This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

COOP obs listed by station

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
AUDI4Audubon1 Jan 2018 8AM-21-8-22003M
AUDI4Audubon2 Jan 2018 8AM-14-4-25003M
AUDI4Audubon3 Jan 2018 8AM520-14003M
AUDI4Audubon4 Jan 2018 8AM-68-11003M
AUDI4Audubon5 Jan 2018 8AM79-7003M
AUDI4Audubon6 Jan 2018 8AM010-4003M
AUDI4Audubon7 Jan 2018 8AM2525-1003M
AUDI4Audubon8 Jan 2018 8AM123612002M
AUDI4Audubon9 Jan 2018 8AM334112001M
AUDI4Audubon10 Jan 2018 8AM36443200TM
AUDI4Audubon11 Jan 2018 8AM1745170.03TTM
AUDI4Audubon12 Jan 2018 8AM-417-50.1222M
AUDI4Audubon13 Jan 2018 8AM27-6002M
AUDI4Audubon14 Jan 2018 8AM13130TT2M
AUDI4Audubon15 Jan 2018 8AM-126-10.050.72M
AUDI4Audubon16 Jan 2018 8AM-6-1-8TT2M
AUDI4Audubon17 Jan 2018 8AM35-7002M
AUDI4Audubon18 Jan 2018 8AM17233002M
AUDI4Audubon19 Jan 2018 8AM313216002M
AUDI4Audubon20 Jan 2018 8AM214221000M
AUDI4Audubon21 Jan 2018 8AM364819T00M
AUDI4Audubon22 Jan 2018 8AM3538340.3500M
AUDI4Audubon23 Jan 2018 8AM2335230.2811M
AUDI4Audubon24 Jan 2018 8AM222521001M
AUDI4Audubon25 Jan 2018 8AM193119001M
AUDI4Audubon26 Jan 2018 8AM424618000M
AUDI4Audubon27 Jan 2018 8AM275126000M
AUDI4Audubon28 Jan 2018 8AM204620000M
AUDI4Audubon29 Jan 2018 8AM6226000M
AUDI4Audubon30 Jan 2018 8AM19245000M
AUDI4Audubon31 Jan 2018 8AM314019000M
AUDI4Audubon1 Feb 2018 8AM8388000M
AUDI4Audubon2 Feb 2018 8AM016-1000M
AUDI4Audubon3 Feb 2018 8AM32320TTMM
AUDI4Audubon4 Feb 2018 8AM4434T0MM
AUDI4Audubon5 Feb 2018 8AM512-400MM
AUDI4Audubon6 Feb 2018 8AM-1113-110.244M
AUDI4Audubon7 Feb 2018 8AM68-13TT4M
AUDI4Audubon8 Feb 2018 8AM16173TTMM
AUDI4Audubon9 Feb 2018 8AM72070.020.34M
AUDI4Audubon10 Feb 2018 8AM41130.081.25M
AUDI4AudubonNo Observation Reported for 2018-02-11
AUDI4Audubon12 Feb 2018 8AM-118-6005M
AUDI4Audubon13 Feb 2018 8AM1919-1005M
AUDI4Audubon14 Feb 2018 8AM313518005M
AUDI4Audubon15 Feb 2018 8AM33423000TM
AUDI4Audubon16 Feb 2018 8AM8408000M
AUDI4Audubon17 Feb 2018 8AM28287000M
AUDI4Audubon18 Feb 2018 8AM324119TT0M
AUDI4Audubon19 Feb 2018 8AM2851280.0800M
AUDI4Audubon20 Feb 2018 8AM1828180.350.5TM
AUDI4Audubon21 Feb 2018 8AM6186TTTM
AUDI4Audubon22 Feb 2018 8AM21216TTTM
AUDI4Audubon23 Feb 2018 8AM2131210.20.1TM
AUDI4Audubon24 Feb 2018 8AM21271800TM
AUDI4Audubon25 Feb 2018 8AM2330190.070TM
AUDI4Audubon26 Feb 2018 8AM21371900TM
