This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
SIDI4SIDNEY1 Jan 2018 6AM-17-2-17002M
SIDI4SIDNEY2 Jan 2018 6AM-140-18002M
SIDI4SIDNEY3 Jan 2018 6AM1222-14002M
SIDI4SIDNEY4 Jan 2018 6AM014-2002M
SIDI4SIDNEY5 Jan 2018 6AM11110002M
SIDI4SIDNEY6 Jan 2018 6AM5135002M
SIDI4SIDNEY7 Jan 2018 6AM26265002M
SIDI4SIDNEY8 Jan 2018 6AM253825000M
SIDI4SIDNEY9 Jan 2018 6AM334525000M
SIDI4SIDNEY10 Jan 2018 6AM344432000M
SIDI4SIDNEY11 Jan 2018 6AM1650160.090.51M
SIDI4SIDNEY12 Jan 2018 6AM-116-1TT1M
SIDI4SIDNEY13 Jan 2018 6AM710-1001M
SIDI4SIDNEY14 Jan 2018 6AM141470.030.31M
SIDI4SIDNEY15 Jan 2018 6AM3293TT1M
SIDI4SIDNEY16 Jan 2018 6AM-54-5001M
SIDI4SIDNEY17 Jan 2018 6AM010-5001M
SIDI4SIDNEY18 Jan 2018 6AM16240001M
SIDI4SIDNEY19 Jan 2018 6AM333716001M
SIDI4SIDNEY20 Jan 2018 6AM334527000M
SIDI4SIDNEY21 Jan 2018 6AM374231T00M
SIDI4SIDNEY22 Jan 2018 6AM3341330.300M
SIDI4SIDNEY23 Jan 2018 6AM233423T0.30M
SIDI4SIDNEY24 Jan 2018 6AM212520000M
SIDI4SIDNEY25 Jan 2018 6AM274320000M
SIDI4SIDNEY26 Jan 2018 6AM425327000M
SIDI4SIDNEY27 Jan 2018 6AM285528000M
SIDI4SIDNEY28 Jan 2018 6AM235323000M
SIDI4SIDNEY29 Jan 2018 6AM7287000M
SIDI4SIDNEY30 Jan 2018 6AM24247000M
SIDI4SIDNEY31 Jan 2018 6AM384624000M
SIDI4SIDNEY1 Feb 2018 6AM144214000M
SIDI4SIDNEY2 Feb 2018 6AM6194000M
SIDI4SIDNEY3 Feb 2018 6AM34346000M
SIDI4SIDNEY4 Feb 2018 6AM9479T00M
SIDI4SIDNEY5 Feb 2018 6AM413-1TT0M
SIDI4SIDNEY6 Feb 2018 6AM11510.071.11M
SIDI4SIDNEY7 Feb 2018 6AM5910.12.12M
SIDI4SIDNEY8 Feb 2018 6AM14185002M
SIDI4SIDNEY9 Feb 2018 6AM142814002M
SIDI4SIDNEY10 Feb 2018 6AM41540.183.64M
SIDI4SIDNEY11 Feb 2018 6AM3930.124M
SIDI4SIDNEY12 Feb 2018 6AM1211003M
SIDI4SIDNEY13 Feb 2018 6AM2020-1003M
SIDI4SIDNEY14 Feb 2018 6AM354420000M
SIDI4SIDNEY15 Feb 2018 6AM374833000M
SIDI4SIDNEY16 Feb 2018 6AM124812000M
SIDI4SIDNEY17 Feb 2018 6AMM3912000M
SIDI4SIDNEY18 Feb 2018 6AM364727000M
SIDI4SIDNEY19 Feb 2018 6AM3055300.0400M
SIDI4SIDNEY20 Feb 2018 6AM2030200.220.10M
SIDI4SIDNEY21 Feb 2018 6AM8208000M
SIDI4SIDNEY22 Feb 2018 6AM212480.051.52M
SIDI4SIDNEY23 Feb 2018 6AM2329210.1601M
SIDI4SIDNEY24 Feb 2018 6AM243121T01M
SIDI4SIDNEY25 Feb 2018 6AM212821000M
SIDI4SIDNEY26 Feb 2018 6AM294321000M
SIDI4SIDNEY27 Feb 2018 6AM405629000M
SIDI4SIDNEY28 Feb 2018 6AM316631000M
SIDI4SIDNEY1 Mar 2018 6AM284228000M
SIDI4SIDNEY2 Mar 2018 6AM274724000M
SIDI4SIDNEY3 Mar 2018 6AM355327000M
SIDI4SIDNEY4 Mar 2018 6AM446535000M
SIDI4SIDNEY5 Mar 2018 6AM4560440.0400M
SIDI4SIDNEY6 Mar 2018 6AM244524TT0M
SIDI4SIDNEY7 Mar 2018 6AM203020TT0M
SIDI4SIDNEY8 Mar 2018 6AM213220000M
SIDI4SIDNEY9 Mar 2018 6AM224018000M
SIDI4SIDNEY10 Mar 2018 6AM294922000M
SIDI4SIDNEY11 Mar 2018 6AM304829000M
SIDI4SIDNEY12 Mar 2018 6AM253525000M
SIDI4SIDNEY13 Mar 2018 6AM254825000M
SIDI4SIDNEY14 Mar 2018 6AM284624000M
SIDI4SIDNEY15 Mar 2018 6AM296628000M
SIDI4SIDNEY16 Mar 2018 6AM3865290.2300M
SIDI4SIDNEY17 Mar 2018 6AM3238320.1500M
SIDI4SIDNEY18 Mar 2018 6AM343832000M
SIDI4SIDNEY19 Mar 2018 6AM343934000M
SIDI4SIDNEY20 Mar 2018 6AM334933T00M

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...