This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
SACI4SAC CITY1 Jan 2018 7AM-17-7-21006M
SACI4SAC CITY2 Jan 2018 7AM-12-6-22006M
SACI4SAC CITY3 Jan 2018 7AM319-12006M
SACI4SAC CITY4 Jan 2018 7AM-57-6006M
SACI4SAC CITY5 Jan 2018 7AM57-5006M
SACI4SAC CITY6 Jan 2018 6AM-107-11006M
SACI4SAC CITY7 Jan 2018 7AM2828-11006M
SACI4SAC CITY8 Jan 2018 6AM233416004M
SACI4SAC CITY9 Jan 2018 6AM344123004M
SACI4SAC CITY10 Jan 2018 6AM354431002M
SACI4SAC CITY11 Jan 2018 6AM153814001M
SACI4SAC CITY12 Jan 2018 6AM-715-70.0323M
SACI4SAC CITY13 Jan 2018 7AM-210-8003M
SACI4SAC CITY14 Jan 2018 7AM-216-8002M
SACI4SAC CITY15 Jan 2018 6AM-424-60.0513M
SACI4SAC CITY16 Jan 2018 6AM-51-8003M
SACI4SAC CITY17 Jan 2018 6AM37-7003M
SACI4SAC CITY18 Jan 2018 6AM19273002M
SACI4SAC CITY19 Jan 2018 6AM303717001M
SACI4SAC CITY20 Jan 2018 7AM284622000M
SACI4SAC CITY21 Jan 2018 7AM335026000M
SACI4SAC CITY22 Jan 2018 7AM3134310.300M
SACI4SAC CITY23 Jan 2018 6AM2231220.122M
SACI4SAC CITY24 Jan 2018 6AM222321002M
SACI4SAC CITY25 Jan 2018 6AM183117002M
SACI4SAC CITY26 Jan 2018 6AM394018001M
SACI4SAC CITY27 Jan 2018 6AM284828001M
SACI4SAC CITY28 Jan 2018 7AM164416000M
SACI4SAC CITY29 Jan 2018 6AM5214000M
SACI4SAC CITY30 Jan 2018 6AM17233000M
SACI4SAC CITY31 Jan 2018 6AM303817000M
SACI4SAC CITY1 Feb 2018 6AM6396000M
SACI4SAC CITY2 Feb 2018 6AM-215-3000M
SACI4SAC CITY3 Feb 2018 6AM2929-2000M
SACI4SAC CITY4 Feb 2018 7AM043-1000M
SACI4SAC CITY5 Feb 2018 7AM312-3000M
SACI4SAC CITY6 Feb 2018 7AM-613-80.1833M
SACI4SAC CITY7 Feb 2018 6AM-68-6003M
SACI4SAC CITY8 Feb 2018 6AM1113-6003M
SACI4SAC CITY9 Feb 2018 6AM61560.3869M
SACI4SAC CITY10 Feb 2018 6AM-18-1009M
SACI4SAC CITY11 Feb 2018 7AM57-4009M
SACI4SAC CITY12 Feb 2018 6AM-614-6009M
SACI4SAC CITY13 Feb 2018 6AM1414-6009M
SACI4SAC CITY14 Feb 2018 6AM263113007M
SACI4SAC CITY15 Feb 2018 6AM344126003M
SACI4SAC CITY16 Feb 2018 6AM4374003M
SACI4SAC CITY17 Feb 2018 6AM24263003M
SACI4SAC CITY18 Feb 2018 7AM1439140.0414M
SACI4SAC CITY19 Feb 2018 6AM2447140.0303M
SACI4SAC CITY20 Feb 2018 7AM1624160.0614M
SACI4SAC CITY21 Feb 2018 6AM3173004M
SACI4SAC CITY22 Feb 2018 6AM192030.0526M
SACI4SAC CITY23 Feb 2018 6AM1829180.2728M
SACI4SAC CITY24 Feb 2018 7AM182311008M
SACI4SAC CITY25 Feb 2018 7AM1825140.0919M
SACI4SAC CITY26 Feb 2018 6AM253512008M
SACI4SAC CITY27 Feb 2018 6AM314324006M
SACI4SAC CITY28 Feb 2018 6AM245024003M
