This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

COOP obs listed by station

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
MTAI4MOUNT AYR1 Jan 2018 7AM-20-3-21003M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR2 Jan 2018 7AM-7-2-20003M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR3 Jan 2018 7AM920-7003M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR4 Jan 2018 7AM-211-7003M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR5 Jan 2018 7AM1111-2003M
MTAI4MOUNT AYRNo Observation Reported for 2018-01-06
MTAI4MOUNT AYR7 Jan 2018 7AM31319TT3M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR8 Jan 2018 7AM23345TT3M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR9 Jan 2018 7AM324323001M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR10 Jan 2018 7AM37453100TM
MTAI4MOUNT AYR11 Jan 2018 7AM1947190.15TTM
MTAI4MOUNT AYR12 Jan 2018 7AM-119-30.071.51M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR13 Jan 2018 7AM59-100TM
MTAI4MOUNT AYR14 Jan 2018 7AM141440.010.11M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR15 Jan 2018 7AM22600.0322M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR16 Jan 2018 7AM-34-7002M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR17 Jan 2018 7AM1414-8002M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR18 Jan 2018 7AM182212001M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR19 Jan 2018 7AM323317001M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR20 Jan 2018 7AM434523000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR21 Jan 2018 7AM424740T00M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR22 Jan 2018 7AM3751370.7500M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR23 Jan 2018 7AM2737140.10.91M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR24 Jan 2018 7AM233414001M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR25 Jan 2018 7AM333822000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR26 Jan 2018 7AM495233000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR27 Jan 2018 7AM225121000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR28 Jan 2018 7AM255019000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR29 Jan 2018 7AM12298000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR30 Jan 2018 7AM242611000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR31 Jan 2018 7AM354124000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR1 Feb 2018 7AM114210000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYRNo Observation Reported for 2018-02-02
MTAI4MOUNT AYR3 Feb 2018 7AM353513000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR4 Feb 2018 7AM8467TT0M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR5 Feb 2018 7AM915-300TM
MTAI4MOUNT AYR6 Feb 2018 7AM-112-20.11.11M
MTAI4MOUNT AYRNo Observation Reported for 2018-02-07
MTAI4MOUNT AYR8 Feb 2018 7AM18187001M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR9 Feb 2018 7AM163016001M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR10 Feb 2018 7AM71840.072.94M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR11 Feb 2018 7AM91460.11.25M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR12 Feb 2018 7AM620-2004M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR13 Feb 2018 7AM22246004M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR14 Feb 2018 7AM354222002M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR15 Feb 2018 7AM404634000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR16 Feb 2018 7AM144610000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR17 Feb 2018 7AM313114000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR18 Feb 2018 7AM404419000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR19 Feb 2018 7AM465240000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR20 Feb 2018 7AM2146210.35T0M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR21 Feb 2018 7AM112110000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR22 Feb 2018 7AM2426110.050.81M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR23 Feb 2018 7AM3334240.1800M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR24 Feb 2018 7AM3034230.1600M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR25 Feb 2018 7AM2133210.12T0M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR26 Feb 2018 7AM364420000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR27 Feb 2018 7AM555533000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR28 Feb 2018 7AM456543000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR1 Mar 2018 7AM404629000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR2 Mar 2018 7AM414718000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR3 Mar 2018 7AM395134000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR4 Mar 2018 7AM425939000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR5 Mar 2018 7AM4757420.1700M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR6 Mar 2018 7AM254725TTTM
MTAI4MOUNT AYR7 Mar 2018 7AM27322400TM
MTAI4MOUNT AYR8 Mar 2018 7AM31311700TM
MTAI4MOUNT AYR9 Mar 2018 7AM333717000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR10 Mar 2018 7AM284624000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR11 Mar 2018 7AM334628T00M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR12 Mar 2018 7AM314224000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR13 Mar 2018 7AM274722000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR14 Mar 2018 7AM404714000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR15 Mar 2018 7AM356427000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR16 Mar 2018 7AM3459330.200M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR17 Mar 2018 7AM3335310.3400M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR18 Mar 2018 7AM333632000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR19 Mar 2018 7AM424233000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR20 Mar 2018 7AM345232000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR21 Mar 2018 7AM3340310.1T0M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR22 Mar 2018 7AM354729000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR23 Mar 2018 7AM4056350.100M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR24 Mar 2018 7AM3548340.6500M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR25 Mar 2018 7AM3136300.05T0M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR26 Mar 2018 7AM3743310.2300M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR27 Mar 2018 7AM3544330.3100M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR28 Mar 2018 7AM414427000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR29 Mar 2018 7AM325232000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR30 Mar 2018 7AM324728000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR31 Mar 2018 7AM485232000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR1 Apr 2018 7AM225121TTTM
