This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

COOP obs listed by station

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Jan 2018 11PM-82-15003M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Jan 2018 11PM1515-12003M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Jan 2018 11PM1201003M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Jan 2018 11PM710-40.010.34M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Jan 2018 11PM0140004M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Jan 2018 11PM1414-9004M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Jan 2018 11PM3232140.0602M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Jan 2018 11PM283627001M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Jan 2018 11PM333427001M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Jan 2018 11PM505133000M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Jan 2018 11PM1050100.3100M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Jan 2018 11PM8165000M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Jan 2018 11PM7165000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Jan 2018 11PM242470.0111M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Jan 2018 11PM-127-1T01M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Jan 2018 11PM312-5001M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Jan 2018 11PM1721-1000M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Jan 2018 11PM283416000M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Jan 2018 11PM364327000M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Jan 2018 11PM424732000M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Jan 2018 11PM505439000M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Jan 2018 11PM3554330.0700M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Jan 2018 11PM273527000M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Jan 2018 11PM293527000M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Jan 2018 11PM434829000M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Jan 2018 11PM445339000M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Jan 2018 11PM374834000M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Jan 2018 11PM254025000M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Jan 2018 11PM183018000M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Jan 2018 11PM363613000M
FTMI4Fort Madison31 Jan 2018 11PM344434000M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Feb 2018 11PM103610000M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Feb 2018 11PM24255000M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Feb 2018 11PM374322000M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Feb 2018 11PM7407TTTM
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Feb 2018 11PM31830.2222M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Feb 2018 11PM131410.113M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Feb 2018 11PM122310003M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Feb 2018 11PM293212002M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Feb 2018 11PM173017TT1M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Feb 2018 11PM1217120.1212M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Feb 2018 11PM12200.113M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Feb 2018 11PM8220003M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Feb 2018 11PM27377002M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Feb 2018 11PM384525001M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Feb 2018 11PM344734000M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Feb 2018 11PM223521000M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Feb 2018 11PM2540220.04T0M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Feb 2018 11PM424822000M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Feb 2018 11PM3961391.2700M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Feb 2018 11PM2441241.4300M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Feb 2018 11PM273020000M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Feb 2018 11PM3737270.0900M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Feb 2018 11PM3140310.2100M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Feb 2018 11PM3442300.3600M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Feb 2018 11PM314630000M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Feb 2018 11PM405327000M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Feb 2018 11PM506138000M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Feb 2018 11PM4957440.0600M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Mar 2018 11PM3352330.2100M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Mar 2018 11PM394826000M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Mar 2018 11PM405134000M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Mar 2018 11PM475333000M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Mar 2018 11PM3447331.2100M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Mar 2018 11PM3336310.0300M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Mar 2018 11PM263726000M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Mar 2018 11PM253821000M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Mar 2018 11PM334024000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Mar 2018 11PM384529000M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Mar 2018 11PM344534000M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Mar 2018 11PM324532000M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Mar 2018 11PM294326000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Mar 2018 11PM455423000M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Mar 2018 11PM445333000M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Mar 2018 11PM3645310.2100M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Mar 2018 11PM3339330.0200M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Mar 2018 11PM415027000M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Mar 2018 11PM395437000M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Mar 2018 11PM354129000M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Mar 2018 11PM354828000M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Mar 2018 11PM364928000M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Mar 2018 11PM3749350.3100M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Mar 2018 11PM3137301.3700M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Mar 2018 11PM374231000M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Mar 2018 11PM4547360.4600M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Mar 2018 11PM3646360.0200M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Mar 2018 11PM4348350.0800M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Mar 2018 11PM374937000M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Mar 2018 11PM4252320.0500M
FTMI4Fort Madison31 Mar 2018 11PM296229000M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Apr 2018 11PM1729170.21.51M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Apr 2018 11PM363614T00M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Apr 2018 11PM2842280.1300M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Apr 2018 11PM293918000M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Apr 2018 11PM445627000M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Apr 2018 11PM234623000M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Apr 2018 11PM304017000M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Apr 2018 11PM3035260.1811M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Apr 2018 11PM333729000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Apr 2018 11PM414726000M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Apr 2018 11PM606837000M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Apr 2018 11PM597552000M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Apr 2018 11PM6368540.1500M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Apr 2018 11PM3763370.2900M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Apr 2018 11PM2937290.0600M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Apr 2018 11PM324027000M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Apr 2018 11PM415326000M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Apr 2018 11PM3441330.0200M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Apr 2018 11PM405633000M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Apr 2018 11PM475831000M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Apr 2018 11PM505946000M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Apr 2018 11PM526847000M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Apr 2018 11PM587248000M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Apr 2018 11PM627547000M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Apr 2018 