This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

COOP obs listed by station

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON1 Jan 2018 8AM-18-6-19002M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON2 Jan 2018 7AM-18-5-20002M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON3 Jan 2018 8AM013-19TT2M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON4 Jan 2018 7AM-54-10002M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON5 Jan 2018 7AM-94-10002M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON6 Jan 2018 8AM-114-12002M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON7 Jan 2018 8AM1112-12002M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON8 Jan 2018 7AM203111002M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON9 Jan 2018 7AM243717001M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON10 Jan 2018 7AM313423001M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON11 Jan 2018 7AM1839180.0900M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON12 Jan 2018 7AM-518-50.111M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON13 Jan 2018 8AM-104-10001M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON14 Jan 2018 7AM27-12001M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON15 Jan 2018 7AM21910.1433M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON16 Jan 2018 7AM23-70.040.33M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON17 Jan 2018 8AM-36-6003M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON18 Jan 2018 7AM1620-3002M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON19 Jan 2018 7AM2332-3002M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON20 Jan 2018 8AM414323001M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON21 Jan 2018 7AM295026000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON22 Jan 2018 7AM3436291.3700M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON23 Jan 2018 7AM2334230.7511M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON24 Jan 2018 8AM152314001M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON25 Jan 2018 7AM202515001M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON26 Jan 2018 7AM353620000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON27 Jan 2018 8AM295025000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON28 Jan 2018 8AM184218000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON29 Jan 2018 7AM112311000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON30 Jan 2018 7AM7185000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON31 Jan 2018 7AM30317000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON1 Feb 2018 7AM-135-1000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON2 Feb 2018 8AM08-5000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON3 Feb 2018 8AM20200000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON4 Feb 2018 8AM43240.0311M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON5 Feb 2018 7AM-141-90010
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON6 Feb 2018 8AM-119-130.234M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON7 Feb 2018 8AM48-120.0425M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON8 Feb 2018 8AM511-30.010.54M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON9 Feb 2018 7AM71740.2267M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON10 Feb 2018 8AM211000MM
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON11 Feb 2018 8AM28100MM
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON12 Feb 2018 7AM117-200MM
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON13 Feb 2018 8AM1314000MM
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON14 Feb 2018 8AM16271300MM
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON15 Feb 2018 8AM344015002M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON16 Feb 2018 8AM4394002M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON17 Feb 2018 8AM18194002M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON18 Feb 2018 8AM182912002M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON19 Feb 2018 8AM333918001M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON20 Feb 2018 7AM2935290.65010
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON21 Feb 2018 7AM8298001M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON22 Feb 2018 7AM222380000
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON23 Feb 2018 7AM2932220.3T00
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON24 Feb 2018 8AM203019000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON25 Feb 2018 8AM1532150.2511M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON26 Feb 2018 8AM203215001M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON27 Feb 2018 7AM3144200000
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON28 Feb 2018 7AM3152280000
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON1 Mar 2018 7AM3246310000
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON2 Mar 2018 7AM2341220000
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON3 Mar 2018 8AM3343220000
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON4 Mar 2018 8AM3345220000
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON5 Mar 2018 7AM3248320000
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON6 Mar 2018 7AM2632240.5444
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON7 Mar 2018 7AM1231110044
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON8 Mar 2018 7AM92380044
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON9 Mar 2018 7AM122490044
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON10 Mar 2018 8AM303012004M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON11 Mar 2018 8AM2934290.215M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON12 Mar 2018 8AM243624004M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON13 Mar 2018 7AM203420004M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON14 Mar 2018 8AM203019004M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON15 Mar 2018 8AM284520000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON16 Mar 2018 7AM24422400MM
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON17 Mar 2018 8AM314223000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON18 Mar 2018 8AM254925000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON19 Mar 2018 7AM3344240000
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON20 Mar 2018 7AM2749270000
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON21 Mar 2018 7AM2334230000
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON22 Mar 2018 8AM254023000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON23 Mar 2018 7AM284624000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON24 Mar 2018 9AM2746241.758.59M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON25 Mar 2018 7AM2433240.24012M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON26 Mar 2018 7AM273623009M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON27 Mar 2018 7AM3236270.300M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON28 Mar 2018 7AM183517000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON29 Mar 2018 8AM384018004M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON30 Mar 2018 7AM264026000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON31 Mar 2018 8AM4041260.200M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON1 Apr 2018 8AM264114000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON2 Apr 2018 6AM193119000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON3 Apr 2018 8AM303819000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON4 Apr 2018 8AM83180.244M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON5 Apr 2018 8AM14248002M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON6 