This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

COOP obs listed by station

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
ROKI4RED OAK1 Jan 2018 7AM-18-1-18003M
ROKI4RED OAK2 Jan 2018 7AM-181-20003M
ROKI4RED OAK3 Jan 2018 7AM1224-18TT3M
ROKI4RED OAK4 Jan 2018 7AM-616-7003M
ROKI4RED OAK5 Jan 2018 7AM1213-6003M
ROKI4RED OAK6 Jan 2018 7AM4164003M
ROKI4RED OAK7 Jan 2018 7AM29293002M
ROKI4RED OAK8 Jan 2018 7AM17401700TM
ROKI4RED OAK9 Jan 2018 7AM36451600TM
ROKI4RED OAK10 Jan 2018 7AM384735000M
ROKI4RED OAK11 Jan 2018 7AM1851180.130.2TM
ROKI4RED OAK12 Jan 2018 7AM-118-10.111M
ROKI4RED OAKNo Observation Reported for 2018-01-13
ROKI4RED OAK14 Jan 2018 7AM16168TT1M
ROKI4RED OAK15 Jan 2018 7AM42940.040.52M
ROKI4RED OAK16 Jan 2018 7AM-37-5002M
ROKI4RED OAK17 Jan 2018 7AM09-6002M
ROKI4RED OAK18 Jan 2018 7AM1625-1002M
ROKI4RED OAK19 Jan 2018 7AM333516001M
ROKI4RED OAK20 Jan 2018 7AM234523000M
ROKI4RED OAK21 Jan 2018 7AM414923000M
ROKI4RED OAK22 Jan 2018 7AM3643350.4300M
ROKI4RED OAK23 Jan 2018 7AM2639260.040TM
ROKI4RED OAK24 Jan 2018 7AM16271600TM
ROKI4RED OAK25 Jan 2018 7AM244316000M
ROKI4RED OAK26 Jan 2018 7AM465223000M
ROKI4RED OAK27 Jan 2018 7AM265526000M
ROKI4RED OAK28 Jan 2018 7AM255223000M
ROKI4RED OAK29 Jan 2018 7AM9299TT0M
ROKI4RED OAK30 Jan 2018 7AM23289000M
ROKI4RED OAK31 Jan 2018 7AM344523000M
ROKI4RED OAK1 Feb 2018 7AM134313000M
ROKI4RED OAK2 Feb 2018 7AM3223000M
ROKI4RED OAK3 Feb 2018 7AM33343000M
ROKI4RED OAK4 Feb 2018 7AM104710TT0M
ROKI4RED OAK5 Feb 2018 7AM917-1000M
ROKI4RED OAK6 Feb 2018 7AM-217-20.0911M
ROKI4RED OAK7 Feb 2018 7AM612-20.030.31M
ROKI4RED OAK8 Feb 2018 7AM12205001M
ROKI4RED OAK9 Feb 2018 7AM1630120.01TTM
ROKI4RED OAK10 Feb 2018 7AM71860.113.54M
ROKI4RED OAK11 Feb 2018 7AM21220.091.14M
ROKI4RED OAK12 Feb 2018 7AM-423-40040.4
ROKI4RED OAK13 Feb 2018 7AM2424-4004M
ROKI4RED OAK14 Feb 2018 7AM324224002M
ROKI4RED OAK15 Feb 2018 7AM35483200TM
ROKI4RED OAK16 Feb 2018 7AM125012000M
ROKI4RED OAK17 Feb 2018 7AM293112000M
ROKI4RED OAK18 Feb 2018 7AM384823000M
ROKI4RED OAK19 Feb 2018 7AM3456340.0500M
ROKI4RED OAK20 Feb 2018 7AM2234220.290.4TM
ROKI4RED OAK21 Feb 2018 7AM10221000TM
ROKI4RED OAK22 Feb 2018 7AM2427100.040.5TM
ROKI4RED OAK23 Feb 2018 7AM2432240.14TTM
ROKI4RED OAK24 Feb 2018 7AM2636230.010TM
ROKI4RED OAK25 Feb 2018 7AM2332220.0800M
ROKI4RED OAK26 Feb 2018 7AM244323000M
ROKI4RED OAK27 Feb 2018 7AM425724000M
ROKI4RED OAK28 Feb 2018 7AM366634000M
ROKI4RED OAK1 Mar 2018 7AM294629000M
ROKI4RED OAK2 Mar 2018 7AM295022000M
ROKI4RED OAK3 Mar 2018 7AM405429000M
ROKI4RED OAK4 Mar 2018 7AM466540000M
