This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY1 Jan 2018 7AM-23-8-23005M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY2 Jan 2018 7AM-23-3-28005M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY3 Jan 2018 7AM017-230.060.56M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY4 Jan 2018 7AM-47-12006M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY6 Jan 2018 7AM-157-19006M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY7 Jan 2018 7AM1414-15006M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY8 Jan 2018 7AM193814005M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY9 Jan 2018 7AM304319004M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY10 Jan 2018 7AM334326001M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY11 Jan 2018 7AM1537150.150TM
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY12 Jan 2018 7AM-934-90.2833M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY13 Jan 2018 7AM-75-9003M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY14 Jan 2018 7AM-48-7003M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY15 Jan 2018 7AM-421-40.1425M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY16 Jan 2018 7AM-70-10TT5M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY17 Jan 2018 7AM-96-10005M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY18 Jan 2018 7AM1825-9005M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY19 Jan 2018 7AM223717004M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY20 Jan 2018 7AM23432200TM
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY21 Jan 2018 7AM284923000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY22 Jan 2018 7AM3537280.5800M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY23 Jan 2018 7AM2435240.211M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY24 Jan 2018 7AM222721001M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY25 Jan 2018 7AM192819001M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY26 Jan 2018 7AM37411900TM
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY27 Jan 2018 7AM285228000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY28 Jan 2018 7AM234723000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY29 Jan 2018 7AM9309000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY30 Jan 2018 7AM9229000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY31 Jan 2018 7AM30349000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY1 Feb 2018 7AM2392000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY2 Feb 2018 7AM-312-3000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY4 Feb 2018 7AM9399000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY5 Feb 2018 7AM518-3000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY6 Feb 2018 7AM-1511-180.1444M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY7 Feb 2018 7AM79-150.0515M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY9 Feb 2018 7AM71871712M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY10 Feb 2018 7AM-27-20012M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY11 Feb 2018 7AM110-20012M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY12 Feb 2018 7AM-1114-180012M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY13 Feb 2018 7AM1415-110012M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY14 Feb 2018 7AM1631120011M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY15 Feb 2018 7AM314416009M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY16 Feb 2018 7AM3372008M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY17 Feb 2018 7AM12213007M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY18 Feb 2018 7AM123212TT5M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY19 Feb 2018 7AM304512T02M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY20 Feb 2018 7AM2131210.4202M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY21 Feb 2018 7AM5215002M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY22 Feb 2018 7AM222250.0813M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY23 Feb 2018 7AM2331220.310.54M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY24 Feb 2018 7AM14326003M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY25 Feb 2018 7AM1832140.130.53M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY26 Feb 2018 7AM183316002M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY27 Feb 2018 7AM324718001M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY28 Feb 2018 7AM22552200TM
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY1 Mar 2018 7AM26432200TM
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY2 Mar 2018 7AM20391800TM
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY3 Mar 2018 7AM31442000TM
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY4 Mar 2018 7AM36493100TM
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY6 Mar 2018 7AM2643260.360TM
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY7 Mar 2018 7AM1531150.020.52M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY8 Mar 2018 7AM16301500TM
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY9 Mar 2018 7AM19301600TM
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY10 Mar 2018 7AM27361900TM
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY11 Mar 2018 7AM3239270.020TM
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY12 Mar 2018 7AM26412600TM
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY13 Mar 2018 7AM234023000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY14 Mar 2018 7AM223722000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY15 Mar 2018 7AM245622000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY16 Mar 2018 7AM284724000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY17 Mar 2018 7AM3035280.5800M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY18 Mar 2018 7AM304029T00M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY19 Mar 2018 7AM323930000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY20 Mar 2018 7AM315231000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY22 Mar 2018 7AM294623000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY23 Mar 2018 7AM325029000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY24 Mar 2018 7AM2934280.6433M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY25 Mar 2018 7AM2834270.355.59M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY26 Mar 2018 7AM263224007M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY27 Mar 2018 7AM3134260.1104M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY28 Mar 2018 7AM264223003M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY29 Mar 2018 7AM28522600TM
