This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
LWDI4LOWDEN5 Feb 2018 11PM-517-70.294.14M
LWDI4LOWDEN5 Mar 2018 11PM3252301.1143M
LWDI4LOWDEN10 Feb 2018 11PM132390.1938M
LWDI4LOWDEN11 Feb 2018 11PM222-40.182.610M
LWDI4LOWDEN17 Feb 2018 11PM203490.182.45M
LWDI4LOWDEN8 Feb 2018 11PM1922-70.172.36M
LWDI4LOWDEN6 Mar 2018 11PM3034290.1224M
LWDI4LOWDEN14 Jan 2018 11PM2222-60.0611M
LWDI4LOWDEN15 Jan 2018 11PM-223-20.0712M
LWDI4LOWDEN17 Mar 2018 11PM2948260.090.70M
LWDI4LOWDEN11 Jan 2018 11PM114990.160.4TM
LWDI4LOWDEN7 Feb 2018 11PM218-120.020.44M
LWDI4LOWDEN4 Feb 2018 11PM-344-30.030.3TM
LWDI4LOWDEN6 Feb 2018 11PM1114-120.020.34M
LWDI4LOWDEN16 Mar 2018 11PM3153230.110.3TM
LWDI4LOWDEN9 Feb 2018 11PM1123100.020.36M
LWDI4LOWDEN2 Jan 2018 11PM1313-18T0.14M
LWDI4LOWDEN3 Feb 2018 11PM3444-1TT0M
LWDI4LOWDEN2 Feb 2018 11PM1323-2TT0M
LWDI4LOWDEN16 Jan 2018 11PM117-3TT1M
LWDI4LOWDEN24 Feb 2018 11PM3239260.34T0M
LWDI4LOWDEN7 Mar 2018 11PM133413TT3M
LWDI4LOWDEN10 Jan 2018 11PM414625T00M
LWDI4LOWDEN20 Jan 2018 11PM365027000M
LWDI4LOWDEN19 Jan 2018 11PM374417000M
LWDI4LOWDEN26 Jan 2018 11PM425324T00M
LWDI4LOWDEN31 Jan 2018 11PM30415000M
LWDI4LOWDEN13 Jan 2018 11PM-313-300TM
LWDI4LOWDEN21 Jan 2018 11PM4050270.0500M
LWDI4LOWDEN18 Feb 2018 11PM404210002M
LWDI4LOWDEN15 Feb 2018 11PM354630004M
LWDI4LOWDEN13 Feb 2018 11PM2835-9008M
LWDI4LOWDEN19 Feb 2018 11PM3757150.7300M
LWDI4LOWDEN2 Mar 2018 11PM345222000M
LWDI4LOWDEN14 Feb 2018 11PM394514006M
LWDI4LOWDEN28 Feb 2018 11PM396433000M
LWDI4LOWDEN20 Feb 2018 11PM2257221.2700M
LWDI4LOWDEN22 Feb 2018 11PM3535180.03000
LWDI4LOWDEN21 Feb 2018 11PM2534180000
LWDI4LOWDEN26 Feb 2018 11PM385625000M
LWDI4LOWDEN25 Feb 2018 11PM254525000M
LWDI4LOWDEN23 Feb 2018 11PM2639260.1300M
LWDI4LOWDEN9 Mar 2018 11PM23377001M
LWDI4LOWDEN3 Mar 2018 11PM325124000M
LWDI4LOWDEN27 Feb 2018 11PM476429000M
LWDI4LOWDEN10 Mar 2018 11PM344110000M
LWDI4LOWDEN1 Mar 2018 11PM2961290.0400M
LWDI4LOWDEN19 Mar 2018 11PM315524000M
LWDI4LOWDEN4 Mar 2018 11PM385230000M
LWDI4LOWDEN15 Mar 2018 11PM325720000M
LWDI4LOWDEN14 Mar 2018 11PM345719000M
LWDI4LOWDEN8 Mar 2018 11PM133110002M
LWDI4LOWDEN12 Mar 2018 11PM284528000M
LWDI4LOWDEN20 Mar 2018 7AM285228000M
LWDI4LOWDEN13 Mar 2018 11PM224322000M
LWDI4LOWDEN11 Mar 2018 11PM344523000M
LWDI4LOWDEN1 Jan 2018 11PM-145-18004M
LWDI4LOWDEN18 Mar 2018 11PM295523000M
LWDI4LOWDEN3 Jan 2018 11PM-617-16004M
LWDI4LOWDEN6 Jan 2018 11PM1111-19004M
LWDI4LOWDEN5 Jan 2018 11PM-1610-16004M
LWDI4LOWDEN7 Jan 2018 11PM3333-19T04M
LWDI4LOWDEN9 Jan 2018 11PM334023003M
LWDI4LOWDEN8 Jan 2018 11PM274018003M
LWDI4LOWDEN4 Jan 2018 11PM710-11004M
LWDI4LOWDEN12 Jan 2018 11PM549500TM
LWDI4LOWDEN18 Jan 2018 11PM2935-10010
LWDI4LOWDEN17 Jan 2018 11PM1823-30010
LWDI4LOWDEN22 Jan 2018 11PM3655360.0900M
LWDI4LOWDEN24 Jan 2018 11PM253322000M
LWDI4LOWDEN25 Jan 2018 11PM344822000M
LWDI4LOWDEN23 Jan 2018 11PM2455240.0100M
LWDI4LOWDEN29 Jan 2018 11PM1134110000
LWDI4LOWDEN27 Jan 2018 11PM285328000M
LWDI4LOWDEN28 Jan 2018 11PM2551210000
LWDI4LOWDEN16 Feb 2018 11PM11469004M
LWDI4LOWDEN30 Jan 2018 11PM32325000M
LWDI4LOWDEN1 Feb 2018 11PM3413000M
LWDI4LOWDEN12 Feb 2018 11PM922-11009M

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...