SACI4SAC CITY1 Mar 2018 6AM243924002M
SACI4SAC CITY2 Mar 2018 6AM264120001M
SACI4SAC CITY3 Mar 2018 7AM284426001M
SACI4SAC CITY4 Mar 2018 7AM395226000M
SACI4SAC CITY5 Mar 2018 6AM365436000M
SACI4SAC CITY6 Mar 2018 6AM2337220.3222M
SACI4SAC CITY7 Mar 2018 6AM173015002M
SACI4SAC CITY8 Mar 2018 6AM132613002M
SACI4SAC CITY9 Mar 2018 6AM232813001M
SACI4SAC CITY10 Mar 2018 7AM273223001M
SACI4SAC CITY11 Mar 2018 7AM294027000M
SACI4SAC CITY12 Mar 2018 6AM243524000M
SACI4SAC CITY13 Mar 2018 6AM224222000M
SACI4SAC CITY14 Mar 2018 6AM263922000M
SACI4SAC CITY15 Mar 2018 6AM265826000M
SACI4SAC CITY16 Mar 2018 6AM284726000M
SACI4SAC CITY17 Mar 2018 6AM2936280.2500M
SACI4SAC CITY18 Mar 2018 7AM323829000M
SACI4SAC CITY19 Mar 2018 6AM333832000M
SACI4SAC CITY20 Mar 2018 6AM314831000M
SACI4SAC CITY21 Mar 2018 6AM2935290.0600M
SACI4SAC CITY22 Mar 2018 6AM314428000M
SACI4SAC CITY23 Mar 2018 6AM325230000M
SACI4SAC CITY24 Mar 2018 6AM2544250.7733M
SACI4SAC CITY25 Mar 2018 7AM283025002M
SACI4SAC CITY26 Mar 2018 6AM313228000M
SACI4SAC CITY27 Mar 2018 6AM3334300.0400M
SACI4SAC CITY28 Mar 2018 6AM274725000M
SACI4SAC CITY29 Mar 2018 6AM2757260.0500M
SACI4SAC CITY30 Mar 2018 6AM304126000M
SACI4SAC CITY31 Mar 2018 7AM295129000M
SACI4SAC CITY1 Apr 2018 7AM193319000M
SACI4SAC CITY2 Apr 2018 6AM213619000M
SACI4SAC CITY3 Apr 2018 6AM303721000M
SACI4SAC CITY4 Apr 2018 6AM93090.1311M
SACI4SAC CITY5 Apr 2018 6AM24349000M
SACI4SAC CITY6 Apr 2018 6AM254623000M
SACI4SAC CITY7 Apr 2018 7AM182513000M
SACI4SAC CITY8 Apr 2018 7AM2340180.0911M
SACI4SAC CITY9 Apr 2018 7AM2527230.1212M
SACI4SAC CITY10 Apr 2018 7AM263325001M
SACI4SAC CITY11 Apr 2018 6AM345726000M
SACI4SAC CITY12 Apr 2018 6AM355733000M
SACI4SAC CITY13 Apr 2018 6AM415834000M
SACI4SAC CITY14 Apr 2018 7AM284228000M
SACI4SAC CITY15 Apr 2018 7AM2228190.5633M
SACI4SAC CITY16 Apr 2018 6AM232717003M
SACI4SAC CITY17 Apr 2018 6AM233423000M
SACI4SAC CITY18 Apr 2018 6AM2840230.2513M
SACI4SAC CITY19 Apr 2018 6AM2534250.0721M
SACI4SAC CITY20 Apr 2018 6AM264425001M
SACI4SAC CITY21 Apr 2018 7AM405625000M
SACI4SAC CITY22 Apr 2018 7AM415635000M
SACI4SAC CITY23 Apr 2018 7AM396635000M
SACI4SAC CITY24 Apr 2018 7AM426938000M
SACI4SAC CITY25 Apr 2018 7AM3970350.0300M
SACI4SAC CITY26 Apr 2018 7AM416233000M
SACI4SAC CITY27 Apr 2018 7AM446534000M
SACI4SAC CITY28 Apr 2018 7AM387033000M
SACI4SAC CITY29 Apr 2018 7AM406033000M
