6 N Dysart15 Oct 04:00 PM4.850-999912.81
DEPI4 Deep River 1 NE Deep River15 Oct 04:15 PM67.8312.99
BMFI4 Fox River 1 N Bloomfield15 Oct 04:00 PM2.6414.99
CSRI4 Squaw Creek 4 NW Ames Cameron School Rd15 Oct 04:00 PM3.2-9999
ALMI4 Fourmile Creek near Alleman NW 142nd15 Oct 09:44 AM-9999
LCYI4 Lacey - Middle Creek15 Oct 05:00 PM76.4613.12
NWSI4 North Washington - Little Wapsi15 Oct 04:00 PM1090.49
SQUI4 Squaw Creek 4 SSW IFC--Stanhope Inkapudta Ave20 Oct 11:00 AM0.84
MADI4 Madrid - Big Creek 166th30 Oct 12:00 PM1.51
WWDI4 Beaver Creek 4 SSW Woodward15 Oct 04:00 PM14.40-999912.81
BSTI4 Bassett - Beaver Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM1002.660-9999
APEI4 Aplington - Drainage Ditch15 Oct 04:00 PM947.95
HWDI4 Big Sioux River 2 N Hawarden15 Oct 04:30 PM22.30012.7
NEPI4 English River 4 S Parnell15 Oct 04:00 PM15.750-999912.49
CRMI4 Cedar Rapids - Indian Creek near Mount Vernon15 Oct 04:00 PM704.32
OREI4 Ocheyedan River 3 NW Everly15 Oct 04:00 PM1359.3
OWBI4 Beaver Creek 2 NNW IFC--Owasa 170th St15 Oct 04:00 PM1082.2
EWOI4 MILFORD15 Oct 04:00 PM7.0850.713.74
WPNI4 Waupeton - Mississippi Pool 1115 Oct 04:45 PM14.470-9999
LELI4 Winnebago River 0 NNE IFC--Leland Hwy A3815 Oct 04:00 PM1213.6
CCUI4 Bettendorf 4 N27 May 04:00 PM71.3112.81
SWCI4 Sutherland - Waterman Creek 470th15 Oct 04:00 PM1234.22
MXII4 East Indian Creek 4 N IFC--Maxwell Hwy S2715 Oct 04:00 PM887.63
OSCI4 Slough Creek 3 SE Orchard 3SE15 Oct 04:00 PM1095.73
BODI4 Des Moines River 3 WSW IFC--Boone Hwy E4115 Oct 04:00 PM878.54
AMQI4 Squaw Creek 1 W IFC--Ames Stange Rd15 Oct 04:00 PM890.18
KRSI4 Kinross - South English15 Oct 04:00 PM689.03
PFLI4 Cedar River 1 E IFC--Plainfield IA 18815 Oct 04:00 PM927.72
DUMI4 Hargrave Creek 3 W IFC--Dumont Franklin Ave15 Oct 04:00 PM985.71
AMDI4 Squaw Creek 2 SSE IFC--Ames S Duff Ave15 Oct 04:00 PM874.72
BCOI4 Ottumwa 3W - Bear Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM79.813.12
MWCI4 Mason City 3W - Willow Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM87.8713.43
FAII4 Mississippi River AT Fairport15 Oct 04:00 PM18.40-999912.81
BIGI4 Big Creek Ponding Area 1 SE Polk City15 Oct 04:00 PM35.880-999912.18
DSFI4 Denison Fire Wx18 Sep 08:00 AM
TOLI4 Deer Creek 1 WNW Toledo15 Oct 04:00 PM6.180-999912.49
BPLI4 Iowa River 3 S Belle Plaine15 Oct 04:00 PM17.520-999911.56
WFMI4 West Fork Little Sioux River AT Moville15 Oct 04:00 PM1131.05
CFSI4 South Skunk River 0 NNW IFC--Colfax IA 11715 Oct 04:00 PM782.42
PLKI4 Big Creek Lake 2 NNW Polk City15 Oct 04:00 PM20.290-999912.18
CWAI4 Walnut Creek 4 W IFC--Clive NW 128th St15 Oct 04:00 PM862.89
OTVI4 Otterville - Otter Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM907.99
GJTI4 Buttrick Creek 3 WSW Grand Junction15 Oct 04:00 PM8.550-999911.87
WCNI4 Conrad - Wolf Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM1044.18
WLRI4 Walnut Creek 6 E IFC--Runnells Adkins St15 Oct 04:00 PM769.11
MLSI4 Little Sioux River 2 NW Montgomery15 Oct 04:00 PM1389.67
LTBI4 Big Creek 2 E IFC--Luther 270th St13 Oct 05:00 AM0.67
SQTI4 Squaw Creek Tributary 18 SSE IFC--Stratford 210th St20 Oct 02:00 PM3.29
DCLI4 Colo - Dye Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM1021.54
CSCI4 Cascade - NF Maquoketa River15 Oct 04:00 PM809.58
HTII4 Tipton Creek 4 E IFC--Hubbard N Ave15 Oct 04:00 PM1011.66
PVLI4 Postville - Yellow River15 Oct 04:00 PM966.59
MCKI4 Winnebago River 7 NW IFC--Mason City Killdeer Ave15 Oct 04:15 PM1113.12
ICRI4 Iowa City - Ralston Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM651.96
AMPI4 Amana - Price Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM711.12
CDYI4 Dry Run Creek 0 SE IFC--Cedar Falls Waterloo Rd15 Oct 04:00 PM851.16
MDCI4 Muscatine - Mad Creek No215 Oct 04:00 PM616.94
DEQI4 Delhi - Maquoketa River15 Oct 04:00 PM842.47
PLMI4 Mud Creek 6 E IFC--Pleasant Hill IA 16315 Oct 04:00 PM816.82
