This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS1 Jan 2018 8AM-19-11-25005M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS2 Jan 2018 8AM-15-6-27005M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS3 Jan 2018 8AM-219-15004M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS4 Jan 2018 8AM-15-16004M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS5 Jan 2018 8AM210-2004M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS6 Jan 2018 8AM011-9004M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS7 Jan 2018 8AM20200004M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS8 Jan 2018 8AM123612003M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS9 Jan 2018 8AM324011002M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS10 Jan 2018 8AM344331001M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS11 Jan 2018 8AM73770.070.5TM
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS12 Jan 2018 8AM-810-800TM
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS13 Jan 2018 8AM-55-800TM
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS14 Jan 2018 8AM1212-600TM
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS15 Jan 2018 8AM-625-60.0811M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS16 Jan 2018 8AM-6-2-8001M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS17 Jan 2018 8AM77-8001M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS18 Jan 2018 8AM15316001M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS19 Jan 2018 8AM273913001M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS20 Jan 2018 8AM245424000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS21 Jan 2018 8AM284223000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS22 Jan 2018 8AM27412700TM
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS23 Jan 2018 8AM2128210.2444M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS24 Jan 2018 8AM182418004M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS25 Jan 2018 8AM242613004M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS26 Jan 2018 8AM343923003M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS27 Jan 2018 8AM244524002M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS28 Jan 2018 8AM1140110.071.54M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS29 Jan 2018 8AM-811-8004M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS30 Jan 2018 8AM1919-8004M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS31 Jan 2018 8AM293519003M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS1 Feb 2018 8AM34030T3M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS2 Feb 2018 8AM412-3003M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS3 Feb 2018 8AM24284003M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS4 Feb 2018 8AM-237-3003M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS5 Feb 2018 8AM89-2T0.54M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS6 Feb 2018 8AM-616-120.132.36M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS7 Feb 2018 8AM08-6006M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS8 Feb 2018 8AM-111-1TT6M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS9 Feb 2018 8AM417-20.173.69M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS10 Feb 2018 8AM-417-5TT9M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS11 Feb 2018 8AM-210-9009M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS12 Feb 2018 8AM-719-7009M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS13 Feb 2018 8AM1515-7TT9M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS14 Feb 2018 8AM123210007M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS15 Feb 2018 8AM204811004M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS17 Feb 2018 8AM232410.11.55M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS18 Feb 2018 8AM283414004M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS19 Feb 2018 8AM154515003M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS20 Feb 2018 8AM91890.050.94M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS21 Feb 2018 8AM-514-5004M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS22 Feb 2018 8AM1821-50T4M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS23 Feb 2018 8AM1827180.152.26M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS24 Feb 2018 8AM152512005M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS25 Feb 2018 8AM152370.1127M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS26 Feb 2018 8AM9336007M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS27 Feb 2018 8AM19429006M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS28 Feb 2018 8AM183714006M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS1 Mar 2018 8AM153615005M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS2 Mar 2018 8AM223612005M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS3 Mar 2018 8AM324312004M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS4 Mar 2018 8AM394732003M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS5 Mar 2018 8AM3648360.2500M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS6 Mar 2018 8AM2636230.321.82M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS7 Mar 2018 8AM233017002M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS8 Mar 2018 8AM132613002M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS9 Mar 2018 8AM263013001M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS10 Mar 2018 8AM283725001M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS11 Mar 2018 8AM3039280.0501M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS12 Mar 2018 8AM213121001M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS13 Mar 2018 8AM203920000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS14 Mar 2018 8AM293820000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS15 Mar 2018 8AM275527000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS16 Mar 2018 8AM294627000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS17 Mar 2018 8AM3039280.300M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS18 Mar 2018 8AM333730000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS19 Mar 2018 8AM344230000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS20 Mar 2018 8AM3142310.02TTM
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS21 Mar 2018 8AM323629T00M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS22 Mar 2018 8AM314830000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS23 Mar 2018 8AM345131000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS24 Mar 2018 8AM2744271.14.55M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS25 Mar 2018 8AM323325004M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS26 Mar 2018 8AM333431003M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS27 Mar 2018 8AM333531T03M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS28 Mar 2018 8AM345432001M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS29 Mar 2018 8AM265426000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS30 Mar 2018 8AM303826000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS31 Mar 2018 8AM2750270.0200M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS1 Apr 2018 8AM163016000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS2 Apr 2018 8AM253616000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS3 Apr 2018 8AM2736250.34.54M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS4 Apr 2018 8AM52940.0514M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS5 Apr 2018 8AM21305004M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS6 Apr 2018 8AM184518002M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS7 Apr 2018 8AM142312000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS8 Apr 2018 8AM273814000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS9 Apr 2018 8AM2629260.344M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS10 Apr 2018 8AM303626002M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS11 Apr 2018 8AM365830000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS12 Apr 2018 8AM335232000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS13 Apr 2018 8AM3653330.3800M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS14 Apr 2018 8AM2539250.2400M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS15 Apr 2018 8AM2126210.585.55M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS16 Apr 2018 8AM1929180T5M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS17 Apr 2018 8AM243719000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS18 Apr 2018 8AM2948240.172.12M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS19 Apr 2018 8AM2435230.130.50M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS20 Apr 2018 8AM304724000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS21 Apr 2018 8AM385330000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS22 Apr 2018 8AM355433000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS23 Apr 2018 8AM366434000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS24 Apr 2018 8AM457236000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS25 Apr 2018 8AM345432000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS26 Apr 2018 8AM436334000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS27 Apr 2018 8AM456139000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS28 Apr 2018 8AM406333000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS29 Apr 2018 8AM536340000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS30 Apr 2018 8AM5676530.0200M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS1 May 2018 8AM5385530.1700M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS2 May 2018 8AM4363420.0700M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS3 May 2018 8AM476543000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS4 May 2018 8AM4968430.0800M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS5 May 2018 8AM467846000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS6 May 2018 8AM608446000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS7 May 2018 8AM497946000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS8 May 2018 8AM5683490.4300M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS9 May 2018 8AM5370510.4200M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS10 May 2018 8AM4574450.3800M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS11 May 2018 8AM4562431.3300M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS12 May 2018 8AM4651450.0400M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS13 May 2018 8AM5055460.0100M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS14 May 2018 8AM5867500.0800M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS15 May 2018 8AM5269500.1800M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS16 May 2018 8AM558152000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS17 May 2018 8AM608655000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS18 May 2018 8AM648660000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS19 May 2018 8AM477846000M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS20 May 2018 8AM4962470.0800M
RKRI4ROCK RAPIDS21 May 2018 8AM5562490.200M

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...