This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

COOP obs listed by station

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
CLDI4CLARINDA1 Jan 2019 8AM1137100.05T0M
CLDI4CLARINDA2 Jan 2019 6AM171711000M
CLDI4CLARINDA3 Jan 2019 6AM213517000M
CLDI4CLARINDA4 Jan 2019 6AM225218000M
CLDI4CLARINDA5 Jan 2019 8AM255322000M
CLDI4CLARINDA6 Jan 2019 8AM405925000M
CLDI4CLARINDA7 Jan 2019 6AM4552400.0500M
CLDI4CLARINDA8 Jan 2019 8AM3753340.0200M
CLDI4CLARINDA9 Jan 2019 8AM224721000M
CLDI4CLARINDA10 Jan 2019 8AM173215000M
CLDI4CLARINDA11 Jan 2019 8AM333617000M
CLDI4CLARINDA12 Jan 2019 8AM2937290.677M
CLDI4CLARINDA13 Jan 2019 8AM2831280.051.59M
CLDI4CLARINDA14 Jan 2019 6AM26318TT9M
CLDI4CLARINDA15 Jan 2019 6AM323225T08M
CLDI4CLARINDA16 Jan 2019 6AM283328007M
CLDI4CLARINDA17 Jan 2019 6AM262822TT7M
CLDI4CLARINDA18 Jan 2019 6AM273126006M
CLDI4CLARINDA19 Jan 2019 8AM112910TT6M
CLDI4CLARINDA20 Jan 2019 8AM8133TT6M
CLDI4CLARINDA21 Jan 2019 6AM111380.051.57M
CLDI4CLARINDA22 Jan 2019 6AM303010T06M
CLDI4CLARINDA23 Jan 2019 6AM1330130.28510M
CLDI4CLARINDA24 Jan 2019 6AM25263009M
CLDI4CLARINDA25 Jan 2019 6AM-526-16009M
CLDI4CLARINDA26 Jan 2019 8AM1131-50.020.59M
CLDI4CLARINDA27 Jan 2019 8AM12327TT8M
CLDI4CLARINDA28 Jan 2019 6AM204012TT7M
CLDI4CLARINDA29 Jan 2019 6AM220-1007M
CLDI4CLARINDA30 Jan 2019 6AM-1913-20007M
CLDI4CLARINDA31 Jan 2019 6AM-10-23007M
CLDI4CLARINDA1 Feb 2019 6AM316-1006M
CLDI4CLARINDA2 Feb 2019 8AM36372006M
CLDI4CLARINDA3 Feb 2019 8AM454536T01M
CLDI4CLARINDA4 Feb 2019 6AM20562000TM
CLDI4CLARINDA7 Feb 2019 6AM92090.140.5TM
CLDI4CLARINDA9 Feb 2019 8AM1212-100TM
CLDI4CLARINDA10 Feb 2019 8AM2427120.1922M
CLDI4CLARINDA11 Feb 2019 6AM2632240.0313M
CLDI4CLARINDA12 Feb 2019 6AM2528250.336M
CLDI4CLARINDA13 Feb 2019 6AM2260006M
CLDI4CLARINDA14 Feb 2019 7AM21352005M
CLDI4CLARINDA15 Feb 2019 8AM7395004M
CLDI4CLARINDA16 Feb 2019 8AM5121TT4M
CLDI4CLARINDA17 Feb 2019 8AM222450.4610M
CLDI4CLARINDA18 Feb 2019 6AM172514TT100.96
CLDI4CLARINDA19 Feb 2019 6AM-120-1006M
CLDI4CLARINDA20 Feb 2019 6AM2727-10.253.59M
CLDI4CLARINDA21 Feb 2019 8AM-130-40.020.59M
CLDI4CLARINDA22 Feb 2019 6AM2135-1007M
CLDI4CLARINDA23 Feb 2019 7AM3336200.2506M
CLDI4CLARINDA24 Feb 2019 8AM1435140.3639M
CLDI4CLARINDA25 Feb 2019 6AM-419-4009M
CLDI4CLARINDA26 Feb 2019 6AM617-4009M
CLDI4CLARINDA27 Feb 2019 6AM12195T09M
CLDI4CLARINDA28 Feb 2019 6AM9143TT8M
CLDI4CLARINDA1 Mar 2019 6AM11239006M
CLDI4CLARINDA2 Mar 2019 8AM12319006M
CLDI4CLARINDA3 Mar 2019 8AM11810.01T6M
CLDI4CLARINDA4 Mar 2019 6AM-74-80061.9
CLDI4CLARINDA5 Mar 2019 6AM812-8006M
CLDI4CLARINDA6 Mar 2019 6AM3200006M
CLDI4CLARINDA7 Mar 2019 6AM223120.1527M
CLDI4CLARINDA8 Mar 2019 6AM2829220.020.57M
CLDI4CLARINDA9 Mar 2019 8AM3739280.401M
CLDI4CLARINDA10 Mar 2019 8AM2538240.8801M
CLDI4CLARINDA11 Mar 2019 6AM24362400TM
CLDI4CLARINDA12 Mar 2019 6AM39442100TM
CLDI4CLARINDA13 Mar 2019 6AM4849380.30TM
CLDI4CLARINDA14 Mar 2019 8AM3761370.5400M
CLDI4CLARINDA15 Mar 2019 8AM3139300.14T0M
CLDI4CLARINDA16 Mar 2019 8AM274622000M
CLDI4CLARINDA17 Mar 2019 8AM315425000M
CLDI4CLARINDA18 Mar 2019 6AM234722000M
CLDI4CLARINDA19 Mar 2019 6AM344823000M
CLDI4CLARINDA20 Mar 2019 6AM3748230.4200M
CLDI4CLARINDA21 Mar 2019 6AM295829000M
CLDI4CLARINDA22 Mar 2019 6AM275626000M
CLDI4CLARINDANo Observation Reported for 2019-03-23

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...