MRSI4 Morse - Rapid Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM730.97
AMRI4 South Skunk River 1 E IFC--Ames E 13th St15 Oct 04:00 PM881.08
WISI4 Riverton - West Nishnabotna J4615 Oct 04:00 PM917.87
DKEI4 Duck Creek SSW Davenport-IFC-Duck Creek - Eastern Ave15 Oct 04:00 PM616.48
FLSI4 Soap Creek 1 N IFC--Floris Quail Ave15 Oct 04:00 PM635.53
MOSI4 Morse - Rapid Creek Tributary15 Oct 04:00 PM751.41
USOI4 Soap Creek 5 N IFC--Unionville 313th Ave15 Oct 04:00 PM769.04
FERI4 Winnebago River 0 S IFC--Fertile S 1st St15 Oct 04:15 PM1154.6
ICDI4 Iowa City - Deer Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM676.81
WLMI4 Williamsburg - Clear Creek Trib15 Oct 04:00 PM779.79
SHNI4 East Nishnabotna River 1 N Shenandoah15 Oct 04:00 PM950.74
EMNI4 Indian Creek 3 NE Emerson15 Oct 04:00 PM1059.96
NUAI4 Little Cedar River AT Nashua15 Oct 04:00 PM950.24
HMSI4 Homestead - Clear Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM748.65
HWNI4 West Nishnabotna River 1 NW Henderson Hwy H1215 Oct 04:00 PM1019.56
TCGI4 Turkey River 3 SE Cresco15 Oct 04:00 PM1122.45
MCRI4 Winnebago River 5 ESE IFC--Mason City Hwy S5615 Oct 04:00 PM1046.71
SDEI4 Saude - Little Turkey River15 Oct 04:00 PM1119.62
OMUI4 Muchakinock Creek 3 WSW IFC--Oskaloosa IA 9215 Oct 04:00 PM716.16
UIDI4 Upper Iowa River 3 NW Decorah 3NW15 Oct 04:00 PM887.72
PNBI4 Burchfield Creek 4 NNW IFC--Panora Sage Trl15 Oct 04:00 PM1045.98
OTRI4 Cedar River 3 N Otranto15 Oct 04:00 PM1133.84
EFDI4 South Raccoon River 3 SW IFC--Redfield Dexfield Rd15 Oct 04:00 PM919.64
NRSI4 Shell Rock River 2 NW IFC--Nora Springs 277th St15 Oct 04:00 PM1055.98
CDGI4 Cedar Rapids - Morgan Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM728.39
VANI4 Raccoon River 0 NE IFC--Van Meter Hwy R1615 Oct 04:00 PM852.48
BRAI4 East Nishnabotna River 2 SSW IFC--Brayton 345th St15 Oct 04:00 PM1174.86
HILI4 Hills - Iowa River15 Oct 04:00 PM625.28
BKSI4 South Fork Iowa River 2 NE IFC--Buckeye H Ave15 Oct 04:00 PM1094.49
BSQI4 Squaw Creek 4 WNW IFC--Gilbert 160th St15 Oct 04:00 PM930.9
FDDI4 Des Moines River 4 NW IFC--Fort Dodge Hwy D1415 Oct 04:00 PM998.03
BANI4 Elgin - Otter Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM885.05
ULDI4 Delhi 4W - Upper Lake Delhi15 Oct 04:00 PM896.71
SFRI4 Sheldon15 Oct 04:00 PM1368.01
BNLI4 Brandon - Lime Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM790.62
OSPI4 Osage - Spring Creek Hwy 915 Oct 05:00 PM1136.23
DNLI4 Boyer River 4 SW Dunlap15 Oct 04:00 PM1061.41
FTAI4 Rogers Creek AT Fort Atkinson15 Oct 04:00 PM1008.74
CLOI4 Clive - Walnut Creek near NW 100th15 Oct 04:00 PM840.41
CBII4 Cedar River 5 ESE Cedar Rapids below Indian Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM15.7814.06
BNNI4 Brandon - North Bear Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM805.16
SPII4 Little Sioux River 3 NW Spencer / Highway 1815 Oct 04:00 PM1322.81
STDI4 Des Moines River 4 WSW IFC--Stratford IA 17515 Oct 04:00 PM909.34
DBGI4 Dubuque - Granger Creek at Dubuque15 Oct 04:00 PM605.79
JCOI4 Jerico -Crane Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM1143.21
BCCI4 Batavia 3ENE15 Oct 04:00 PM668.03
MAAI4 Massena - West Nodaway River15 Oct 04:00 PM66.913.12
EGNI4 Elgin15 Oct 04:00 PM794.03
MBNI4 North Raccoon River 2 WSW IFC--Minburn Minburn Rd15 Oct 04:00 PM903.57
CLRI4 Shell Rock River 1 WNW IFC--Clarksville Hwy C3315 Oct 04:00 PM920.23
OXRI4 Oxford - Rhine Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM729.4
DBFI4 Dubuque - N Fork Catfish15 Oct 04:00 PM690.42
WNDI4 North Walnut Creek 1 NW IFC--Windsor Heights College Dr15 Oct 04:00 PM825.66
WADI4 Volga River AT Wadena15 Oct 04:45 PM848.57
CHHI4 Charlotte - Honey Creek15 Oct 04:15 PM667.97
RWDI4 Rockwell - EB Beaver Dam Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM1107.17
WASI4 Washburn - Miller Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM822.84
