This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
CGGI4COGGON1 Jan 2018 6AM-200-20004M
CGGI4COGGON2 Jan 2018 6AM-16-4-20004M
CGGI4COGGON3 Jan 2018 6AM615-17T0.24M
CGGI4COGGON4 Jan 2018 6AM-106-10004M
CGGI4COGGON5 Jan 2018 6AM-75-10004M
CGGI4COGGON6 Jan 2018 6AM-196-19004M
CGGI4COGGON7 Jan 2018 6AM1515-19003M
CGGI4COGGON8 Jan 2018 6AM243115003M
CGGI4COGGON9 Jan 2018 6AM203816002M
CGGI4COGGON10 Jan 2018 6AM333620002M
CGGI4COGGON11 Jan 2018 6AM4545330.0200M
CGGI4COGGON12 Jan 2018 6AM24520.080.20M
CGGI4COGGON13 Jan 2018 6AM-312-3000M
CGGI4COGGON14 Jan 2018 6AM09-5000M
CGGI4COGGON15 Jan 2018 6AM62100.111.81M
CGGI4COGGON16 Jan 2018 6AM36-4001M
CGGI4COGGON17 Jan 2018 6AM-312-4TT1M
CGGI4COGGON18 Jan 2018 6AM1421-3001M
CGGI4COGGON19 Jan 2018 6AM25341400TM
CGGI4COGGON20 Jan 2018 6AM25432500TM
CGGI4COGGON21 Jan 2018 6AM344825000M
CGGI4COGGON22 Jan 2018 6AM3639340.800M
CGGI4COGGON23 Jan 2018 6AM2741270.1900M
CGGI4COGGON24 Jan 2018 6AM192719000M
CGGI4COGGON25 Jan 2018 6AM232717000M
CGGI4COGGON26 Jan 2018 6AM364223000M
CGGI4COGGON27 Jan 2018 6AM295429000M
CGGI4COGGON28 Jan 2018 6AM264722000M
CGGI4COGGON29 Jan 2018 6AM152715000M
CGGI4COGGON30 Jan 2018 6AM5255TT0M
CGGI4COGGON31 Jan 2018 6AM33345000M
CGGI4COGGON1 Feb 2018 6AM6386000M
CGGI4COGGON2 Feb 2018 6AM-112-1000M
CGGI4COGGON3 Feb 2018 6AM2222-2T0.10M
CGGI4COGGON4 Feb 2018 6AM1140110.080.3TM
CGGI4COGGON5 Feb 2018 6AM012-500TM
CGGI4COGGON6 Feb 2018 6AM-710-70.243.43M
CGGI4COGGON7 Feb 2018 6AM910-80.020.33M
CGGI4COGGON8 Feb 2018 6AM813-3003M
CGGI4COGGON9 Feb 2018 6AM151980.324.26M
CGGI4COGGON10 Feb 2018 6AM61750.091.37M
CGGI4COGGON11 Feb 2018 6AM81160.030.67M
CGGI4COGGON12 Feb 2018 6AM-815-8007M
CGGI4COGGON13 Feb 2018 6AM1516-8007M
CGGI4COGGON14 Feb 2018 6AM283315006M
CGGI4COGGON15 Feb 2018 6AM334428005M
CGGI4COGGON16 Feb 2018 6AM124212003M
CGGI4COGGON17 Feb 2018 6AM191910003M
CGGI4COGGON18 Feb 2018 6AM172990.111.44M
CGGI4COGGON19 Feb 2018 6AM364017003M
CGGI4COGGON20 Feb 2018 6AM3240320.550TM
CGGI4COGGON21 Feb 2018 6AM1332130.160TM
CGGI4COGGON22 Feb 2018 6AM23251200TM
CGGI4COGGON23 Feb 2018 6AM3234230.110TM
CGGI4COGGON24 Feb 2018 6AM26332300TM
CGGI4COGGON25 Feb 2018 6AM2235210.270TM
CGGI4COGGON26 Feb 2018 6AM223922000M
CGGI4COGGON27 Feb 2018 6AM345122000M
CGGI4COGGON28 Feb 2018 6AM286028000M
CGGI4COGGON1 Mar 2018 6AM3355280MMM
CGGI4COGGON2 Mar 2018 6AM2147210MMM
CGGI4COGGON3 Mar 2018 6AM3146200MMM
CGGI4COGGON4 Mar 2018 6AM3149310MMM
CGGI4COGGON5 Mar 2018 6AM3249310.410.6TM
CGGI4COGGON6 Mar 2018 6AM2932280.521.42M
CGGI4COGGON7 Mar 2018 6AM1634160.122.44M
CGGI4COGGON8 Mar 2018 6AM92690M4M
CGGI4COGGON9 Mar 2018 6AM112780M3M
CGGI4COGGON10 Mar 2018 6AM1733110M2M
CGGI4COGGON11 Mar 2018 6AM3137170M1M
CGGI4COGGON12 Mar 2018 6AM3139310MTM
CGGI4COGGON13 Mar 2018 6AM2438240MTM
CGGI4COGGON14 Mar 2018 6AM2035200MTM
CGGI4COGGON15 Mar 2018 6AM2451200M0M
CGGI4COGGON16 Mar 2018 6AM2548230MMM
CGGI4COGGON17 Mar 2018 6AM3040250.05MMM
CGGI4COGGON18 Mar 2018 6AM2447230.010.20M
CGGI4COGGON19 Mar 2018 6AM3050230MMM
CGGI4COGGON20 Mar 2018 6AM2751260MMM
CGGI4COGGON21 Mar 2018 6AM2437230MMM
CGGI4COGGON22 Mar 2018 6AM2144210MMM
CGGI4COGGONNo Observation Reported for 2018-03-23

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...