This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

COOP obs listed by station

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY1 Jan 2018 8AM-21-11-220040.3
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY2 Jan 2018 8AM-16-6-23004M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY3 Jan 2018 8AM-217-160.020.23M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY4 Jan 2018 7AM-15-8003M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY5 Jan 2018 8AM-47-4003M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY6 Jan 2018 8AM-136-15003M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY7 Jan 2018 8AM1215-13003M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY8 Jan 2018 8AM1837120030.2
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY9 Jan 2018 8AM314018002M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY10 Jan 2018 6AM344131002M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY11 Jan 2018 8AM113811TT1M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY12 Jan 2018 8AM-1011-100.151.21M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY13 Jan 2018 8AM-85-10001M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY14 Jan 2018 8AM1111-8001M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY15 Jan 2018 8AM-421-40.091.420.2
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY16 Jan 2018 8AM-6-2-100.020.32M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY17 Jan 2018 6AM04-7002M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY18 Jan 2018 7AM18250002M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY19 Jan 2018 7AM263516002M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY20 Jan 2018 8AM254224000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY21 Jan 2018 8AM285025000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY22 Jan 2018 8AM3435280.5100M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY23 Jan 2018 8AM2134210.351.81M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY24 Jan 2018 8AM202520001M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY25 Jan 2018 7AM182818001M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY26 Jan 2018 8AM394117000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY27 Jan 2018 8AM305028000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY28 Jan 2018 8AM174517TT0M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY30 Jan 2018 7AM13173000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY31 Jan 2018 7AM303713000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY1 Feb 2018 8AM3383000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY2 Feb 2018 8AM-211-2000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY3 Feb 2018 8AM2626-3TT0M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY4 Feb 2018 8AM038-3T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY5 Feb 2018 7AM612-1000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY6 Feb 2018 8AM-1212-150.263.84M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY7 Feb 2018 7AM59-130.040.65M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY8 Feb 2018 7AM10112T0.25M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY9 Feb 2018 8AM71750.485.28M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY10 Feb 2018 8AM-412-5008M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY11 Feb 2018 8AM-19-4008M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY12 Feb 2018 8AM-615-60070.8
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY13 Feb 2018 6AM1516-7007M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY14 Feb 2018 7AM233115006M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY15 Feb 2018 7AM334222004M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY16 Feb 2018 8AM2352003M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY17 Feb 2018 8AM23252003M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY18 Feb 2018 8AM2533160.040.73M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY19 Feb 2018 8AM2747250.02020.5
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY20 Feb 2018 8AM1928190.150.22M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY21 Feb 2018 7AM4194002M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY22 Feb 2018 8AM212240.071.22M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY23 Feb 2018 8AM2131200.311.84M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY24 Feb 2018 8AM18278003M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY25 Feb 2018 7AM1432130.090.33M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY26 Feb 2018 8AM1834110030.7
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY27 Feb 2018 7AM284618002M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY28 Feb 2018 7AM245023002M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY1 Mar 2018 7AM243923001M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY2 Mar 2018 7AM233719001M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY3 Mar 2018 8AM334223001M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY4 Mar 2018 8AM354933000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY5 Mar 2018 8AM355035T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY6 Mar 2018 8AM2535240.452.83M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY7 Mar 2018 7AM1533150.040.52M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY8 Mar 2018 7AM142614001M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY9 Mar 2018 7AM212714001M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY10 Mar 2018 7AM2835210000
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY11 Mar 2018 8AM303628TT0M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY12 Mar 2018 8AM243824000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY13 Mar 2018 7AM223822000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY14 Mar 2018 7AM253522000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY15 Mar 2018 6AM275325000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY16 Mar 2018 7AM284726000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY17 Mar 2018 8AM3038280.27T0M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY18 Mar 2018 8AM334230000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY19 Mar 2018 8AM323831000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY20 Mar 2018 7AM325131000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY21 Mar 2018 6AM2835270.02T0M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY22 Mar 2018 6AM324427000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY23 Mar 2018 8AM324931T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY24 Mar 2018 12PM3043262.4714.615M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY25 Mar 2018 8AM2430240.211.213M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY26 Mar 2018 8AM293023TT9M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY27 Mar 2018 8AM3233230.18072
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY28 Mar 2018 7AM204020005M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY29 Mar 2018 7AM2650200.0303M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY30 Mar 2018 7AM303525003M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY31 Mar 2018 8AM384829001M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY1 Apr 2018 8AM173817000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY2 Apr 2018 7AM223417000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY3 Apr 2018 8AM3138220.0200M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY4 Apr 2018 8AM93180.2232M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY5 Apr 2018 8AM29309001M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY6 Apr 2018 8AM244524000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY7 Apr 2018 8AM172413000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY8 Apr 2018 8AM253817000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY9 Apr 2018 9AM2929250.143.430.1
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY10 Apr 2018 7AM283524001M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY11 Apr 2018 7AM315428000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY12 Apr 2018 7AM335431T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY13 Apr 2018 7AM4157330.0200M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY14 Apr 2018 8AM3242320.800M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY15 Apr 2018 8AM2132201.08107M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY16 Apr 2018 8AM1827170.05240.6