BEAI4 Beaver Creek 3 SSE IFC--Beaver Hwy P5415 Oct 04:00 PM976.61
DNKI4 Dunkerton 1WNW - Crane Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM944.77
DEDI4 Brushy Creek 3 SE IFC--Dedham IA 14115 Oct 04:00 PM1190.47
BASI4 Bassett - Beaver Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM1037.69
DBCI4 Dyersville 1W - Bear Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM930.24
HOUI4 Houghton - Sugar Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM631.77
TARI4 Raven Creek 5 W IFC--Tama Hwy E4915 Oct 04:00 PM828.53
CREI4 Cedar Rapids - Cedar River at Edgewood Rd15 Oct 05:00 PM10.9714.06
MCCI4 Cheslea Creek 2 SW IFC--Mason City 19th St SW15 Oct 04:00 PM1136.61
RBDI4 Robins - Dry Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM844.46
TRKI4 Elliot - Tarkio River15 Oct 04:45 PM2.89
SARI4 North Raccoon River 3 NNW IFC--Sac City 230th St15 Oct 05:00 PM1196.38
CDVI4 Lovilia - Cedar Creek15 Oct 03:00 PM732.48
UBNI4 North Walnut Creek 2 WNW Urbandale 92nd Dr15 Oct 01:22 PM0.18
MAMI4 Marion - Indian Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM770.22
EQUI4 Little Soap Creek 2 N IFC--Floris Quail Ave15 Oct 04:00 PM646.42
COBI4 East Nishnabotna River 1 WSW Coburg Hwy H5415 Oct 04:00 PM989.94
CDDI4 Cedar Rapids - Dry Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM811.22
ELHI4 Ely - Hoosier Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM711.7
FLCI4 Chequest Creek 5 SSW IFC--Selma Wheat Ave15 Oct 04:00 PM669.64
MTCI4 Camp Creek 5 S IFC--Mitchellville IA 16315 Oct 04:00 PM812.94
RDFI4 Middle Raccoon River 0 W IFC--Redfield Hwy F5915 Oct 04:00 PM911.34
BPCI4 Prairie Creek 6 W IFC--Gilbert V Ave15 Oct 04:00 PM961.44
CWCI4 Cornell 2NW - Willow Creek15 Oct 04:15 PM83.1613.43
LFSI4 Sanborn 4W - Little Floyd River15 Oct 04:00 PM83.0613.43
WFCI4 Washington 2SW - WF Crooked Crrek15 Oct 04:00 PM661.89
AGRI4 CEDAR RIVER 2 S St. Ansgar15 Oct 04:00 PM1098.12
TRAI4 Traer - Coon Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM882.91
ALSI4 South Fork Iowa River 5 W IFC--Alden Hwy D2015 Oct 04:00 PM1127.97
BNDI4 Brainard - Otter Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM977.45
BSFI4 South Fork Iowa River 3 N IFC--Buckeye Hwy S2715 Oct 04:00 PM1106.33
MRGI4 Maple River AT Galva15 Oct 04:00 PM1254.44
MIGI4 Maple River AT Ida Grove15 Oct 04:00 PM1200.9
RNDI4 Houghton - Volga River Hwy9315 Oct 04:00 PM1084.55
WCRI4 Walnut Creek SSW Olin-IFC-Walnut Creek - 35th St15 Oct 04:00 PM747.72
WBUI4 West Branch - Unnamed Trib to Waspi20 Apr 09:00 AM4.8
ANPI4 Amana - Price Creek S-Ave15 Oct 08:00 AM764.24
MNTI4 Monticello - Maquoketa Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM798.38
OSRI4 Rock Creek 6 W Osage 6W15 Oct 04:00 PM1138.24
FSTI4 Brockcamp Creek AT Festina15 Oct 04:00 PM990.18
TFGI4 Tiffin - Buffalo Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM701.97
MKCI4 Keg Creek 1 WSW Mineola Hwy H1215 Oct 04:00 PM999.6
MUTI4 Muscatine - Mad Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM570.18
VGAI4 Volga River AT Volga15 Oct 04:00 PM779.06
PABI4 Palo - Bear Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM740.28
TFII4 Tiffin - Buffalo Creek - Ireland Ave15 Oct 04:00 PM729.33
RNSI4 South Skunk River 2 SSE IFC--Randall Hwy R6115 Oct 04:00 PM977.25
MACI4 Marion - Indian Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM811.65
GPKI4 Alpha - Gouldsburg County Park15 Oct 04:00 PM987.62
ELTI4 East Nishnabotna River 1 WSW Elliott Hwy 4815 Oct 04:00 PM1051.77
KCQI4 Keosauqua - Chequest Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM620.55
FRAI4 Des Moines River 0 SSW IFC--Fraser Kale Rd15 Oct 04:00 PM892.57
WCWI4 Little Walnut Creek 6 WNW IFC--Clive 156th St15 Oct 04:00 PM897.5
VIMI4 Vinton - Mud Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM772.45
DAWI4 North Raccoon River 1 N IFC--Dawson Hwy P4615 Oct 04:00 PM938.99
LSMI4 Milford15 Oct 04:00 PM1369.12