SACI4SAC CITY30 Apr 2018 7AM577540000M
SACI4SAC CITY1 May 2018 7AM5583550.2700M
SACI4SAC CITY2 May 2018 7AM5075500.200M
SACI4SAC CITY3 May 2018 7AM5258470.1500M
SACI4SAC CITY4 May 2018 7AM5361491.2200M
SACI4SAC CITY5 May 2018 7AM567553000M
SACI4SAC CITY6 May 2018 7AM568055000M
SACI4SAC CITY7 May 2018 6AM497645000M
SACI4SAC CITY8 May 2018 6AM598049000M
SACI4SAC CITY9 May 2018 6AM5285520.0400M
SACI4SAC CITY10 May 2018 6AM5174500.1100M
SACI4SAC CITY11 May 2018 6AM4766460.4800M
SACI4SAC CITY12 May 2018 7AM4554440.0600M
SACI4SAC CITY13 May 2018 7AM4950440.1900M
SACI4SAC CITY14 May 2018 6AM5458480.100M
SACI4SAC CITY15 May 2018 6AM5470540.0500M
SACI4SAC CITY16 May 2018 6AM527652000M
SACI4SAC CITY17 May 2018 6AM548251000M
SACI4SAC CITY18 May 2018 6AM568354000M
SACI4SAC CITY19 May 2018 6AM538453000M
SACI4SAC CITY20 May 2018 7AM4968480.2500M
SACI4SAC CITY21 May 2018 6AM5457490.1300M
SACI4SAC CITY22 May 2018 6AM506850000M
SACI4SAC CITY23 May 2018 6AM617950000M
SACI4SAC CITY24 May 2018 6AM648861000M
SACI4SAC CITY25 May 2018 6AM668964000M
SACI4SAC CITY26 May 2018 6AM6892600.0500M
SACI4SAC CITY27 May 2018 6AM709461000M
SACI4SAC CITY28 May 2018 6AM749868000M
SACI4SAC CITY29 May 2018 6AM669565000M
SACI4SAC CITY30 May 2018 6AM6392620.1400M
SACI4SAC CITY31 May 2018 6AM628059000M
SACI4SAC CITY1 Jun 2018 6AM629062000M
SACI4SAC CITY2 Jun 2018 6AM6193600.6900M
SACI4SAC CITY3 Jun 2018 7AM637355000M
SACI4SAC CITY4 Jun 2018 6AM517749000M
SACI4SAC CITY5 Jun 2018 6AM628151000M
SACI4SAC CITY6 Jun 2018 6AM699061000M
SACI4SAC CITY7 Jun 2018 6AM659165000M
SACI4SAC CITY8 Jun 2018 6AM668165000M
SACI4SAC CITY9 Jun 2018 6AM698566000M
SACI4SAC CITY10 Jun 2018 7AM6587630.0700M
SACI4SAC CITY11 Jun 2018 6AM657765000M
SACI4SAC CITY12 Jun 2018 6AM6476631.3200M
SACI4SAC CITY13 Jun 2018 6AM568256000M
SACI4SAC CITY14 Jun 2018 6AM6176560.100M
SACI4SAC CITY15 Jun 2018 6AM7378600.2800M
SACI4SAC CITY16 Jun 2018 6AM739072000M
SACI4SAC CITY17 Jun 2018 7AM739072000M
SACI4SAC CITY18 Jun 2018 7AM708670000M
SACI4SAC CITY19 Jun 2018 7AM6787661.4500M
SACI4SAC CITY20 Jun 2018 7AM6476640.8100M
SACI4SAC CITY21 Jun 2018 6AM6268611.5700M
SACI4SAC CITY22 Jun 2018 6AM5771570.0500M
SACI4SAC CITY23 Jun 2018 6AM567356000M
SACI4SAC CITY24 Jun 2018 7AM6676560.0500M
SACI4SAC CITY25 Jun 2018 6AM6380620.2500M
SACI4SAC CITY26 Jun 2018 6AM6272620.1600M
