This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
MCWI4MASON CITY1 Jan 2018 7AM-16-6-180020
MCWI4MASON CITY2 Jan 2018 7AM-13-2-16002M
MCWI4MASON CITY3 Jan 2018 7AM115-130.010.22M
MCWI4MASON CITY4 Jan 2018 7AM-15-60020
MCWI4MASON CITY5 Jan 2018 7AM-86-80020
MCWI4MASON CITY6 Jan 2018 7AM-167-16002M
MCWI4MASON CITY7 Jan 2018 7AM1213-16002M
MCWI4MASON CITY8 Jan 2018 7AM2233120020
MCWI4MASON CITY9 Jan 2018 7AM2538210020
MCWI4MASON CITY10 Jan 2018 7AM3236250020
MCWI4MASON CITY11 Jan 2018 7AM1236120.15020
MCWI4MASON CITY12 Jan 2018 7AM-712-70.11.540
MCWI4MASON CITY13 Jan 2018 7AM-86-8004M
MCWI4MASON CITY14 Jan 2018 7AM37-10004M
MCWI4MASON CITY15 Jan 2018 7AM020-10.2230
MCWI4MASON CITY16 Jan 2018 7AM-22-70.02T30
MCWI4MASON CITY17 Jan 2018 7AM18-20030
MCWI4MASON CITY18 Jan 2018 7AM19251003M
MCWI4MASON CITY19 Jan 2018 7AM2837190030
MCWI4MASON CITY20 Jan 2018 7AM264425002M
MCWI4MASON CITY21 Jan 2018 7AM265025000M
MCWI4MASON CITY22 Jan 2018 7AM3537240.45000
MCWI4MASON CITY23 Jan 2018 7AM2235210.32220
MCWI4MASON CITY24 Jan 2018 7AM2125160020
MCWI4MASON CITY25 Jan 2018 7AM202520002M
MCWI4MASON CITY26 Jan 2018 7AM3640170020.4
MCWI4MASON CITY27 Jan 2018 7AM2648260020
MCWI4MASON CITY28 Jan 2018 7AM1943190.010.120
MCWI4MASON CITY29 Jan 2018 7AM62160020
MCWI4MASON CITY30 Jan 2018 7AM71840020
MCWI4MASON CITY31 Jan 2018 7AM313370010
MCWI4MASON CITY1 Feb 2018 7AM23510000
MCWI4MASON CITY2 Feb 2018 7AM21020000
MCWI4MASON CITY3 Feb 2018 7AM2121-2T0.10M
MCWI4MASON CITY4 Feb 2018 7AM53640.0100M
MCWI4MASON CITY5 Feb 2018 7AM4610000
MCWI4MASON CITY6 Feb 2018 7AM-711-70.03220
MCWI4MASON CITY7 Feb 2018 7AM58-90.02130
MCWI4MASON CITY8 Feb 2018 7AM8142TT30
MCWI4MASON CITY9 Feb 2018 7AM71740.25350
MCWI4MASON CITY10 Feb 2018 7AM11210030
MCWI4MASON CITY11 Feb 2018 7AM31200030
MCWI4MASON CITY12 Feb 2018 7AM31700030
MCWI4MASON CITY13 Feb 2018 7AM141410030
MCWI4MASON CITY14 Feb 2018 7AM1328130030
MCWI4MASON CITY15 Feb 2018 7AM3542120030
MCWI4MASON CITY16 Feb 2018 7AM53950030
MCWI4MASON CITY17 Feb 2018 7AM23234003M
MCWI4MASON CITY18 Feb 2018 7AM203215TT3M
MCWI4MASON CITY19 Feb 2018 7AM2942200030
MCWI4MASON CITY20 Feb 2018 7AM2533240.22030
MCWI4MASON CITY21 Feb 2018 7AM72570020
MCWI4MASON CITY22 Feb 2018 7AM202360.0511M
MCWI4MASON CITY23 Feb 2018 7AM2632200.290.51M
MCWI4MASON CITY24 Feb 2018 7AM1128110020
MCWI4MASON CITY25 Feb 2018 7AM1432110.22130
MCWI4MASON CITY26 Feb 2018 7AM1232110030
MCWI4MASON CITY27 Feb 2018 7AM2644110020
MCWI4MASON CITY28 Feb 2018 7AM2651250010
MCWI4MASON CITY1 Mar 2018 7AM2845260000
MCWI4MASON CITY2 Mar 2018 7AM1941190000
MCWI4MASON CITY3 Mar 2018 7AM324219000M
MCWI4MASON CITY4 Mar 2018 7AM344832000M
MCWI4MASON CITY5 Mar 2018 7AM3448330.0800M
MCWI4MASON CITY6 Mar 2018 7AM2634260.5844M
MCWI4MASON CITY7 Mar 2018 7AM123112T0.14M
