This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
DVNI4Davenport 6N1 Jan 2018 11PM-19-8-230050.2
DVNI4Davenport 6N2 Jan 2018 11PM1213-22TT40.3
DVNI4Davenport 6N3 Jan 2018 11PM-1016-11T0.230.3
DVNI4Davenport 6N4 Jan 2018 11PM66-140030.2
DVNI4Davenport 6N5 Jan 2018 11PM-107-110030.3
DVNI4Davenport 6N6 Jan 2018 11PM1010-160030.3
DVNI4Davenport 6N7 Jan 2018 11PM3232100.04T30.5
DVNI4Davenport 6N8 Jan 2018 11PM2937260020.4
DVNI4Davenport 6N9 Jan 2018 11PM3234250020.4
DVNI4Davenport 6N10 Jan 2018 11PM505232T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N11 Jan 2018 6AM105190.0400M
DVNI4Davenport 6N12 Jan 2018 11PM6166TT0M
DVNI4Davenport 6N13 Jan 2018 11PM212-1000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N14 Jan 2018 11PM212100.030.71M
DVNI4Davenport 6N15 Jan 2018 11PM-223-20.020.810
DVNI4Davenport 6N16 Jan 2018 11PM015-4T0.11M
DVNI4Davenport 6N17 Jan 2018 11PM1720-4001M
DVNI4Davenport 6N18 Jan 2018 6AM303416001M
DVNI4Davenport 6N19 Jan 2018 11PM394327000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N20 Jan 2018 11PM384733000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N21 Jan 2018 11PM4242370.0100M
DVNI4Davenport 6N22 Jan 2018 11PM3456320.1400M
DVNI4Davenport 6N23 Jan 2018 11PM243424TT0M
DVNI4Davenport 6N24 Jan 2018 11PM253223000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N25 Jan 2018 11PM364824000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N26 Jan 2018 11PM505335T000
DVNI4Davenport 6N27 Jan 2018 11PM305030000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N28 Jan 2018 11PM253321TT0M
DVNI4Davenport 6N29 Jan 2018 11PM132712TT0M
DVNI4Davenport 6N30 Jan 2018 11PM32338000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N31 Jan 2018 11PM284128000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N1 Feb 2018 11PM4304000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N2 Feb 2018 11PM1720-1TT0M
DVNI4Davenport 6N3 Feb 2018 11PM3544140.02TTM
DVNI4Davenport 6N4 Feb 2018 11PM036-20.030.54M
DVNI4Davenport 6N5 Feb 2018 11PM211-40.213.94M
DVNI4Davenport 6N6 Feb 2018 11PM1012-140.040.740.4
DVNI4Davenport 6N7 Feb 2018 11PM312-1TT40.3
DVNI4Davenport 6N8 Feb 2018 11PM192130.040.850.4
DVNI4Davenport 6N9 Feb 2018 11PM1620160.092.870.6
DVNI4Davenport 6N10 Feb 2018 11PM121690.12.570.7
DVNI4Davenport 6N11 Feb 2018 11PM-415-40.222.780.9
DVNI4Davenport 6N12 Feb 2018 11PM817-110070.5
DVNI4Davenport 6N13 Feb 2018 11PM293580070.9
DVNI4Davenport 6N14 Feb 2018 11PM4042290040.5
DVNI4Davenport 6N15 Feb 2018 11PM34433400TM
DVNI4Davenport 6N16 Feb 2018 11PM16341600TM
DVNI4Davenport 6N17 Feb 2018 11PM1532130.121.51M
DVNI4Davenport 6N18 Feb 2018 11PM424313001M
DVNI4Davenport 6N19 Feb 2018 11PM3862380.2800M
DVNI4Davenport 6N20 Feb 2018 11PM2539251.1300M
DVNI4Davenport 6N21 Feb 2018 11PM253119000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N22 Feb 2018 11PM3536250.01T0M
DVNI4Davenport 6N23 Feb 2018 11PM2838280.0800M
DVNI4Davenport 6N24 Feb 2018 11PM3342270.4900M
DVNI4Davenport 6N25 Feb 2018 11PM314528000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N26 Feb 2018 11PM395428000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N27 Feb 2018 11PM486438000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N28 Feb 2018 11PM4055400.100M
DVNI4Davenport 6N1 Mar 2018 11PM3051300.1200M
DVNI4Davenport 6N2 Mar 2018 11PM374723000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N3 Mar 2018 11PM345130000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N4 Mar 2018 11PM405230000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N5 Mar 2018 11PM3140300.720.4TM
DVNI4Davenport 6N6 Mar 2018 11PM3034300.010.1TM
DVNI4Davenport 6N7 Mar 2018 11PM193119TT0M
DVNI4Davenport 6N8 Mar 2018 11PM193115000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N9 Mar 2018 11PM273916000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N10 Mar 2018 11PM344424000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N11 Mar 2018 11PM344430000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N12 Mar 2018 11PM274327T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N13 Mar 2018 11PM223921000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N14 Mar 2018 11PM345618000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N15 Mar 2018 11PM345423000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N16 Mar 2018 11PM3143250.130.1TM