AUDI4Audubon27 Feb 2018 8AM365120000M
AUDI4Audubon28 Feb 2018 8AM305629000M
AUDI4Audubon1 Mar 2018 8AM264626000M
AUDI4Audubon2 Mar 2018 8AM414418000M
AUDI4Audubon3 Mar 2018 8AM354931000M
AUDI4Audubon4 Mar 2018 8AM435935000M
AUDI4Audubon5 Mar 2018 8AM3961390.0100M
AUDI4Audubon6 Mar 2018 8AM2341230.320.2TM
AUDI4Audubon7 Mar 2018 8AM1831160.040.2TM
AUDI4Audubon8 Mar 2018 8AM17281300TM
AUDI4Audubon9 Mar 2018 8AM25321700TM
AUDI4Audubon10 Mar 2018 8AM27362400TM
AUDI4Audubon11 Mar 2018 8AM314727TTTM
AUDI4Audubon12 Mar 2018 8AM243824000M
AUDI4Audubon13 Mar 2018 8AM224422000M
AUDI4Audubon14 Mar 2018 8AM224017000M
AUDI4Audubon15 Mar 2018 8AM286221000M
AUDI4Audubon16 Mar 2018 8AM315428000M
AUDI4Audubon17 Mar 2018 8AM3132300.3800M
AUDI4Audubon18 Mar 2018 8AM323430T00M
AUDI4Audubon19 Mar 2018 8AM343830000M
AUDI4Audubon20 Mar 2018 8AM315131TT0M
AUDI4Audubon21 Mar 2018 8AM3037300.14T0M
AUDI4Audubon22 Mar 2018 8AM3448300.0100M
AUDI4Audubon23 Mar 2018 8AM355634000M
AUDI4Audubon24 Mar 2018 8AM3047300.7200M
AUDI4Audubon25 Mar 2018 8AMMMMT0.2TM
AUDI4Audubon26 Mar 2018 8AM334030000M
AUDI4Audubon27 Mar 2018 8AM3439320.2800M
AUDI4Audubon28 Mar 2018 8AM234822000M
AUDI4Audubon29 Mar 2018 8AM285323000M
AUDI4Audubon30 Mar 2018 8AM304227000M
AUDI4Audubon31 Mar 2018 8AM4151300.0500M
AUDI4Audubon1 Apr 2018 8AM2144200MMM
AUDI4Audubon2 Apr 2018 8AM2434150MMM
AUDI4Audubon3 Apr 2018 8AM303724TMMM
AUDI4Audubon4 Apr 2018 8AM1132100MMM
AUDI4Audubon5 Apr 2018 8AM2539110MMM
AUDI4Audubon6 Apr 2018 8AM285123TMMM
AUDI4Audubon7 Apr 2018 8AM1128110MMM
AUDI4Audubon8 Apr 2018 8AM294011000M
AUDI4Audubon9 Apr 2018 8AM2832280.1TMM
AUDI4Audubon10 Apr 2018 8AM2634240MMM
AUDI4Audubon11 Apr 2018 8AM3359240MMM
AUDI4Audubon12 Apr 2018 8AM3869320MMM
AUDI4Audubon13 Apr 2018 8AM506536000M
AUDI4Audubon14 Apr 2018 8AM3459341.08MMM
AUDI4Audubon15 Apr 2018 8AM2134210.12TTM
AUDI4Audubon16 Apr 2018 8AM203420TTTM
AUDI4Audubon17 Apr 2018 8AM2539190MMM
AUDI4Audubon18 Apr 2018 8AM3052250.05MMM
AUDI4Audubon19 Apr 2018 7AM2835280.02T0M
AUDI4Audubon20 Apr 2018 8AM2752270MMM
AUDI4Audubon21 Apr 2018 8AM4260270MMM
AUDI4Audubon22 Apr 2018 8AM4054380MMM
AUDI4Audubon23 Apr 2018 8AM3367330MMM
AUDI4Audubon24 Apr 2018 8AM367133000M
AUDI4Audubon25 Apr 2018 8AM4172360.04MMM
AUDI4Audubon26 Apr 2018 8AM2962280MMM

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...