MCWI4MASON CITY8 Mar 2018 7AM112511003M
MCWI4MASON CITY9 Mar 2018 7AM112610003M
MCWI4MASON CITY10 Mar 2018 7AM2631110030
MCWI4MASON CITY11 Mar 2018 7AM3135260.010.130
MCWI4MASON CITY12 Mar 2018 7AM223622000M
MCWI4MASON CITY13 Mar 2018 7AM213621001M
MCWI4MASON CITY14 Mar 2018 7AM243320001M
MCWI4MASON CITY15 Mar 2018 7AM254724000M
MCWI4MASON CITY16 Mar 2018 7AM254224000M
MCWI4MASON CITY17 Mar 2018 7AM323825000M
MCWI4MASON CITY18 Mar 2018 7AM2648260000
MCWI4MASON CITY19 Mar 2018 7AM343926000M
MCWI4MASON CITY20 Mar 2018 7AM314831000M
MCWI4MASON CITY21 Mar 2018 7AM233423T0.10M
MCWI4MASON CITY22 Mar 2018 7AM293922000M
MCWI4MASON CITY23 Mar 2018 7AM314329000M
MCWI4MASON CITY24 Mar 2018 7AM2644250.43888
MCWI4MASON CITY25 Mar 2018 7AM2633250.12108
MCWI4MASON CITY26 Mar 2018 7AM293524008M
MCWI4MASON CITY27 Mar 2018 7AM3235290.0207M
MCWI4MASON CITY28 Mar 2018 7AM1939190078
MCWI4MASON CITY29 Mar 2018 7AM2845190066
MCWI4MASON CITY30 Mar 2018 7AM293926003M
MCWI4MASON CITY31 Mar 2018 7AM4043290.0702M
MCWI4MASON CITY1 Apr 2018 7AM164116002M
MCWI4MASON CITY2 Apr 2018 7AM2233160022
MCWI4MASON CITY3 Apr 2018 7AM3137210022
MCWI4MASON CITY4 Apr 2018 7AM93180.31451
MCWI4MASON CITY5 Apr 2018 7AM162780052
MCWI4MASON CITY6 Apr 2018 7AM2439140011
MCWI4MASON CITY7 Apr 2018 7AM1324130010
MCWI4MASON CITY8 Apr 2018 7AM2034130000
MCWI4MASON CITY9 Apr 2018 7AM2429200.59770
MCWI4MASON CITY10 Apr 2018 7AM2737230022
MCWI4MASON CITY11 Apr 2018 7AM3046270011
MCWI4MASON CITY12 Apr 2018 7AM3549300011
MCWI4MASON CITY13 Apr 2018 7AM4154341.06000
MCWI4MASON CITY14 Apr 2018 7AM3141310.44000
MCWI4MASON CITY15 Apr 2018 7AM2131211.1144M
MCWI4MASON CITY16 Apr 2018 7AM2128210.03020
MCWI4MASON CITY17 Apr 2018 7AM2232200022
MCWI4MASON CITY18 Apr 2018 7AM3238210020
MCWI4MASON CITY19 Apr 2018 7AM2133210.698M
MCWI4MASON CITY20 Apr 2018 7AM214521006M
MCWI4MASON CITY21 Apr 2018 7AM3848210011
MCWI4MASON CITY22 Apr 2018 7AM3753370000
MCWI4MASON CITY23 Apr 2018 7AM3463340000
MCWI4MASON CITY24 Apr 2018 7AM4266340000
MCWI4MASON CITY25 Apr 2018 7AM377037000M
MCWI4MASON CITY26 Apr 2018 7AM3860370000
MCWI4MASON CITY27 Apr 2018 7AM3866370000
MCWI4MASON CITY28 Apr 2018 7AM346533000M
MCWI4MASON CITY29 Apr 2018 7AM345633000M
MCWI4MASON CITY30 Apr 2018 7AM5069340000
MCWI4MASON CITY1 May 2018 7AM638350000M
MCWI4MASON CITY2 May 2018 7AM5575551.2100M
MCWI4MASON CITY3 May 2018 7AM4763470.2300M
MCWI4MASON CITY4 May 2018 7AM5266472.6500M
MCWI4MASON CITY5 May 2018 7AM5575510000
MCWI4MASON CITY6 May 2018 7AM5581530000
MCWI4MASON CITY7 May 2018 7AM5074490000
MCWI4MASON CITY8 May 2018 7AM5881500000
MCWI4MASON CITY9 May 2018 7AM5478540.4700M
MCWI4MASON CITY10 May 2018 7AM536651000M
MCWI4MASON CITYNo Observation Reported for 2018-05-11
MCWI4MASON CITY12 May 2018 7AM4549430.26000
