This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW1 Jan 2018 7AM-154-16005M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW2 Jan 2018 6AM-13-1-15005M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW3 Jan 2018 6AM1216-13T0.35M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW4 Jan 2018 6AM-612-6004M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW5 Jan 2018 6AM-19-6004M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW6 Jan 2018 7AM-1011-110040.3
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW7 Jan 2018 7AM1818-11004M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW8 Jan 2018 6AM303218T02M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW9 Jan 2018 6AM254021001M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW10 Jan 2018 6AM343524T01M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW11 Jan 2018 6AM4747340.010TM
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW12 Jan 2018 6AM74770.060.1TM
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW13 Jan 2018 7AM-116-100TM
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW14 Jan 2018 7AM613-300TM
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW15 Jan 2018 6AM72360.091.62M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW16 Jan 2018 6AM49-2T0.12M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW17 Jan 2018 6AM-116-1001M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW18 Jan 2018 6AM1722-1001M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW19 Jan 2018 6AM24351500TM
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW20 Jan 2018 7AM25431500TM
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW21 Jan 2018 7AM37482500TM
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW22 Jan 2018 6AM4041370.8900M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW23 Jan 2018 6AM2950290.100M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW24 Jan 2018 6AM222922000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW25 Jan 2018 6AM272919000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW26 Jan 2018 6AM364525000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW27 Jan 2018 7AM315131000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW28 Jan 2018 7AM274823000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW29 Jan 2018 6AM173017000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW30 Jan 2018 6AM8288000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW31 Jan 2018 6AM32357000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW1 Feb 2018 5AM144014000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW2 Feb 2018 6AM1151000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW3 Feb 2018 7AM25251TT0M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW4 Feb 2018 7AM1442140.070.3TM
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW5 Feb 2018 6AM-114-3TTTM
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW6 Feb 2018 6AM011-10.193.74M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW7 Feb 2018 6AM1114-20.020.84M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW8 Feb 2018 6AM10171TT4M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW9 Feb 2018 7AM1819100.223.76M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW10 Feb 2018 7AM82180.092.870.8
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW11 Feb 2018 7AM101580.061.68M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW12 Feb 2018 6AM6184007M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW13 Feb 2018 6AM15204007M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW14 Feb 2018 6AM273115006M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW15 Feb 2018 5AM354225T04M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW16 Feb 2018 6AM164516002M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW17 Feb 2018 7AM222511001M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW18 Feb 2018 7AM1630110.091.32M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW19 Feb 2018 6AM384016001M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW20 Feb 2018 6AM3343331.060TM
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW21 Feb 2018 6AM1634160.360TM
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW22 Feb 2018 6AM25291500TM
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW23 Feb 2018 6AM3535250.130TM
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW24 Feb 2018 6AM283624T0TM
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW25 Feb 2018 7AM2437240.19T0M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW26 Feb 2018 6AM254224000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW27 Feb 2018 6AM365225000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW28 Feb 2018 6AM346033000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW1 Mar 2018 6AM355930000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW2 Mar 2018 6AM254924000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW3 Mar 2018 6AM334622000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW4 Mar 2018 7AM325031000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW5 Mar 2018 6AM3251320.431.21M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW6 Mar 2018 6AM3033290.351.43M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW7 Mar 2018 6AM2033200.030.33M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW8 Mar 2018 6AM142914002M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW9 Mar 2018 6AM143013002M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW10 Mar 2018 7AM263614001M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW11 Mar 2018 6AM33412600TM
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW12 Mar 2018 6AM33433200TM
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW13 Mar 2018 6AM27412600TM
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW14 Mar 2018 6AM22362200TM
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW15 Mar 2018 6AM25552100TM
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW16 Mar 2018 6AM275223000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW17 Mar 2018 7AM3142260.060.1TM
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW18 Mar 2018 7AM2448220.030.30M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW19 Mar 2018 6AM325223000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW20 Mar 2018 6AM285428000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW21 Mar 2018 6AM253925000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW22 Mar 2018 6AM224622000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW23 Mar 2018 6AM314922000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW24 Mar 2018 7AM3048270.495.96M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW25 Mar 2018 7AM2532250.363.610M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW26 Mar 2018 6AM294125005M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW27 Mar 2018 6AM3439290.1602M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW28 Mar 2018 6AM273727001M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW29 Mar 2018 6AM37472500TM
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW30 Mar 2018 7AM31513000TM
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW31 Mar 2018 7AM4350310.2900M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW1 Apr 2018 7AM205120000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW2 Apr 2018 6AM183518000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW3 Apr 2018 6AM3542170.0300M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW4 Apr 2018 6AM1836180.10.4TM