Apr 2018 7AM223714000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON7 Apr 2018 8AM112310000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON8 Apr 2018 8AM173010000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON9 Apr 2018 8AM2433170.173.53M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON10 Apr 2018 7AM203520000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON11 Apr 2018 7AM324020000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON12 Apr 2018 7AM3750320.0500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON13 Apr 2018 7AM3856350.400M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON14 Apr 2018 8AM324031100M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON15 Apr 2018 8AM2232210.4422M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON16 Apr 2018 7AM2126200.202M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON17 Apr 2018 8AM212921002M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON18 Apr 2018 7AM293921000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON19 Apr 2018 7AM2531240.688M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON20 Apr 2018 8AM284122005M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON21 Apr 2018 8AM394928000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON22 Apr 2018 8AM485738000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON23 Apr 2018 7AM406340000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON24 Apr 2018 7AM446740000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON25 Apr 2018 7AM386937000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON26 Apr 2018 8AM375835000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON27 Apr 2018 7AM346631000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON28 Apr 2018 8AM336532000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON29 Apr 2018 8AM355532000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON30 Apr 2018 8AM496635000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON1 May 2018 7AM618249T00M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON2 May 2018 7AM5774551.2T0M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON3 May 2018 7AM4962490.27T0M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON4 May 2018 7AM5267493.2T0M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON5 May 2018 8AM587148000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON6 May 2018 8AM597851000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON7 May 2018 7AM517846000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON8 May 2018 7AM587951000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON9 May 2018 8AM5581540.700M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON10 May 2018 8AM546648000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON11 May 2018 8AM4364430.700M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON12 May 2018 8AM4246390.1500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON13 May 2018 8AM4552420.2500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON14 May 2018 8AM545645000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON15 May 2018 8AM557054000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON16 May 2018 7AM577854000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON17 May 2018 7AM598152000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON18 May 2018 7AM558452000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON19 May 2018 8AM567952000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON20 May 2018 8AM487448100M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON21 May 2018 7AM5157480.3200M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON22 May 2018 7AM606051000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON23 May 2018 7AM6074600.0500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON24 May 2018 8AM828260000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON25 May 2018 7AM648862000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON26 May 2018 8AM6788611.3200M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON27 May 2018 8AM729164000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON28 May 2018 9AM789467000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON30 May 2018 7AM6694650.3500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON1 Jun 2018 7AM708564000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON2 Jun 2018 8AM598859000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON3 Jun 2018 8AM5671530.2300M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON4 Jun 2018 7AM547048000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON5 Jun 2018 7AM638348000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON6 Jun 2018 7AM598848000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON7 Jun 2018 7AM648848000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON8 Jun 2018 7AM6185601.3100M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON9 Jun 2018 8AM658557000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON10 Jun 2018 8AM6382632.1500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON11 Jun 2018 6AM617361000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON12 Jun 2018 7AM647361000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON13 Jun 2018 7AM5976560.1500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON14 Jun 2018 7AM627659000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON15 Jun 2018 7AM6671590.1500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON16 Jun 2018 8AM739066000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON17 Jun 2018 8AM889072000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON18 Jun 2018 7AM7391720.2200M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON19 Jun 2018 7AM7085691.100M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON20 Jun 2018 7AM6572650.4500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON21 Jun 2018 7AM6274621.4500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON22 Jun 2018 7AM5963560.3500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON23 Jun 2018 8AM617859000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON24 Jun 2018 8AM667959000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON25 Jun 2018 7AM628162000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON26 Jun 2018 7AM6378620.900M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON27 Jun 2018 8AM657661000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON28 Jun 2018 8AM718163000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON29 Jun 2018 8AM718269000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON30 Jun 2018 8AM7388602.2500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON1 Jul 2018 8AM7377602.2500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON2 Jul 2018 7AM637758000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON3 Jul 2018 7AM678262000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON4 Jul 2018 8AM778567000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON5 Jul 2018 7AM6990680.700M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON6 Jul 2018 7AM638159000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON7 Jul 2018 8AM637956000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON8 Jul 2018 8AM657858000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON9 Jul 2018 7AM628160000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON10 Jul 2018 7AM708862000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON11 Jul 2018 8AM738463000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON12 Jul 2018 8AM698667000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON13 Jul 2018 8AM709069000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON14 