MCWI4MASON CITY13 May 2018 7AM4752440.4000
MCWI4MASON CITY14 May 2018 7AM545947T00M
MCWI4MASON CITY15 May 2018 7AM557254000M
MCWI4MASON CITY16 May 2018 7AM537851000M
MCWI4MASON CITY17 May 2018 7AM558253000M
MCWI4MASON CITY18 May 2018 7AM568355000M
MCWI4MASON CITYNo Observation Reported for 2018-05-19
MCWI4MASON CITYNo Observation Reported for 2018-05-20
MCWI4MASON CITY21 May 2018 7AM5459490.0300M
MCWI4MASON CITY22 May 2018 7AM5660530.0100M
MCWI4MASON CITY23 May 2018 7AM6280560.4200M
MCWI4MASON CITY24 May 2018 7AM6583620.23000
MCWI4MASON CITY25 May 2018 7AM6590600000
MCWI4MASON CITY26 May 2018 7AM679062000M
MCWI4MASON CITY27 May 2018 7AM629460000M
MCWI4MASON CITY28 May 2018 7AM7197620000
MCWI4MASON CITY29 May 2018 7AM6496621.7800M
MCWI4MASON CITY30 May 2018 7AM6691630.4100M
MCWI4MASON CITY31 May 2018 7AM6280600.5500M
MCWI4MASON CITY1 Jun 2018 7AM6587620000
MCWI4MASON CITY2 Jun 2018 7AM6691650.01000
MCWI4MASON CITY3 Jun 2018 7AM6077550.02000
MCWI4MASON CITY4 Jun 2018 7AM5474500000
MCWI4MASON CITY5 Jun 2018 7AM668654000M
MCWI4MASON CITY6 Jun 2018 7AM6491640000
MCWI4MASON CITY7 Jun 2018 7AM6690600.02000
MCWI4MASON CITY8 Jun 2018 7AM6484642.45000
MCWI4MASON CITY9 Jun 2018 7AM6575602.03000
MCWI4MASON CITY10 Jun 2018 7AM6581652.72000
MCWI4MASON CITY11 Jun 2018 7AM6374630.01000
MCWI4MASON CITY12 Jun 2018 7AM6574630.07000
MCWI4MASON CITY13 Jun 2018 7AM6078560.61000
MCWI4MASON CITY14 Jun 2018 7AM6378600000
MCWI4MASON CITY15 Jun 2018 7AM6475590.0500M
MCWI4MASON CITY16 Jun 2018 7AM739264000M
MCWI4MASON CITY17 Jun 2018 7AM7791730000
MCWI4MASON CITY18 Jun 2018 7AM7393730.02000
MCWI4MASON CITY19 Jun 2018 7AM7084680.55000
MCWI4MASON CITY20 Jun 2018 7AM6780670.17000
MCWI4MASON CITY21 Jun 2018 7AM6474640.85000
MCWI4MASON CITY22 Jun 2018 7AM5865560.23000
MCWI4MASON CITY23 Jun 2018 7AM5876570000
MCWI4MASON CITY24 Jun 2018 7AM6279580000
MCWI4MASON CITY25 Jun 2018 7AM6681620.01000
MCWI4MASON CITY26 Jun 2018 7AM6477640.12000
MCWI4MASON CITY27 Jun 2018 7AM6476630.22000
MCWI4MASON CITY28 Jun 2018 7AM6481620000
MCWI4MASON CITY29 Jun 2018 7AM7183640000
MCWI4MASON CITY30 Jun 2018 7AM769470000M
MCWI4MASON CITY1 Jul 2018 7AM6788672.900M
MCWI4MASON CITY2 Jul 2018 7AM6576600.0300M
MCWI4MASON CITY3 Jul 2018 7AM658464000M
MCWI4MASON CITY4 Jul 2018 7AM758765000M
MCWI4MASON CITY5 Jul 2018 7AM6891670.0700M
MCWI4MASON CITY6 Jul 2018 7AM608257000M
MCWI4MASON CITY7 Jul 2018 7AM6279600000
MCWI4MASON CITY8 Jul 2018 7AM6480620000
MCWI4MASON CITY9 Jul 2018 7AM688464000M
MCWI4MASON CITY10 Jul 2018 7AM668964000M
MCWI4MASON CITY11 Jul 2018 7AM688465T00M
MCWI4MASON CITY12 Jul 2018 7AM728868000M
MCWI4MASON CITY13 Jul 2018 7AM719469000M
MCWI4MASON CITY14 Jul 2018 7AM6984680.8000
MCWI4MASON CITY15 Jul 2018 7AM6880670.1000
MCWI4MASON CITY16 Jul 2018 7AM658764000M