ROKI4RED OAK5 Mar 2018 7AM4660450.0300M
ROKI4RED OAK6 Mar 2018 7AM2649260.030.3TM
ROKI4RED OAK7 Mar 2018 7AM2433210.04TTM
ROKI4RED OAK8 Mar 2018 7AM23322300TM
ROKI4RED OAK9 Mar 2018 7AM294023000M
ROKI4RED OAK10 Mar 2018 7AM325028000M
ROKI4RED OAK11 Mar 2018 7AM355032TT0M
ROKI4RED OAK12 Mar 2018 7AM283928000M
ROKI4RED OAK13 Mar 2018 7AM235123000M
ROKI4RED OAK14 Mar 2018 7AM194719000M
ROKI4RED OAK15 Mar 2018 7AM366719000M
ROKI4RED OAK16 Mar 2018 7AM3863360.0200M
ROKI4RED OAK17 Mar 2018 7AM3438330.6600M
ROKI4RED OAK18 Mar 2018 7AM364034000M
ROKI4RED OAK19 Mar 2018 7AM384236000M
ROKI4RED OAK20 Mar 2018 7AM365336000M
ROKI4RED OAK21 Mar 2018 7AM3441340.0300M
ROKI4RED OAK22 Mar 2018 7AM405334000M
ROKI4RED OAK23 Mar 2018 7AM416340T00M
ROKI4RED OAK24 Mar 2018 7AM3551350.4100M
ROKI4RED OAK25 Mar 2018 7AM3237320.04T0M
ROKI4RED OAK26 Mar 2018 7AM394432T00M
ROKI4RED OAK27 Mar 2018 7AM3843370.700M
ROKI4RED OAK28 Mar 2018 7AM274827000M
ROKI4RED OAK29 Mar 2018 7AM3455270.0100M
ROKI4RED OAK30 Mar 2018 7AM314730000M
ROKI4RED OAK31 Mar 2018 7AM495631000M
ROKI4RED OAK1 Apr 2018 7AM244924000M
ROKI4RED OAK2 Apr 2018 7AM193617TT0M
ROKI4RED OAK3 Apr 2018 7AM3234190.0300M
ROKI4RED OAK4 Apr 2018 7AM133813T00M
ROKI4RED OAK5 Apr 2018 7AM314113000M
ROKI4RED OAK6 Apr 2018 7AM316130000M
ROKI4RED OAK7 Apr 2018 7AM1431130.0200M
ROKI4RED OAK8 Apr 2018 7AM324314000M
ROKI4RED OAK9 Apr 2018 7AM3335320.0100M
ROKI4RED OAK10 Apr 2018 7AM243723TT0M
ROKI4RED OAK11 Apr 2018 7AM416124000M
ROKI4RED OAK12 Apr 2018 7AM437441000M
ROKI4RED OAK13 Apr 2018 7AM637343000M
ROKI4RED OAK14 Apr 2018 7AM3982390.1700M
ROKI4RED OAK15 Apr 2018 7AM2440230.110.1TM
ROKI4RED OAK16 Apr 2018 7AM263223TTTM
ROKI4RED OAK17 Apr 2018 7AM294826000M
ROKI4RED OAK18 Apr 2018 7AM3458290.0100M
ROKI4RED OAK19 Apr 2018 7AM2742250.01T0M
ROKI4RED OAK20 Apr 2018 7AM375827000M
ROKI4RED OAK21 Apr 2018 7AM476237000M
ROKI4RED OAK22 Apr 2018 7AM475847000M
ROKI4RED OAK23 Apr 2018 7AM397138000M
ROKI4RED OAK24 Apr 2018 7AM407439000M
ROKI4RED OAK25 Apr 2018 7AM4677400.0100M
ROKI4RED OAK26 Apr 2018 7AM3361330.0100M
ROKI4RED OAK27 Apr 2018 7AM357233000M
ROKI4RED OAK28 Apr 2018 7AM387935000M
ROKI4RED OAK29 Apr 2018 7AM466638000M
ROKI4RED OAK30 Apr 2018 7AM607546000M
ROKI4RED OAK1 May 2018 7AM6383600.0700M
ROKI4RED OAK2 May 2018 7AM6378620.2600M
ROKI4RED OAK3 May 2018 7AM5871550.9100M
ROKI4RED OAK4 May 2018 7AM5174490.1800M
ROKI4RED OAK5 May 2018 7AM477845000M
ROKI4RED OAK6 May 2018 7AM5383470.0900M
ROKI4RED OAK7 May 2018 7AM478446000M
ROKI4RED OAK8 May 2018 7AM648147000M
