This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
AKYI4ANKENY1 Jan 2018 7AM-19-5-20003M
AKYI4ANKENY2 Jan 2018 8AM-11-4-21003M
AKYI4ANKENY3 Jan 2018 8AM320-110.02T3M
AKYI4ANKENY4 Jan 2018 8AM-17-1003M
AKYI4ANKENY5 Jan 2018 8AM69-1003M
AKYI4ANKENY6 Jan 2018 10AM18-9003M
AKYI4ANKENY7 Jan 2018 9AM27271002M
AKYI4ANKENY8 Jan 2018 8AM253822002M
AKYI4ANKENY9 Jan 2018 8AM344525001M
AKYI4ANKENY10 Jan 2018 9AM364333T0TM
AKYI4ANKENY11 Jan 2018 8AM1845180.08TTM
AKYI4ANKENY12 Jan 2018 8AM-518-50.02TTM
AKYI4ANKENY13 Jan 2018 7AM-17-5TTTM
AKYI4ANKENY14 Jan 2018 7AM1010-1TTTM
AKYI4ANKENY15 Jan 2018 8AM-324-3M22M
AKYI4ANKENY16 Jan 2018 8AM-41-8TT2M
AKYI4ANKENY17 Jan 2018 9AM66-4TT2M
AKYI4ANKENY18 Jan 2018 8AM21256002M
AKYI4ANKENY19 Jan 2018 8AM343819001M
AKYI4ANKENY20 Jan 2018 8AM254724000M
AKYI4ANKENY21 Jan 2018 8AM3750250.0200M
AKYI4ANKENY22 Jan 2018 8AM4041360.9800M
AKYI4ANKENY23 Jan 2018 8AM2447240.050.3TM
AKYI4ANKENY24 Jan 2018 8AM24272300TM
AKYI4ANKENY25 Jan 2018 8AM243120000M
AKYI4ANKENY26 Jan 2018 8AM464924000M
AKYI4ANKENY27 Jan 2018 7AM285727000M
AKYI4ANKENY28 Jan 2018 8AM245223000M
AKYI4ANKENY29 Jan 2018 8AM132813TTTM
AKYI4ANKENY30 Jan 2018 8AM172510000M
AKYI4ANKENY31 Jan 2018 8AM364217000M
AKYI4ANKENY1 Feb 2018 8AM7426000M
AKYI4ANKENY2 Feb 2018 7AM3151000M
AKYI4ANKENY3 Feb 2018 7AM29303TT0M
AKYI4ANKENY4 Feb 2018 7AM134312T0.20M
AKYI4ANKENY5 Feb 2018 8AM71310.04TTM
AKYI4ANKENY6 Feb 2018 8AM-413-90.44.55M
AKYI4ANKENY7 Feb 2018 8AM89-40.020.35M
AKYI4ANKENY8 Feb 2018 8AM141580.010.15M
AKYI4ANKENY9 Feb 2018 8AM1321130.030.35M
AKYI4ANKENY10 Feb 2018 7AM61440.0927M
AKYI4ANKENY11 Feb 2018 7AM111160.060.78M
AKYI4ANKENY12 Feb 2018 8AM421-2006M
AKYI4ANKENY13 Feb 2018 8AM17173006M
AKYI4ANKENY14 Feb 2018 8AM363817005M
AKYI4ANKENY15 Feb 2018 8AM364634003M
AKYI4ANKENY16 Feb 2018 8AM9427001M
AKYI4ANKENY17 Feb 2018 7AM2626900TM
AKYI4ANKENY18 Feb 2018 8AM32381900TM
AKYI4ANKENY19 Feb 2018 8AM3853320.0400M
AKYI4ANKENY20 Feb 2018 8AM2438220.2700M
AKYI4ANKENY21 Feb 2018 8AM122411T00M
AKYI4ANKENY22 Feb 2018 8AM252512TTTM
AKYI4ANKENY23 Feb 2018 8AM2932120.3200M
AKYI4ANKENY24 Feb 2018 6AM243422000M
AKYI4ANKENY25 Feb 2018 8AM2533220.09TTM
AKYI4ANKENY26 Feb 2018 8AM344222000M
AKYI4ANKENY27 Feb 2018 7AM405534000M
AKYI4ANKENY28 Feb 2018 8AM366433000M