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY17 Apr 2018 6AM173117002M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY18 Apr 2018 8AM2837170.3912M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY19 Apr 2018 7AM2232210.3564M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY20 Apr 2018 8AM234322002M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY21 Apr 2018 8AM374923001M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY22 Apr 2018 8AM466037000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY23 Apr 2018 8AM386538000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY24 Apr 2018 7AM406838000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY25 Apr 2018 8AM356935000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY26 Apr 2018 8AM396035000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY27 Apr 2018 8AM466838000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY28 Apr 2018 7AM356833000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY29 Apr 2018 8AM465935000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY30 Apr 2018 7AM577146000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY1 May 2018 6AM5783570.0700M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY2 May 2018 7AM5076500.5900M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY3 May 2018 8AM5060460.2600M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY4 May 2018 8AM5262502.0300M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY5 May 2018 8AM607350000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY6 May 2018 8AM6080530.0400M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY7 May 2018 8AM507649000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY8 May 2018 7AM538050000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY9 May 2018 7AM5480530.2100M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY10 May 2018 6AM5470520.0200M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY11 May 2018 7AM4765460.9500M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY12 May 2018 7AM4552450.2900M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY13 May 2018 7AM4850450.100M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY14 May 2018 7AM5663480.1700M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY15 May 2018 6AM5671540.0200M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY16 May 2018 6AM527852000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY17 May 2018 7AM558352000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY18 May 2018 7AM588455000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY19 May 2018 7AM578457000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY20 May 2018 7AM4970490.0700M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY21 May 2018 6AM5561491.1400M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY22 May 2018 7AM5465520.0400M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY23 May 2018 7AM6480540.1100M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY24 May 2018 7AM6785620.0300M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY25 May 2018 7AM688967000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY26 May 2018 8AM689261000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY27 May 2018 6AM639462000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY28 May 2018 8AM7210063000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY29 May 2018 7AM729767000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY30 May 2018 7AM6493640.2300M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY31 May 2018 6AM648163000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY1 Jun 2018 7AM729064000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY2 Jun 2018 7AM6293620.4100M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY3 Jun 2018 7AM607657000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY4 Jun 2018 7AM637751000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY5 Jun 2018 7AM628461000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY6 Jun 2018 7AM699262000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY7 Jun 2018 7AM6588640.300M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY8 Jun 2018 7AM6781650.0300M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY9 Jun 2018 7AM708465000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY10 Jun 2018 7AM688964000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY11 Jun 2018 8AM6379630.0500M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY12 Jun 2018 7AM6579630.0700M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY13 Jun 2018 6AM5683550.1900M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY14 Jun 2018 8AM6179560.9200M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY15 Jun 2018 7AM7079600.2300M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY16 Jun 2018 7AM739070000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY17 Jun 2018 7AM769073000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY18 Jun 2018 7AM7290710.0500M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY19 Jun 2018 8AM6985690.8600M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY20 Jun 2018 6AM6680650.9500M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY21 Jun 2018 6AM6575642.2500M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY22 Jun 2018 7AM606958T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY23 Jun 2018 7AM647758000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY24 Jun 2018 7AM657863000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY25 Jun 2018 6AM6682620.100M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY26 Jun 2018 6AM6275620.1500M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY27 Jun 2018 8AM6477620.0800M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY28 Jun 2018 7AM718164000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY29 Jun 2018 7AM728370000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY30 Jun 2018 6AM769372000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY1 Jul 2018 7AM6887653.27MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY2 Jul 2018 7AM6576630.18MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY3 Jul 2018 6AM6683650MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY4 Jul 2018 6AM7388660MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY5 Jul 2018 7AM6790670.24MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY6 Jul 2018 8AM6481590MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY7 Jul 2018 8AM6981610MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY8 Jul 2018 8AM6882620MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY9 Jul 2018 7AM6684650MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY10 Jul 2018 7AM6990660MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY11 Jul 2018 6AM6986680MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY12 Jul 2018 6AM7591690MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY13 Jul 2018 7AM7193700.04MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY14 Jul 2018 8AM7183671.13MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY15 Jul 2018 6AM6780670MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY16 Jul 2018 7AM6486630MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY17 Jul 2018 6AM618260000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY18 Jul 2018 8AM638561000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY19 Jul 2018 7AM6884630.0700M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY20 Jul 2018 6AM6580650.0600M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY21 Jul 2018 8AM677863000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY22 Jul 2018 8AM677961000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY23 Jul 2018 7AM668161000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY24 Jul 2018 7AM598459000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY25 Jul 2018 6AM618259000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY26 Jul 2018 7AM5983580.3800M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY27 Jul 2018 7AM557454000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY28 Jul 2018 8AM607654000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY29 Jul 2018 8AM647654000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY30 Jul 2018 7AM587955000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY31 Jul 2018 7AM5880570.1600M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY1 Aug 2018 7AM608258000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY2 Aug 2018 7AM558453000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY3 