ROKI4RED OAK9 May 2018 7AM618556000M
ROKI4RED OAK10 May 2018 7AM558252000M
ROKI4RED OAK11 May 2018 7AM5182510.500M
ROKI4RED OAK12 May 2018 7AM5065500.1800M
ROKI4RED OAK13 May 2018 7AM566650000M
ROKI4RED OAK14 May 2018 7AM6378560.2200M
ROKI4RED OAK15 May 2018 7AM617960000M
ROKI4RED OAK16 May 2018 7AM577855000M
ROKI4RED OAK17 May 2018 7AM598357000M
ROKI4RED OAK18 May 2018 7AM608355000M
ROKI4RED OAK19 May 2018 7AM668560000M
ROKI4RED OAK20 May 2018 7AM567456000M
ROKI4RED OAK21 May 2018 7AM607156000M
ROKI4RED OAK22 May 2018 7AM627658000M
ROKI4RED OAK23 May 2018 7AM6983620.1900M
ROKI4RED OAK24 May 2018 7AM699068000M
ROKI4RED OAK25 May 2018 7AM668865000M
ROKI4RED OAK26 May 2018 7AM709365000M
ROKI4RED OAK27 May 2018 7AM6810164000M
ROKI4RED OAK28 May 2018 7AM7110065000M
ROKI4RED OAK29 May 2018 7AM739667000M
ROKI4RED OAK30 May 2018 7AM6491631.56T0M
ROKI4RED OAK31 May 2018 7AM668464000M
ROKI4RED OAK1 Jun 2018 7AM669463000M
ROKI4RED OAK2 Jun 2018 7AM6492631.8300M
ROKI4RED OAK3 Jun 2018 7AM587854000M
ROKI4RED OAK4 Jun 2018 7AM568152000M
ROKI4RED OAK5 Jun 2018 7AM637556000M
ROKI4RED OAK6 Jun 2018 7AM678863000M
ROKI4RED OAK7 Jun 2018 7AM6791650.4300M
ROKI4RED OAK8 Jun 2018 7AM688466T00M
ROKI4RED OAK9 Jun 2018 7AM698968T00M
ROKI4RED OAK10 Jun 2018 7AM728969000M
ROKI4RED OAK11 Jun 2018 7AM728870000M
ROKI4RED OAK12 Jun 2018 7AM6590640.7100M
ROKI4RED OAK13 Jun 2018 7AM648663000M
ROKI4RED OAK14 Jun 2018 7AM688164T00M
ROKI4RED OAK15 Jun 2018 7AM768564000M
ROKI4RED OAK16 Jun 2018 7AM769275000M
ROKI4RED OAK17 Jun 2018 7AM779275000M
ROKI4RED OAK18 Jun 2018 7AM759274000M
ROKI4RED OAK19 Jun 2018 7AM7093682.700M
ROKI4RED OAK20 Jun 2018 7AM6983670.2800M
ROKI4RED OAK21 Jun 2018 7AM6176600.0600M
ROKI4RED OAK22 Jun 2018 7AM6077600.300M
ROKI4RED OAK23 Jun 2018 7AM6475600.0200M
ROKI4RED OAK24 Jun 2018 7AM6778640.0600M
ROKI4RED OAK25 Jun 2018 7AM688665000M
ROKI4RED OAK26 Jun 2018 7AM6379631.1300M
ROKI4RED OAK27 Jun 2018 7AM668262000M
ROKI4RED OAK28 Jun 2018 7AM768766000M
ROKI4RED OAK29 Jun 2018 7AM788972000M
ROKI4RED OAK30 Jun 2018 7AM779375000M
ROKI4RED OAK1 Jul 2018 7AM6991680.2900M
ROKI4RED OAK2 Jul 2018 7AM638260000M
ROKI4RED OAK3 Jul 2018 7AM718463000M
ROKI4RED OAK4 Jul 2018 7AM789171000M
ROKI4RED OAK5 Jul 2018 7AM7091690.1600M
ROKI4RED OAK6 Jul 2018 7AM678564000M
ROKI4RED OAK7 Jul 2018 7AM678564000M
ROKI4RED OAK8 Jul 2018 7AM638560000M
ROKI4RED OAK9 Jul 2018 7AM688763000M
ROKI4RED OAK10 Jul 2018 7AM699166000M
ROKI4RED OAK11 Jul 2018 7AM769269000M
ROKI4RED OAK12 Jul 2018 7AM769375000M
ROKI4RED OAK13 Jul 2018 7AM779574000M
ROKI4RED OAK14 Jul 2018 7AM6993691.0200M