EMEI4 Indian Creek AT Emerson Morton Ave15 Oct 04:00 PM1039.58
WAEI4 Elk Run Creek 5 E IFC--Waterloo Independence Ave15 Oct 04:00 PM848.27
PLHI4 Fourmile Creek 1 S IFC--Pleasant Hill Vandalia Rd15 Oct 04:00 PM779.26
TMBI4 Bennett Creek 4 WSW IFC--Tama G Ave15 Oct 04:00 PM827.98
CWLI4 Colwell - Beaver Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM1082.86
HTCI4 Tipton Creek 5 NNW IFC--Hubbard 230th St15 Oct 04:00 PM1085.8
HMTI4 Homestead - Clear Creek Trib15 Oct 04:00 PM739.78
LCOI4 Little Cedar River 5 E Orchard 5E15 Oct 04:00 PM1076.11
FAXI4 Fairfax - Prairie Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM740.22
HWOI4 Hiawatha - Otter Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM743.34
MCBI4 Mosquito Creek 4 ENE Council Bluffs15 Oct 04:00 PM993.5
CSLI4 North River 1 NNE IFC--Carlisle N 1st St15 Oct 04:00 PM772.42
MUDI4 Mud Creek 5 WSW Henderson15 Oct 04:00 PM1026.51
PLEI4 Spring Creek 4 ESE IFC--Pleasant Hill SE 32nd Ave15 Oct 04:00 PM778.95
CHDI4 Charlotte - Deep Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM666.35
EISI4 Riverton - East Nishnabotna River L6815 Oct 04:00 PM922.4
LAKI4 Lake Creek 3 W IFC--Lake City IA 17515 Oct 04:00 PM1105.52
HMCI4 Homestead - Clear Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM756.53
MSVI4 Boyer River 2 ENE Missouri Valley15 Oct 04:00 PM1002.45
RSSI4 South Skunk River 1 WSW IFC--Reasnor Hwy F6215 Oct 04:00 PM750.68
OLII4 Olin 1N - Wapsipinicon River15 Oct 04:00 PM746.04
CPBI4 Center Point - Blue Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM762.8
MQMI4 Maquoketa River SSW Manchester-IFC-Maquoketa River - Hwy 2015 Oct 05:00 PM907.34
FODI4 Des Moines River 2 WNW Fort Dodge15 Oct 04:00 PM9.060-999912.49
APWI4 Aplington - Gran Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM971.46
WUAI4 West Union Airport19 Jan 08:00 PM0-9999
NPVI4 South Fork Iowa River 3 NNE New Providence15 Oct 02:00 PM6.2638.40-999912.81
DVSI4 Thompson River 0 ENE Davis City15 Oct 04:00 PM2.880-999912.49
IDNI4 Middle River 5 NNW Indianola15 Oct 04:00 PM9.40-999912.81
OTMI4 Des Moines River 1 S Ottumwa15 Oct 04:00 PM8.540-999912.81
AFWI4 Ackley Fire Wx17 Sep 09:00 AM
OGDI4 Ogden15 Oct 01:00 PM0
DRFI4 Deerfield 3SW02 Feb 01:00 AM0-9999
BADI4 Brainard 2E03 Mar 08:00 AM0-9999
SGAI4 Saratoga 2E22 Dec 09:00 PM0-9999
MRNI4 Marion - Indian Creek12 Jul 01:00 PM3.580-999912.81
LGNI4 Boyer River AT Logan15 Oct 05:00 PM6.750-999913.43
MXWI4 Maxwell27 Sep 07:00 AM0
RDOI4 East Nishnabotna River AT Red Oak15 Oct 04:00 PM9.720-9999
STRI4 Des Moines River 4 WSW Stratford15 Oct 04:00 PM15.530-999912.81
MIFI4 Little Sioux River 3 W Milford15 Oct 04:00 PM12.63
BRLI4 Mississippi River AT Burlington15 Oct 04:00 PM20.870-999913.43
DBQI4 Mississippi River AT Dubuque15 Oct 04:00 PM15.40-999912.81
CMMI4 Mississippi River AT Camanche15 Oct 04:00 PM16.735313.43
ANSI4 Wapsipinicon River 1 SE Anamosa Shaw Rd15 Oct 04:15 PM15.840-999912.49
MUSI4 Mississippi River AT Muscatine15 Oct 04:00 PM19.720-999913.12
KMRI4 Kamrar18 Sep 07:00 AM-4.66-9999
DNFI4 Denison Fire Wx27 May 08:00 AM
GRMI4 Beaver Creek 3 E Grimes15 Oct 04:15 PM7.1600.1113.74
LLRI4 Lawler 4N03 Mar 08:00 AM0-9999
RWCI4 Rockwell City15 Oct 07:00 AM-9999-9999
ALOI4 Cedar River 0 ENE Waterloo15 Oct 04:00 PM11.430-999912.81
PAFI4 Prairie City Fire Wx13 Nov 03:00 PM
CLKI4 Clear Lake 0 SW Clear Lake15 Oct 04:00 PM50-999912.49
STYI4 Story City05 Oct 07:00 AM-9999-9999
YRII4 Ion15 Oct 12:00 PM6.80-9999
ODKI4 Osterdock 2SW03 Mar 08:00 AM0-9999
HWKI4 Hawkeye 1S03 Mar 08:00 AM0-9999
WAFI4 Wallingford Fire Wx15 Sep 08:00 AM
FAYI4 Volga River 1 W Fayette06 Sep 03:30 PM3.3114.06
UBWI4 Walnut Creek 5 W Urbandale 142nd St15 Oct 10:18 AM2.07-9999-9999
WNSI4 Riverton04 Oct 11:30 AM10.10012.49
ANFI4 Fourmile Creek 3 NNE IFC--Ankeny NE 47th St15 Oct 04:00 PM907.76
LNSI4 Mississippi River AT Lansing15 Oct 04:15 PM12.3514.68