Jul 2018 8AM6986670.7500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON15 Jul 2018 8AM6980690.7500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON16 Jul 2018 7AM698667000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON17 Jul 2018 8AM698060000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON18 Jul 2018 8AMM8161000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON19 Jul 2018 6AM658164000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON20 Jul 2018 6AM6571641.4500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON21 Jul 2018 8AM637463000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON22 Jul 2018 8AM617861000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON23 Jul 2018 7AM647660000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON24 Jul 2018 8AM638161000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON25 Jul 2018 7AM627957000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON26 Jul 2018 7AM588255000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON27 Jul 2018 7AM556953000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON28 Jul 2018 9AM657352000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON29 Jul 2018 9AM667652000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON30 Jul 2018 7AM587856000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON31 Jul 2018 7AM5679550.0500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON1 Aug 2018 7AM588256000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON2 Aug 2018 7AM5880550.4800M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON3 Aug 2018 8AM597155000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON4 Aug 2018 8AM648459000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON5 Aug 2018 8AM6679640.3500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON6 Aug 2018 8AM6581631.400M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON7 Aug 2018 7AM6378610.100M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON8 Aug 2018 8AM597858000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON9 Aug 2018 7AM648159000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON10 Aug 2018 7AM668464000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON11 Aug 2018 8AM628362000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON12 Aug 2018 8AM628361000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON13 Aug 2018 7AM658362000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON14 Aug 2018 8AM708663000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON15 Aug 2018 7AM708169000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON16 Aug 2018 7AM698565000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON17 Aug 2018 7AM6379630.600M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON18 Aug 2018 8AM678363000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON19 Aug 2018 9AM718262000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON20 Aug 2018 7AM688262T00M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON21 Aug 2018 6AM6171591.100M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON22 Aug 2018 7AM5468510.0100M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON23 Aug 2018 7AM527550000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON24 Aug 2018 7AM617652000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON25 Aug 2018 8AM6470610.0800M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON26 Aug 2018 8AM668164000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON27 Aug 2018 7AM7180661.2500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON28 Aug 2018 7AM7287710.4400M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON29 Aug 2018 7AM5579542.75T0M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON30 Aug 2018 7AM516851000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON31 Aug 2018 8AM637551000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON1 Sep 2018 8AM6781631.7500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON2 Sep 2018 8AM6680652.500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON3 Sep 2018 8AM6471640.500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON4 Sep 2018 7AM6970642.5MMM
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON5 Sep 2018 7AM6686642MMM
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON6 Sep 2018 8AM527352000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON7 Sep 2018 7AM527352000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON8 Sep 2018 8AM556551000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON9 Sep 2018 8AM497149000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON10 Sep 2018 7AM467046000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON11 Sep 2018 8AM567646000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON12 Sep 2018 8AM558155000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON13 Sep 2018 7AM568255000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON14 Sep 2018 7AM618556000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON15 Sep 2018 8AM658761000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON16 Sep 2018 8AM618961000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON17 Sep 2018 7AM638661000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON18 Sep 2018 7AM628961000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON19 Sep 2018 8AM6768591.200M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON20 Sep 2018 7AM6474643.1500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON21 Sep 2018 8AMM6640000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON22 Sep 2018 8AMM7546000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON23 Sep 2018 8AM507540000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON24 Sep 2018 8AM507540000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON25 Sep 2018 8AM587740000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON26 Sep 2018 8AM4760421.100M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON27 Sep 2018 8AM506244000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON28 Sep 2018 7AM446444000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON29 Sep 2018 8AM375232000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON30 Sep 2018 8AM434337000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON1 Oct 2018 7AM4750370.4500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON2 Oct 2018 7AM4653450.8500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON3 Oct 2018 8AM656645000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON4 Oct 2018 7AM3584350.200M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON5 Oct 2018 7AM4452340.1500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON6 Oct 2018 8AM4653440.200M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON7 Oct 2018 8AM4449430.2600M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON8 Oct 2018 7AM5151440.500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON9 Oct 2018 7AM6067500.9500M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON10 Oct 2018 7AM6067590.9MMM
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON11 Oct 2018 7AM346433000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON12 Oct 2018 7AM293928000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON13 Oct 2018 8AM384429000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON14 Oct 2018 8AM395238TT0M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON15 Oct 2018 8AM2839280.221.20M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON16 Oct 2018 7AM314427000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON17 Oct 2018 7AM315931000M
NHPI4NEW HAMPTON18 Oct 2018 8AM304928000M

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...