MTAI4MOUNT AYR2 Apr 2018 7AM1951110.2511M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR3 Apr 2018 7AM3232190.0501M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR4 Apr 2018 7AM153512000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR5 Apr 2018 7AM273813000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR6 Apr 2018 7AM2758270T0M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR7 Apr 2018 7AM1828130.100M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR8 Apr 2018 7AM3040180000
MTAI4MOUNT AYR9 Apr 2018 7AM3134300.070.20M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR10 Apr 2018 7AM343522000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR11 Apr 2018 7AM445534000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR12 Apr 2018 7AM537044000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR13 Apr 2018 7AM547353000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR14 Apr 2018 7AM3977390.0200M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR15 Apr 2018 7AM2342230.140.80M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR16 Apr 2018 7AM2528210.3501M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR17 Apr 2018 7AM324224000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR18 Apr 2018 7AM335732T00M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR19 Apr 2018 7AM393924000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR20 Apr 2018 7AM445939000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR21 Apr 2018 7AM445939000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR22 Apr 2018 7AM455544000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR23 Apr 2018 10AM5868440000
MTAI4MOUNT AYR24 Apr 2018 7AM557042000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR25 Apr 2018 7AM4575420.100M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR26 Apr 2018 7AM4373320.0500M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR27 Apr 2018 7AM676733000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR28 Apr 2018 7AM477639000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR29 Apr 2018 7AM466139000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR30 Apr 2018 7AM677145000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYRNo Observation Reported for 2018-05-01
MTAI4MOUNT AYR2 May 2018 7AM628059000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR3 May 2018 7AM618057100M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR4 May 2018 7AM5977500.6500M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR5 May 2018 7AM627543000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR6 May 2018 7AM628050000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR7 May 2018 7AM638046000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR8 May 2018 7AM627959000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR9 May 2018 7AM698255000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR10 May 2018 7AM637849000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR11 May 2018 7AM6081550.1400M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR12 May 2018 7AM5275491.200M
MTAI4MOUNT AYRNo Observation Reported for 2018-05-13
MTAI4MOUNT AYR14 May 2018 7AM5271520000
MTAI4MOUNT AYR15 May 2018 7AM6782520.25000
MTAI4MOUNT AYR16 May 2018 7AM708257000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR17 May 2018 7AM717756000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR18 May 2018 7AM688156000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR19 May 2018 7AM6682610.0800M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR20 May 2018 7AM5878570.0500M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR21 May 2018 7AM6067580.3500M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR22 May 2018 7AM667153000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR23 May 2018 7AM728159000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR24 May 2018 7AM768654000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR25 May 2018 7AM728565000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR26 May 2018 7AM758565T00M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR27 May 2018 7AM759366000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR28 May 2018 7AM839565000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR29 May 2018 7AM799662000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR30 May 2018 7AM6791611.500M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR31 May 2018 7AM808061000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR1 Jun 2018 7AM808961000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR2 Jun 2018 7AM6591631.200M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR3 Jun 2018 7AM657652T00M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR4 Jun 2018 7AM697752000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR5 Jun 2018 7AM667956000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR6 Jun 2018 7AMM8560000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR7 Jun 2018 7AM7387660.4700M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR8 Jun 2018 7AM788464000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR9 Jun 2018 7AM7088690000
MTAI4MOUNT AYR10 Jun 2018 7AM728767000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR11 Jun 2018 7AM6687650.2500M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR12 Jun 2018 7AM7487650.3800M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR13 Jun 2018 7AM708453000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR14 Jun 2018 7AM727862000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR15 Jun 2018 7AM818368000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR16 Jun 2018 7AM799173000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR17 Jun 2018 7AM789473000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR18 Jun 2018 7AM809170000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR19 Jun 2018 7AM7592730.0400M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR20 Jun 2018 7AM7677690.4300M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR21 Jun 2018 7AM648060T00M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR22 Jun 2018 7AM6271590.100M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR23 Jun 2018 7AM617058000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR24 Jun 2018 7AM647255000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR25 Jun 2018 7AM6985640.1200M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR26 Jun 2018 7AM6277620.7500M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR27 Jun 2018 7AM647761000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR28 Jun 2018 7AM748664000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR29 Jun 2018 7AM778769000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR30 Jun 2018 7AM789273000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYRNo Observation Reported for 2018-07-01