WLCI4 Duck Creek 5 SE Davenport 110th Ave09 Nov 11:15 AM5.010-999914.06
RLFI4 Pilot Creek 3 E Rolfe15 Oct 04:00 PM4.640-999914.06
WCBI4 Walnut Creek 4 NE Waukee 156th St15 Oct 11:00 AM1.7-9999-9999
KEGI4 Glenwood - Keg Creek03 Aug 08:00 AM17.870-999912.81
FMDI4 Mississippi River AT Fort Madison15 Oct 04:00 PM531.540-999913.12
SIGI4 North Skunk River 2 S Sigourney15 Oct 04:00 PM13.90014.06
SKYI4 Snake Creek 1 NE Yorktown15 Oct 04:45 PM80.88
WCSI4 Willow Creek 6 SE Soldier15 Oct 04:00 PM66.94
MIWI4 Iowa River 1 N Marshalltown15 Oct 05:00 PM17.240-999913.43
DSCI4 Davenport09 May 10:00 AM-9999-9999
ELNI4 Elgin 1SW19 Jan 03:00 PM0-9999
HNKI4 West Nishnabotna River AT Hancock15 Oct 05:00 PM5.140-9999
WSUI4 West Union 3S26 Dec 06:00 AM0-9999
DWCI4 WATERLOO CREEK 1 S Dorchester15 Oct 05:00 PM99.9914.68
LUAI4 Luana 3W03 Mar 08:00 AM0-9999
OSSI4 Ossian 3S03 Mar 04:00 AM0-9999
OSGI4 Osage 2 W02 Oct 03:00 PM14.490013.74
WDAI4 Wadena 2S03 Mar 08:00 AM0-9999
SHYI4 Schley 2N22 Feb 02:00 PM0-9999
CAAI4 Calmar 1W03 Mar 08:00 AM0-9999
FBGI4 Farmersburg 3ENE03 Mar 08:00 AM0-9999
CCRI4 Calmar 1S26 Dec 06:00 AM0-9999
BAWI4 Brainard 3WSW03 Mar 04:00 AM0-9999
EDWI4 Edgewood 1E03 Mar 08:00 AM0-9999
EMAI4 Elma 7E03 Mar 08:00 AM0-9999
CWEI4 Colwell 1NE02 Mar 04:00 PM0-9999
SLSI4 St. Lucas 2SW03 Mar 08:00 AM0-9999
JMEI4 Floyd River 1 NE James15 Oct 05:00 PM13.440-999913.43
CRRI4 Little Sioux River 1 W Correctionville15 Oct 05:00 PM13.830016.56
COOI4 Coon Rapids15 Oct 01:00 PM-9999-9999
RCOI4 Rock Creek 2 WSW Orchard 2WSW15 Oct 04:00 PM1027.91
ADFI4 Adel Fire Wx29 Feb 08:00 AM
FMBI4 Ankeny 2 SE15 Oct 11:13 AM-9999
AEFI4 Ames Fire Wx16 Oct 08:00 AM
CROI4 Orchard31 Mar 02:58 AM4.34-9999-9999
CCTI4 Central City10 Oct 08:00 AM818.440.49
LNNI4 Little Sioux River AT Linn Grove15 Oct 05:00 PM18.790-999913.74
OAFI4 Oskaloosa - Fire Wx15 Oct 08:00 AM
MANI4 Shell Rock River 3 N IFC--Plymouth IA 915 Oct 04:00 PM1127.43
IONI4 Little Cedar River 2 W Ionia 2W15 Oct 02:00 PM5.720.010.2913.74
NORI4 Nora Springs31 Mar 03:53 AM2.03-9999
RKVI4 Rock River AT Rock Valley15 Oct 05:00 PM10.320016.56
CRAI4 Clear Creek 2 W Coralville SW15 Oct 04:00 PM4.450-999911.24
MCFI4 Mason City Fire Wx01 Oct 08:00 AM
NHRI4 Beaver Creek 0 NNE New Hartford15 Oct 04:00 PM7.020-999913.74
MOFI4 Morrison Fire Wx13 Nov 09:00 AM
BMII4 Bloomfield Fire Wx15 Oct 08:00 AM
AKNI4 Fourmile Creek 3 N Ankeny US 6915 Oct 05:02 PM0.63-9999-9999
MBRI4 Marquette15 Oct 04:00 PM5.380-999912.18
CWFI4 White Fox Creek 1 E Clarion15 Oct 04:00 PM84.9913.43
PCHI4 Perry Creek 4 W Hinton15 Oct 04:15 PM16.5912.81
CBSI4 Beaver Slough AT Clinton 3rd St15 Oct 04:00 PM19.3350.7014.06
MFWI4 Milford 3SW24 Jan 07:00 AM0
LADI4 Big Bear Creek AT Ladora15 Oct 04:00 PM13.430-999912.53
DAFI4 Dakota City Fire Wx14 Nov 08:00 AM
KSYI4 Kesley 3 NNE15 Oct 07:00 AM8.280.13
CMTI4 TURKEY RIVER AT Clermont15 Oct 04:00 PM819.343.65
AGSI4 Skunk River AT Augusta15 Oct 04:00 PM15.320-999913.43
ATNI4 Fourmile Creek 4 WNW Altoona I-8015 Oct 09:59 AM2.63-9999
ADAI4 Adair14 Oct 07:00 PM-9999-9999
MYFI4 Mount Ayr Fire Weather27 May 08:00 AM
BLBI4 Blairsburg04 Aug 07:00 AM-9999-9999
CMBI4 Columbia15 Oct 07:00 AM-9999-9999
PANI4 Middle Raccoon River 1 SW Panora15 Oct 04:15 PM6.0750.60-999912.18
CLAI4 Clayton15 Oct 04:45 PM616.8348.212.81
HUDI4 Black Hawk Creek 0 W Hudson15 Oct 04:45 PM10.400.4912.18
MCGI4 Mississippi River AT McGregor15 Oct 04:00 PM14.750-999913.43
CCYI4 Cedar River AT Charles City15 Oct 04:00 PM6.070-999914.37
DCHI4 Upper Iowa River 4 S Dorchester Hwy 7615 Oct 04:00 PM9.950012.81
BRII4 BRIGHTON15 Oct 04:00 PM613.150
VNMI4 Raccoon River 0 ENE Van Meter15 Oct 04:00 PM10.7750.70-999914.37
PVNI4 Protivin 5WNW02 Feb 02:00 PM0-9999
GRBI4 Turkey River AT Garber15 Oct 04:15 PM11.952120-999912.81
CMCI4 Muddy Creek 2 NNE Coralville N05 Sep 07:00 AM2.660-999913.12
PROI4 North Raccoon River 1 W Perry15 Oct 04:00 PM12.390-999912.49