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY30 Mar 2018 7AM293628000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY31 Mar 2018 7AM434929000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY1 Apr 2018 7AM184318000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY2 Apr 2018 7AM203618000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY3 Apr 2018 7AM304120T00M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY4 Apr 2018 7AM93380.211.52M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY5 Apr 2018 7AM28309000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY6 Apr 2018 7AM264826000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY7 Apr 2018 7AM133213000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY8 Apr 2018 7AM224013000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY9 Apr 2018 7AM2632220.122M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY10 Apr 2018 7AM263421000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY11 Apr 2018 7AM305426000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY12 Apr 2018 7AM335530000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY13 Apr 2018 7AM446033000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY14 Apr 2018 7AM3345331.300M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY15 Apr 2018 7AM233623122M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY16 Apr 2018 7AM2128210.2513M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY17 Apr 2018 7AM213419001M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY18 Apr 2018 7AM2942210.1500M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY19 Apr 2018 7AM2334220.251.51M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY20 Apr 2018 7AM29462300TM
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY21 Apr 2018 7AM385429000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY22 Apr 2018 7AM406138000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY23 Apr 2018 7AM416738000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY24 Apr 2018 7AM427041000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY25 Apr 2018 7AM377036000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY26 Apr 2018 7AM356233000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY27 Apr 2018 7AM377033000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY28 Apr 2018 7AM367234000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY29 Apr 2018 7AM346131000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY30 Apr 2018 7AM517034000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY1 May 2018 7AM5782510.0500M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY2 May 2018 7AM5374520.9500M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY3 May 2018 7AM5059500.1500M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY4 May 2018 7AM5168510.7500M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY5 May 2018 7AM497549000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY6 May 2018 7AM578049000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY7 May 2018 7AM457542000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY8 May 2018 7AM577945000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY9 May 2018 7AM5581550.0300M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY10 May 2018 7AM5271490.0600M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY11 May 2018 7AM5269500.0300M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY12 May 2018 7AM4654440.3400M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY13 May 2018 7AM4955460.0200M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY14 May 2018 7AM5559490.3500M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY15 May 2018 7AM557553000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY16 May 2018 7AM547850000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY17 May 2018 7AM538253000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY18 May 2018 7AM578353000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY19 May 2018 7AM578355000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY20 May 2018 7AM5174500.3700M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY21 May 2018 7AM5661510.3100M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY22 May 2018 7AM536650000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY23 May 2018 7AM6479531.0500M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY24 May 2018 7AM6684640.2800M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY25 May 2018 7AM678664000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY26 May 2018 7AM6788640.3500M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY27 May 2018 7AM649461000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY28 May 2018 7AM729964000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY29 May 2018 7AM6795650.2800M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY30 May 2018 7AM6491630.6200M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY31 May 2018 7AM658262000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY1 Jun 2018 7AM678962000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY2 Jun 2018 7AM6392630.3700M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY3 Jun 2018 7AM577955000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY4 Jun 2018 7AM557948000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY5 Jun 2018 7AM628255000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY6 Jun 2018 7AM658962000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY7 Jun 2018 7AM6489610.700M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY8 Jun 2018 7AM6481640.0500M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY9 Jun 2018 7AM698464000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY10 Jun 2018 7AM668765000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY11 Jun 2018 7AM6180610.2700M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY12 Jun 2018 7AM6478610.1300M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY13 Jun 2018 7AM568354000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY14 Jun 2018 7AM6080560.200M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY15 Jun 2018 7AM6776592.300M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY16 Jun 2018 7AM699067000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY17 Jun 2018 7AM729069000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY18 Jun 2018 7AM7189700.5300M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY19 Jun 2018 7AM6890671.5200M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY20 Jun 2018 7AM6780661.2200M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY21 Jun 2018 7AM6375630.600M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY22 Jun 2018 7AM597256T00M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY23 Jun 2018 7AM587356T00M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY24 Jun 2018 7AM657958000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY25 Jun 2018 7AM6481620.6200M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY26 Jun 2018 7AM6175600.4900M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY27 Jun 2018 7AM6277610.2300M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY28 Jun 2018 7AM668262000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY29 Jun 2018 7AM718366000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY30 Jun 2018 7AM7391710000