AKYI4ANKENY1 Mar 2018 8AM345329000M
AKYI4ANKENY2 Mar 2018 8AM274620000M
AKYI4ANKENY3 Mar 2018 7AM335027000M
AKYI4ANKENY4 Mar 2018 5AM435633000M
AKYI4ANKENY5 Mar 2018 8AM3760370.200M
AKYI4ANKENY6 Mar 2018 8AM2640250.2811M
AKYI4ANKENY7 Mar 2018 7AM2133190.02TTM
AKYI4ANKENY8 Mar 2018 7AM183017TTTM
AKYI4ANKENY9 Mar 2018 7AM24331800TM
AKYI4ANKENY10 Mar 2018 7AM253723000M
AKYI4ANKENY11 Mar 2018 7AM3046250.07TTM
AKYI4ANKENY12 Mar 2018 8AM284227TT0M
AKYI4ANKENY13 Mar 2018 8AM254524000M
AKYI4ANKENY14 Mar 2018 8AM264018000M
AKYI4ANKENY15 Mar 2018 8AM306325000M
AKYI4ANKENY16 Mar 2018 8AM315530000M
AKYI4ANKENY17 Mar 2018 7AM3134300.721.31M
AKYI4ANKENY18 Mar 2018 7AM333628TT0M
AKYI4ANKENY19 Mar 2018 7AM343828000M
AKYI4ANKENY20 Mar 2018 9AM315231000M
AKYI4ANKENY21 Mar 2018 8AM303925T00M
AKYI4ANKENY22 Mar 2018 8AM314526TT0M
AKYI4ANKENY23 Mar 2018 8AM3648310.0200M
AKYI4ANKENY24 Mar 2018 5AM3248320.3500M
AKYI4ANKENY25 Mar 2018 8AM2932290.211.21M
AKYI4ANKENY26 Mar 2018 8AM33452900TM
AKYI4ANKENY27 Mar 2018 8AM3539320.2800M
AKYI4ANKENY28 Mar 2018 8AM354626000M
AKYI4ANKENY29 Mar 2018 8AM315631000M
AKYI4ANKENY30 Mar 2018 8AM334530000M
AKYI4ANKENY31 Mar 2018 7AM4652330.0500M
AKYI4ANKENY1 Apr 2018 6AM214919000M
AKYI4ANKENY2 Apr 2018 8AM224918000M
AKYI4ANKENY3 Apr 2018 8AM3339220.0200M
AKYI4ANKENY4 Apr 2018 8AM1835120.01T0M
AKYI4ANKENY5 Apr 2018 8AM313617000M
AKYI4ANKENY6 Apr 2018 8AM295328000M
AKYI4ANKENY7 Apr 2018 7AM152913000M
AKYI4ANKENY8 Apr 2018 7AM264215000M
AKYI4ANKENY9 Apr 2018 8AM2834260.080.51M
AKYI4ANKENY10 Apr 2018 8AM283621000M
AKYI4ANKENY11 Apr 2018 8AM445628000M
AKYI4ANKENY12 Apr 2018 8AM467044000M
AKYI4ANKENY13 Apr 2018 8AM476746000M
AKYI4ANKENY14 Apr 2018 7AM3559340.100M
AKYI4ANKENY15 Apr 2018 7AM2340230.72.73M
AKYI4ANKENY16 Apr 2018 9AM2528210.01T2M
AKYI4ANKENY17 Apr 2018 8AM31372400TM
AKYI4ANKENY18 Apr 2018 8AM3053300.03T0M
AKYI4ANKENY19 Apr 2018 7AM363730000M
AKYI4ANKENY20 Apr 2018 8AM415128000M
AKYI4ANKENY21 Apr 2018 7AM445928000M
AKYI4ANKENY22 Apr 2018 8AM435741000M
AKYI4ANKENY23 Apr 2018 7AM486943000M
AKYI4ANKENY24 Apr 2018 8AM507240000M
AKYI4ANKENYNo Observation Reported for 2018-04-25
AKYI4ANKENYNo Observation Reported for 2018-04-26

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...