SACI4SAC CITY27 Jun 2018 6AM6277610.200M
SACI4SAC CITY28 Jun 2018 6AM648062000M
SACI4SAC CITY29 Jun 2018 6AM778164000M
SACI4SAC CITY30 Jun 2018 6AM739073000M
SACI4SAC CITY1 Jul 2018 7AM6682651.4500M
SACI4SAC CITY2 Jul 2018 6AM617760000M
SACI4SAC CITY3 Jul 2018 6AM6582610000
SACI4SAC CITY4 Jul 2018 6AM6785650000
SACI4SAC CITY5 Jul 2018 6AM6588652.45000
SACI4SAC CITY6 Jul 2018 6AM5980590000
SACI4SAC CITY7 Jul 2018 6AM6278590000
SACI4SAC CITY8 Jul 2018 7AM6582590000
SACI4SAC CITY9 Jul 2018 6AM658363000M
SACI4SAC CITY10 Jul 2018 6AM698865000M
SACI4SAC CITY11 Jul 2018 6AM688568000M
SACI4SAC CITY12 Jul 2018 6AM738968000M
SACI4SAC CITY13 Jul 2018 7AM699069000M
SACI4SAC CITY14 Jul 2018 6AM6878671.500M
SACI4SAC CITY15 Jul 2018 6AM688164000M
SACI4SAC CITY16 Jul 2018 6AM638663000M
SACI4SAC CITY17 Jul 2018 6AM638063000M
SACI4SAC CITY18 Jul 2018 6AM608160000M
SACI4SAC CITY19 Jul 2018 6AM6681600.0700M
SACI4SAC CITY20 Jul 2018 6AM638063000M
SACI4SAC CITY21 Jul 2018 6AM637963000M
SACI4SAC CITY22 Jul 2018 7AM647960000M
SACI4SAC CITY23 Jul 2018 6AM648064000M
SACI4SAC CITY24 Jul 2018 6AM598259000M
SACI4SAC CITY25 Jul 2018 6AM598258000M
SACI4SAC CITY26 Jul 2018 6AM598158000M
SACI4SAC CITY27 Jul 2018 6AM608159000M
SACI4SAC CITY28 Jul 2018 6AM547753000M
SACI4SAC CITY29 Jul 2018 6AM587454000M
SACI4SAC CITY30 Jul 2018 6AM577756000M
SACI4SAC CITY31 Jul 2018 6AM567955000M
SACI4SAC CITY1 Aug 2018 6AM598156000M
SACI4SAC CITY2 Aug 2018 6AM538353000M
SACI4SAC CITY3 Aug 2018 6AM597753000M
SACI4SAC CITY4 Aug 2018 6AM688859000M
SACI4SAC CITY5 Aug 2018 7AM6882620.2100M
SACI4SAC CITY6 Aug 2018 6AM6578642.8500M
SACI4SAC CITY7 Aug 2018 6AM6580650.1100M
SACI4SAC CITY8 Aug 2018 6AM597958000M
SACI4SAC CITY9 Aug 2018 6AM668358000M
SACI4SAC CITY10 Aug 2018 6AM638663000M
SACI4SAC CITY11 Aug 2018 6AM618361000M
SACI4SAC CITY12 Aug 2018 7AM618260000M
SACI4SAC CITY13 Aug 2018 6AM618461000M
SACI4SAC CITY14 Aug 2018 6AM658661000M
SACI4SAC CITY15 Aug 2018 6AM6379630.1600M
SACI4SAC CITY16 Aug 2018 6AM6681630.2100M
SACI4SAC CITY17 Aug 2018 6AM6477621.200M
SACI4SAC CITY18 Aug 2018 7AM6481590.0500M
SACI4SAC CITY19 Aug 2018 7AM647763000M
SACI4SAC CITY20 Aug 2018 6AM5977591.800M
SACI4SAC CITY21 Aug 2018 6AM5372532.0500M
SACI4SAC CITY22 Aug 2018 6AM527452000M
SACI4SAC CITY23 Aug 2018 6AM647452000M
SACI4SAC CITY24 Aug 2018 6AM6480520.0700M
SACI4SAC CITY25 Aug 2018 6AM6480570.0500M
