DCP Data Report for time: 2018-05-28 01:00

This application will display a table of observations valid at a given time. The SHEF encoded variable identifier is used to show which sites reported which variables. All times displayed are in central standard/daylight time. If you click on the site identifier, you will get a listing of all observations for that site for the date of your choice.

State Year Month Day Hour Minute
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AESI4South Skunk River 2 SSE Ames US 3011.155.7712.81
AKRI4Big Sioux River 1 NW Akron12.2372.97012.7
ALOI4Cedar River 0 ENE Waterloo7.34.14013.74
ALTI4Floyd River AT Alton6.672.18012.49
AMEI4South Skunk River 2 N Ames W Riverside Rd3.665.11012.49
AMWI4Squaw Creek 1 SSW Ames Lincoln Way1.7913.43
ATCI4East Nishnabotna River 5 SW Atlantic3.373.43012.18
BMFI4Fox River 1 N Bloomfield3.4412.81
BOCI4Burr Oak Creek 4 N Perkins11.06
BPLI4Iowa River 3 S Belle Plaine10.7321.4011.56
CIDI4Cedar River AT Cedar Rapids5.8112.49
CLKI4Clear Lake 0 SW Clear Lake5.176.93012.49
CNEI4Cedar River 3 NE Conesville9.842.79011.56
CRAI4Clear Creek 2 W Coralville SW1.331.07011.24
CRRI4Little Sioux River 1 W Correctionville11.142.61012.81
CRVI4Iowa River AT Coralville Dam683.4712.260120.231671.13
CTWI4Iowa River AT Coralville Res Tail51.6512.81
DWCI4WATERLOO CREEK 1 S Dorchester12.49
FLDI4Fruitland Pool 1713.66
GTTI4Mississippi River AT Guttenberg Dam 1082.046
HAVI4Richland Creek 1 NNE Haven10.5824.0212.18
HMBI4Nishnabotna River 1 E Hamburg9.792.640
HNKI4West Nishnabotna River AT Hancock3.23.210
HOKI4West Fork Ditch 1 E Hornick8.194.37074.512.49
HRTI4Walnut Creek 4 NNW Hartwick2.181.0712.81
IOCI4Old Mans Creek 5 SW Iowa City SW3.0220.79012.49
IOWI4Iowa City - Iowa River13.0145.95013.12
JMEI4Floyd River 1 NE James11.022.73012.81
KALI4English River 1 SSW Kalona4.512.49
KDVI4Upper Iowa River AT Kendallville4.4612.81
LCYI4Lacey - Middle Creek75.5612.49
LGNI4Boyer River AT Logan4.760.48012.81
LNNI4Little Sioux River AT Linn Grove17.734.59012.81
LNTI4Iowa River 5 SW Lone Tree8.0921.9612.49
LSPI4Upper Iowa River 1 NW Lime Springs4.9212.49
MAPI4Maple River AT Mapleton6.486.54012.49
MIWI4Iowa River 1 N Marshalltown12.688.2012.49
MROI4Iowa River AT Marengo10.897.86012.18
MTWI4Timber Creek 4 SE Marshalltown2.594.6912.18
NHRI4Beaver Creek 0 NNE New Hartford3.6332.8612.81
OKVI4Iowa River AT Oakville5.9911.71012.49
PSGI4Soldier River AT Pisgah3.986.57075.91
RABI4Chariton River 1 N Rathbun2.2712.49
RDOI4East Nishnabotna River AT Red Oak6.952.480
RDPI4West Nishnabotna River 1 W Randolph9.2922.62080.212.49
RKVI4Rock River AT Rock Valley7.393.04012.81
ROWI4Iowa River 4 WNW Rowan6.810.1812.49
SARI4North Raccoon River 3 NNW IFC--Sac City 230th St1194.83
SIOI4Perry Creek AT Sioux City6.942.91012.81
STBI4Iowa River 0 WSW Steamboat Rock7.165.0810.93
TAMI4Iowa River 1 S Tama US 6312.220.02011.56
TMAI4Iowa River 3 W Tama Hwy E496.8922.99011.24
TRNI4Monona-Harrison Ditch 4 SSW Turin6.3135.96012.18
TURI4Little Sioux River 4 SSE Turin12.2337.55012.49
WAPI4Iowa River AT Wapello16.0123.48013.12
WBWI4West Branch - Wapsinonoc Creek2.6712.49
WLTI4Welton - Silver Creek80.8711.87
Legend: TAI = Air Temp (F), PCI = Rainfall Counter, PPH = Hourly Precip, UDI = Wind Direction, USI = Wind Speed