Aug 2018 7AM607755000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY4 Aug 2018 7AM699060000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY5 Aug 2018 8AM6784650.1200M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY6 Aug 2018 8AM6779652.1700M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY7 Aug 2018 7AM6683660.1400M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY8 Aug 2018 8AM5979590.0200M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY9 Aug 2018 6AM668559000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY10 Aug 2018 7AM648662000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY11 Aug 2018 8AM668461000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY12 Aug 2018 8AM678360000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY13 Aug 2018 7AM648764000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY14 Aug 2018 6AM668664000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY15 Aug 2018 6AM6780650.0400M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY16 Aug 2018 7AM678467000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY17 Aug 2018 7AM6477640.2200M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY18 Aug 2018 7AM618260000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY19 Aug 2018 7AM648261000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY20 Aug 2018 7AM6581641.4500M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY21 Aug 2018 6AM6168592.7800M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY22 Aug 2018 7AM527352000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY23 Aug 2018 7AM537852000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY24 Aug 2018 7AM647653T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY25 Aug 2018 7AM628161000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY26 Aug 2018 8AM688362000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY27 Aug 2018 7AM7380680.6500M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY28 Aug 2018 6AM698669T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITYNo Observation Reported for 2018-08-29
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY30 Aug 2018 7AM527250000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY31 Aug 2018 7AM687452000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY1 Sep 2018 8AM708368000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY2 Sep 2018 8AM6681650.4900M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY3 Sep 2018 8AM7180660.0300M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY4 Sep 2018 8AM7074690.0200M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY5 Sep 2018 8AM6683661.9700M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY6 Sep 2018 8AM527351000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY7 Sep 2018 8AM557551000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY8 Sep 2018 8AM537050000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY9 Sep 2018 8AM527348000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY10 Sep 2018 7AM497349000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY11 Sep 2018 8AM577849000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY12 Sep 2018 6AM608157000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY13 Sep 2018 7AM608160000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY14 Sep 2018 7AM658460000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY15 Sep 2018 8AM668865000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY16 Sep 2018 7AM679066000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY17 Sep 2018 7AM678767000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY18 Sep 2018 7AM669164000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY19 Sep 2018 7AM6368600.3800M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY20 Sep 2018 7AM6482632.800M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY21 Sep 2018 7AM5690560.9400M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY22 Sep 2018 7AM4261410.0300M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY23 Sep 2018 7AM486842000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY24 Sep 2018 7AM537648000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY25 Sep 2018 7AM547853000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY26 Sep 2018 7AM4455440.3800M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY27 Sep 2018 7AM536544000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY28 Sep 2018 7AM4565450.0300M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY29 Sep 2018 6AM365435000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY30 Sep 2018 8AM4549360.0300M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY1 Oct 2018 7AM4753440.2200M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY2 Oct 2018 7AM4753470.3800M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY3 Oct 2018 7AM6868470.0200M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY4 Oct 2018 7AM3486340.0200M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY5 Oct 2018 7AM4749340.100M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY6 Oct 2018 8AM4457440.0400M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY7 Oct 2018 8AM434841T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY8 Oct 2018 8AM5153431.0500M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY9 Oct 2018 7AM506150100M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY10 Oct 2018 6AM4965490.800M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY11 Oct 2018 6AM354935T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY12 Oct 2018 8AM334230000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY13 Oct 2018 8AM4242330.0300M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY14 Oct 2018 7AM345834T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY15 Oct 2018 8AM3334310.160.50M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY16 Oct 2018 7AM344731000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY17 Oct 2018 7AM336233000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY18 Oct 2018 6AM385232000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY19 Oct 2018 7AM4970370.2500M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY20 Oct 2018 7AM416740000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY21 Oct 2018 8AM304326000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY22 Oct 2018 7AM346230000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY23 Oct 2018 7AM306630000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY24 Oct 2018 6AM295327000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY25 Oct 2018 6AM425728000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY26 Oct 2018 7AM4052400.0300M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY27 Oct 2018 8AM355033000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY28 Oct 2018 7AM4366350.0900M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY29 Oct 2018 7AM315831000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY30 Oct 2018 7AM436030000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY31 Oct 2018 6AM335433000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY1 Nov 2018 7AM315830000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY2 Nov 2018 7AM425929000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY3 Nov 2018 8AM415336000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY4 Nov 2018 8AM3744370.4700M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY5 Nov 2018 7AM3739360.0200M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY6 Nov 2018 6AM3746370.3600M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY7 Nov 2018 7AM273727000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY8 Nov 2018 6AM263326000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY9 Nov 2018 8AM1830180.040.71M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY10 Nov 2018 7AM11228TT0M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY11 Nov 2018 7AM292911000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY14 Nov 2018 7AM20338000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY15 Nov 2018 7AM264520000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY16 Nov 2018 7AM304825000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY17 Nov 2018 8AM2136210.382.32M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY18 Nov 2018 7AM024-30M2M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITYNo Observation Reported for 2018-11-19

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...