11PM456245000M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Apr 2018 11PM577039000M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Apr 2018 11PM567443000M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Apr 2018 11PM486139000M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Apr 2018 11PM546540000M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Apr 2018 11PM637847000M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 May 2018 11PM677961000M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 May 2018 11PM6779620.0800M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 May 2018 11PM6770610.3400M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 May 2018 11PM6177570.0400M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 May 2018 11PM618150000M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 May 2018 11PM658560000M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 May 2018 11PM617853000M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 May 2018 11PM718056000M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 May 2018 11PM6581610.1900M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 May 2018 11PM708155000M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 May 2018 11PM628062000M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 May 2018 11PM5864500.300M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 May 2018 11PM647553000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 May 2018 11PM6687600.0600M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 May 2018 11PM667564000M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 May 2018 11PM678160000M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 May 2018 11PM738460000M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 May 2018 11PM6473610.100M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 May 2018 11PM697759000M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 May 2018 11PM637563000M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 May 2018 11PM6379631.0900M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 May 2018 11PM687957000M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 May 2018 11PM728564000M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 May 2018 11PM748865000M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 May 2018 11PM7183690.0800M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 May 2018 11PM7291660.1800M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 May 2018 11PM769568000M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 May 2018 11PM789371000M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 May 2018 11PM718871000M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 May 2018 11PM748969000M
FTMI4Fort Madison31 May 2018 11PM768772000M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Jun 2018 11PM789268000M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Jun 2018 11PM6884620.2200M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Jun 2018 11PM648360000M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Jun 2018 11PM678354000M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Jun 2018 11PM708859000M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Jun 2018 11PM748860000M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Jun 2018 11PM789168000M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Jun 2018 11PM7783680.8300M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Jun 2018 11PM778570000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Jun 2018 11PM709070000M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Jun 2018 11PM7376670.1800M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Jun 2018 11PM758970000M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Jun 2018 11PM668165000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Jun 2018 11PM6877610.2800M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Jun 2018 11PM809167000M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Jun 2018 11PM809273000M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Jun 2018 11PM829375000M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Jun 2018 11PM819377000M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Jun 2018 11PM7293720.200M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Jun 2018 11PM6987682.100M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Jun 2018 11PM6677650.5500M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Jun 2018 11PM6669630.0300M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Jun 2018 11PM667864000M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Jun 2018 11PM748163000M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Jun 2018 11PM747865000M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Jun 2018 11PM7179640.0300M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Jun 2018 11PM758766000M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Jun 2018 11PM7183680.5100M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Jun 2018 11PM799368000M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Jun 2018 11PM809375000M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Jul 2018 11PM718671000M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Jul 2018 11PM758367000M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Jul 2018 11PM809071000M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Jul 2018 11PM829373000M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Jul 2018 11PM7892710.6300M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Jul 2018 11PM708269000M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Jul 2018 11PM718061000M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Jul 2018 11PM758264000M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Jul 2018 11PM789069000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Jul 2018 11PM729272000M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Jul 2018 11PM778670000M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Jul 2018 11PM788970000M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Jul 2018 11PM7493700.1500M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Jul 2018 11PM7287710.0700M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Jul 2018 11PM778970000M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Jul 2018 11PM719171000M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Jul 2018 11PM708570000M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Jul 2018 11PM738568000M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Jul 2018 11PM7085640.7600M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Jul 2018 11PM708168000M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Jul 2018 11PM718266000M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Jul 2018 11PM697865000M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Jul 2018 11PM718764000M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Jul 2018 11PM708966000M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Jul 2018 11PM728364000M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Jul 2018 11PM668466000M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Jul 2018 11PM658158000M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Jul 2018 11PM697858000M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Jul 2018 11PM6371630.4800M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Jul 2018 11PM688059000M
FTMI4Fort Madison31 Jul 2018 11PM668461000M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Aug 2018 11PM738663000M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Aug 2018 11PM728568000M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Aug 2018 11PM789067000M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Aug 2018 11PM768974000M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Aug 2018 11PM799175000M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Aug 2018 11PM7088700.3400M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Aug 2018 11PM7182680.1300M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Aug 2018 11PM708765000M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Aug 2018 11PM769166000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Aug 2018 11PM719269000M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Aug 2018 11PM698865000M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Aug 2018 11PM738866000M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Aug 2018 11PM778970000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Aug 2018 11PM748670000M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Aug 2018 11PM7584710.8500M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Aug 2018 11PM7492710.100M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Aug 2018 11PM7084670.0600M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Aug 2018 11PM748467000M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Aug 2018 11PM768569000M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Aug 2018 11PM7177680.4800M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Aug 2018 11PM6581650.0100M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Aug 2018 11PM638057000M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Aug 2018 11PM687957000M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Aug 2018 11PM7277620.5400M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Aug 2018 11PM789171000M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Aug 2018 11PM8289750.1100M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Aug 2018 11PM849176000M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Aug 2018 11PM7091680.4400M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Aug 2018 11PM6977691.1800M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Aug 2018 11PM717859000M
