This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

COOP obs listed by station

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE1 Jan 2018 7AMM-5-26005M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE2 Jan 2018 7AM-17-4-18005M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE3 Jan 2018 7AM-215-18TT5M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE4 Jan 2018 7AM-13-2005M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE5 Jan 2018 7AM-87-8005M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE6 Jan 2018 7AM-64-8005M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE7 Jan 2018 7AMM28-6005M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE8 Jan 2018 7AM193118005M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE9 Jan 2018 7AM303817003M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE10 Jan 2018 7AM34433000TM
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE12 Jan 2018 7AM-1024-10TTTM
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE13 Jan 2018 7AMM8-1000TM
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE15 Jan 2018 7AM-621-60.0422M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE16 Jan 2018 7AM-9-4-9TT2M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE17 Jan 2018 7AM77-11002M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE18 Jan 2018 7AM17297002M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE19 Jan 2018 7AM28401700TM
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE20 Jan 2018 7AM275027000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE21 Jan 2018 7AM324327000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE22 Jan 2018 7AMM34260.242.12M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE23 Jan 2018 7AM2133212.3112.314M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE24 Jan 2018 7AM2222200014M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE25 Jan 2018 7AM2126210013M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE26 Jan 2018 7AM393921009M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE27 Jan 2018 7AM244224006M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE28 Jan 2018 7AMM35170.0425M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE29 Jan 2018 7AMM17-5005M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE30 Jan 2018 7AM1414-6005M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE31 Jan 2018 7AM313514003M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE1 Feb 2018 7AM-236-20.01T2M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE2 Feb 2018 7AM-78-7002M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE3 Feb 2018 7AM2525-7002M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE4 Feb 2018 7AMM253002M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE5 Feb 2018 7AMM7-3002M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE6 Feb 2018 7AM-1213-120.142.14M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE7 Feb 2018 7AM-25-130.011.25M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE9 Feb 2018 7AM31400.093.68M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE10 Feb 2018 7AM-510-5TT8M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE11 Feb 2018 7AMM13-5008M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE12 Feb 2018 7AMM14-6008M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE13 Feb 2018 7AM1313-7008M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE14 Feb 2018 7AM263013007M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE15 Feb 2018 7AM284226004M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE16 Feb 2018 7AM032-1TT4M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE17 Feb 2018 7AM2222-1TT4M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE18 Feb 2018 7AMM3422003M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE19 Feb 2018 7AM1843180.0201M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE20 Feb 2018 7AM1218120.03T2M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE21 Feb 2018 7AM-213-2002M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE22 Feb 2018 7AM1619-2TT2M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE23 Feb 2018 7AM1826160.214.36M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE24 Feb 2018 7AM142612006M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE25 Feb 2018 7AMM25140.082.38M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE26 Feb 2018 7AM182716008M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE27 Feb 2018 7AM214218005M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE28 Feb 2018 7AM143614003M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE1 Mar 2018 7AM163514002M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE2 Mar 2018 7AM173415002M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE3 Mar 2018 7AM32381500TM
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE4 Mar 2018 7AMM4432000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE5 Mar 2018 7AM354733T00M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE6 Mar 2018 7AM2336230.332.73M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE7 Mar 2018 7AM1529150.061.24M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE8 Mar 2018 7AM112411004M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE9 Mar 2018 7AM202611004M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE10 Mar 2018 7AM273220003M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE11 Mar 2018 7AMM3317003M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE12 Mar 2018 7AM203119003M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE13 Mar 2018 7AM153415002M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE14 Mar 2018 7AM273115002M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE15 Mar 2018 7AM234523000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE16 Mar 2018 7AM273922000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE17 Mar 2018 7AM2936260.07TTM
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE18 Mar 2018 7AMM3529000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE19 Mar 2018 7AM323832000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE20 Mar 2018 7AM314031TT0M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE21 Mar 2018 7AM2935290.051.31M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE22 Mar 2018 7AM324028000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE23 Mar 2018 7AM304730000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE24 Mar 2018 7AM2740270.734.34M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE25 Mar 2018 7AMM3427004M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE26 Mar 2018 7AM303329004M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE27 Mar 2018 7AM3233300.0303M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE28 Mar 2018 7AM33453200TM
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE29 Mar 2018 7AM255125000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE30 Mar 2018 7AM293725000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE31 Mar 2018 7AM2845270.1900M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE1 Apr 2018 7AMM3425000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE2 Apr 2018 7AMM3526000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE3 Apr 2018 7AM2733270.172.42M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE4 Apr 2018 7AM52750.436.17M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE5 Apr 2018 7AM18295005M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE6 Apr 2018 7AM174017001M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE7 Apr 2018 7AM122312000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE8 Apr 2018 7AMM3312000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE9 Apr 2018 7AM2430240.386.76M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE10 Apr 2018 7AM283024005M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE11 Apr 2018 7AM365228001M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE12 Apr 2018 7AM325132000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE13 Apr 2018 7AM3650310.3200M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE14 Apr 2018 7AMM36280.8400M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE15 Apr 2018 7AMM28222.3713.412M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE16 Apr 2018 7AMM29230011M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE17 Apr 2018 