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW5 Apr 2018 6AM253316000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW6 Apr 2018 6AM304525TT0M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW7 Apr 2018 7AM153015000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW8 Apr 2018 7AM183815000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW9 Apr 2018 6AM2837180.113.13M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW10 Apr 2018 6AM254025TT0M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW11 Apr 2018 6AM374523000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW12 Apr 2018 6AM5060340.0200M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW13 Apr 2018 6AM416741000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW14 Apr 2018 7AM3650350.0400M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW15 Apr 2018 7AM2939290.31TT0
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW16 Apr 2018 6AM2632250.050.4TM
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW17 Apr 2018 6AM273724000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW18 Apr 2018 6AM324826000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW19 Apr 2018 6AM3033300.170.91M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW20 Apr 2018 6AM275127000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW21 Apr 2018 7AM445926000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW22 Apr 2018 7AM456043000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW23 Apr 2018 6AM456545000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW24 Apr 2018 6AM427139000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW25 Apr 2018 6AM447438000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW26 Apr 2018 6AM356534000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW27 Apr 2018 6AM407234000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW28 Apr 2018 7AM387337000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW29 Apr 2018 7AM365931000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW30 Apr 2018 6AM456636000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW1 May 2018 5AM588244000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW2 May 2018 6AM6180580.100M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW3 May 2018 6AM6078590.5300M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW4 May 2018 6AM5571540.500M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW5 May 2018 6AM487547000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW6 May 2018 7AM5681480.0300M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW7 May 2018 6AM477847000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW8 May 2018 5AM517947000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW9 May 2018 6AM628049T00M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW10 May 2018 6AM537952000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW11 May 2018 6AM507550000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW12 May 2018 7AM4659440.4300M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW13 May 2018 7AM5157460.0300M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW14 May 2018 6AM6264511.8600M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW15 May 2018 6AM6177510.1700M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW16 May 2018 6AM547754000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW17 May 2018 6AM548153000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW18 May 2018 6AM548353000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW19 May 2018 7AM6080540.0300M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW20 May 2018 6AM5881580.2300M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW21 May 2018 6AM5359530.1700M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW22 May 2018 6AM5563520.4700M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW23 May 2018 6AM617755000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW24 May 2018 6AM618261000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW25 May 2018 6AM698660000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW26 May 2018 7AM6783620.9800M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW27 May 2018 7AM708866000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW28 May 2018 6AM689765000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW29 May 2018 6AM679266000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW30 May 2018 6AM6788580.7700M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW31 May 2018 6AM6781610.300M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW1 Jun 2018 6AM668765000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW2 Jun 2018 7AM569056000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW3 Jun 2018 6AM567656000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW4 Jun 2018 6AM507550000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW5 Jun 2018 6AM618150000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW6 Jun 2018 6AM568856000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW7 Jun 2018 6AM638456000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW8 Jun 2018 6AM648763T00M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW9 Jun 2018 7AM6677600.2700M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW10 Jun 2018 7AM6682631.4600M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW11 Jun 2018 6AM6376630.0100M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW12 Jun 2018 6AM667363000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW13 Jun 2018 6AM638163000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW14 Jun 2018 6AM587957000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW15 Jun 2018 6AM6368580.4200M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW16 Jun 2018 6AM738863000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW17 Jun 2018 6AM749070000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW18 Jun 2018 6AM759174000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW19 Jun 2018 6AM7090700.4600M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW20 Jun 2018 6AM6777670.7400M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW21 Jun 2018 6AM6679651.5200M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW22 Jun 2018 6AM6170610.100M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW23 Jun 2018 7AM5973580.0100M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW24 Jun 2018 7AM617755T00M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW25 Jun 2018 6AM628061000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW26 Jun 2018 6AM7078620.2400M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW27 Jun 2018 6AM6474630.8500M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW28 Jun 2018 6AM628162000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW29 Jun 2018 6AM6983610.0100M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW30 Jun 2018 7AM769068000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW1 Jul 2018 6AM6690621.1300M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW2 Jul 2018 6AM588157000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW3 Jul 2018 6AM628157000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW4 Jul 2018 6AM728662000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW5 Jul 2018 6AM719069T00M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW6 Jul 2018 6AM628862000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW7 Jul 2018 7AM598153000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW8 Jul 2018 7AM597954000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW9 Jul 2018 6AM628359000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW10 Jul 2018 6AM718861000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW11 Jul 2018 6AM648863000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW12 Jul 2018 