This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
3OILAMONI1 Jan 2018 7AM-180-18003M
3OILAMONI2 Jan 2018 7AM-131-180033
3OILAMONI3 Jan 2018 7AM1414-15TT33
3OILAMONI4 Jan 2018 7AM-414-40033
3OILAMONI5 Jan 2018 7AM1011-50033
3OILAMONI6 Jan 2018 7AM1151003M
3OILAMONI7 Jan 2018 7AM25251002M
3OILAMONI8 Jan 2018 7AM2935250022
3OILAMONI9 Jan 2018 7AM2846220022
3OILAMONI10 Jan 2018 7AM374127001M
3OILAMONI11 Jan 2018 7AM3348330.15000
3OILAMONI12 Jan 2018 7AM-133-10.15110.1
3OILAMONI13 Jan 2018 7AM611-2001M
3OILAMONI14 Jan 2018 7AM131460.01T1M
3OILAMONI15 Jan 2018 7AM42740.06122
3OILAMONI16 Jan 2018 7AM-36-70022
3OILAMONI17 Jan 2018 7AM-18-40022
3OILAMONI18 Jan 2018 7AM1625-20022
3OILAMONI19 Jan 2018 7AM303815002M
3OILAMONI20 Jan 2018 7AM304929000M
3OILAMONI21 Jan 2018 7AM424930000M
3OILAMONI22 Jan 2018 7AM4853401.0500M
3OILAMONI23 Jan 2018 7AM2953290.06000
3OILAMONI24 Jan 2018 7AM2329190000
3OILAMONI25 Jan 2018 7AM2938220000
3OILAMONI26 Jan 2018 7AM4257280000
3OILAMONI27 Jan 2018 7AM295829000M
3OILAMONI28 Jan 2018 7AM265324000M
3OILAMONI29 Jan 2018 7AM113111TTTM
3OILAMONI30 Jan 2018 7AM192711TT0M
3OILAMONI31 Jan 2018 7AM373719000M
3OILAMONI1 Feb 2018 7AM144414000M
3OILAMONI2 Feb 2018 7AM5215000M
3OILAMONI3 Feb 2018 7AM31314000M
3OILAMONI4 Feb 2018 7AM134713TT0M
3OILAMONI5 Feb 2018 7AM4150TTTM
3OILAMONI6 Feb 2018 7AM01600.111M
3OILAMONI7 Feb 2018 7AM916-10.1123M
3OILAMONI8 Feb 2018 7AM17217002M
3OILAMONI9 Feb 2018 7AM1833160011
3OILAMONI10 Feb 2018 7AM5205M1.53M
3OILAMONI11 Feb 2018 7AM9155M0.53M
3OILAMONI12 Feb 2018 7AM4233003M
3OILAMONI13 Feb 2018 7AM212430033
3OILAMONI14 Feb 2018 7AM3247210011
3OILAMONI15 Feb 2018 7AM414932000M
3OILAMONI16 Feb 2018 7AM154815000M
3OILAMONI17 Feb 2018 7AM273312000M
3OILAMONI18 Feb 2018 7AM294726000M
3OILAMONI19 Feb 2018 7AM4855290.0300M
3OILAMONI20 Feb 2018 7AM2957280.300M
3OILAMONI21 Feb 2018 7AM1229110.1500M
3OILAMONI22 Feb 2018 7AM2527110.0300M
3OILAMONI23 Feb 2018 7AM3132250.2800M
3OILAMONI24 Feb 2018 7AM2837240.0800M
3OILAMONI25 Feb 2018 7AM2434230.0900M
3OILAMONI26 Feb 2018 7AM294824000M
3OILAMONI27 Feb 2018 7AM386025000M
3OILAMONI28 Feb 2018 7AM497037000M
3OILAMONI1 Mar 2018 7AM325232000M
3OILAMONI2 Mar 2018 7AM275026000M
3OILAMONI3 Mar 2018 7AM375327000M
3OILAMONI4 Mar 2018 7AM426036000M
3OILAMONI5 Mar 2018 7AM4559420.12MMM
3OILAMONI6 Mar 2018 7AM2746270.09TTM
3OILAMONI7 Mar 2018 7AM223422TMMM
3OILAMONI8 Mar 2018 7AM193019TMMM
3OILAMONI9 Mar 2018 7AM2640180MMM
3OILAMONI10 Mar 2018 7AM2846260MMM
3OILAMONI11 Mar 2018 7AM3349280.08MMM
3OILAMONI12 Mar 2018 7AM3142300.09MMM
3OILAMONI13 Mar 2018 7AM3649240MMM
3OILAMONI14 Mar 2018 7AM2244210MMM
3OILAMONI15 Mar 2018 7AM3565220MMM
3OILAMONI16 Mar 2018 7AM3961340MMM
3OILAMONI17 Mar 2018 7AM3339330.36MMM
3OILAMONI18 Mar 2018 7AM3438330MMM
3OILAMONI19 Mar 2018 7AM3741340MMM
3OILAMONI20 Mar 2018 7AM3452340MMM
3OILAMONI21 Mar 2018 7AM3243320.07MMM
3OILAMONI22 Mar 2018 7AM364832T00M
3OILAMONI23 Mar 2018 7AM385635000M
3OILAMONINo Observation Reported for 2018-03-24

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...