7AM1931190010M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE18 Apr 2018 7AM273819TT6M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE19 Apr 2018 7AM2432240.316.310M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE20 Apr 2018 7AM264424006M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE21 Apr 2018 7AM374426002M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE22 Apr 2018 7AMM5133000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE23 Apr 2018 7AMM5835000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE24 Apr 2018 7AM396835000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE25 Apr 2018 7AM335832000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE26 Apr 2018 7AM395933000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE27 Apr 2018 7AM405739000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE28 Apr 2018 7AM355933000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE29 Apr 2018 7AMM6234000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE30 Apr 2018 7AM5070460.1300M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE1 May 2018 7AM5681500.300M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE2 May 2018 7AM4366430.6900M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE3 May 2018 7AM485942000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE4 May 2018 7AM4766440.700M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE5 May 2018 7AM527447000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE6 May 2018 7AMM7144000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE7 May 2018 7AM527351000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE8 May 2018 7AM588152T00M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE9 May 2018 7AM5267521.37T0M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE10 May 2018 7AM457044T00M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE11 May 2018 7AM4359421.500M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE12 May 2018 7AM444842000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE13 May 2018 7AMM5444000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE14 May 2018 7AM5660530.0300M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE15 May 2018 7AM5368530.100M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE16 May 2018 7AM548253000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE17 May 2018 7AM628253000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE18 May 2018 7AM598359000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE19 May 2018 7AMM8158000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE20 May 2018 7AMM8057000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE21 May 2018 7AMM67530.300M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE22 May 2018 7AMM7954000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE23 May 2018 7AMM85600.600M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE24 May 2018 7AMM8663000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE25 May 2018 7AM678967000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE26 May 2018 7AM689267000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE27 May 2018 7AMM9667000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE28 May 2018 7AMM10069000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE29 May 2018 7AM6897680.1200M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE30 May 2018 7AM658865T00M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE31 May 2018 7AM6477640.0200M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE1 Jun 2018 7AM648864000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE2 Jun 2018 7AM6489640.4400M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE3 Jun 2018 7AMM7356000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE4 Jun 2018 7AM647357000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE5 Jun 2018 7AM658564000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE6 Jun 2018 7AM6392630.55T0M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE7 Jun 2018 7AM648663000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE8 Jun 2018 7AM6679640.2100M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE9 Jun 2018 7AM6783660.300M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE10 Jun 2018 7AMM7965000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE11 Jun 2018 7AM668166000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE12 Jun 2018 7AM687566000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE13 Jun 2018 7AM587857000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE14 Jun 2018 7AM6279580.3500M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE15 Jun 2018 7AM738062000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE16 Jun 2018 7AMM9170000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE17 Jun 2018 7AMM9372000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE18 Jun 2018 7AM6986691.8200M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE19 Jun 2018 7AM707469000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE20 Jun 2018 7AM6277620.0500M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE21 Jun 2018 7AM6067602.700M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE22 Jun 2018 7AM5966590.1700M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE23 Jun 2018 7AM617659000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE24 Jun 2018 7AMM8261000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE25 Jun 2018 7AM6981631.8800M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE26 Jun 2018 7AM6375630.6200M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE27 Jun 2018 7AM667763000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE28 Jun 2018 7AM698166000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE29 Jun 2018 7AM708269T00M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE30 Jun 2018 7AM7392700.0700M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE1 Jul 2018 7AMM83681.7100M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE2 Jul 2018 7AM677962000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE3 Jul 2018 7AM698467000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE4 Jul 2018 7AM768669000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE5 Jul 2018 7AM6984671.79T0M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE6 Jul 2018 7AMM8366000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE7 Jul 2018 7AMM8468000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE8 Jul 2018 7AMM8367000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE9 Jul 2018 7AM698468000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE10 Jul 2018 7AM718869000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE11 Jul 2018 7AM7188710.2900M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE12 Jul 2018 7AM759171000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE13 Jul 2018 7AM7193710.4700M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE14 Jul 2018 7AM6676660.4400M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE15 Jul 2018 7AMM8462000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE16 Jul 2018 7AM618060000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE17 Jul 2018 7AM668461000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE18 Jul 2018 7AM658364000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE19 Jul 2018 7AM708364000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE20 Jul 2018 7AM6478640.300M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE21 Jul 2018 7AM647864000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE22 Jul 2018 7AMM8264000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE23 Jul 2018 7AM688168T00M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE24 Jul 2018 7AM598258000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE25 Jul 2018 7AM658359000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE26 Jul 2018 7AM5882580.0600M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE27 Jul 2018 7AMM7253000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE28 Jul 2018 7AM577552000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE29 Jul 2018 7AMM7651000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE30 Jul 2018 7AMM7953000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE31 Jul 2018 7AM597959000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE1 Aug 2018 