EKHI4 Elkader 7WNW03 Mar 08:00 AM0-9999
ENSI4 Riverton14 Jul 12:45 PM10.8300
KALI4 English River 1 SSW Kalona15 Oct 04:00 PM7.9-9999-999913.12
DEHI4 Upper Iowa River AT Decorah15 Oct 04:00 PM3.760-999912.49
EKDI4 Turkey River 1 SE Elkader15 Oct 02:00 PM9.10-999913.74
DEWI4 Wapsipinicon River 4 S De Witt 4S15 Oct 04:00 PM13.140-999913.43
SPLI4 Turkey River AT Spillville15 Oct 04:00 PM4.4013.74
TPTI4 Brushy Fork Creek 4 ENE Templeton15 Oct 04:00 PM68.0114.06
OSBI4 Osborne 1SW02 Mar 08:00 PM0-9999
TMAI4 Iowa River 3 W Tama Hwy E4915 Oct 04:00 PM12.730-999912.81
SPWI4 Little Sioux River AT Spencer15 Oct 04:00 PM11.121.13
TURI4 Little Sioux River 4 SSE Turin15 Oct 05:00 PM14.920-999913.43
SAYI4 Des Moines River 4 WNW Saylorville Reservoir15 Oct 04:00 PM0-999913.62
CEBI4 Cedar River AT Cedar Bluff15 Oct 04:00 PM17.860-999913.12
HMBI4 Nishnabotna River 1 E Hamburg22 Dec 09:00 AM17.10-9999
CONI4 Conrad - Little Asher Creek15 Oct 04:00 PM946.92
RRDI4 Des Moines River 4 SW Pella15 Oct 04:15 PM92.0512.81
STBI4 Iowa River 0 WSW Steamboat Rock15 Oct 04:00 PM9.950011.56
RKDI4 Rickardsville - Maquoketa15 Oct 04:30 PM10.7113.12
LSPI4 Upper Iowa River 1 NW Lime Springs15 Oct 05:00 PM4.5113.74
KDVI4 Upper Iowa River AT Kendallville15 Oct 05:00 PM4.0314.68
DFMI4 Fourmile Creek 3 ENE Des Moines Easton Blvd15 Oct 04:30 PM4.750-999913.12
AGAI4 East Fork Des Moines River 8 S IFC--Algona Hwy B6315 Oct 04:00 PM1095.04
MAPI4 Maple River AT Mapleton15 Oct 04:00 PM7.440-999914.06
RKFI4 Rockford 3 SSE02 Oct 09:45 AM8.820-999912.49
IRCI4 Rapid Creek 4 NE Iowa City NE15 Oct 04:00 PM4.750-999912.49
ECLI4 Lawton - Elliot Creek15 Oct 04:15 PM73.0913.43
MCPI4 South Skunk River 4 NNE Ames McFarland Park15 Oct 04:00 PM3.65-9999
CHKI4 Little Sioux River AT Cherokee15 Oct 04:00 PM16.26
PMDI4 Bluff Creek 0 NW Pilot Mound15 Oct 04:15 PM81.3314.37
IDPI4 Wapsipinicon River AT Independence15 Oct 04:30 PM8.670-999914.68
STUI4 STRUBLE 2 N15 Oct 04:00 PM6.95
CLVI4 Walnut Creek 3 WNW Clive I-80/3515 Oct 10:44 AM3.74-9999-9999
WLTI4 Welton - Silver Creek15 Oct 05:00 PM81.4413.43
TFWI4 Toledo - Fire Weather17 Apr 06:45 AM
IOWI4 Iowa City - Iowa River15 Oct 04:00 PM21.110-999913.12
EBRI4 Salt Creek 3 S Elberon15 Oct 04:00 PM9.150-99999.37
PNLI4 Lake Panorama 1 WNW Panora15 Oct 04:15 PM45.5813.43
PLOI4 Cedar River AT Palo Blairs Ferry Rd15 Oct 04:15 PM13.0961.20-999913.74
WDMI4 Raccoon River 5 SW West Des Moines15 Oct 04:00 PM35.040-999912.81
LMRI4 Floyd River AT Le Mars15 Oct 04:00 PM13.71
GLDI4 Boone River 2 WSW Goldfield15 Oct 04:15 PM13.530-999912.81
EMTI4 West Fork Des Moines River 1 NW Emmetsburg15 Oct 04:15 PM8.540.05-999913.12
ROWI4 Iowa River 4 WNW Rowan15 Oct 04:00 PM10.330-999913.12
CIDI4 Cedar Rapids - Cedar River No 215 Oct 05:00 PM14.1512.18
BOCI4 Burr Oak Creek 4 N Perkins15 Oct 04:45 PM11.7714.37
LKCI4 North Raccoon River 2 WSW Lanesboro15 Oct 04:15 PM13.180-999913.43
AKRI4 Big Sioux River 1 NW Akron15 Oct 04:00 PM18.5901.0313.7
SHLI4 Floyd River 1 N Sheldon15 Oct 04:00 PM5.55
WAPI4 Iowa River AT Wapello15 Oct 04:00 PM24.550-999913.43
WBRI4 Hoover Creek AT West Branch Hoover NHS15 Oct 04:45 PM1.610-999913.12
AGNI4 East Fork Des Moines River 1 N Algona15 Oct 04:00 PM15.280-999912.81
VINI4 Cedar River AT Vinton15 Oct 04:00 PM13.760-999912.49
DKII4 Duck Creek 4 NE Davenport Kimberly Rd15 Oct 04:45 PM4.3714.06
SLKI4 Spirit Lake 2 NW Orleans15 Oct 04:15 PM14.4147.50-999913.74
MTWI4 Timber Creek 4 SE Marshalltown15 Oct 04:00 PM5.860-999913.12
TRCI4 Des Moines River 1 ENE Tracy15 Oct 04:15 PM9.520-999912.81
BLII4 South Fork Iowa River 5 NNE Blairsburg15 Oct 04:00 PM6.03
BHLI4 Black Hawk Lake 1 SE Lake View15 Oct 04:15 PM7.8212.18
CLTI4 Stein Creek 5 E Clutier15 Oct 04:30 PM67.7313.74
WRFI4 Rockford31 Mar 08:13 AM4.98
ESVI4 West Fork Des Moines River 1 WSW Estherville15 Oct 04:00 PM9.010-999913.74