MTAI4MOUNT AYR2 Jul 2018 7AM747958000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR3 Jul 2018 7AM768467000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR4 Jul 2018 7AM779273000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR5 Jul 2018 7AM769169000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR6 Jul 2018 7AM759165000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR7 Jul 2018 7AM668362000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR8 Jul 2018 7AM708557000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR9 Jul 2018 7AM768857000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR10 Jul 2018 7AM789164000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR11 Jul 2018 7AM809274000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR12 Jul 2018 7AM809564000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR13 Jul 2018 7AM7297690.0500M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR14 Jul 2018 7AM7293700.500M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR15 Jul 2018 7AM758565000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR16 Jul 2018 7AM788765000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR17 Jul 2018 7AM718665000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR18 Jul 2018 7AM7478660.100M
MTAI4MOUNT AYRNo Observation Reported for 2018-07-19
MTAI4MOUNT AYRNo Observation Reported for 2018-07-20
MTAI4MOUNT AYR21 Jul 2018 7AM707063000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR22 Jul 2018 7AM688463000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR23 Jul 2018 7AM718359000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR24 Jul 2018 7AM698459000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR25 Jul 2018 7AM688354000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR26 Jul 2018 7AM678660000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR27 Jul 2018 7AM708256000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR28 Jul 2018 7AM658256T00M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR29 Jul 2018 7AM6566620.8500M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR30 Jul 2018 7AM637556000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYRNo Observation Reported for 2018-07-31
MTAI4MOUNT AYR1 Aug 2018 7AM7082560000
MTAI4MOUNT AYR2 Aug 2018 7AM708564000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR3 Aug 2018 7AM668759000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR4 Aug 2018 7AM729466000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR5 Aug 2018 7AM749069000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR6 Aug 2018 7AM819673000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR7 Aug 2018 7AM7289670.300M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR8 Aug 2018 7AM708357000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR9 Aug 2018 7AM718761000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR10 Aug 2018 7AM759369000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR11 Aug 2018 7AM688759000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR12 Aug 2018 7AM678765000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR13 Aug 2018 7AM739064000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR14 Aug 2018 7AM719267000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR15 Aug 2018 7AM7075660.400M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR16 Aug 2018 7AM758565000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR17 Aug 2018 7AM718462000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR18 Aug 2018 7AMM8562000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR19 Aug 2018 7AM688362000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR20 Aug 2018 7AM6779652.5500M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR21 Aug 2018 7AM6778600.100M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR22 Aug 2018 7AM617957000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR23 Aug 2018 7AM647554000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR24 Aug 2018 7AM6670640.2500M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR25 Aug 2018 7AM748566000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR26 Aug 2018 7AM759171T00M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR27 Aug 2018 7AM7683720.2600M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR28 Aug 2018 7AM769175T00M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR29 Aug 2018 7AM5784561.0700M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR30 Aug 2018 7AM627357T00M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR31 Aug 2018 7AM7077620.6500M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR1 Sep 2018 7AM808066400M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR2 Sep 2018 7AM7186670.0500M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR3 Sep 2018 7AM6878670.2600M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR4 Sep 2018 7AM7280680.3100M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR5 Sep 2018 7AM7283710.3800M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR6 Sep 2018 7AM6472631.6700M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR7 Sep 2018 7AM5868580.600M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR8 Sep 2018 7AM5962580.4600M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR9 Sep 2018 7AM556952000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR10 Sep 2018 7AM507349000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR11 Sep 2018 7AM557550000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR12 Sep 2018 7AM577955000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR13 Sep 2018 7AM677857000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR14 Sep 2018 7AM688266000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR15 Sep 2018 7AM738664000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR16 Sep 2018 7AM6989630000