FTMI4Fort Madison31 Aug 2018 11PM738067000M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Sep 2018 11PM7886730.0400M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Sep 2018 11PM738771000M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Sep 2018 11PM7887720.100M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Sep 2018 11PM778872000M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Sep 2018 11PM7086700.5100M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Sep 2018 11PM6571651.8600M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Sep 2018 11PM5966590.4300M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Sep 2018 11PM6266590.0200M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Sep 2018 11PM617556000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Sep 2018 11PM577652000M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Sep 2018 11PM668154000M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Sep 2018 11PM668360000M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Sep 2018 11PM718361000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Sep 2018 11PM718965000M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Sep 2018 11PM708965000M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Sep 2018 11PM708864000M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Sep 2018 11PM708965000M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Sep 2018 11PM6686660.9100M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Sep 2018 11PM7387660.5600M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Sep 2018 11PM809071000M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Sep 2018 11PM5580550.0200M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Sep 2018 11PM597149000M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Sep 2018 11PM587653000M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Sep 2018 11PM687757000M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Sep 2018 11PM5680560.2800M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Sep 2018 11PM496648000M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Sep 2018 11PM567045000M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Sep 2018 11PM486047000M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Sep 2018 11PM5356470.4200M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Sep 2018 11PM577052000M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Oct 2018 11PM667956000M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Oct 2018 11PM666757000M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Oct 2018 11PM7084660.1100M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Oct 2018 11PM5870470.0300M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Oct 2018 11PM6167511.5700M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Oct 2018 11PM5568551.3300M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Oct 2018 11PM6565550.7300M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Oct 2018 11PM7180640.1600M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Oct 2018 11PM7381660.5100M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Oct 2018 11PM4773471.1200M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Oct 2018 11PM385138000M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Oct 2018 11PM4142370.2600M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Oct 2018 11PM464936000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Oct 2018 11PM3852380.300M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Oct 2018 11PM3649330.0900M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Oct 2018 11PM496034000M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Oct 2018 11PM395839000M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Oct 2018 11PM506034000M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Oct 2018 11PM525747000M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Oct 2018 11PM325632000M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Oct 2018 11PM455327000M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Oct 2018 11PM466944000M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Oct 2018 11PM405939000M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Oct 2018 11PM465633000M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Oct 2018 11PM455443000M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Oct 2018 11PM4355420.0500M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Oct 2018 11PM516240000M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Oct 2018 11PM4362430.0100M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Oct 2018 11PM546536000M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Oct 2018 11PM5166510.5700M
FTMI4Fort Madison31 Oct 2018 11PM496047000M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Nov 2018 11PM415241000M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Nov 2018 11PM4654380.0700M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Nov 2018 11PM495040T00M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Nov 2018 11PM4553441.7100M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Nov 2018 11PM4551330.1600M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Nov 2018 11PM335132T00M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Nov 2018 11PM334532000M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Nov 2018 11PM303530T0.20M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Nov 2018 11PM1936190.0300M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Nov 2018 11PM293015000M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Nov 2018 11PM354329000M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Nov 2018 11PM2235220.01TTM
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Nov 2018 11PM203216000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Nov 2018 11PM233717000M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Nov 2018 11PM354223000M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Nov 2018 11PM364532000M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Nov 2018 11PM2736270.02TTM
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Nov 2018 11PM2233210.1700M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Nov 2018 11PM294321000M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Nov 2018 11PM343627000M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Nov 2018 11PM334727000M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Nov 2018 11PM415630000M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Nov 2018 11PM4248390.200M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Nov 2018 11PM4257400.0100M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Nov 2018 11PM2657260.6955M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Nov 2018 11PM172716004M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Nov 2018 11PM162112004M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Nov 2018 11PM262712003M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Nov 2018 11PM313323002M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Nov 2018 11PM363726001M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Dec 2018 11PM4144350.3900M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Dec 2018 11PM3442340.1200M
FTMI4Fort MadisonNo Observation Reported for 2018-12-03
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Dec 2018 11PM263526000M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Dec 2018 11PM364226000M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Dec 2018 11PM203720000M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Dec 2018 11PM193014000M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Dec 2018 11PM223116000M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Dec 2018 11PM203315000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Dec 2018 11PM313816000M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Dec 2018 11PM404529000M
FTMI4Fort MadisonNo Observation Reported for 2018-12-12

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...