ROKI4RED OAK15 Jul 2018 7AM688865000M
ROKI4RED OAK16 Jul 2018 7AM729068000M
ROKI4RED OAK17 Jul 2018 7AM709068000M
ROKI4RED OAK18 Jul 2018 7AM6875631.0800M
ROKI4RED OAK19 Jul 2018 7AM7182680.0300M
ROKI4RED OAK20 Jul 2018 7AM678762000M
ROKI4RED OAK21 Jul 2018 7AM668762000M
ROKI4RED OAK22 Jul 2018 7AM658562000M
ROKI4RED OAK23 Jul 2018 7AM658564000M
ROKI4RED OAK24 Jul 2018 7AM6285590.0400M
ROKI4RED OAK25 Jul 2018 7AM618559000M
ROKI4RED OAK26 Jul 2018 7AM628361000M
ROKI4RED OAK27 Jul 2018 7AM578455000M
ROKI4RED OAK28 Jul 2018 7AM6280570.1400M
ROKI4RED OAK29 Jul 2018 7AM6474620.4400M
ROKI4RED OAK30 Jul 2018 7AM5977580.2400M
ROKI4RED OAK31 Jul 2018 7AM6078580.1300M
ROKI4RED OAK1 Aug 2018 7AM588357000M
ROKI4RED OAK2 Aug 2018 7AM638458000M
ROKI4RED OAK3 Aug 2018 7AM648563000M
ROKI4RED OAK4 Aug 2018 7AM699164000M
ROKI4RED OAK5 Aug 2018 7AM7188680.0200M
ROKI4RED OAK6 Aug 2018 7AM719270000M
ROKI4RED OAK7 Aug 2018 7AM6889680.0700M
ROKI4RED OAK8 Aug 2018 7AM628761000M
ROKI4RED OAK9 Aug 2018 7AM648762000M
ROKI4RED OAK10 Aug 2018 7AM679164000M
ROKI4RED OAK11 Aug 2018 7AM618961000M
ROKI4RED OAK12 Aug 2018 7AM638861000M
ROKI4RED OAK13 Aug 2018 7AM649063000M
ROKI4RED OAK14 Aug 2018 7AM709264000M
ROKI4RED OAK15 Aug 2018 7AM6873672.4900M
ROKI4RED OAK16 Aug 2018 7AM688467000M
ROKI4RED OAK17 Aug 2018 7AM658464000M
ROKI4RED OAK18 Aug 2018 7AM648664000M
ROKI4RED OAK19 Aug 2018 7AM668564000M
ROKI4RED OAK20 Aug 2018 7AM6778653.4400M
ROKI4RED OAK21 Aug 2018 7AM6471620.3900M
ROKI4RED OAK22 Aug 2018 7AM567655000M
ROKI4RED OAK23 Aug 2018 7AM597756000M
ROKI4RED OAK24 Aug 2018 7AM6970590.0400M
ROKI4RED OAK25 Aug 2018 7AM6285620.1800M
ROKI4RED OAK26 Aug 2018 7AM779062000M
ROKI4RED OAK27 Aug 2018 7AM7485740.5700M
ROKI4RED OAK28 Aug 2018 7AM749174000M
ROKI4RED OAK29 Aug 2018 7AM5483540.0100M
ROKI4RED OAK30 Aug 2018 7AM627754000M
ROKI4RED OAK31 Aug 2018 7AM688362T00M
ROKI4RED OAK1 Sep 2018 7AM7081680.6100M
ROKI4RED OAK2 Sep 2018 7AM6887661.3500M
ROKI4RED OAK3 Sep 2018 7AM6881681.1700M
ROKI4RED OAK4 Sep 2018 7AM7282680.2900M
ROKI4RED OAK5 Sep 2018 7AM7383720.6800M
ROKI4RED OAK6 Sep 2018 7AM6476640.3800M
ROKI4RED OAK7 Sep 2018 7AM6175610.6800M
ROKI4RED OAK8 Sep 2018 7AM5968591.0700M
ROKI4RED OAK9 Sep 2018 7AM517550000M
ROKI4RED OAK10 Sep 2018 7AM547551000M
ROKI4RED OAK11 Sep 2018 7AM587953000M
ROKI4RED OAK12 Sep 2018 7AM628258000M
ROKI4RED OAK13 Sep 2018 7AM658262000M
ROKI4RED OAK14 Sep 2018 7AM708465000M
ROKI4RED OAK15 Sep 2018 7AM669066000M
ROKI4RED OAK16 Sep 2018 7AM649164000M
ROKI4RED OAK17 Sep 2018 7AM668964000M
ROKI4RED OAK18 Sep 2018 7AM729266000M
