This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

COOP obs listed by station

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
OSEI4OSCEOLA1 Jan 2019 7AM1436140.24TTM
OSEI4OSCEOLA2 Jan 2019 7AM181812000M
OSEI4OSCEOLA3 Jan 2019 7AM243612000M
OSEI4OSCEOLA4 Jan 2019 7AM265024000M
OSEI4OSCEOLA5 Jan 2019 7AM305426000M
OSEI4OSCEOLA6 Jan 2019 7AM506828000M
OSEI4OSCEOLA7 Jan 2019 7AM3853370.0900M
OSEI4OSCEOLA8 Jan 2019 7AM214721000M
OSEI4OSCEOLA9 Jan 2019 7AM214721000M
OSEI4OSCEOLA10 Jan 2019 7AM162716000M
OSEI4OSCEOLA11 Jan 2019 7AM313816000M
OSEI4OSCEOLA12 Jan 2019 7AM2735270.5366M
OSEI4OSCEOLA13 Jan 2019 7AM2430240.242.59M
OSEI4OSCEOLA14 Jan 2019 7AM243213007M
OSEI4OSCEOLA15 Jan 2019 7AM303024T07M
OSEI4OSCEOLA16 Jan 2019 7AM273427004M
OSEI4OSCEOLA17 Jan 2019 7AM262722004M
OSEI4OSCEOLA18 Jan 2019 7AM233123004M
OSEI4OSCEOLA19 Jan 2019 7AM1224120.264.57M
OSEI4OSCEOLA20 Jan 2019 7AM412-10.130.78M
OSEI4OSCEOLA21 Jan 2019 7AM7100007M
OSEI4OSCEOLA22 Jan 2019 7AM28287T07M
OSEI4OSCEOLA23 Jan 2019 7AM1332130.19310M
OSEI4OSCEOLA24 Jan 2019 7AM22239008M
OSEI4OSCEOLA25 Jan 2019 7AM222-19008M
OSEI4OSCEOLA26 Jan 2019 7AM524-19008M
OSEI4OSCEOLA27 Jan 2019 7AM330-3008M
OSEI4OSCEOLA28 Jan 2019 7AM17373T08M
OSEI4OSCEOLA29 Jan 2019 7AM017-1007M
OSEI4OSCEOLA30 Jan 2019 7AM-206-21007M
OSEI4OSCEOLA31 Jan 2019 7AM-5-5-210.03T7M
OSEI4OSCEOLA1 Feb 2019 7AM-39-21007M
OSEI4OSCEOLA2 Feb 2019 7AM3737-3006M
OSEI4OSCEOLA3 Feb 2019 7AM434737T03M
OSEI4OSCEOLA4 Feb 2019 7AM255025T00M
OSEI4OSCEOLA5 Feb 2019 7AM112511000M
OSEI4OSCEOLA6 Feb 2019 7AM1719100.02T0M
OSEI4OSCEOLA7 Feb 2019 7AM1224120.120.51M
OSEI4OSCEOLA8 Feb 2019 7AM-112-1001M
OSEI4OSCEOLA9 Feb 2019 7AM613-2001M
OSEI4OSCEOLA10 Feb 2019 7AM232560.08T1M
OSEI4OSCEOLA11 Feb 2019 7AM2430230.1212M
OSEI4OSCEOLA12 Feb 2019 7AM2528240.2635M
OSEI4OSCEOLANo Observation Reported for 2019-02-13
OSEI4OSCEOLA14 Feb 2019 7AM35392003M
OSEI4OSCEOLA15 Feb 2019 7AM5445001M
OSEI4OSCEOLA16 Feb 2019 7AM3143001M
OSEI4OSCEOLA17 Feb 2019 7AM252530.334M
OSEI4OSCEOLA18 Feb 2019 7AM122760.0215M
OSEI4OSCEOLA19 Feb 2019 7AM222-5005M
OSEI4OSCEOLA20 Feb 2019 7AM272720.151.56M
OSEI4OSCEOLA21 Feb 2019 7AM-132-1005M
OSEI4OSCEOLA22 Feb 2019 7AM1136-1003M
OSEI4OSCEOLA23 Feb 2019 7AM3336-10.903M
OSEI4OSCEOLA24 Feb 2019 7AM153515002M
OSEI4OSCEOLA25 Feb 2019 7AM1181002M
OSEI4OSCEOLA26 Feb 2019 7AM6151002M
OSEI4OSCEOLA27 Feb 2019 7AM12216T02M
OSEI4OSCEOLA28 Feb 2019 7AM9156002M
OSEI4OSCEOLA1 Mar 2019 7AM13239000M
OSEI4OSCEOLA2 Mar 2019 7AM103410002M
OSEI4OSCEOLA3 Mar 2019 7AM0200TT2M
OSEI4OSCEOLA4 Mar 2019 7AM-36-4002M
OSEI4OSCEOLA5 Mar 2019 7AM812-3002M
OSEI4OSCEOLA6 Mar 2019 7AM10195002M
OSEI4OSCEOLA7 Mar 2019 7AM2035100.0313M
OSEI4OSCEOLA8 Mar 2019 7AM2727190.040.53M
OSEI4OSCEOLA9 Mar 2019 7AM3639190.2102M
OSEI4OSCEOLA10 Mar 2019 7AM2537250.860TM
OSEI4OSCEOLA11 Mar 2019 7AM23372300TM
OSEI4OSCEOLA12 Mar 2019 7AM36482300TM
OSEI4OSCEOLA13 Mar 2019 7AM4849360.2300M
OSEI4OSCEOLA14 Mar 2019 7AM4759470.3700M
OSEI4OSCEOLA15 Mar 2019 7AM2947290.0200M
OSEI4OSCEOLA16 Mar 2019 7AM224621000M
OSEI4OSCEOLA17 Mar 2019 7AM265321000M
OSEI4OSCEOLA18 Mar 2019 7AM255321000M
OSEI4OSCEOLA19 Mar 2019 7AM334825000M
OSEI4OSCEOLA20 Mar 2019 7AM3648330.2500M
OSEI4OSCEOLA21 Mar 2019 7AM315430000M
OSEI4OSCEOLA22 Mar 2019 7AM335630000M
OSEI4OSCEOLA23 Mar 2019 7AM286027000M
OSEI4OSCEOLA24 Mar 2019 7AM4655270.0100M
OSEI4OSCEOLANo Observation Reported for 2019-03-25

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...