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY1 Jul 2018 7AM6890671.0400M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY2 Jul 2018 7AM617758000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY3 Jul 2018 7AM658261000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY4 Jul 2018 7AM748965000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY5 Jul 2018 7AM6892670.3800M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY6 Jul 2018 7AM598257000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY7 Jul 2018 7AM638059000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY8 Jul 2018 7AM608158000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY9 Jul 2018 7AM618260000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY10 Jul 2018 7AM689061000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY11 Jul 2018 7AM698666000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY12 Jul 2018 7AM709169000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY13 Jul 2018 7AM719370000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY14 Jul 2018 7AM7086690.2400M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY15 Jul 2018 7AM688166000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY16 Jul 2018 7AM668764000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY17 Jul 2018 7AM598258000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY18 Jul 2018 7AM628659000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY19 Jul 2018 7AM6784620.1500M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY20 Jul 2018 7AM6582650.200M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY21 Jul 2018 7AM647862000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY22 Jul 2018 7AM628059000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY23 Jul 2018 7AM618158000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY24 Jul 2018 7AM588557000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY25 Jul 2018 7AM578356000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY26 Jul 2018 7AM5782550.5900M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY27 Jul 2018 7AM537853000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY28 Jul 2018 7AM537553000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY29 Jul 2018 7AM567553000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY30 Jul 2018 7AM548054000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY31 Jul 2018 7AM558052000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY1 Aug 2018 7AM578255000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY2 Aug 2018 7AM5584530.0500M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY3 Aug 2018 7AM597655000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY4 Aug 2018 7AM668959000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY5 Aug 2018 7AM6685660.200M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY6 Aug 2018 7AM6579642.400M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY7 Aug 2018 7AM6583640.2700M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY8 Aug 2018 7AM578057T00M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY9 Aug 2018 7AM658457000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY10 Aug 2018 7AM618660000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY11 Aug 2018 7AM638658000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY12 Aug 2018 7AM618361000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY13 Aug 2018 7AM618660000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY14 Aug 2018 7AM648761000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY15 Aug 2018 7AM6678640.1100M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY16 Aug 2018 7AM6583650.5200M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY17 Aug 2018 7AM6475630.300M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY18 Aug 2018 7AM628261000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY19 Aug 2018 7AM648262000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY20 Aug 2018 7AM6881641.200M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY21 Aug 2018 7AM6070591.7800M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY22 Aug 2018 7AM537252000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY23 Aug 2018 7AM527549000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY24 Aug 2018 7AM647552T00M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY25 Aug 2018 7AM6181610.0200M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY26 Aug 2018 7AM688261000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY27 Aug 2018 7AM6983680.8800M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY28 Aug 2018 7AM708569000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY29 Aug 2018 7AM5179511.5500M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY30 Aug 2018 7AM517150000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY31 Aug 2018 7AM677351000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY1 Sep 2018 7AM678566000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY2 Sep 2018 7AM6781660.3800M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY3 Sep 2018 7AM6979670.4500M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY4 Sep 2018 7AM6978680.3500M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY5 Sep 2018 7AM6684662.5000