MASI4 Spring Creek 4 N Mason City US 6515 Oct 04:45 PM81.8512.18
TPLI4 Wapsipinicon River 2 N Tripoli15 Oct 04:45 PM12.530-999912.81
AUEI4 Keokuk - Mississippi LD 1913 Apr 09:45 AM
MGOI4 Indian Creek 3 NNW Mingo15 Oct 04:15 PM6.170-999913.43
PELI4 Des Moines River 4 SW Red Rock Reservoir15 Oct 04:00 PM013.58
BLUI4 Blue Grass09 May 10:00 AM-9999-9999
WCDI4 Waukee 2 NNW15 Oct 07:00 AM-9999-9999
PARI4 Beaver Creek 3 E IFC--Parkersburg Hwy T4715 Oct 04:00 PM912.81
ELSI4 Ellsworth15 Oct 04:00 PM-9999
WCCI4 Grimes 4 WSW15 Oct 11:20 AM-9999-9999
DBRI4 Davenport07 May 12:32 PM0.72-9999-9999
WALI4 Walcott09 May 07:00 AM-9999-9999
DFAI4 Davenport08 May 05:02 AM0.55-9999-9999
SCRI4 North Raccoon River 5 S Sac City15 Oct 04:00 PM10.7749.80-999912.81
IOCI4 Old Mans Creek 5 SW Iowa City SW15 Oct 04:00 PM4.962120-999913.12
BAYI4 Middle Raccoon River 6 SE Bayard15 Oct 04:15 PM12.990-999914.06
BCRI4 Boone County15 Oct 03:30 PM1.665-9999
ANKI4 Fourmile Creek 2 ESE Ankeny NE 86th Ave15 Oct 05:02 PM2.913.12
HAVI4 Richland Creek 1 NNE Haven15 Oct 04:00 PM12.080-999913.43
HRTI4 Walnut Creek 4 NNW Hartwick15 Oct 04:00 PM3.780-999914.37
MBCI4 Big Creek 2 N Mt Pleasant15 Oct 04:45 PM4.1713.12
FLZI4 Lizard Creek 5 WNW Fort Dodge15 Oct 04:15 PM7.040-999913.74
LNTI4 Iowa River 5 SW Lone Tree15 Oct 04:00 PM15.130-999913.43
CTRI4 Carpenter - Deer Creek15 Oct 04:45 PM80.3413.74
AKWI4 South River 2 SSW Ackworth15 Oct 04:00 PM6.750-999913.12
ESKI4 Story City - Skunk13 Oct 11:00 AM5.13-9999
CTWI4 Iowa River AT Coralville Res Tail15 Oct 05:00 PM55.2112.81
KECI4 English Creek 4 ESE Knoxville15 Oct 04:00 PM11.370-999912.81
IACI4 South Branch Ralston Creek AT Iowa City E14 Feb 06:45 AM2.113.43
CCDI4 Catfish Creek SSW Dubuque-IFC-Catfish Creek - Manson Rd15 Oct 04:00 PM606.67
ORNI4 Oran - Little Wapsi15 Oct 04:15 PM83.5412.81
OXFI4 Clear Creek 3 E Oxford15 Oct 04:00 PM3.790-999913.74
JANI4 Cedar River 0 NW Janesville15 Oct 02:00 PM6.280-9999
EFWI4 North Raccoon River 2 S Jefferson15 Oct 04:15 PM10.1150.10-999913.74
ODSI4 Lake Odessa 4 ENE Lake Odessa15 Oct 04:45 PM55.111.1
SHRI4 Shell Rock River 0 N Shell Rock15 Oct 04:45 PM11.2302.3513.12
NRWI4 North River 2 SE Norwalk15 Oct 05:01 PM9.280-999913.12
DOSI4 Walnut Creek 5 W Des Moines 63rd St15 Oct 04:45 PM3.88013.74
BDFI4 East Fork 102 River 1 SSE Bedford15 Oct 04:45 PM11.490-999915.31
LSSI4 Spencer 4 NW04 Oct 08:00 AM6.270-999912.81
CEDI4 Cedar River 1 N Cedar Falls15 Oct 04:00 PM89.460-999913.74
MCHI4 Maquoketa River AT Manchester Hwy 2015 Oct 04:15 PM7.070014.06
MAQI4 Maquoketa River 2 NE Maquoketa15 Oct 04:00 PM16.8614.37
SPOI4 Ocheyedan River 3 SW Spencer15 Oct 04:00 PM6.660-999913.74
SIOI4 Perry Creek AT Sioux City15 Oct 04:00 PM7.330-999913.74
RAPI4 Rock River AT Rock Rapids15 Oct 04:00 PM11.280-999912.81
AMWI4 Squaw Creek 1 SSW Ames Lincoln Way15 Oct 04:00 PM2.9813.43
ATCI4 East Nishnabotna River 5 SW Atlantic15 Oct 05:00 PM4.780-999912.81
WVLI4 Cedar River 1 NNE Waverly15 Oct 04:00 PM5.6447.6012.49
SDTI4 Des Moines River 2 W Saylorville15 Oct 05:01 PM13.9414.68
FNHI4 West Fork Cedar River 0 N Finchford15 Oct 04:45 PM13.0612.81
REDI4 South Raccoon River 2 E Redfield15 Oct 04:45 PM5.2150.40013.74
PRMI4 South Fork Chariton River 4 NNW Promise City15 Oct 04:45 PM3.77-999913.43
OOAI4 South Skunk River 4 N Oskaloosa15 Oct 04:00 PM19.0803.5713.74
FLNI4 North Fork Maquoketa River 3 WNW Fulton15 Oct 04:00 PM6.0237.514.37
DESI4 Des Moines River 2 S Des Moines SE 6th St15 Oct 05:00 PM24.640-999913.43
BSSI4 Cedar Creek 2 NW Bussey15 Oct 04:00 PM5.750-999913.43
DMWI4 Raccoon River 6 WSW Des Moines IA 2815 Oct 05:01 PM300-999913.43
TRNI4 Monona-Harrison Ditch 4 SSW Turin15 Oct 04:00 PM7.37013.43
MOLI4 Chariton River 5 W Moulton15 Oct 04:45 PM24.760-999914.06
DEMI4 Raccoon River 2 SW Des Moines Fleur Dr15 Oct 04:00 PM11.750-999913.74
FFWI4 Forest City Fire Weather08 Oct 07:00 AM