DVNI4Davenport 6N17 Mar 2018 11PM2846280.01T00
DVNI4Davenport 6N18 Mar 2018 11PM3653220000
DVNI4Davenport 6N19 Mar 2018 11PM315331000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N20 Mar 2018 11PM303926000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N21 Mar 2018 11PM254423000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N22 Mar 2018 11PM385119000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N23 Mar 2018 11PM2849280.020.4TM
DVNI4Davenport 6N24 Mar 2018 11PM3234270.717.470.6
DVNI4Davenport 6N25 Mar 2018 11PM3040240030.5
DVNI4Davenport 6N26 Mar 2018 11PM3639270.33010.5
DVNI4Davenport 6N27 Mar 2018 11PM3138310.170TM
DVNI4Davenport 6N28 Mar 2018 11PM4048310.03000
DVNI4Davenport 6N29 Mar 2018 11PM3851350.1000
DVNI4Davenport 6N30 Mar 2018 11PM415031000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N31 Mar 2018 11PM2556250.1400M
DVNI4Davenport 6N1 Apr 2018 7AM2029190.0100M
DVNI4Davenport 6N2 Apr 2018 11PM364416T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N3 Apr 2018 11PM2638260.15TTM
DVNI4Davenport 6N4 Apr 2018 11PM263417TT0M
DVNI4Davenport 6N5 Apr 2018 11PM3146250.020.40M
DVNI4Davenport 6N6 Apr 2018 11PM183418000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N7 Apr 2018 11PM213912000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N8 Apr 2018 11PM2838160.111.92M
DVNI4Davenport 6N9 Apr 2018 11PM3037270.020.50M
DVNI4Davenport 6N10 Apr 2018 11PM394422000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N11 Apr 2018 11PM5467370.0100M
DVNI4Davenport 6N12 Apr 2018 11PM507250000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N13 Apr 2018 11PM4052400.0500M
DVNI4Davenport 6N14 Apr 2018 11PM3340330.500M
DVNI4Davenport 6N15 Apr 2018 7AM2633250.500M
DVNI4Davenport 6N16 Apr 2018 11PM2935250.020.40M
DVNI4Davenport 6N17 Apr 2018 11PM324724000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N18 Apr 2018 11PM3134300.070.2TM
DVNI4Davenport 6N19 Apr 2018 7AM3753290.070.2TM
DVNI4Davenport 6N20 Apr 2018 11PM496126000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N21 Apr 2018 11PM4759440000
DVNI4Davenport 6N22 Apr 2018 11PM4967440000
DVNI4Davenport 6N23 Apr 2018 11PM5473410000
DVNI4Davenport 6N24 Apr 2018 11PM587644000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N25 Apr 2018 11PM456545000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N26 Apr 2018 11PM497137000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N27 Apr 2018 11PM427635T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N28 Apr 2018 11PM455929000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N29 Apr 2018 11PM516732000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N30 Apr 2018 11PM678448000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N1 May 2018 7AM738463000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N2 May 2018 11PM6285621.2500M
DVNI4Davenport 6N3 May 2018 11PM6474610.61000
DVNI4Davenport 6N4 May 2018 11PM587656000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N5 May 2018 7AM678250000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N6 May 2018 11PM598059T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N7 May 2018 11PM658052000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N8 May 2018 11PM7082590.0100M
DVNI4Davenport 6N9 May 2018 11PM6080580.3700M
DVNI4Davenport 6N10 May 2018 11PM648053000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N11 May 2018 11PM486448T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N12 May 2018 11PM5157450.2300M
DVNI4Davenport 6N13 May 2018 11PM5965490.2900M
DVNI4Davenport 6N14 May 2018 11PM6780580.0900M
DVNI4Davenport 6N15 May 2018 11PM617761T000
DVNI4Davenport 6N16 May 2018 11PM6782530000
DVNI4Davenport 6N17 May 2018 11PM6083590000
DVNI4Davenport 6N18 May 2018 11PM6180560.0500M
DVNI4Davenport 6N19 May 2018 11PM708258T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N20 May 2018 11PM5670550.0100M
DVNI4Davenport 6N21 May 2018 11PM6274520.5100M
DVNI4Davenport 6N22 May 2018 11PM6376560000
DVNI4Davenport 6N23 May 2018 11PM7083600000
DVNI4Davenport 6N24 May 2018 11PM7590620000
DVNI4Davenport 6N25 May 2018 11PM6586640.08000
DVNI4Davenport 6N26 May 2018 7PMMMM0.14000

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...