ROKI4RED OAK19 Sep 2018 7AM6892650.700M
ROKI4RED OAK20 Sep 2018 7AM749168000M
ROKI4RED OAK21 Sep 2018 7AM5892580.6400M
ROKI4RED OAK22 Sep 2018 7AM436742000M
ROKI4RED OAK23 Sep 2018 7AM497142000M
ROKI4RED OAK24 Sep 2018 7AM577849000M
ROKI4RED OAK25 Sep 2018 7AM668157000M
ROKI4RED OAK26 Sep 2018 7AM4468430.2500M
ROKI4RED OAK27 Sep 2018 7AM466944000M
ROKI4RED OAK28 Sep 2018 7AM517645T00M
ROKI4RED OAK29 Sep 2018 7AM4851420.0500M
ROKI4RED OAK30 Sep 2018 7AM5051470.2900M
ROKI4RED OAK1 Oct 2018 7AM5253490.1400M
ROKI4RED OAK2 Oct 2018 7AM5459520.0300M
ROKI4RED OAK3 Oct 2018 7AM717554T00M
ROKI4RED OAK4 Oct 2018 7AM428942000M
ROKI4RED OAK5 Oct 2018 7AM525741T00M
ROKI4RED OAK6 Oct 2018 7AM4660461.0200M
ROKI4RED OAK7 Oct 2018 7AM4750460.1300M
ROKI4RED OAK8 Oct 2018 7AM5858471.200M
ROKI4RED OAK9 Oct 2018 7AM6371581.1300M
ROKI4RED OAK10 Oct 2018 7AM4973490.6900M
ROKI4RED OAK11 Oct 2018 7AM4052400.0100M
ROKI4RED OAK12 Oct 2018 7AM3851360.0200M
ROKI4RED OAK13 Oct 2018 7AM4346380.0700M
ROKI4RED OAK14 Oct 2018 7AM446042T00M
ROKI4RED OAK15 Oct 2018 7AM3544320.13T0M
ROKI4RED OAK16 Oct 2018 7AM324832000M
ROKI4RED OAK17 Oct 2018 7AM356732000M
ROKI4RED OAK18 Oct 2018 7AM396434000M
ROKI4RED OAK19 Oct 2018 7AM5170380.0100M
ROKI4RED OAK20 Oct 2018 7AM387337000M
ROKI4RED OAK21 Oct 2018 7AM315728000M
ROKI4RED OAK22 Oct 2018 7AM406731000M
ROKI4RED OAK23 Oct 2018 7AM347134000M
ROKI4RED OAK24 Oct 2018 7AM376233000M
ROKI4RED OAK25 Oct 2018 7AM466035T00M
ROKI4RED OAK26 Oct 2018 7AM4449430.2600M
ROKI4RED OAK27 Oct 2018 7AM345634000M
ROKI4RED OAK28 Oct 2018 7AM427034000M
ROKI4RED OAK29 Oct 2018 7AM346434000M
ROKI4RED OAK30 Oct 2018 7AM476933000M
ROKI4RED OAK31 Oct 2018 7AM416241000M
ROKI4RED OAK1 Nov 2018 7AM336132000M
ROKI4RED OAK2 Nov 2018 7AM396233000M
ROKI4RED OAK3 Nov 2018 7AM4256380.0600M
ROKI4RED OAK4 Nov 2018 7AM4247420.4100M
ROKI4RED OAK5 Nov 2018 7AM4245350.0100M
ROKI4RED OAK6 Nov 2018 7AM3648360.2200M
ROKI4RED OAK7 Nov 2018 7AM274726000M
ROKI4RED OAK8 Nov 2018 7AM284027000M
ROKI4RED OAK9 Nov 2018 7AM2831230.02TTM
ROKI4RED OAK10 Nov 2018 7AM92880.041.2TM
ROKI4RED OAK11 Nov 2018 7AM2130900TM
ROKI4RED OAK12 Nov 2018 7AM234420000M
ROKI4RED OAK13 Nov 2018 7AM102610TT0M
ROKI4RED OAK14 Nov 2018 7AM21359000M
ROKI4RED OAK15 Nov 2018 7AM254421000M
ROKI4RED OAK16 Nov 2018 7AM294925000M
ROKI4RED OAK17 Nov 2018 7AM325429000M
ROKI4RED OAK18 Nov 2018 7AM73270.132.32M
ROKI4RED OAK19 Nov 2018 7AM16256002M
ROKI4RED OAK20 Nov 2018 7AM124112TT1M
ROKI4RED OAK21 Nov 2018 7AM24381200TM

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...