RABI4 Chariton River 1 N Rathbun15 Oct 04:00 PM2.0113.43
SWNI4 Des Moines River 2 NE Swan15 Oct 04:00 PM69.6451.70-999912.49
HBTI4 West Fork Des Moines River 0 WSW Humboldt15 Oct 04:15 PM9.320-999913.12
AMEI4 South Skunk River 2 N Ames W Riverside Rd15 Oct 04:00 PM5.660-999912.18
UBMI4 North Walnut Creek at Urbandale Meredith15 Oct 08:42 AM-9999
OKMI4 Cedar Creek 3 W Oakland Mills15 Oct 04:00 PM10.410-999912.81
PCMI4 Perry Creek 6 SW Merrill15 Oct 04:00 PM1.710-999912.81
BLFI4 Upper Iowa River AT Bluffton15 Oct 04:00 PM5.350-999913.12
KFWI4 Kellerton Fire Wx24 Sep 09:30 AM
SXCI4 Big Sioux River AT Sioux City15 Oct 04:00 PM24.680-999913.8
CRWI4 Crow Creek 3 NE Bettendorf Valley Rd15 Oct 04:00 PM3.9113.12
PRAI4 Prairieburg 3 S21 Jul 10:30 AM70-999913.43
JDAI4 West Des Moines15 Oct 10:01 AM24.71-9999
OXJI4 Wapsipinicon River 1 S Oxford Jct15 Oct 04:00 PM716.310-999912.81
DLLI4 White Breast Creek 3 WNW Melcher-Dallas15 Oct 04:00 PM6.530-999913.74
ALTI4 Floyd River AT Alton15 Oct 05:00 PM8.270-999912.81
WFWI4 Winterset 1SSE - Fire Wx23 Oct 12:00 PM
OKVI4 Iowa River AT Oakville15 Oct 04:00 PM14.780-99990.31
WBKI4 West Branch - Baker Ave27 Apr 09:00 AM0-999914.06
DRCI4 Dry Run Creek 1 SW Decorah Dry Run Creek15 Oct 04:45 PM14.4412.81
MERI4 Merrimac19 Oct 12:00 PM3.040-999914.06
OBJI4 Milford Creek 4 NW Milford15 Oct 04:00 PM5.2151.113.74
EDRI4 Turkey River 1 E Eldorado 1E15 Oct 04:00 PM8.470-999911.56
CFXI4 South Skunk River 0 NNW Colfax15 Oct 04:45 PM12.2813.12
VLPI4 Volga River AT Littleport15 Oct 04:45 PM6.910-999912.18
DYRI4 Dyersville - N Fork Maquoketa20 Jul 09:00 AM3.1670.40.22-999911.87
MROI4 Iowa River AT Marengo15 Oct 04:00 PM17.7400.0112.49
ELGI4 Elgin - Otter Creek09 Nov 12:00 PM2.8814.06
DMOI4 Des Moines River 1 NW Des Moines 2nd Ave15 Oct 05:00 PM20.3855.20-999913.12
CNEI4 Cedar River 3 NE Conesville15 Oct 04:00 PM15.40-999912.18
RDPI4 West Nishnabotna River 1 W Randolph15 Oct 05:00 PM11.9630.51500-999913.43
HPTI4 Hampton15 Oct 07:00 AM310.17
MCWI4 Winnebago River 1 NNE Mason City15 Oct 04:00 PM6.143100.2713.43
AESI4 South Skunk River 2 SSE Ames US 3015 Oct 04:00 PM14.03320-999913.43
KEQI4 Des Moines River AT Keosauqua15 Oct 04:15 PM16.08320-999912.49
RADI4 Chariton River 2 N Rathbun Reservoir15 Oct 04:45 PM9.133300.2912.81
DAKI4 East Fork Des Moines River 0 ENE Dakota City15 Oct 04:00 PM14.353300.16
BLVI4 Mississippi River AT Bellevue LD1215 Oct 04:30 PM14.093550.500.0513.55
CHMI4 Chariton McNay05 Oct 08:00 AM40.10-999913.36
DMX Des Moines NWS - Johnston15 Oct 12:00 PM430.15
DLDI4 Mississippi River AT Dubuque LD1115 Oct 04:30 PM13.3545.6250.40-999913.65
FRMI4 Farmington 1 ENE15 Oct 04:07 PM460-999913.9
GTTI4 Mississippi River AT Guttenberg Dam 1015 Oct 04:30 PM13.0246480.0814.06
GRNI4 Greenfield30 Sep 08:00 AM470.36
WBCI4 Boone River 3 SSE Webster City15 Oct 04:00 PM6.0647.0950.80-999913.43
CRVI4 Iowa River AT Coralville Dam15 Oct 04:00 PM47.20-999913.56
ICLI4 Nodaway River 1 E Clarinda15 Oct 07:00 AM12.5547.210-9999
NSSI4 Prairie City15 Oct 04:10 PM47.3900
EOKI4 Mississippi River AT Keokuk LD1915 Oct 02:00 PM20.747.6253.700.4313.61
CHTI4 Chariton River 5 SSE Chariton15 Oct 04:45 PM7.147.84013.12
NSWI4 Prairie City15 Oct 04:48 PM480-999913.7
HITI4 Honey Creek15 Oct 04:11 PM480-9999
RRMI4 Red Rock Dam15 Oct 04:00 PM48.460-999913.73
LECI4 Mississippi River AT Le Claire LD1415 Oct 04:30 PM10.748.48520-999913.73
HOKI4 West Fork Ditch 1 E Hornick15 Oct 05:00 PM9.3948.50-999913.43
PSGI4 Soldier River AT Pisgah15 Oct 07:00 AM4.6748.60-9999
YSPI4 Harpers Fery15 Oct 04:07 PM490-999913.7
DEOI4 Missouri Valley15 Oct 04:48 PM500-9999
LSHI4 Little Sioux 2 E15 Oct 04:11 PM500-999913.7
SSFI4 Lucas 2 SSW15 Oct 04:07 PM500-999914.3
BSHI4 Elkader 5NW - Big Springs Hatchery15 Oct 04:00 PM53.420-999913.2
AMMI4 AMES SCAN05 Jul 04:00 PM81.502.17
GNII4 Maquoketa River 1 NW Green Island19 Apr 11:00 AM10.62156.752.912.49