This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

COOP obs listed by station

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
WKNI4Waukon 4SW1 Jan 2018 6AM-23-6-29002M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW2 Jan 2018 6AM-20-4-24TT2M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW3 Jan 2018 6AM-3-3-210.05T2M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW4 Jan 2018 6AM-162-21002M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW5 Jan 2018 6AM-21-2-26002M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW6 Jan 2018 6AM-244-25002M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW7 Jan 2018 6AM66-26002M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW8 Jan 2018 6AM18295002M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW9 Jan 2018 6AM20401300MM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW10 Jan 2018 6AM31371900MM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW11 Jan 2018 6AM3041300.05TTM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW12 Jan 2018 6AM-830-80.030.2TM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW13 Jan 2018 7AMMMM00MM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW14 Jan 2018 7AMMMM00MM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW15 Jan 2018 7AM313-190.22.53M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW16 Jan 2018 7AMMMM00MM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW17 Jan 2018 7AMM17-800MM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW18 Jan 2018 7AMMMM00MM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW19 Jan 2018 6AM223312002M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW20 Jan 2018 6AM2040200MM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW21 Jan 2018 7AM26502000MM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW22 Jan 2018 7AM3436240.650MM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW23 Jan 2018 7AM2020200.35TMM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW24 Jan 2018 6AM534500MM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW25 Jan 2018 7AMMM14000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW26 Jan 2018 7AMMMM000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW27 Jan 2018 7AMM4823000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW28 Jan 2018 7AMM4214T0.10M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW29 Jan 2018 7AM9249TT0M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW30 Jan 2018 5AM-519-6000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW31 Jan 2018 7AM2931-6000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW1 Feb 2018 6AM-641-6000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW2 Feb 2018 7AMMMM000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW3 Feb 2018 6AM1717-13000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW4 Feb 2018 7AM12710.163.84M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW5 Feb 2018 7AMM7-5004M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW6 Feb 2018 5AM-16-2-170.060.65M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW7 Feb 2018 7AM03-27T0.15M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW8 Feb 2018 6AM-110-17005M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW9 Feb 2018 7AM212-60.2848M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW10 Feb 2018 7AMM120008M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW11 Feb 2018 7AMM10M008M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW12 Feb 2018 7AM-412-4008M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW13 Feb 2018 7AMM14M008M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW14 Feb 2018 7AM1828-4007M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW15 Feb 2018 7AM344118004M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW16 Feb 2018 6AM3423003M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW17 Feb 2018 7AMM18M003M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW18 Feb 2018 7AM14291TT3M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW19 Feb 2018 6AM353814003M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW20 Feb 2018 6AM3137310.33T1M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW21 Feb 2018 6AM2322TT1M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW22 Feb 2018 6AM18222001M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW23 Feb 2018 6AM3233170.2701M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW24 Feb 2018 6AM173414001M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW25 Feb 2018 7AM1534130.270.11M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW26 Feb 2018 6AM7316001M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW27 Feb 2018 5AM35456000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW28 Feb 2018 6AM305430000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW1 Mar 2018 6AM335129000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW2 Mar 2018 6AM174716000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW3 Mar 2018 8AM354417000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW4 Mar 2018 6AM334732000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW5 Mar 2018 6AM324832TTTM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW6 Mar 2018 6AM2534250.73.54M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW7 Mar 2018 6AM6330TT4M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW8 Mar 2018 6AM129-1003M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW9 Mar 2018 6AM8310002M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW10 Mar 2018 6AM16337002M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW11 Mar 2018 7AMM3816MT1M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW12 Mar 2018 7AM244023000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW13 Mar 2018 6AM223921000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW14 Mar 2018 7AM183913000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW15 Mar 2018 6AM214717000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW16 Mar 2018 7AM194519000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW17 Mar 2018 7AM303919000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW18 Mar 2018 7AM185117000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW19 Mar 2018 7AM325318000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW20 Mar 2018 6AM255125000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW21 Mar 2018 6AM173716000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW22 Mar 2018 7AM164416000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW23 Mar 2018 7AM244916000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW24 Mar 2018 6AM294724000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW25 Mar 2018 6AM214720000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW26 Mar 2018 6AM294821000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW27 Mar 2018 6AM3243270.2600M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW28 Mar 2018 6AM214216000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW29 Mar 2018 7AM285120000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW30 Mar 2018 7AM265120000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW31 Mar 2018 6AM3951200.0900M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW1 Apr 2018 7AM8427000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW2 Apr 2018 6AM9367000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW3 Apr 2018 5AM30399000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW4 Apr 2018 6AM63360.31M6M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW5 Apr 2018 6AM-224-2006M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW6 Apr 2018 7AM2037-3002M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW7 Apr 2018 6AM337-3002M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW8 Apr 2018 6AM434300TM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW9 Apr 2018 7AM43540.0611M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW10 Apr 2018 7AM15374000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW11 Apr 2018 6AM273813000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW12 Apr 2018 6AM3954260.0800M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW13 Apr 2018 7AM3858380.0700M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW14 Apr 2018 6AM3142311.79T0M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW15 Apr 2018 7AM1932190.3811M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW16 Apr 2018 6AM1932170.17M1M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW17 Apr 2018 6AM183217000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW18 Apr 2018 6AM274217000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW19 Apr 2018 6AM144180.656.36M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW20 Apr 2018 6AM134712001M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW21 Apr 2018 6AM355212000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW22 Apr 2018 6AM415631000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW23 Apr 2018 