This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
SHDI4SHELDON1 Jan 2018 7AM-26-12-26005M
SHDI4SHELDON2 Jan 2018 7AM-15-8-28005M
SHDI4SHELDON3 Jan 2018 7AM-213-15TT5M
SHDI4SHELDON4 Jan 2018 7AM-44-12005M
SHDI4SHELDON5 Jan 2018 7AM39-4005M
SHDI4SHELDON6 Jan 2018 7AM08-12004M
SHDI4SHELDON7 Jan 2018 7AM2020-2004M
SHDI4SHELDON8 Jan 2018 7AM10346003M
SHDI4SHELDON9 Jan 2018 7AM34418003M
SHDI4SHELDON10 Jan 2018 7AM34423000TM
SHDI4SHELDON11 Jan 2018 7AM83880.060.8TM
SHDI4SHELDON12 Jan 2018 7AM-810-8TTTM
SHDI4SHELDON13 Jan 2018 7AM-66-800TM
SHDI4SHELDON14 Jan 2018 7AM1214-700TM
SHDI4SHELDON15 Jan 2018 7AM-625-70.0811M
SHDI4SHELDON16 Jan 2018 7AM-5-2-9TT1M
SHDI4SHELDON17 Jan 2018 7AM66-5001M
SHDI4SHELDON18 Jan 2018 7AM16315001M
SHDI4SHELDON19 Jan 2018 7AM28391300TM
SHDI4SHELDON20 Jan 2018 7AM245023000M
SHDI4SHELDON21 Jan 2018 7AM304821000M
SHDI4SHELDON22 Jan 2018 7AM3039280.0811M
SHDI4SHELDON23 Jan 2018 7AM2130200.7799M
SHDI4SHELDON24 Jan 2018 7AM212320008M
SHDI4SHELDON25 Jan 2018 7AM232819006M
SHDI4SHELDON26 Jan 2018 7AM373921006M
SHDI4SHELDON27 Jan 2018 7AM244023005M
SHDI4SHELDON28 Jan 2018 8AM73770.040.55M
SHDI4SHELDON29 Jan 2018 7AM-510-5005M
SHDI4SHELDON30 Jan 2018 7AM1818-6005M
SHDI4SHELDON31 Jan 2018 7AM303718004M
SHDI4SHELDON1 Feb 2018 7AM3383TT4M
SHDI4SHELDON2 Feb 2018 7AM012-5004M
SHDI4SHELDON3 Feb 2018 7AM27270004M
SHDI4SHELDON4 Feb 2018 7AM-240-4TT4M
SHDI4SHELDON5 Feb 2018 7AM910-3TT4M
SHDI4SHELDON6 Feb 2018 7AM-714-150.237M
SHDI4SHELDON7 Feb 2018 7AM-28-70.020.57M
SHDI4SHELDON8 Feb 2018 7AM312-20.010.37M
SHDI4SHELDON9 Feb 2018 7AM315-10.344M
SHDI4SHELDON10 Feb 2018 7AM-98-11TT10M
SHDI4SHELDON11 Feb 2018 7AM-87-11009M
SHDI4SHELDON12 Feb 2018 7AM-813-11009M
SHDI4SHELDON13 Feb 2018 7AM1414-11009M
SHDI4SHELDON14 Feb 2018 7AM232913007M
SHDI4SHELDON15 Feb 2018 7AM274120006M
SHDI4SHELDON16 Feb 2018 7AM033-2TT6M
SHDI4SHELDON17 Feb 2018 7AM2324-30.051.27M
SHDI4SHELDON18 Feb 2018 7AM283212007M
SHDI4SHELDON19 Feb 2018 7AM1844110.070.26M
SHDI4SHELDON20 Feb 2018 7AM1218100.10.56M
SHDI4SHELDON21 Feb 2018 7AM-214-5006M
SHDI4SHELDON22 Feb 2018 7AM1822-4TT5M
SHDI4SHELDON23 Feb 2018 7AM1828170.263.39M
SHDI4SHELDON24 Feb 2018 7AM142513009M
SHDI4SHELDON25 Feb 2018 7AM122380.091.710M
SHDI4SHELDON26 Feb 2018 7AM143111009M
SHDI4SHELDON27 Feb 2018 7AM213913008M
SHDI4SHELDON28 Feb 2018 7AM183913007M
SHDI4SHELDON1 Mar 2018 7AM183816007M
SHDI4SHELDON2 Mar 2018 7AM253613006M
SHDI4SHELDON3 Mar 2018 7AM323925006M
SHDI4SHELDON4 Mar 2018 7AM394432004M
SHDI4SHELDON5 Mar 2018 7AM3649350.560.2TM
SHDI4SHELDON6 Mar 2018 7AM2536220.5155M
SHDI4SHELDON7 Mar 2018 7AM2129140.050.55M
SHDI4SHELDON8 Mar 2018 7AM10259TT5M
SHDI4SHELDON9 Mar 2018 7AM252910005M
SHDI4SHELDON10 Mar 2018 7AM283324TTMM
SHDI4SHELDON11 Mar 2018 7AM323827TT3M
SHDI4SHELDON12 Mar 2018 7AM213220T02M
SHDI4SHELDON13 Mar 2018 7AM234021TT1M
SHDI4SHELDON14 Mar 2018 7AM303920001M
SHDI4SHELDON15 Mar 2018 7AM28552700TM
SHDI4SHELDON16 Mar 2018 7AM28432700TM
SHDI4SHELDON17 Mar 2018 7AM3035280.040.2TM
SHDI4SHELDON18 Mar 2018 7AM32403000TM
SHDI4SHELDON19 Mar 2018 7AM344032000M
SHDI4SHELDON20 Mar 2018 7AM324631TTTM
SHDI4SHELDON21 Mar 2018 7AM3037260.1210M
SHDI4SHELDON22 Mar 2018 7AM344830000M
SHDI4SHELDON23 Mar 2018 7AM345233000M
SHDI4SHELDON24 Mar 2018 7AM2843281.7833M

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...