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY6 Sep 2018 7AM5573550.1500M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY7 Sep 2018 7AM577455000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY8 Sep 2018 7AM506750000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY9 Sep 2018 7AM527250000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY10 Sep 2018 7AM467346000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY11 Sep 2018 7AM557846000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY12 Sep 2018 7AM587855000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY13 Sep 2018 7AM588258000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY14 Sep 2018 7AM648558000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY15 Sep 2018 7AM658864000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY16 Sep 2018 7AM669264000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY17 Sep 2018 7AM668864000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY18 Sep 2018 7AM639263000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY19 Sep 2018 7AM6271600.500M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY20 Sep 2018 7AM6581621.9500M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY21 Sep 2018 7AM5590550.8800M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY22 Sep 2018 7AM406340000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY23 Sep 2018 7AM467040000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY24 Sep 2018 7AM507546000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY25 Sep 2018 7AM567750000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY26 Sep 2018 7AM4457440.5400M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY27 Sep 2018 7AM526544000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY28 Sep 2018 7AM4668450.0200M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY29 Sep 2018 7AM345433000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY30 Sep 2018 7AM4450340.0500M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY1 Oct 2018 7AM4651440.5900M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY2 Oct 2018 7AM4753460.6900M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY3 Oct 2018 7AM6767470.0200M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY4 Oct 2018 7AM3585350.100M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY5 Oct 2018 7AM4651350.1500M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY6 Oct 2018 7AM4455430.2800M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY7 Oct 2018 7AM4452420.100M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY8 Oct 2018 7AM5253440.5800M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY9 Oct 2018 7AM5366521.6900M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY10 Oct 2018 7AM4966490.5500M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY11 Oct 2018 7AM356635T00M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY12 Oct 2018 7AM324430T00M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY13 Oct 2018 7AM404332000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY14 Oct 2018 7AM385638000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY15 Oct 2018 7AM3045290.1TTM
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY16 Oct 2018 7AM344830000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY17 Oct 2018 7AM316131000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY18 Oct 2018 7AM335331000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY19 Oct 2018 7AM4963330.2MMM
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY20 Oct 2018 7AM436943T00M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY21 Oct 2018 7AM214621000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY22 Oct 2018 7AM316121000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY23 Oct 2018 7AM286726000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY24 Oct 2018 7AM295527000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY25 Oct 2018 7AM415729000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY26 Oct 2018 7AM3452340.0500M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY27 Oct 2018 7AM335132000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY28 Oct 2018 7AM4167330.100M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY29 Oct 2018 7AM305829000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY30 Oct 2018 7AM416030000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY31 Oct 2018 7AM335533000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY1 Nov 2018 7AM295629000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY2 Nov 2018 7AM416029000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY3 Nov 2018 7AM395437000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY4 Nov 2018 7AM4145390.3800M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY5 Nov 2018 7AM3644350.4200M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY6 Nov 2018 7AM3944360.3300M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY7 Nov 2018 7AM304330000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY8 Nov 2018 7AM293428000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY9 Nov 2018 7AM273127000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY11 Nov 2018 7AM24288000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY12 Nov 2018 7AM184018000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY13 Nov 2018 7AM8238000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY14 Nov 2018 7AM19328000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY15 Nov 2018 7AM214319000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY16 Nov 2018 7AM344621000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY17 Nov 2018 7AM3041300.15TTM
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY18 Nov 2018 7AM1301000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY19 Nov 2018 7AM19311000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY20 Nov 2018 7AM122812000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY21 Nov 2018 7AM213712000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY22 Nov 2018 7AM273221000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY23 Nov 2018 7AM374627000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY24 Nov 2018 7AM3243320.1500M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY25 Nov 2018 7AM273227000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY28 Nov 2018 7AM202710000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY29 Nov 2018 7AM192718000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY30 Nov 2018 7AM253516000M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY1 Dec 2018 6AM303725T00M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY2 Dec 2018 7AM3234300.6511M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY3 Dec 2018 7AM2534250.312M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY4 Dec 2018 7AM212721002M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY5 Dec 2018 7AM172717002M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY6 Dec 2018 7AM173214001M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY7 Dec 2018 7AM13255001M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY8 Dec 2018 7AM232713001M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY9 Dec 2018 7AM172817001M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY10 Dec 2018 7AM152915001M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY11 Dec 2018 7AM182913001M
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY12 Dec 2018 7AM17341700TM
WEBI4WEBSTER CITY13 Dec 2018 7AM23301700TM
WEBI4WEBSTER CITYNo Observation Reported for 2018-12-14

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