MTAI4MOUNT AYR17 Sep 2018 7AM7086650000
MTAI4MOUNT AYR18 Sep 2018 7AM6788660000
MTAI4MOUNT AYR19 Sep 2018 7AM6987660.45000
MTAI4MOUNT AYR20 Sep 2018 7AM748769000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR21 Sep 2018 7AM5890560.4100M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR22 Sep 2018 7AM446344000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYRNo Observation Reported for 2018-09-23
MTAI4MOUNT AYR24 Sep 2018 7AM647451000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR25 Sep 2018 7AM6474510.0700M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR26 Sep 2018 7AM6474510.0700M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR27 Sep 2018 7AM556441000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR28 Sep 2018 7AM497141000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR29 Sep 2018 7AM4650450.0900M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR30 Sep 2018 7AM5057460.3500M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR1 Oct 2018 7AM6363480.100M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR2 Oct 2018 7AM5572520.1100M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR3 Oct 2018 7AM758538000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR4 Oct 2018 7AM4185380.2500M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR5 Oct 2018 7AM5358410.2800M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR6 Oct 2018 7AM4861471.8500M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR7 Oct 2018 7AM474846100M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR8 Oct 2018 7AM6464471.2700M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR9 Oct 2018 7AM6672622.100M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR10 Oct 2018 7AM4871470.2400M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR11 Oct 2018 7AM384936T00M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR12 Oct 2018 7AM3845340.100M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR13 Oct 2018 7AM4142380.1100M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR14 Oct 2018 7AM435338T000
MTAI4MOUNT AYR15 Oct 2018 7AM314328TTTM
MTAI4MOUNT AYR16 Oct 2018 7AM575726000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR17 Oct 2018 7AM356334000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR18 Oct 2018 7AM3858340000
MTAI4MOUNT AYR19 Oct 2018 7AM536438T00M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR20 Oct 2018 7AM366834T00M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR21 Oct 2018 7AM285425000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR22 Oct 2018 7AM526028000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR23 Oct 2018 7AM396735000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR24 Oct 2018 7AM415631000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR25 Oct 2018 7AM465241000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR26 Oct 2018 7AM445233000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR27 Oct 2018 7AM475633000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR28 Oct 2018 7AM406031000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR29 Oct 2018 7AM4060310000
MTAI4MOUNT AYR30 Oct 2018 7AM546640000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR31 Oct 2018 7AM465643T00M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR1 Nov 2018 7AM455736000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR2 Nov 2018 7AM405837000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR3 Nov 2018 7AM404933M00M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR4 Nov 2018 7AM4445400.7100M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR5 Nov 2018 7AM4244320.0500M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR6 Nov 2018 7AM3846330.100M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR7 Nov 2018 7AM294624000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR8 Nov 2018 7AM303926000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR9 Nov 2018 7AM2731230.01TTM
MTAI4MOUNT AYR10 Nov 2018 7AM1229100.140.1TM
MTAI4MOUNT AYR11 Nov 2018 7AM313112000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR12 Nov 2018 7AM224221000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR13 Nov 2018 7AM20429000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR14 Nov 2018 7AM253016000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR15 Nov 2018 7AM273817000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR16 Nov 2018 7AM374727000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR17 Nov 2018 7AM3150310.0500M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR18 Nov 2018 7AM133190.416.56M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR19 Nov 2018 7AM21217005M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR20 Nov 2018 7AM203512003M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR21 Nov 2018 7AM273620002M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR22 Nov 2018 7AM35472600TM
MTAI4MOUNT AYRNo Observation Reported for 2018-11-23
MTAI4MOUNT AYR24 Nov 2018 7AM374633000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR25 Nov 2018 7AM315530TTTM
MTAI4MOUNT AYR26 Nov 2018 7AM193112188M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR27 Nov 2018 7AM11223008M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR28 Nov 2018 7AM21214008M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR29 Nov 2018 7AM222916007M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR30 Nov 2018 7AM3032190.0504M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR1 Dec 2018 7AM3438300.5502M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR2 Dec 2018 7AM3337320.24T1M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR3 Dec 2018 7AM2933290.04TTM
MTAI4MOUNT AYR4 Dec 2018 7AM232922TTTM
MTAI4MOUNT AYR5 Dec 2018 7AM222615TTTM
MTAI4MOUNT AYR6 Dec 2018 7AM21392000TM
MTAI4MOUNT AYR7 Dec 2018 7AM172510000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYRNo Observation Reported for 2018-12-08
MTAI4MOUNT AYR9 Dec 2018 7AM193211000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYR10 Dec 2018 7AM203212000M
MTAI4MOUNT AYRNo Observation Reported for 2018-12-11
MTAI4MOUNT AYR12 Dec 2018 7AM324525000M

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...