7AM608259000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE2 Aug 2018 7AM557652T00M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE3 Aug 2018 7AM647852000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE4 Aug 2018 7AMM91620.3300M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE5 Aug 2018 7AMM83631.2400M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE6 Aug 2018 7AM628061T00M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE7 Aug 2018 7AMM83620.7400M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE8 Aug 2018 7AM627662000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE9 Aug 2018 7AM688762000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE10 Aug 2018 7AM648564000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE11 Aug 2018 7AM648563000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE12 Aug 2018 7AMM8664000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE13 Aug 2018 7AM688466000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE14 Aug 2018 7AM698968000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE15 Aug 2018 7AM6886670.5100M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE16 Aug 2018 7AM6883660.1800M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE17 Aug 2018 7AM6573630.6300M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE18 Aug 2018 7AM628162000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE19 Aug 2018 7AMM8462000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE20 Aug 2018 7AM6481641.0600M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE21 Aug 2018 7AM6073600.5200M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE22 Aug 2018 7AM537053000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE23 Aug 2018 7AM597553000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE24 Aug 2018 7AMM7359000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE25 Aug 2018 7AM608160000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE26 Aug 2018 7AMM8360000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE27 Aug 2018 7AMM85640.0400M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE28 Aug 2018 7AM6486641.5500M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE29 Aug 2018 7AM5068500.1600M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE30 Aug 2018 7AM547350000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE31 Aug 2018 7AM687454000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE1 Sep 2018 7AM698068000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE2 Sep 2018 7AMM76690.4800M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE3 Sep 2018 7AM6977680.2300M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE4 Sep 2018 7AMM70670.3100M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE5 Sep 2018 7AM6671662.2200M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE6 Sep 2018 7AM527052000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE7 Sep 2018 7AM557552000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE8 Sep 2018 7AM527252000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE9 Sep 2018 7AMM7351000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE10 Sep 2018 7AMM7251000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE11 Sep 2018 7AM587652000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE12 Sep 2018 7AM618058000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE13 Sep 2018 7AMM8261000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE14 Sep 2018 7AM688264000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE15 Sep 2018 7AM698667000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE16 Sep 2018 7AMM8164000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE17 Sep 2018 7AMM8261000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE18 Sep 2018 7AMM71600.1200M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE19 Sep 2018 7AMM71601.1200M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE20 Sep 2018 7AMM78613.8500M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE21 Sep 2018 7AMM6147000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE22 Sep 2018 7AMM7152000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE23 Sep 2018 7AMM7754000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE24 Sep 2018 7AMM7352000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE25 Sep 2018 7AM507350000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE26 Sep 2018 7AM445744000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE27 Sep 2018 7AM536444000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE28 Sep 2018 7AMM6543000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE29 Sep 2018 7AM385838000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE30 Sep 2018 7AMM5638000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE1 Oct 2018 7AMM5446000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE2 Oct 2018 7AM4752440.1100M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE3 Oct 2018 7AM666647T00M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE4 Oct 2018 7AM338433000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE5 Oct 2018 7AM4345330.3700M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE6 Oct 2018 7AM415341000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE7 Oct 2018 7AMM4740000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE8 Oct 2018 7AMM48430.2400M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE9 Oct 2018 7AM465446T00M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE10 Oct 2018 7AM4147411.0500M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE11 Oct 2018 7AM3343330.01T0M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE12 Oct 2018 7AM313831000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE13 Oct 2018 7AM383931TT0M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE14 Oct 2018 7AM4151380.06TTM
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE15 Oct 2018 7AM2741270.222.3TM
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE16 Oct 2018 7AM354427000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE17 Oct 2018 7AM305730000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE18 Oct 2018 7AM395430000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE19 Oct 2018 7AM4968390.0800M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE20 Oct 2018 7AM396439000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE21 Oct 2018 7AMM5831000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE22 Oct 2018 7AMM6333000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE23 Oct 2018 7AM296629000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE24 Oct 2018 7AM335629000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE25 Oct 2018 7AM445233000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE26 Oct 2018 7AM4452440.0600M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE27 Oct 2018 7AM375537000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE28 Oct 2018 7AMM6237000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE29 Oct 2018 7AM345933000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE30 Oct 2018 7AM435934000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE31 Oct 2018 7AM365436000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE1 Nov 2018 7AM325532000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE2 Nov 2018 7AM395630000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE3 Nov 2018 7AM394939000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE4 Nov 2018 7AMM43370.4700M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE5 Nov 2018 7AM374136000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE6 Nov 2018 7AM3545350.4300M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE7 Nov 2018 7AM253525000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE8 Nov 2018 7AM233223000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE11 Nov 2018 7AMM2211000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE12 Nov 2018 7AMM2313000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE14 Nov 2018 7AM23348000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE15 Nov 2018 7AM274623000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE16 Nov 2018 7AM245224000M
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKE17 Nov 2018 7AM1734170.03TTM
SPRI4SPIRIT LAKENo Observation Reported for 2018-11-18

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...