This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW1 Jan 2018 7AM-160-17003M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW2 Jan 2018 7AM-13-1-19003M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW3 Jan 2018 7AM515-13T0.13M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW4 Jan 2018 7AM-158-16003M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW5 Jan 2018 7AM-186-18003M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW6 Jan 2018 7AM-227-22003M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW7 Jan 2018 7AM1414-22003M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW8 Jan 2018 7AM173213TT2M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW9 Jan 2018 7AM203715002M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW10 Jan 2018 7AM344020T0TM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW11 Jan 2018 7AM3746340.0100M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW12 Jan 2018 7AM23720.030.3TM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW13 Jan 2018 7AM-812-800TM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW14 Jan 2018 7AM-810-1300TM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW16 Jan 2018 7AM5100MM2M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW17 Jan 2018 7AM-214-7002M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW18 Jan 2018 7AM1822-3002M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW19 Jan 2018 7AM293518002M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW20 Jan 2018 7AM22442200TM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW21 Jan 2018 7AM305122000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW22 Jan 2018 7AM3738300.4400M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW23 Jan 2018 7AM2738270.41TTM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW24 Jan 2018 7AM162716000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW25 Jan 2018 7AM202715000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW26 Jan 2018 7AM414119000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW27 Jan 2018 7AM275327T00M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW28 Jan 2018 7AM254623TTTM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW29 Jan 2018 7AM172816TT0M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW30 Jan 2018 7AM3253TT0M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW31 Jan 2018 7AM32343000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW1 Feb 2018 7AM4404000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW2 Feb 2018 7AM-412-5000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW4 Feb 2018 7AM1137110.131.52M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW5 Feb 2018 7AM-611-14001M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW6 Feb 2018 7AM-1111-110.161.22M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW7 Feb 2018 7AM1014-130.010.52M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW8 Feb 2018 7AM715-6TT2M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW9 Feb 2018 7AM122070.374.87M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW10 Feb 2018 7AM6172TT7M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW11 Feb 2018 7AM91420.060.67M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW12 Feb 2018 7AM-717-70070.9
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW13 Feb 2018 7AM1317-9007M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW14 Feb 2018 7AM253213007M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW15 Feb 2018 7AM344524004M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW16 Feb 2018 7AM124412003M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW17 Feb 2018 7AM20229003M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW18 Feb 2018 7AM143090.040.43M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW19 Feb 2018 7AM374113001M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW20 Feb 2018 7AM3338330.460TM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW21 Feb 2018 7AM1233120.030TM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW22 Feb 2018 7AM23261200TM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW23 Feb 2018 7AM3335230.24TTM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW24 Feb 2018 7AM23341900TM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW25 Feb 2018 7AM2135200.56TTM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW26 Feb 2018 7AM18361800TM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW27 Feb 2018 7AM385018000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW28 Feb 2018 7AM265926000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW1 Mar 2018 7AM355426000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW2 Mar 2018 7AM184818000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW3 Mar 2018 7AM334618000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW4 Mar 2018 7AM344832000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW5 Mar 2018 7AM3149310.190.71M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW6 Mar 2018 7AM2933230.945.46M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW7 Mar 2018 7AM1535120.020.26M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW8 Mar 2018 7AM7286006M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW9 Mar 2018 7AM8285005M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW10 Mar 2018 7AM11358004M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW11 Mar 2018 7AM3139110.010.14M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW12 Mar 2018 7AM3040300030.8
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW13 Mar 2018 7AM253822002M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW14 Mar 2018 7AM23351700TM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW15 Mar 2018 7AM21492100TM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW16 Mar 2018 7AM254821000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW17 Mar 2018 7AM3141250.04TTM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW18 Mar 2018 7AM215320000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW19 Mar 2018 7AM245221000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW20 Mar 2018 7AM275124000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW21 Mar 2018 7AM193818000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW22 Mar 2018 7AM194418000M

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...