SACI4SAC CITY26 Aug 2018 7AM648257000M
SACI4SAC CITY27 Aug 2018 7AM7478631.1200M
SACI4SAC CITY28 Aug 2018 7AM718871000M
SACI4SAC CITY29 Aug 2018 7AM5177511.0100M
SACI4SAC CITY30 Aug 2018 7AM537451000M
SACI4SAC CITY31 Aug 2018 7AM657253000M
SACI4SAC CITY1 Sep 2018 7AM648364000M
SACI4SAC CITY2 Sep 2018 7AM6684640.4400M
SACI4SAC CITY3 Sep 2018 7AM6980660.0500M
SACI4SAC CITY4 Sep 2018 7AM7177680.0500M
SACI4SAC CITY5 Sep 2018 7AM6680661.3300M
SACI4SAC CITY6 Sep 2018 7AM527352000M
SACI4SAC CITY7 Sep 2018 7AM557651000M
SACI4SAC CITY8 Sep 2018 7AM477247000M
SACI4SAC CITY9 Sep 2018 7AM577447000M
SACI4SAC CITY10 Sep 2018 7AM517451000M
SACI4SAC CITY11 Sep 2018 7AM568150000M
SACI4SAC CITY12 Sep 2018 7AM608455000M
SACI4SAC CITY13 Sep 2018 7AM618559000M
SACI4SAC CITY14 Sep 2018 7AM668661000M
SACI4SAC CITY15 Sep 2018 7AM659165000M
SACI4SAC CITY16 Sep 2018 7AM649363000M
SACI4SAC CITY17 Sep 2018 7AM709163000M
SACI4SAC CITY18 Sep 2018 7AM659465000M
SACI4SAC CITY19 Sep 2018 7AM6475610.5700M
SACI4SAC CITY20 Sep 2018 7AM6683630.9500M
SACI4SAC CITY21 Sep 2018 7AM5594550.9500M
SACI4SAC CITY22 Sep 2018 7AM406140000M
SACI4SAC CITY23 Sep 2018 7AM477238000M
SACI4SAC CITY24 Sep 2018 7AM528147000M
SACI4SAC CITY25 Sep 2018 7AM558051000M
SACI4SAC CITY26 Sep 2018 7AM4559450.400M
SACI4SAC CITY27 Sep 2018 7AM556744000M
SACI4SAC CITY28 Sep 2018 7AM466746000M
SACI4SAC CITY29 Sep 2018 7AM405537000M
SACI4SAC CITY30 Sep 2018 7AM4447400.0500M
SACI4SAC CITY1 Oct 2018 7AM4650440.1600M
SACI4SAC CITY2 Oct 2018 7AM4753460.2100M
SACI4SAC CITY3 Oct 2018 7AM7072460.0600M
SACI4SAC CITY4 Oct 2018 7AM358935000M
SACI4SAC CITY5 Oct 2018 7AM4549340.100M
SACI4SAC CITY6 Oct 2018 7AM4461440.0500M
SACI4SAC CITY7 Oct 2018 7AM4350400.0400M
SACI4SAC CITY8 Oct 2018 7AM5252420.4400M
SACI4SAC CITY9 Oct 2018 7AM4960490.400M
SACI4SAC CITY10 Oct 2018 7AM4355430.6400M
SACI4SAC CITY11 Oct 2018 7AM334533000M
SACI4SAC CITY12 Oct 2018 7AM344230000M
SACI4SAC CITY13 Oct 2018 7AM4041330.0800M
SACI4SAC CITY14 Oct 2018 7AM336232000M
SACI4SAC CITY15 Oct 2018 7AM3034300.0510M
SACI4SAC CITY16 Oct 2018 7AM334727000M
SACI4SAC CITYNo Observation Reported for 2018-10-17
SACI4SAC CITYNo Observation Reported for 2018-10-18
SACI4SAC CITYNo Observation Reported for 2018-10-19
SACI4SAC CITYNo Observation Reported for 2018-10-20

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...