6AM668564000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW13 Jul 2018 6AM698866000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW14 Jul 2018 7AM7090681.2900M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW15 Jul 2018 7AM7084690.0200M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW16 Jul 2018 7AM708468000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW17 Jul 2018 6AM608259000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW18 Jul 2018 5AM648459000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW19 Jul 2018 6AM648062000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW20 Jul 2018 6AM6571562.3700M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW21 Jul 2018 7AM6674650.0200M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW22 Jul 2018 7AM658047000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW23 Jul 2018 6AM637357000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW24 Jul 2018 6AM668161000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW25 Jul 2018 6AM578252000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW26 Jul 2018 6AM6283560.100M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW27 Jul 2018 6AM557555000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW28 Jul 2018 7AM547552000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW29 Jul 2018 7AM597654000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW30 Jul 2018 6AM578056000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW31 Jul 2018 6AM5781560.5300M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW1 Aug 2018 6AM598057000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW2 Aug 2018 6AM6481580.0100M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW3 Aug 2018 6AM597556000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW4 Aug 2018 7AM678659000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW5 Aug 2018 7AM708667T00M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW6 Aug 2018 6AM6687661.0200M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW7 Aug 2018 6AM6579640.7500M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW8 Aug 2018 6AM6276610.1400M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW9 Aug 2018 6AM668262000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW10 Aug 2018 6AM648863T00M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW11 Aug 2018 7AM628560T00M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW12 Aug 2018 6AM608660000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW13 Aug 2018 6AM618560000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW14 Aug 2018 6AM618759000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW15 Aug 2018 6AM7087590.2700M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW16 Aug 2018 7AM6883670.0700M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW17 Aug 2018 6AM6884660.1100M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW18 Aug 2018 7AM6682650.1600M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW19 Aug 2018 7AM638562000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW20 Aug 2018 6AM718163T00M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW21 Aug 2018 6AM6371632.900M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW22 Aug 2018 6AM547154000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW23 Aug 2018 6AM517651000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW24 Aug 2018 6AM6178510.5500M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW25 Aug 2018 7AM6669611.4300M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW26 Aug 2018 7AM668663000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW27 Aug 2018 6AM7485650.0100M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW28 Aug 2018 6AM7386720.2600M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW29 Aug 2018 6AM6183611.2500M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW30 Aug 2018 6AM547253000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW31 Aug 2018 5AM6175530.0100M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW1 Sep 2018 7AM7080610.5100M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW2 Sep 2018 7AM6681650.5400M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW3 Sep 2018 7AM6784662.1200M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW4 Sep 2018 6AM7081670.3700M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW5 Sep 2018 6AM7286700.1800M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW6 Sep 2018 6AM6373631.0300M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW7 Sep 2018 6AM597459T00M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW8 Sep 2018 7AM557055000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW9 Sep 2018 7AM537052000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW10 Sep 2018 6AM477447000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW11 Sep 2018 6AM517647000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW12 Sep 2018 6AM547950000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW13 Sep 2018 6AM578153000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW14 Sep 2018 6AM618256000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW15 Sep 2018 7AM628661000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW16 Sep 2018 7AM618961000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW17 Sep 2018 6AM618760000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW18 Sep 2018 6AM649060000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW19 Sep 2018 6AM6370611.2900M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW20 Sep 2018 6AM6572631.3500M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW21 Sep 2018 6AM6690650.2600M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW22 Sep 2018 7AM4466430.0100M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW23 Sep 2018 7AM476944000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW24 Sep 2018 6AM547447000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW25 Sep 2018 6AM607854000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW26 Sep 2018 7AM4674450.4200M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW27 Sep 2018 6AM437443000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW28 Sep 2018 6AM526943000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW29 Sep 2018 7AM4152370.0200M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW30 Sep 2018 7AM4853410.2200M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW1 Oct 2018 6AM5155480.300M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW2 Oct 2018 6AM4871480.700M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW3 Oct 2018 6AM6363480.0100M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW4 Oct 2018 6AM4385430.2800M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW5 Oct 2018 6AM4860410.0600M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW6 Oct 2018 7AM5359481.0800M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW7 Oct 2018 7AM5157500.0800M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW8 Oct 2018 6AM6161510.7500M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW9 Oct 2018 6AM6576610.2400M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW10 Oct 2018 6AM6578640.9100M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW11 Oct 2018 6AM3967390.1900M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW12 Oct 2018 6AM346732000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW13 Oct 2018 7AM414534000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW14 Oct 2018 7AM415139000M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSW15 Oct 2018 5AM3551350.03T0M
AMOI4Anamosa 3SSWNo Observation Reported for 2018-10-16

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...