MCWI4MASON CITY17 Jul 2018 7AM618359000M
MCWI4MASON CITY18 Jul 2018 7AM6383610000
MCWI4MASON CITY19 Jul 2018 7AM6782630.23000
MCWI4MASON CITY20 Jul 2018 7AM6472642.02000
MCWI4MASON CITY21 Jul 2018 7AM6378620.0100M
MCWI4MASON CITY22 Jul 2018 7AM617961000M
MCWI4MASON CITY23 Jul 2018 7AM627960000M
MCWI4MASON CITY24 Jul 2018 7AM638461000M
MCWI4MASON CITY25 Jul 2018 7AM618259000M
MCWI4MASON CITY26 Jul 2018 7AM5983570.8700M
MCWI4MASON CITY27 Jul 2018 7AM557155000M
MCWI4MASON CITY28 Jul 2018 7AM567554000M
MCWI4MASON CITY29 Jul 2018 7AM567754000M
MCWI4MASON CITY30 Jul 2018 7AM5779560000
MCWI4MASON CITY31 Jul 2018 7AM588057000M
MCWI4MASON CITY1 Aug 2018 7AM6184580000
MCWI4MASON CITY2 Aug 2018 7AM5583550.29000
MCWI4MASON CITY3 Aug 2018 7AM5973550000
MCWI4MASON CITY4 Aug 2018 7AM6988580000
MCWI4MASON CITY5 Aug 2018 7AM7578640.21000
MCWI4MASON CITY6 Aug 2018 7AM6581640.59000
MCWI4MASON CITY7 Aug 2018 7AM6581630.02000
MCWI4MASON CITY8 Aug 2018 7AM5879580.01000
MCWI4MASON CITY9 Aug 2018 7AM698458000M
MCWI4MASON CITY10 Aug 2018 7AM648663000M
MCWI4MASON CITY11 Aug 2018 7AM6185610000
MCWI4MASON CITY12 Aug 2018 7AM6184610000
MCWI4MASON CITY13 Aug 2018 7AM6385610000
MCWI4MASON CITY14 Aug 2018 7AM6686630000
MCWI4MASON CITY15 Aug 2018 7AM7085650000
MCWI4MASON CITY16 Aug 2018 7AM668665000M
MCWI4MASON CITY17 Aug 2018 7AM6275620.48000
MCWI4MASON CITY18 Aug 2018 7AM618361000M
MCWI4MASON CITY19 Aug 2018 7AM628361000M
MCWI4MASON CITY20 Aug 2018 7AM6881620.18000
MCWI4MASON CITY21 Aug 2018 7AM6071590.96000
MCWI4MASON CITY22 Aug 2018 7AM5471530000
MCWI4MASON CITY23 Aug 2018 7AM5378530000
MCWI4MASON CITY24 Aug 2018 7AM6377530.02000
MCWI4MASON CITY25 Aug 2018 7AM6274620.95000
MCWI4MASON CITY26 Aug 2018 7AM6582610000
MCWI4MASON CITY27 Aug 2018 7AM7281650.07000
MCWI4MASON CITY28 Aug 2018 7AM6987680.01000
MCWI4MASON CITY29 Aug 2018 7AM5376531.31000
MCWI4MASON CITY30 Aug 2018 7AM5370520000
MCWI4MASON CITY31 Aug 2018 7AM6976530000
MCWI4MASON CITY1 Sep 2018 7AM6782660.12000
MCWI4MASON CITY2 Sep 2018 7AM6781650.4400M
MCWI4MASON CITY3 Sep 2018 7AM6879670.41000
MCWI4MASON CITY4 Sep 2018 7AM6973670.0300M
MCWI4MASON CITY5 Sep 2018 7AM6685651.3400M
MCWI4MASON CITY6 Sep 2018 7AM5171510.0200M
MCWI4MASON CITY7 Sep 2018 7AM547351000M
MCWI4MASON CITY8 Sep 2018 7AM507050000M
MCWI4MASON CITY9 Sep 2018 7AM507250000M
MCWI4MASON CITY10 Sep 2018 7AM4871480000
MCWI4MASON CITY11 Sep 2018 7AM5878480000
MCWI4MASON CITY12 Sep 2018 7AM6182570000
MCWI4MASON CITY13 Sep 2018 7AM5883580000
MCWI4MASON CITY14 Sep 2018 7AM6583580000
MCWI4MASON CITY15 Sep 2018 7AM658764000M
MCWI4MASON CITY16 Sep 2018 7AM669165000M
MCWI4MASON CITY17 Sep 2018 7AM668765000M
MCWI4MASON CITY18 Sep 2018 7AM629161T00M
MCWI4MASON CITY19 Sep 2018 7AM6270601.5800M

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...