6AM316430000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW24 Apr 2018 5AM336930000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW25 Apr 2018 7AM357329000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW26 Apr 2018 6AM317329000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW27 Apr 2018 7AMM6928000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW28 Apr 2018 7AMM6925000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW29 Apr 2018 7AM226618000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW30 Apr 2018 7AM596659000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW1 May 2018 6AM618259000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW2 May 2018 6AM5775561.5800M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW3 May 2018 6AM5066490.4600M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW4 May 2018 8AM5568494.4200M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW5 May 2018 7AM577647000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW6 May 2018 6AM528047000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW7 May 2018 7AM527342000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW8 May 2018 5AM558142000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW9 May 2018 6AM5581420.8700M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW10 May 2018 7AM5370490.0500M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW11 May 2018 7AM4367410.8500M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW12 May 2018 7AM3849380.200M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW13 May 2018 7AM4556380.2500M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW14 May 2018 7AM555845000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW15 May 2018 6AM566854000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW16 May 2018 6AM557952000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW17 May 2018 6AM518150000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW18 May 2018 8AM608249000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW19 May 2018 7AMM82MM00M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW20 May 2018 7AMM56MM00M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW21 May 2018 7AMM56MM00M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW22 May 2018 7AM575950M00M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW23 May 2018 6AM578249000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW24 May 2018 6AM647857000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW25 May 2018 6AM608660000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW26 May 2018 6AM6486601.32T0M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW27 May 2018 6AM648763000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW28 May 2018 7AM749363000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW29 May 2018 6AM719268000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW30 May 2018 6AM6687640.400M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW31 May 2018 6AM6479620.4800M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW1 Jun 2018 5AM638962000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW2 Jun 2018 6AM558655000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW3 Jun 2018 5AM5386530.4800M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW4 Jun 2018 5AM498647000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW5 Jun 2018 6AM607645000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW6 Jun 2018 6AM588258000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW7 Jun 2018 6AM648158000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW8 Jun 2018 6AM638163000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW9 Jun 2018 7AM6481560.7500M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW10 Jun 2018 7AMMMMM00M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW11 Jun 2018 7AMMMMM00M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW12 Jun 2018 7AMMMMM00M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW13 Jun 2018 6AM577456000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW14 Jun 2018 6AM607755000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW15 Jun 2018 7AMMMMM00M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW16 Jun 2018 7AMMMMM00M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW17 Jun 2018 7AMMMMM00M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW18 Jun 2018 6AM7391730.1600M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW19 Jun 2018 5AM6786660.7600M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW20 Jun 2018 6AM6469630.0600M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW21 Jun 2018 6AM6270620.7800M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW22 Jun 2018 7AMMMMM00M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW23 Jun 2018 6AM6270620.0200M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW24 Jun 2018 6AM606256000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW25 Jun 2018 7AMMMMM00M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW26 Jun 2018 10AM657862000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW27 Jun 2018 6AM6577610.7200M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW28 Jun 2018 6AM598158000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW29 Jun 2018 6AM708259000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW30 Jun 2018 7AMMMMM00M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW1 Jul 2018 6AM6789661.1300M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW2 Jul 2018 6AM598055000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW3 Jul 2018 5AM608155000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW4 Jul 2018 7AMMMM000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW5 Jul 2018 6AM7088600.2800M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW6 Jul 2018 6AM578854000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW7 Jul 2018 8AM627855000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW8 Jul 2018 9AM717855000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW9 Jul 2018 6AM658159000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW10 Jul 2018 6AM638863000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW11 Jul 2018 7AM658358000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW12 Jul 2018 6AM658565000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW13 Jul 2018 7AM728765000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW14 Jul 2018 6AM6987671.2600M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW15 Jul 2018 6AM698765000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW16 Jul 2018 6AM688765000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW17 Jul 2018 5AM608059000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW18 Jul 2018 6AM538052000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW19 Jul 2018 6AM648053000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW20 Jul 2018 6AM6571643.0300M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW21 Jul 2018 6AM657465000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW22 Jul 2018 6AM637962000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW23 Jul 2018 7AM637559000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW24 Jul 2018 5AM638162000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW25 Jul 2018 6AM578156000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW26 Jul 2018 6AM568155000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW27 Jul 2018 6AM547152000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW28 Jul 2018 6AM507548000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW29 Jul 2018 7AM657450000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW30 Jul 2018 6AM567951000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW31 Jul 2018 5AM538052000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW1 Aug 2018 6AM538352000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW2 Aug 2018 7AM587953000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW3 Aug 2018 6AM568048000M
WKNI4Waukon 4SW4 Aug 2018 6AM6681560MMM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW5 Aug 2018 6AM698356MMMM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW6 Aug 2018 6AM6580640.94MMM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW7 Aug 2018 5AM588058TMMM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW8 Aug 2018 6AM5775570.08MMM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW9 Aug 2018 6AM6981570MMM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW10 Aug 2018 6AM6186590MMM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW11 Aug 2018 6AM6086590MMM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW12 Aug 2018 6AM5884570MMM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW13 Aug 2018 6AM5784550MMM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW14 Aug 2018 6AM5585550MMM
WKNI4Waukon 4SW15 Aug 2018 6AM6481550MMM
WKNI4Waukon 4SWNo Observation Reported for 2018-08-16

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...